Tutorial on farm roofs

Date Posted: 5th Oct 2008 at 2:41 PM

OnyxNox came asking for some advice on this kind of roofs so I'm posting this to help those users who like to take a look at my profile page (^^,)


click to go to the tutorial
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Discovery Channel

Date Posted: 9th Sep 2008 at 2:29 PM

''you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel ...''
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.:Tiny Town:.

Date Posted: 15th Jul 2008 at 10:38 AM

Hello everybody!

I've been inactive in the sims community for a very long time, real life sometimes gets complicated... even more when you're studing Architecture... yes.

Then, summer arrived, and though I didn't pass one of my exams, I thought that I could have a good time during July with Stephsim, as we were to make a project together. And then...apocalypsis came... and my laptop died. Ohh yes.
So, now I don't know if my hard drive will be okay. If it's not I'm afraid I've lost all my ready-to-upload-lots-of-the-project, that's what sometimes happens when you don't do a backup of all the data...specially when you have an extern hard drive ready to be used when necessary. Thing is I didn't see this need until it was too late. So remember: DO BACKUPS AND NEVER BUY A SONY VAIO!

I thought I could wait until my laptop was returned without simming, but as you can imagine... I couldn't. So I grabbed my dad's laptop and installed The Sims 2 **only**, with no eps or sps, nor cc... and hell... my catalog is quite empty. However I did download MaryLou's mini lots, and I started building on them.
I'm making a new neighbourhood with all these mini lots, and I named it Tiny Town. If I manage to understand or to find a tutorial on how to upload full neighourhoods with lots, I'll upload Tiny Town. If not, I'll just upload the mini lots, which, as you can guess, will be basegame compatible and cc free.

Time to build now!
Chat you!!

P.S. Mr Duskey, my version of Anette was rejected...
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EliteSimBuilders Award + MattersOfTime + Amaranth

Date Posted: 12th May 2008 at 4:05 PM

I couldn't believe it when I received an email from AudluvsVegas in which he told me that one of my creations had been selected for the Ellie (The Elite SimBuilders Precision Award). More shocked got I when I received one more mail in which I was told that I had been awarded!!!
The awarded creation's been my version of Flourish and Blotts, one of my favourite lots indeed.
Again, thanks to you all for your kind appreciation of my work... THANK YOU!


Apart from this...
Maybe you've noticed that I have not uploaded anything for a while... in fact my Diagon Alley Project is not finished yet, there's one remaining lot to be built, and I'm also working on a tremendous project with StephSim... however, unfortunately University is taking away all my free time, too much homework and exams (one of them already failed... ) and, if this doesn't loose in some way, probably I won't be active again until summer vacation... I'm so sorry Steph!
In addition I wanted to take part in the Victorian London Challenge but it has been just imposible. Nevertheless, I'm glad that StephSim worked so hard to give us a marvellous collection to decorate my neighbourhood so I'm not so sad about this issue
In spite of this lack of time, yesterday while I listened to Amaranth (one of the singles from the last album of Nightwish) I couldn't help to load the Body Shop and make a sim of Anette Olzon (the new vocalist, who's taken Tarja Turunen's place)... I really like how she came out (and yes I PREFER HER RATHER THAN TARJA), even though I had never managed a good resemblance in a sim before. So, if it's approved my the staff, you'll find her soon here at MTS2.

Here's a preview (I'll have to work on her skintone and eyes):

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About HystericalParoxysm's ''rant''

Date Posted: 5th Feb 2008 at 12:06 PM

I got shocked when I read some of the replies to this so much needed ''rant'', when I read that downloaders should have to be able to do what they want just because what they're downloading is in the internet...

This is not only a question of identity, I mean (oh my english... ), if you downloaded something, you can't (well you can but you SHOULDN'T) say it's yours just because it's in your downloads folder! Not only it's a matter of identity but it's also a matter of RESPECT, a kind of feeling that's lacking right now in the community. It's missing as much in these terms of use violators as in those pirates who post pay-content for free (and no, I'm not going to talk about pay sites, I think we all feel the same for them ). Do you want to claim something as yours because it's awfully beautiful? Go make your own! This reminds me of my first download, when the first comment I got was something like ''this is not good enough, sorry''. The same shortage of RESPECT for who's creating and sharing without asking anything in return!

Have we forgotten which is the slogan of this site? CREATE IT SHARE IT PLAY IT! You want to include something in a lot and you can't? SORRY BUT YOU DIDN'T CREATE IT, SORRY BUT YOU'RE NOT THE ONE THAT SHOULD SHARE IT. You really want to include it in your lot because without it it doesn't look so good? ASK FOR IT POLITELY! DON'T GO LOOKING FOR ANOTHER SITE THAT ALLOWS THE SUBMISSION OF WHATEVER THAT'S BREAKING THE CREATOR'S POLICY!Petition denied? SUGGEST TO DOWNLOAD WHAT HASN'T BEEN INCLUDED AND PROVIDE A LINK FOR IT, DON'T ''TAKE YOUR TOYS AND GO HOME''... that's not sharing! If you can't do this you're being silly and lazy
I don't want to repeat what has been said, I just wanted to let steam off my head after reading these non-sense replies. We're not the same person, we're different in a lot of ways, but we have something in common: we like simming, and sim-sharing, and I think we shoul feel equally when talking about all the concerns ''sharing'' means and brings.We're a community after all and I love the atmosphere here in this site. We should preserve it, shouldn't we?
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Ooooops with the Telescope Shop!!!

Date Posted: 3rd Feb 2008 at 12:57 PM

Oh my... why me? I had just finished building the telescope shop and was about to furnish it when I noticed that... SIMS CAN'T USE THE TELESCOPES IN COMMUNITY LOTS AND THEREFORE THEY DON'T APPEAR IN THE CATALOG
wwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????? I had done posters and everything and now there's no chance I can place the telescopes there... so, people, your wizards will have to order their telescopes via internet!!!
The former telescope building is now Madame Malkin's, I will upload it soon

aaaarggggg (oh my telescopes!)
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Date Posted: 26th Jan 2008 at 11:41 AM

A Quidditch shop,Ollivander's, Madame Malkin's, a kiosk, a telescope shop, and a square are the final lots in the Diagon Alley project. I'm having a lot of fun building all this magical lots, but now I'm feeling like building something more ornated, the kind of lot that's completely out of the ordinary, a building that can be home to some weird and magnificent creatures, Belvyara for instance...

Some live in the forest, some live in the darkness, some in shining palaces, some in spooky fortresses, some don't live... some hearts don't beat .

This series of lots is already started, and I don't know when it's going to end... mbwahahahahhahaaaaa
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Diagon Alley Project!

Date Posted: 7th Dec 2007 at 1:06 PM

Well, as I'm aiming to furnish all the lots, or at least the main ones, I think I have to thank all the creators whose stuff I'm using THANK YOU

Now I must say I'm very busy at University, got loads of homework and I also need to study for my forthcoming exams, so maybe I can't upload my creations as frequently as I'm used to, sorry for that!

I also want to thank StephSim , for she had been advising and helping me when I've needed it

Aaaaaaaand, finally I'd like to know... would you like me to build Weasley Wizarding Wheezes? Thing is that I play with Lily and James' generation, not with Harry's, so obviously I didn't have in mind doing this lot. However, I'll think it through if you really want it!

That's all for now, I wait for your opinions!
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