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Sims 4 Into the Future Stuff Pack Underway

Date Posted: 4th Dec 2018 at 3:53 AM

Still trying to figure out how to get any accessories or hair to convert, but I have 28 objects / walls / floors almost ready to go for a stuff pack adapting numerous items from TS3 ITF to Sims 4 format.
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Volkonir Meets the Rangers update

Date Posted: 20th Jun 2017 at 7:30 AM

I now have chapter 2's images edited. Chapter 3's images will soon follow, and most of chapter 4 is already edited. Once 2 and 3 are uploaded and captioned here, the rest I can mostly copy-paste from DeviantArt.

Chapters 8-12 will still need some editing though. Once the entire thing is done, I can add the end credits. Those will be the really fun part.

So far, Volkonir's armor has been the hardest thing to edit - along with his motorcycle. The show Rangers are tricky, because their helmets are so specific. The film Rangers, oddly enough, are easier. The Emo Rangers are (mostly) a breeze, thankfully.
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Emo Rangers update

Date Posted: 24th Apr 2017 at 6:14 AM

Well, I guess my Power Ranger suits just weren't cutting it. I have been making some Emo Ranger suits too, but I'm not sure those would pass the rubricks either. They'll most likely be on DeviantArt then. Attempts to make wristbands for them were also an abysmal failure. The shadow maps acted...very strangely.
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Power Rangers (2017)?

Date Posted: 17th Apr 2017 at 6:06 PM

I'm considering adding my Sixam alien suit recolors to this site, that look a little like the 2017 Power Rangers film suits.

The link on MediaFire to the download is already available on DeviantArt in the BulldozerIvan DzMD Sims 4 download gallery.

Only real issue with adding to MTS would be the helmets. I cannot upload the helmet mesh directly, per Grilled-Cheese-Aspiration's rules for his re-mesh. But I do have the diffusion map recolors that make his helmet resemble the film helmets a tiny bit.
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An open appeal to downloaders on Camelorum

Date Posted: 24th Feb 2016 at 3:02 AM

I've seen some promising results with my Camelorum-series uploads. But I'd like to hear from you, downloaders. What would make Camelorum Adventures particularly exciting and worthwhile to you?

It may be a while before I can give you the 20s Altered Judo Iguanas, except as paintings. Beat-Drop and Eurodance, I'm not entirely sure are possible.

One thing I have noticed, is that Lemon Witch is doing a lot better than Semaphore. Why is this, and what could this mean going forward?
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Camelorum Projects in the works pt 2

Date Posted: 23rd Feb 2016 at 5:06 AM

(continued from part 1)...

13. Rita Rigatoni / Twisted Noodle. Rubber bananas!!! This woman is CRAZY! She is perhaps the most effective prankster alive, even surpassing the Cheshire Pig and Mauve Puma! She was convicted of killing a man with a corkscrew. Now, she puts funny mushrooms in the stew when no one is looking. And sneaks up on them in the shower and airplane-glues miniature carousels to their scalps. When she's kung-fu pranking, better get out of her way with expert timing!

14. Pat Pitterson. A guard at Camelorum, who is friends with the Camelry and takes on missions frequently involving them - so that they won't be mistreated by other guards when out on assignments.

15. Stan Woudean. The warden, who sometimes forgets he's not Professor X. Especially around the Camelry.

16. Xiboruty and Xironooti. Evil alien cousins bent on conquering Dromedary Heights and using it as a launchpad for their global plans. Xiboruty is very prolific, but not very patient nor much of one for strategy. His cousin Xironooti thinks he's an idiot. Yet, he stays one step ahead of most everyone until the Jen in Black defeat him.

17. Worcestershire Pig. This may require a custom mesh, as he's like Cheshire, but with a mustache and musketeer hat. He sincerely wants to help others, but is really, really bad at it.

18. Other characters as I am able.
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Camelorum Projects in the works pt 1

Date Posted: 23rd Feb 2016 at 5:05 AM

Q-Basic Gorillas: The Webcomic and a variety of other projects have been placed on hold due to the exploding popularity of Camelorum Adventures, based on The Tale of Emily Barnes and the Two Jens by Prodigal-Gamer.

Eventually, there are plans to make episodes for seasonal continuity, based around the various sketches supplied on DeviantArt by a variety of artists.

Due to this, I've been at work releasing as many Sims 4 versions as possible of Camelorum characters. Lemon Witch and Semaphore are already available both on MTS and on DeviantArt for download. But I'm not gonna stop with them. Here's what's in the pipeline for the future:

1. Camelorum Prison Pants. So the men can have orange pants as well as women. Barry would look ridiculous otherwise. (More so than he already does.) Comes with a QR bar code that reads: "Camelorum Correctional - Delaware Department of Corrections." Comes with a female version too, so all prisoners can have barcodes.

