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Date Posted: 24th Apr 2009 at 8:18 AM

Teheh. Never bothered using this feature in all my time on MTS2. Well, there's a first time for everything.

So anyway, nothing to really write here, except I'm kinda really getting into Sims again. It's been a while since I've played so much. I guess that I'm getting bored of the real world again, and whenever I do that, I sink back into Sim Land. Hawhaw. But I feel it's time for a new start. As such, I really dislike anything I made previously to the start of '08, and I know everything that I've put up in the past is riddled with spelling errors and other such crap. Honestly. I don't care about any of that stuff anymore. So do whatever the hell you want to do with it. Heck, I've relaxed now. I know, I used to be all "NO UPLOAD MAI CREASHUNZ PLZ" but I honestly don't mind anymore. They say it's a free country. Lets just keep it that way.

Anywho, I've been trying to groove things up as of lately~! I just don't know what I'm going to do with Sims. I just am incapable of making them look nice. I love Maxis Match, seriously, over at S2C, I look at all those pretty pictures and get oh so envious because quite frankly, I can't Maxis Match anything for crap. I downloaded everything I need and I -still- fail at it. I'll bring pictures next time.

...So what have I been doing other than failing? Well, I've been getting into bodyshop and messing around with colour. I love colour, especially in hair and clothes and all sortsa other sims things. So that's where my inspiration for any further creations comes from.

BTW I'm currently working on a recolour for this XM Sims hair...

...I liked this mesh from the start, I reckon that with some sane recolours, it has potential. But we'll have to wait and see how it comes out .

Lastly, as for what I'm doing with my actual life, well, nothing much tbh. I've been playing a -lot- of Phoenix Wright. I recently got the third game, and I'm as addicted as hell. And I've also been reading Bleach - once again, addicted. And speaking of PW and Bleach, Izz35178 has got some of the best creations evar. I'm addicted to her work now as well .
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