Date Posted: 12th Sep 2006 at 4:05 AM

hmmmmm im thinking to myself, "you know self... you need to create something new. because you've come pretty far but i think you need to push farther..." well i am. im hoping to release some new things and break some new ground. im hoping you guys have some ideas for me. ive had past projects that i want to pick up again knowing what i know now. ive been part of this amazing site for a little over a year, and i've recently gone into movie making. which, has always been a hobby of mine that i do with my own footage and video recordings, and i think im very good at. but i mean sim movies. i know that may sound nerdy... but i really am finding that im very good at that as well. thats why i havent been creating in a while, and just gone from a creator to a consumer. which i do apologize to my faithful followers for. i hope that maybe you will continue to support me as i move to a new level of creation, im going to do my very best to make my downloads even better than they may be. my goal is to be featured some time within my next year here, and maybe be involved with the awards here. id be honored to be part of those amazing creators i look up to like helaene, lyriclee, and several others that i believe to be great at what they do. so guys, talk to me about some ideas... ill be coming up with some original ideas myself that will be really cool but im listening for your ideas. because without comments or requests this site would be a silent one, and creators would not be able to hear from the people, which i believe would be a bad thing. so REQUESTH! i command thee! lol just kidding.

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