Modern house building questions/future post!

Date Posted: 19th May 2016 at 4:16 AM

I feel like I've gleaned a lot of modern house building knowledge in the years that I've been making modern homes. Some of it was from reading tutorials, but I've found that a lot of my skills just developed on their own. Now of course this is true for anything and for everyone with building sim houses, but I feel like I can articulate a lot of the skills that I've learned! Now I could write various tutorials or something, but I feel like a lot of them just aren't tutorials, they're just ways of building that I've figured out on my own.

So this is where you all come in! I've noticed my journal gets a fair amount of views, so perhaps some people would be interested in this, I thought. In a few weeks or more (no clue when I'd do this, really), I would like to answer some questions in a journal entry here regarding any sort of questions you have on how I go about building modern homes or how to do certain things.

I'd like these questions to be focused on what I do and what cannot be easily looked up. For example, the 'thick roofs' I usually use on my modern house is a cheat. I feel like this kind of information could be figured out pretty easily, but a lot of it isn't quite so intuitive. So any questions that aren't a simple google search you can ask me! I'd really like to convey some of the knowledge that I've acquired to you all!

You can comment on this journal or PM me. I will try to get to your question personally as soon as I can, and I will also include it in a larger journal post at a later date.

I really want to do this also because I always think that people view modern homes as hard to build or something, and I'd like to dispel that notion! Of course it's cool if they're not your style, but I'd like to get those that are interested in making modern homes to attempt to make them.

Perhaps this will get next to no interest, I'm not quite sure. And if so, I will just let this topic dissipate. I would be willing to address how I build and knowledge I've gleaned in general, but I may not if I don't get questions or interest in this, because I don't feel like writing for no reason, if no one uses my my knowledge or is interested in it.
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Lurking for now

Date Posted: 5th May 2016 at 3:09 AM

Just posting this so you all know that I'm checking this site semi-frequently for comments and PM's. I've not uploaded anything for two months. No I'm not done with sims 3, just one of my breaks. Something great happened in my personal life, so I've not thought too much about sims 3. Not sure when I will make stuff again, just letting you all know, feel free to continue to ask me questions or PM me if you'd like/need to.
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Date Posted: 17th Nov 2015 at 5:47 AM

I doubt very many people are going to see this, how many people even use these journals? But I thought this would be the proper place to say that I'm back! I've been gone and haven't made any lots since the beginning of February. I was really into making ITF lots, but my laptop turned off and the motherboard was fried. I wanted to not buy another laptop. I told myself I could be without one (and therefore sims) for a few years. But nope, since I still miss it (on and off, but still), after nine months, I am going to continue to miss it.

If I was going to get another laptop, it was going to be a darn nice one that would run sims 3 well like my last one. I had to put down 800 bucks for it, but it will be worth it!

I ordered it a few days ago and it should arrive within two weeks. I'm hoping installing all my ep's will not be that painless... I'm going to transfer my data from my old hard drives (my last laptop had two), and hope that it works out well. Regardless, I can make lots again.

I'm planning to delve right into making some ITF lots. Right where I left off. I was in the middle of fixing the library when my laptop died. Not sure if I will get the data back from it from my old hard drive files and quite how that works. But these are some thoughts for other ITF lots I was thinking of making-

-art museum (was thinking of making this into a time period area, with an Egyptian setting, a Victorian setting, and modern day. Just a pure thought though, may not do it).
-a bar/cafe (with LN bar and ITF cafe stuff)
-fixing the playground/making an indoor version

Totally all speculative. I am open to suggestions as well. I know that ITF buildings, especially since many people are playing sims 4 right now, caters to a very niche crowd, but it feels so necessary for me to fill that niche since I found so little decent player made community lots for OL.

Not sure if anyone read through all that or if I should have even wrote this, but thanks if you did!
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