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Date Posted: 17th Dec 2013 at 10:56 PM

Hi guys.

I just wanted to let you (whoever even reads this anymore) know that I will no longer be posting my creations here and will not be responding to messages. If you need me, you can get in touch with me via my Tumblr, but as of now you may consider my creations uploaded here as unsupported. I'm not totally leaving, but I don't feel like any of my new stuff belongs here anymore. This has nothing to do with MTS itself, or especially with any of the lovely mods and admins that have all been nothing but nice to me. I don't feel comfortable uploading here because of the users who seem quite unhappy with what I do, some of which have chosen to send me anon hate via Tumblr because they were unhappy that I uploaded my Supernatural sims here using Queue Bypass, which some don't feel I deserved. I'm pretty sure my sims would have made the cut without the bypass, because I have worked my ass off trying to get them right. I took down those sims by my own choice and will not be uploading them here again, because there's no pleasing some people no matter how hard I work.

I used to think of MTS as my home and I love it still, but the current atmosphere upsets me and my life is stressful as it is already...Thank you to those who followed and liked my creations, I appreciate it and I always will. Anyway...I'll see ya around.

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Misty has a Tumblr

Date Posted: 24th Jul 2012 at 2:34 PM

All the cool kids have a tumblr these days, so I figured I could make one too. Despite not being a cool kid Anyway, it's gonna be my little place to post WIPs, pictures, ramblings, and other sim-related things including uploads that I feel don't fit on MTS

You can visit me here
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Misty's Doctor Who mode :P

Date Posted: 24th Jun 2012 at 8:21 PM

So thanks to Doctor Who I now again feel inspired to make sims. So many interesting faces to sim! I was just having a bad day back when I posted that last entry, I think. Thanks to Fansee and d_dgjdhh (I had to look up how exactly is it spelled, lol. I still don't know how to pronounce it, though) I felt a bit better. Making sims is fun, and that's why I do it and I shall keep making them even though the interest in sims is declining. As long as there are people who care even just a little bit, I am a happy creator
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Date Posted: 27th May 2012 at 9:37 PM

I have been feeling rather un-inspired lately...I dunno why. I guess whenever I -do- get inspired to make something, I work so damn hard to do it right. I love making sims, as you may know. I've learned to make other stuff as well, but making sims based on the characters I love is my absolutely favorite thing to do. Hell, the only reason I did learn to make other CC was because I wanted my sims to look better Anyway...I've noticed people don't really care about TS2 sims anymore as much, lately - especially about those real people based. Or maybe my sims are getting worse and I didn't even notice. Some people might say they were never good anyway. My most popular downloads are not sims at all - they're glasses, make-up, shirts and BTTF objects. Not that I'm complaining, it's nice that people like my CC. It's just...I've been wondering is there still point for me to keep making sims? The little free time I do have for myself I spend simming, because it makes me happy and I love when my work makes others happy as well. But I don't think people care anymore, and that makes me kind of sad, and makes me want to stop making sims and just make other stuff. I don't make sims for the sake of them being "popular", but if just a handful of people will play with them, then what's the point? I don't have time to play myself, so saying I'm making them mostly for myself would not be true. Also I feel, even though I spend an embarrassing amount of time working on each sim, like they're still not good enough. Sometimes people ask me if they can edit my sim and post it, because my version needs work. I dunno. I apologize for the rant, to whomever may be reading this (if anyone). Right now it feels my sims are not contributing anything, and I'd be better off spending time making stuff people will actually use.

/end rant
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Mistys cunning plans...

Date Posted: 19th Mar 2012 at 12:42 AM

As the title suggests, I am currently working on a very cunning, secret project Well, actually, I don't know if it's so cunning that you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox, but it is so secret even I had no idea I would be doing it.

You might guess what's it about, or maybe not, but I shall tell you soon enough - maybe once I get it 60% done It's another fairly big project which includes several sims. I know I said that I won't be doing such big uploads anymore, as they are very exhausting, and I guess I *could* split it into smaller uploads, but I really think this will work best as a set.

I must be insane.

Anyway, I also have The Big Bang cast to finish, some are more finished than others, but I am currently working on getting Amy ready for upload and finishing Leonard and his outfit. Penny is currently in the queue, so keep your fingers crossed.