2. Cheshire Pig. This Porkelain Pal clone object is the unholy lovechild of the Cheshire Cat, Tobey Keith, Annoying Orange, and a good lot of internet trolls. Similar to the base game regular object, but with the stencils gone and with an even creepier grin. He likes to spend his days annoying staff and inmates alike, as none are able to catch him. The cameras don't typically pick him up in their feeds either, so archive security footage just shows everyone looking crazy, as if talking to some imaginary adversary.

3. Ion Boy - Barry Navoz / Ion Boy of the Camelry. The Making-You-Vomit Avenger is on his way. Before gaining his powers via Xomification, he was just a clumsy college freshman who tripped on a wire at a frat party. Which led to a chain reaction of events in a Rube Goldberg-like sequence that ended with a pole falling on the Gnatmobile and wrecking it - nearly killing The Gnat as well.

4. Beatrice Index and Luin Kim. Failed supervillains that initially think they're Pinky and the Brain. Become allies to the Camelry later on, but do still sometimes plot world domination (and how to get a refrigerator.) These two are this high on the list due to popular request on DeviantArt.

5. The Jen in Black. Jenny Jane and Jenny Kay, two ditzy (initially) Paris Hilton wannabes, destroyed a fountain in their DUI adventure along with Emily. Uncovering Xiboruty's evil lair beneath the fountain, they were blasted with Xomian energy and survived. They became super-smart science nerds as a result, and spend more time in the science lab at Camelorum than in their cells (or anywhere else.) There seems to be no limit to what they can (or will) invent.

Yet, they still find time to learn and teach martial arts and other sports, and bestow their knowledge on inmates or staff as needed. They also steal some of Xiboruty's weapons after he enacts his evil plan on Dromedary Heights, and use his own weaponry against him successfully.

6. Maddening Rod. Carly Rancine, the reality warper known as "The Glitch" and "Maddening Rod," makes sure there's never a dull moment at Camelorum. Initially outraged at having been sent there without a lawyer, a trial, or even a formal charge, she eventually warms up to the place when she's treated well. On the other hand, not treating her well gets your right leg turned into an octopus with cockroach eyes, so...

7. Lightning Hobo. One of few Camelry members to have never been incarcerated at Camelorum (or anywhere else,) the homeless Johnny Geriwall can shoot lightning from his hands. Has a keen sense of humor, but is otherwise a PG-rated take on Hobo with a Shotgun.

8. Laney the Laughable. Based on the Barefoot character of Jackie Cuffington, Jackie Regg was wrongly accused of stealing WiFi, and sent to a horrible place without a trial. She eventually found a way of getting transferred to Camelorum. First chance she got, however, she escaped and joined a circus. Where she was reincarnated a as one of the funniest and most athletic clowns in the entire establishment. She uses her Laney persona originally to avoid being recaptured; but soon forgets everything she used to be and is totally lost to her new identity.

She gets recruited to the Camelry by Lightning Hobo to defeat Xiboruty, and later returns to fight Utkitroll. She helps Emily become Semaphore, and gives Emily her blessing to be her replacement in the Camelry's roster.

9. Janet Joblin / Glob: This sassy black lady, when angry, can grow in density until she is able to fall through just about anything and become super-heavy. She views herself as being like the Blob in Marvel, except "Blob was already taken." She's in Camelorum for falling through five stories of a building.

10. Gummibabe. Bonny Boggidy drank her own formula, and can now bounce around like a human bouncing ball. Joins the Camelry, eventually. Has a love-hate relationship with Rita "Twisted Noodle" Rigatoni, whom she talks to through the heating vents attached to their cells. (They tell a lot of Dr. Seuss jokes.) She's in for falling on a million-dollar poodle by accident, killing the poor pup instantly.

11. June O'Reilly. A reporter sent to do a story about the weird events surrounding Camelorum. Became the story, after she was found to be friends with some giant talking iguanas in their 20s that knew judo and loved eating calzones.

12. Anita Hallot and Gwen Indot. Cotton Candy Killershot and Ferretslayer: not your typical outlaws. These women have such strange luck, it's downright criminal. No really!

To be fair, Rita planted the gun that made Anita look bad. And replaced the ferret food with nitro-C4 pellets when Gwen wasn't looking. But Anita still shot and hit the stunt plane that was flying too low, which crashed into a cotton candy factory. She just wanted to start a race at an airshow! And Gwen was just pet-sitting. But too bad. Anita destroyed a plane and a factory. Gwen blew up a ferret - and the garage.

(To be continued...)
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Sneak Peek at QBG comic and BluSH webcomic format

Date Posted: 27th Jan 2015 at 5:44 AM

DSHW 1.0-M is dead. Its successor 2.6-M is all but dead as well. However, the standards developed in DSHW 2.6-M are being put to use now to create the next generation. Blu-ray Storybook Hybrid Webcomic Format, or "BluSH" as it's currently being dubbed, will provide enhanced element placement and navigation techniques to the DSHW-esque experience once perfected. In addition, BluSH will provide HD-quality images that will render in up to 1080p, and will render nicely in 720p.

