Hey Guys! Watch This!!

Date Posted: 8th Nov 2011 at 4:02 AM

Ok. I saw into the sim future. This usually doesn't happen with me. I was playing my game, saved and parents went on vacation, saved again and quit 1 sim day later. Made a mod to get rid of "Free Vacations". Forgot to install it and started playing. The teens had a party and I got a call the parents were coming home 1 hour earlier. Fine. Party over, house cleaned. Cops come over, everything is fine but the parents never came home. I got 2 script errors for the parents (1 per parent, me and my husband). So, using MasterController, I reset the lot. Um....Houston, the parents are gone. Literally. The little icons on the left, left! Deleted they were!! How? Why? WTF?? I remembered that this what an issue from before and I gathered my brains and loaded up a previous save. The save after they had left. Dang. BUT....I did have a save from the night before and that would mean losing 12 hours of work but hoping the game would still ask me for the free vacation and I can test out this mod. Everything else happened like it did the first time, still got the robber, still had the stray dog tear up the paper, still had my oldest daughter booby trap the computer (love that new autonomy on deselect) and waited for the pop-up (about 3pm) but never did it ask me if I wanted to parents to go away. I didn't save, took out the mod and loaded the game up. Everything happened the same way again and I got the option for the free vacation. Usually when I have to play a backup game save, the game generates new situations and what did happen is now replaced by something different. So, yeah, I saw into the sim future and realized it AFTER the fact. I sat here and thought, "Wow. That was cool. I knew what would happen twice before it happened.". LOL!! I play too much.
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If you blink, you'll miss it.

Date Posted: 24th Jan 2011 at 9:26 AM

I had my first Simversequake the other day. My sims husband is a Firefighter and all of a sudden the screen started shaking. I was like, "Whoa!". Man, the messes that it left behind. The game made me go to 6 houses to free people from rubble (most family) and to fix the "gas leak". It was cool. Wish I could've got it on video.
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