Before the rust there was speed!

Date Posted: 18th Jun 2011 at 11:43 PM

New journal entry, yay! Ages ago before I started with my grunge aesthetics I worked on a raceway theme. The '67 Pontiac GTO and "Herbie" VW Bug are here on MTS, but did you know there's a lot more?

Kind of tragic irony: This '69 Camaro by WittyOne/Great Oz sparked the whole thing, but I made so many recolors (over 100!) that it always felt too complicated to organize uploading here. Still it would be a shame if it was completely forgotten.

Back then I didn't know how to use a mesh program for my WIP preview, so these patterns are the result of painstaking hours of doing a recolor, checking it in game, parallelly changing some pixels in Photoshop, closing the game, updating the recolor, starting the game again and hoping that I got the details right this time.

This is only a very very small selection, there're many more different patterns and custom interiors behind the link!
(I also shared some non-shiny "rockabilly" recolors with my favourite interior on Sims2Plaza.)

There're team-jackets to go with the car recolors as well, available at Insimenator.

Oh, and don't forget to look at this Shelby GT 500. No ads or numbers, but that dark shade of green is still awesome! I think I'll dig that up and do something with it.

Finally, there's the raceway pit I used as a background. It's a photo set, not fully developed but maybe useful to someone.

And after doing all these things? I went on and never actually played with it ...
I was rather restless back then, note how almost every download is on a different site.
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What does that RP in my avatar mean?

Date Posted: 21st Mar 2011 at 7:11 PM

Maybe you wonder what that RP in my avatar means and why I keep it here instead of the two joking zombie soldiers I use on my livejournal and GoS. The reason is nostalgia. It was a long long time ago when I came across Ribot's Smoogo GTH which soon led to my first custom creation (apart from a rug recolor). We both speak German and he was very nice when I asked for permission for my set, so I became part of his team. This was what sucked me into creating custom content, I don't know when and if I would've started without this car and the encouraging environment Ribotlabs was. So for all I do you have to give Ribot some credit, too. By the way, if you use VPN's vintage simlish cars: He's an apprentice of Ribot, too.
Anyway, I was a "professional recolorer" then, and to showcase my sets I actually built my own garage which was called Ribot-Psychosim-Corporation:

So that's where the RP comes from. I keep it here as a tribute to my roots.
You can still download Ribot's cars and all of my recolors on Ribotlabs Incorporated.
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Date Posted: 6th Mar 2011 at 3:52 AM

This is my guestbook. Please do not post requests here. If you have an idea that you think I might like you can suggest it to me on my livejournal. You don't need an account to comment there.
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Post-nuclear Music Quality

Date Posted: 6th Mar 2011 at 3:50 AM

You've seen my post-nuclear television, but did you know I also modded the game's music? Probably not, which is why I post this hint here.

Vintage sound quality for the channels Oldies, Jazz and Classical. Sounds like from an old radio.
More info and download on my livejournal: click
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