This is coming a very long way from the early days a mere ten years ago, when Ciem 2005 rendered in 400 x 300 resolution at its highest point. Ciem, the improved version released in 2007, bumped the resolution to 500 x 282. Before its cancellation, Ciem 2 in 2009 was going to bring an 800 x 483 picture format. This made it a 5:3 aspect ratio that brought images very close to widescreen standard definition. That was DSHW 2.0. Improvements since produced 2.6, which would have produced images that could scale up to 720p smoothly and could scale indefinitely afterward at reduced quality.

However, BluSH carries with it many benefits. One of these is that it is designed to be Blu-ray native. Data Blu-ray discs can store considerably more data than an average DVD, allowing for high-grade video to accompany the special features sections that would have been very difficult to implement in the old days.

In spite the name "DSHW" for "DVD-Storybook Hybrid Webcomic," the average DSHW from ten years ago could easily fit on a CD. The "DVD" part of its name was modeled after the menu navigation system, since video CDs were never truly a big thing. Ciem was actually distributed on WebCD, as the entire website when finished was under 300MB.

That brings us to BluSH. Blu-ray is anticipated as a possibility for high-end BluSH comics, as tie-in videos for high-end BluSH projects could significantly increase the amount of storage space required. The more features that are implemented, the more likely this end result could be.

To put this in perspective: the average JPEG file for Ciem was about 300KB in size. By contrast, a single Q-Basic Gorillas screenshot is about 1.5-2 MB in size. Even if scaled down in quality for web forum distribution on Mod The Sims, this means scaling down images that are six times the bandwidth of a 2007 Ciem image.

Ciem in its entirety was only about 232 MB; but a single chapter of Q-Basic Gorillas will run for about 60MB at full resolution before web syndication editing. And at 13 chapters, this means that assuming even length to all chapters, nearly 800 MB would be needed just to house the story pages alone. Any videos, audio clips, etc, would magnify the storage space needed. As a result, depending on how much video is added, it could take a dual-layer DVD to hold everything - making Blu-ray a more realistic option than ever before.

This is an example (page navigation not implemented yet) of a single page of Q-Basic Gorillas: The Webcomic in BluSH format, with the browser maximized via F11 button:

Obviously, the MTS syndicated version will be smaller than 1080p and the text less stylized. But this is the general direction things will be going in.

At the time, I do not possess the means to make motion comics in the format DeviantArt uses.
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Q-Basic Gorillas: Obliteration

Date Posted: 5th Jan 2015 at 9:12 PM

While the first webcomic is still in production, I've been brainstorming about sequels. I've got plans now to make a total of five QBG stories - the longest chain of film-logical stories I've ever come up with. (Sodality and Stationery Voyagers are about tied for TV-logical length right now.)

Following QGB1, there's the sequel Orangutans of Fire, where Col. Flix and his Topaz team must team up with Col. Roto and his Ruby team to save Mexico from the Pyrangutan's Lord Incendimore. This is followed up by Beneath the Golden Dome, where the traitorous Gorilla known as Veyour unleashes an ancient evil buried beneath the Dome on the Rock. These are, in turn, followed by Civil War.

When Col. Flix gets too injured to remain in field command of Topaz Division amidst a rebellion brought on by a disgruntled Hibblewinn, Topaz Division must save the future Gorilla queen, Mazicha, from Hibblewinn's forces with the aid of a stand-in named Relish. But does Relish have what it takes to replace Flix as the new Topaz Colonel?

Finally, there's Obliteration. This story sees a new breed of Ice Chimps manage to take over Washington DC. Martial law is declared across America, and the Qilantan nation is forced to relocate to Montana's wilderness to make its last stand against a rogue US government that sent in black ops to destroy every single other Q-Base on the planet. Most of the Qilantans have been made human again with the aid of the Alleviator; but the few that are still Gorillas must fight on if they wish to save America from Lord Milabari's Ice Chimp legions. Can the Gorillas stave off extinction long enough to end the Chimps' cold-hearted occupation, or is total obliteration the Gorillas' ultimate fate?

Characters which can be made in Sims 4 are being given art in that format for the wiki. However, the series for the time being is continuing to be developed in Sims 3. It's a slow-going process, because of my daytime work. But in about ten days, I will get to find out how much more free time I do or don't have.

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Date Posted: 10th Dec 2014 at 11:34 PM

Well, the Tay Zonday Sim didn't quite make the cut for MTS. I'm not gonna sweat it. Some more T-shirts are being planned, however. While Tay will be on DzMD, some shirts on the way here will include:
  • Dramatic Prairie Dog
  • Shoop Da Whoop
  • Dr. Octogonapus
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Actual Advice Mallard
  • Malicious Advice Mallard
  • Forever Alone Guy
  • Trolololo
  • Paranoid Parrot
  • Courage Wolf
  • Insanity Wolf
  • Y U No?
  • Philosiraptor
  • Weegee

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