S2 to S3 Favorite Faces Project

Date Posted: 25th Nov 2010 at 3:04 AM

So just for kicks I am doing something
that isn't new. I am working on making
some of the favorite faces we know and love
from S2. It's a nice little project for me to
do and as we all know I love to build Sims!!

The Sims so Far
(some are still WIP)

Johnny Smith

Cassandra Goth

Vidcund Curious

Pascal Curious

Komei Tellerman

Nervous Subject

Circe Beaker

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First Entry Into This New World.

Date Posted: 21st Mar 2007 at 9:49 PM

WOW! Now I have a journal too. This is new to me (not journalling as I have a LJ) but being a *creator* now is different to say the least. I just made Sims that I wanted to see in my game.....I never thought people would end up loving them as much as they did.

It's funny really because when I started posting images of my freaky Sims (not all of them were weirdos, but most were) people were polite (LOL) but not always gushing of what I had come up with. Damn it I wanted to represent the un-classically beautiful. I think I finally got my point across *winks*

It's a thrill for me that people like what I make in that little program (that doesn't always function properly) called Body Shop.

Now I have a journal and other options in this world of MTS2....all because of big, wide noses and a Vulcan named Selar.

Who woulda thunk?
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