Creating Objects

Date Posted: 12th Nov 2012 at 4:37 PM

There are many things to discuss here.
Foremost, I would like to thank Phaenoh for all her support in CFF, that my first mesh was accepted here.
I would like to inform all the MTS users specially whose Mesh uploads are yet not been accpected, try CFF ( Creator Feedback Forum), it eally helps to increase our skills. Thus, you need to have determination and enthusiasm for what you are doing.
Read the tutorials written on Creations by various authors, they are yet very helpful and that is the reason why they exist. READ THEM while you can. Download it if you cant be online all the time.
Secondly, I just came to know why the uploads are very hard to make there appearance here in MTS.
Its because you have to see it from the downloaders point of view, because if you are downloading something new for your sims, you want in the best manner, Dont you? As its already written in the Creator Issues or some information in the forum itself, EVEN MODERATORS UPLOADS ARE REJECTED. Its just because the moderators wants the best possible downloads available for the users who download these stuffs.
Thirdly, What you actually need to focus for your creation to get accepted is, TIME. There is a Sticky Thread available in Creator Guidelines section about How To Get YOur Uploads Approved. Let me discuss it in a simple manner.
Take time for your to get an idea about what you want to create. Browse the site for downloads if you have a related creativity.
N.B. Do not duplicate or copy the ideas of other creators.
just make sure what actually you need to focus on. Now if you got an idea about what you want to create, but dont know where to start, use the CFF and create a new thread about what kind of help do you want from the other users. Make sure that you have a good Title. A good tiltle always create curiosity among other users, and they might just check in to your thread and respond accordingly if they are interested or may have answers. Always make sure to ask specific questions in simple language, so every one could understand the theme your are trying to let everyone know.
Lastly, you should possess atleast a basic knowledge about Meshing and modding. Didn't understand what it means?
Don't worry, thats what tutorials are for. Even if you face problems with meshing after reading the tutorials;you definitely need some serious help. Always try starting with simpler objects rather complicated.

For more information read the tutorials.
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How to post a story

Date Posted: 2nd Nov 2012 at 1:30 PM

I hope I am bit old school but I need help with this issue.
I have got no Idea about where can I actually post my Stories that I have been writing.
I hope I will get help here and the senior and experience users will help me with this issue. I have been trying to create a story but haven't found the right place to express it.
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Help Needed

Date Posted: 26th Oct 2012 at 2:26 PM

Hello!! to all my fellow MTS users. I think I am bit late to post my thread here but I found no other good place then here to ask help and give my intro.
Since I have me creating new meshes, every time i upload it its being rejected. I know the standards of uploads in mts are quite high, but still the staff should make a program for beginners as well because no one comes with perfection. Since we can get all the help for creating objects in mts tutorials but theoretically it seems easier than rather doing it practically. I hope I will get help from the fellow mts users and staffs. Since I have been waiting for my first mesh to be approved.
Thank you
With Regards
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Recoloring objects

Date Posted: 12th Oct 2012 at 10:02 AM

I am on process of recoloring objects hope mts buddies would help me here.
Since I am new here. I have no idea about how 2 create a package for the recolors I've made for maxis clothes. I am pretty confused and hoping for some help here.
With regards
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