Dang, I totally forgot I started this thing!

Date Posted: 23rd Jun 2011 at 11:09 PM

I am so freakin' senile. And I'm only 47, dangit! But I totally forgot that I started a journal here. I must try to remember that it's here...

Anyway, I figured this is as good a place as any to say that as of mid-morning on June 24, I'll be leaving on a jet plane. I'm off on the road, I am. Goin' back East (to a beach place! God, I miss beaches!) to a music festival where I have me some gigs. Yay for gigs! Yay for beaches!

So, if you by chance PM me and I don't answer for a bit, that'd be why. I'll have my laptop with me because it is practically attached to my body and because I find playing/creating for Sims to be an excellent wind-down activity from post-concert high. However, I might or might not have Internet access; it depends on if the hotel I'm being lodged at has free WiFi or not. Nowadays more places do, but sometimes you have to pay to use it, as well, and I don't always want to do that. Plus, the place is on the beach, and who the hell wants to stay inside on the Internet when there's a beach RIGHT THERE!? Especially when you've been landlocked for years like I have been. Unless, of course, the weather is yucky. That'd be just my luck...

But anyway, the upshot is that I might (or might not) be incommunicado until July 2, when I'll be back home again in my lovely landlocked mountain home. I guess maybe it's a convenient thing that MTS will be going offline while I'm away. I won't miss as much!

So, I'll see y'all on the other side, when I hope I'll have some MOAR STUFF prepared for uploading...if I can drag myself away from playing the new-for-me Bon Voyage, that is...
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Date Posted: 8th Dec 2010 at 7:02 PM

Hey, look! A journal! I didn't even know we could have a journal here, until StephSim poked me to look at hers. *laughs* Yes, I'm slow. Shut up.

Anyway, I don't even know if anyone will even see this, but I'm thinking that maybe I'll use it to let y'all know where I stand on various projects that I'm working on. If nothing else, it'll allow half-senile me to remember what the heck I'm supposed to be doing.

So to that end, here's some updates, if anyone cares:

1) I'm currently having fun with uploading lots, but I swear I'll stop soon and get back to my other stuff. It's just the latest shiny that's grabbed me, is all.

2) On a similar note, I have finally downloaded and installed the AnyGameStarter because I wanted to try my hand at building base game lots. I had a bit of hiccup in getting it running because, way back when, I originally downloaded Deluxe directly from EA, so I didn't have a disk, which AGS wanted me to have. But I solved that problem via *ahem* slightly shady means, and I'm up and running. In fact, I built a lot last night and just uploaded it today. It's base game and -- get this! -- NO CC! Don't all have heart attacks now. I think it looks pretty good, considering; we'll see what y'all think when it slips its way past the mods.

3) Regarding my plaster collections, by "popular demand," I have decided to bump the greens and blues up in the queue, all the way to the top. (It's not like it took much arm-twisting; the greens are my favorites. ) I'm going to do the greens, then the blues, then go back and finish the oranges and do the yellows and purples. So look for the first of them, the bright greens...uh, hopefully by the end of this week. At least, I'll upload them by then, and then it'll take however long it takes to go through the mod queue.

4) Stuff in the works:
The Basic Bathrooms Megaset: Basically, I'm tired of not having matching, plain, basic stuff for bathrooms. So, I made/am making stuff all in a uniform palette of 17 colors. Everything from towels to walls to toilets. Some of the walls/floors have already been included in some of the lots I've uploaded recently. Consider it a preview, I guess. I've only got a few more pieces to finish and some dirty states to make, and then it'll be DONE!
Maxis Matching Walls and Floors: You know how Maxis will make a nice-looking tile floor...and that's it. Just a floor with nothing that matches it, so it's pretty darn useless? Yeah, that pisses me off, too. So, I'm fixing it, taking some Maxis tiles and making matching walls as well as matching floors and other walls for Maxis walls. In other words: Watch me steal Maxis's textures and mangle them!
Prettier Maxis Doors and Windows: You know how Maxis's doors and windows can be nice but the colors suck and don't match anything? Yeah, fixing that, too, using the 20-color palette that I made floors and modular stairs and fences and columns in. I'm also making some white versions for those that I don't already have white versions of. Now if only more Maxis windows had separately colorable interior and exterior finishes...*sigh*

So there we are. And hey! If anyone reads this, give me a shout so that I know if anyone's reading.
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