Too much time on my hands means new uploads here

Date Posted: 13th Sep 2007 at 3:52 PM

First journal entry wow. Didn't even know I was allowed one of these but apparently I am.

Anyone who's even half glanced at my uploads will see that I am Harry Potter obsessed and haven't made anything in the last couple of years. Not quite true but nothing MtS2 standard
So along comes the summer holiday with job finished, dissertation stagnating from lack of contact with supervisor and a new sims 2 expansion and Harry Potter book. A week before I go back to uni and everything starts up again - what else am I likely to do?

So A new hack for you. And no please don't expect anything else as I've got to go back to the real world. Have enjoyed my little foray back into the slightly more fun unreal world of modding but have to drift off again. Then again I've got those founder sims I might be able to tweak...
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