I also need to prepare another set of BTTF objects for upload and finish up the working hoverboard for which I have managed to get the original sound working - yay!
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Date Posted: 22nd Sep 2011 at 10:36 PM

Okay, so after trying my hand at making about gazillion different BTTF things, I decided I really need to focus and finish something. I haven't uploaded anything in ages. So, I think I finally have Biff, Lorraine, and George the way I want them and I believe I shall upload them soon. Am now in the process of doing the 1955 cafe set, to take the pictures. I suck at building, so this is taking me a while. Anyway, I hope to post some pics soon
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Back to the Future - planned/wip projects

Date Posted: 6th Apr 2011 at 1:50 PM

OK, so I decided to make up a list of BTTF characters/clothes/props/stuff I'm currently working on, or planning to work on. This project is really getting much more extended than I intended it to be...I planned on doing Marty and Doc and nothing else. But, now that it's done, I feel there are many things missing for it to be complete. Naturally, I could never replicate ALL of the characters and every single thing that appeared on screen (that would be cool though. I -might- rip some stuff from BTTF game, because it's so awesome, but it won't be uploaded here because I think it would be silly to drown MTS with bunch of extracted objects). Currently, these are the projects I'm working on:

- Biff
- Lorraine
- George
- Hoverboard as deco wall hanging and accessory
- Doc 2015 outfit
- Marty 2015 outfit

They are all in different stages of completion, so keep an eye on my CFF thread - I'll be posting the updates there regularly Will add more projects later probably, because it's so much fun. And you guys seem to like it! (81% of the reason why I make stuff is your feedback).
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Back To The Future!

Date Posted: 28th Dec 2010 at 12:21 PM

Right, well, as I wrote in my previous entry, I was working on a hair, then I went and made several sets of eyebrows, then some more facial effects, and some eyes...I was about to sort all of that stuff out and take the screenshots for uploading, when I saw the new Back To the Future game came out. And, as any other sci-fi dork, I adore BTTF. So I got the game, and then watched the movies again (for a billionth time), and, well, I think you can guess where this is going...Marty and Doc sims! I'm currently torturing myself with meshing their outfits, and,since I've never made a teen or an elder sim based on a real person, this will certainly be a challenge. Wish me luck!
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Date Posted: 6th Nov 2010 at 11:48 PM

After finishing my Red Dwarf project (I've started working on Kryten as well, but I really don't know when he will be finished), I feel a bit worn out. It was a huge project, so I'll probably take it easy for a while. I'm getting back to Grey's Anatomy, since I have Addison, Meredith and Karev almost done. I'm also thinking about recoloring and uploading my Lister hair meshes. Also, the next upload will be my 50th! How awesome is that? I wanted to do something special, but I really have no idea what.

Anyway...Misty out
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Tidbit on my upcoming Red Dwarf project

Date Posted: 8th Oct 2010 at 1:28 AM

After 2 whole months of working on this every smegging day, about 200 hours (why yes, I -have- counted:P), I think I'm finally almost done. This project finally made my lazy butt get to work and learn a thing or two about meshing. Yes, it is just as frustrating and hard as I thought it will be, but I decided I try and stick with it until I stop failing and actually make something that doesn't look like it went under a complete chew treatment from my dog.

I didn't really make any mesh from scratch though; 2 hair meshes I made for my Lister sim are using parts of Nouk's ponytail dreads and a Maxis hat mesh. Cat's hair is also Maxis edit. And Lister's outfit uses Aikea's jacket mesh. Nevertheless, I'm quite proud of this project, it's my biggest sim project up to date really, with 6 complete sims and a bunch of my CC.

Honestly though, I'm not sure will there be any interest in this. I mean, how many people in the sim-community even know about Red Dwarf? My biggest fear, when spending so much time and effort on something, is that no one will actually care. But I went and did it anyway, because it was fun, I've learned a lot, and I really wanted the crew of Red Dwarf in my game.

Also, October 9th will be 3 years from my very first upload These Fred and Ginger sims are the first two sims I've ever tried to share, and I was immensely happy when they got accepted. Looking at them now, I see they are not perfect. But the positive comments then made me think that perhaps I should keep creating. Lovely people who were leaving comments on my sims during these three years are the very reason why I still do it, and the constructive criticism I get inspires me to improve. So I just want to thank everyone who ever downloaded any of my sims, thanked or commented. Or bothered to read this post. Thank you, you are all beautiful and delicious :D
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