Hi, everyone

Date Posted: 1st Jun 2007 at 5:20 PM

Hi, everyone. I'm not sure why anyone would want to write much here, but I will say a couple things, in case your curious. I've been creating here for about 3 years. I also post a little on XMSims.com. I use 3dmax and photoshop for my stuff. I just got featured creator status, but I'm still a lab rat?(I turned into a field rat since I wrote this.) I guess I don't post much in the conversation forum, I don't download much either.

I probably should have been featured for my greatest creation instead of the Exobot, but I think they might have took that into account. My greatest work in modding the sims2 has got to be the modular stairs. I cracked the problems with creating modular stairs a long time ago, when it was impossible, since then they still seem to get a couple hundred downloads a day. I have other sets, a few cool ones, that I never put up, just because I forget to, I will eventually. I don't see any point in posting any average stairs, now that there are so many, but I've got a few "Special" ones.

Anyway, I'm totally liberal about my stuff. The only thing I like is a link to my original download, and after that I don't care. I hope I've made some junk that enhanced your game for a while. I like the vast majority of you all very much. Have fun.

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