Pretty odd...

Date Posted: 17th Apr 2009 at 11:53 PM

I just tried to load Bodyshop twice and I got a huge black screen when I do. I figured that maybe I'd pressed 'F5' on my keyboard and it was just one of Bodyshop's options, but when I went to load clothes to recolor (and of course, pressing F5 again as well) this wasn't the case.

Bodyshop was being iffy the other day for me as well, when it was telling me that it couldn't export any of my textures, so I wiped my Projects folder and it was okay again... this time I tried wiping both my projects folder (I had created new content since then) and my Saved Sims folder, saving anything I knew I needed in my Downloads folder under Sunshine Faire, and it appears to have worked! I guess they both just needed a spring cleaning, eh?

I'm feeling inspired, however, to work on a few separate sets for spring. I need more toddler outfits, for my girls at least (that's a first), so I'll likely work on those to begin with and then move up towards teens. I already have three spring outfits for teens, one which requires a mesh and two that are meshless.

Pretty fun, pretty fun! I'll probably post them up as a complete set on MTS2 and as individual items/smaller sets on Sunshine Faire, so when I get the site working right again the downloads will rain down!
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