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About Me:

Feel free to reuse and recolor my creations, but under two conditions:

1. Give me full credit including a link to my original

2. NEVER EVER upload any of my stuff to paysites! Paysites are evil and I will sic my pet zombie on you if you upload my stuff to any paysites. Don't make me unleash him; he hasn't eaten in a while, and a paysite endorser is his favorite meal. ;-)

I hope you enjoy my creations! :-)


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  • Christian Heritage Baptist Church

    by pickles260 14th Apr 2008 at 11:26pm

    This church is called Christian Heritage, and it is modeled after the real Christian Heritage Baptist church that I go more...

    +6 packs 2 8.1k

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Pagan Vase - NEW MESH - BaseGame Compatible

    by pickles260 13th Apr 2008 at 4:04am

    Unfortunately, I am not a Pagan anymore, but since people seem to like my Pagan creations, I decided to keep more...

  • "To Die For" Eyes Set – 5 Colors

    by pickles260 11th Apr 2008 at 11:21pm

    I’m back with more eyes! more...

    2 13.6k 15

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • Country Farmhouse – No CC Used

    by pickles260 11th Apr 2008 at 2:23am

    In this lot, no custom content was used. more...

    +6 packs 8k 1

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Lots (over 20k)

  • Christian Sim Methodist Church

    by pickles260 30th Mar 2008 at 7:05pm

    Even Sims need a place to worship God! more...

    +5 packs 7 13.9k 6

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Catastic Pet Vase – NEW MESH

    by pickles260 28th Mar 2008 at 5:07am

    This is my first time meshing anything so I hope y’all like it! more...

  • Kojo Inn

    by pickles260 26th Feb 2008 at 12:21am

    Enjoy the comfort and good night’s sleep only provided by The Kojo Inn. more...

    +5 packs 6.1k 1

    Lots & Housing » Lodging

  • "Not-So-Soft" Eyes by crayonsun: 5 Defaults

    by pickles260 14th Feb 2008 at 11:47pm

    The eye colors here are by crayonsun , and all 16 eyes can be found here. more...

    4 10.2k 18

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • Lick-A-Licious Glosses, part 2

    by pickles260 24th Jan 2008 at 10:56pm

    Lick-A-Licious, part 2 I come bearing five more lip glosses! more...

    1 4.2k 3

    Body Shop » Makeup » Lipstick

  • 5 Eyes: Default or Not? Your Choice!

    by pickles260 14th Jan 2008 at 11:56pm

    5 Eyes: Default or Not? Your Choice! I’M BAAAAAAAAACK!!! more...

    1 5.8k 3

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • Music Theory Major

    by pickles260 10th Dec 2007 at 9:14am

    Music Theory Major In this course you’ll learn all you need to become a professional musician. more...

    +1 packs 5 12.6k 6

    Careers » University Majors

  • Religion Major * UPD 12/9/07* PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD

    by pickles260 10th Dec 2007 at 9:14am

    Christianity. Buddhism. Paganism. Judaism. more...

    +1 packs 14 16k 7

    Careers » University Majors

  • "Come Unto Me" Eyes Set - 10 Colors *NOW TAKING REQUESTS*

    by pickles260 10th Dec 2007 at 1:54am

    This set has 10 different eye colors in it including five regular eye colors—gray, dark blue, light blue, green, and more...

    4 4.3k 1

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • 104 Whitley Way

    by pickles260 28th Nov 2007 at 4:22am

    This is a lovely home for the parents-with-two-kids-and-are-middle-class family. more...

    +5 packs 2.5k

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Lots (over 20k)

  • A Touch of Japan: Ikazu's Getaway

    by pickles260 25th Oct 2007 at 7:20am

    Ikazu’s Getaway is the perfect home or vacation home for your Japanese sims. more...

    +5 packs 4.8k 3

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Lots (over 20k)

  • Zhou - Chinese Family

    by pickles260 6th Oct 2007 at 9:20pm

    Li-Hui Zhou– mother Wai Keung Zhou – father Kaige Zhou – son more...

    5 20.8k 9

    Sims » Other » Groups

  • Yan Li - Chinese Sim

    by pickles260 2nd Oct 2007 at 5:25am

    Yan Li This is Yan Li, my first attempt at a Chinese sim. more...

    8 8.7k 7

    Sims » Other » Female

  • 57 Edyan Road - 2BR + 1BA

    by pickles260 30th Sep 2007 at 8:02pm

    This lovely starter home is perfect for that newlywed couple without much money. more...

    +4 packs 2.3k

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Starter Homes (under 20k)

  • Mei Chi

    by pickles260 30th Sep 2007 at 7:00am

    This is Mei Chi, my Asian sim. I’m running out of names here, so please bear with me. more...

    2 8.6k 5

    Sims » Other » Female

  • Butterfly Back Tattoo

    by pickles260 23rd Sep 2007 at 8:35pm

    This has to be my favorite butterfly tattoo. This is a Maxis skin recolor, not a custom one. more...

    6 16.4k 10

    Body Shop » Skintones