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1.3 Embezzelment

Date Posted: 1st Dec 2014 at 1:27 AM

G: Hey, hey! Who are you? What are you doing?
W: Got a work order.
G: Wha -- Hey!

Boss: They're doing something hinky, I can feel it. I just can't prove it.
G: They're witholding the books?
Boss: No, they hand 'em over. But I was an art major in college so I wouldn't have to do any math. I don't understand a thing.

G: Whao, whoa! What's going on? What happened to the panelling?
W: Got a work order.

G: It looks like -- (ducks ladder) Like (ducks latter again) Like I'm going to have to -- Look is this really necessary?
SL nods

G: Hi there! My name's Fred Finklestein, from the SimCity office. I'm spostabe [supposed to be] training here?

CoW: You coming, Fred?
G: I just gotta finish up this one module. (points at the screen) Gee, these online trainings are pretty keen, aren't they?
CoW gives him an old-fashioned look and leaves

Boss: They're all stealing? So -- it's a conspiracy?
G: No. They're all stealing individually.
Boss: How is that even possible?

G: Will my office ever get back to normal?
SL nods.
G: Promise?
SL nods and pats him comfortingly on the shoulder before bustling off to supervise the workers.
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Ep 1.19 Cat burglar

Date Posted: 1st Dec 2014 at 1:17 AM

1. G & M having chinese and talking
2. G&SL going through the paper
3. G finds the pattern
4. Stakeout = boring
5. Chase around the house
6. G holding cat (no dialog)
7. G in same position holding sim (no dialog)
8. M's office -- good job G!

NEED: Maybe a posebox? For the cat pose?
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Ep 1.15 Genie con man

Date Posted: 1st Dec 2014 at 1:15 AM

1. Hapless victim setup
2. This guy is slick (M's office)
3. Studying the M.O.
4. Bait (Genie's office)
5. Genie is caught/flustered
6. Exciting chase/tackle
7. A curse on you!
8. It's just pretend, y'know?

NEED: Genie skin tone
Tackle posebox?
Pregnant wear for nonpregnant sims?
Glasses for SL
Mustache for G? Or full beard?
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Ep 1.7 Runaway

Date Posted: 1st Dec 2014 at 1:08 AM

1. Please -- help me find my daughter
2. Asking her friends
3. A place like this (host club)
4. Do they hurt you?
5. You talk to her
6. Really glamorous?
7. Company store
8. Reconciliation

Need: Tawdry for teens
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Date Posted: 4th Jan 2014 at 4:11 AM

G: So, you got a name?
SL give him the same sort of look you'd give someone who asked if you needed to breathe for survival, or if you were a carbon-based life-form.
G: Well, what is it?
SL stares at him blankly. Then she raises her eyebrows questioningly and gestures down the length of her throat and back up, hand curving around her chin to bring her finger level with her mouth, making a flinging gesture as if allowing all the nonexistent words to escape. Lowering her eyebrows, she snorts derisively before turning away.

G: So listen, I'm low on cash to pay you this week. You'll take a check, yes?
SL nods.
G: Great. (hands her the checkbook and a pen) So if you'd just write your name on the "Pay to" line for me...
SL write quickly, then tears out the check and hands the book back to Goldberg.
G: (looking at book) "Bearer." Oh, you think you're so clever, don't you.
SL grins and gives him a little wave on her way out the door.

G: You don't talk much, do you?
SL shakes her head.
G: You got a reason for that?
SL nods.
G: And the reason is...?
SL hands him a note.
G (reads): "_____________ of _____________ called re: __________." Oh, censor blur!
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Complete list of G&SL episodes

Date Posted: 29th Jun 2013 at 8:22 PM

1.1 Pilot
1.2 Robbery
1.3 Embezzlement
1.4 Thornleaf
1.5 Werewolf family
1.6 Drug dealer
1.7 Runaway
1.8 Card sharp
1.9 MacGuffin
1.10 Will
1.11 Dog wife
1.12 Custody dispute
1.13 Affair
1.14 Mr. Fox
1.15 Genie con man
1.16 Murder
1.17 Paternity/Child support
1.18 Curséd dagger
1.19 Cat burglar
1.20 Bodyguard
1.21 Serial killer
1.22 Graffiti
1.23 Landlord/tenant
1.24 Lucinda trial

2.1 Vala
2.2 Missing tattoo artist
2.3 Murder
2.4 Stripper assaults
2.5 Immigration (Bigfoot)
2.6 Breach of contract (Rumpl.)
2.7 Identity theft
2.8 Thornleaf sabotage
2.9 Maiden without hands
2.10 Love potion
2.11 Art forgery
2.12 Alien abduction/rape
2.13 Robbery
2.14 Zombie with murder charge
2.15 Cheating in some arcane pastime
2.16 Bomb threat
2.17 School project (little sister)
2.18 High-stakes poker
2.19 Murder
2.20 Plagiarism (academic or literary?)
2.21 Musical episode for sweeps week
2.22 Civil rights (Servo)
2.23 Breaking a curse
2.24 Penguin party
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Multiple random bits of dialog

Date Posted: 21st Jun 2013 at 1:17 AM

I never realized how much I cared for you until it was too late. (sigh)
O: So defy the law and marry me now!
Well, it's the whole necrophilia thing. Ick.


A: So? What did the doctor say?
L: She said. Um, she said. (deep breath, then, rapidly) She said that I shouldn't have any problem having babies because I've already had one.
A (blankly): What, when you were in college? Why didn't you tell me? It's not a dealbreaker.
L: No, I don't remember being pregnant. I remember college, but I'm certain I wasn't pregnant then. I never even kissed anyone before you. Before I.. died, did we, um...?
A: Yes. But if you were pregnant, you never told me. I'm positive I never saw a bump or anything.


So which one is Leila's oldest?
C: That one. (points to D)
That's *your* daughter.
C: Nope. She's Leila's.
You gave away your own *daughter*?
C: (shrugs) Phoebe said she'd rather raise her sister's kid than mine. I made it happen.
P: I did but speak in anger, you addlepated SOMETHING OR OTHER!
C: Well, I hope you don't think I'm switching back. I'm used to the one I've got.
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Houses to redecorate

Date Posted: 21st Jun 2013 at 12:28 AM

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Things to add in before rebuild

Date Posted: 21st Jun 2013 at 12:28 AM

Fix for broken faces templates
Hacks that allow townies to have glasses, facial hair, and hats (three separate hacks)
Decorative gravestones for cemetery
New and improved "Old Adam" facial hair

Test the Sleeping Lion eyes. Do they come as contacts?
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Things to remove from Downloads folder before the rebuild

Date Posted: 21st Jun 2013 at 12:26 AM

Aubree baby gear EXCEPT the playmat
Touch of Teak baby stuff
Rocking horse
Pregnancy foods (?)
Most soups
Any other custom foods you don't like
Rideable bike
Sims Mac Fly potion

Before rebuilding, test the food stands and see if they're what you want, because that's custom food too.
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