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#26 Old 20th Jul 2020 at 3:40 PM
So I placed four different graveyards so my playable Sims may buy them - whenever any of them can afford it, and it's not gonna be right away.
I also created a new Sim (second from the right in this picture), Amancio Grano de Oro, just for the purpose of buying a house (this one) and moving all the senior townies (friends of my playable Sims, otherwise I don't care for they don't matter story-wise) so they can age properly.
There is three of them and there will be more in the future, but I don't plan to take pictures because this is what I consider a "semi-playable" household.

So let's talk about the playable ones.
More bills arrived at the door of the Rojas family, and the previous ones are still unpaid...

Paula's grades are improving, but after work she asked her mom for help with her homework anyway.
In the meantime Domingo phones pretty much everyone (30 best friends? I'd say it's impossible in such an small hood, but he can try indeed!)

And a dinner picture, for the sake of the whole family socializing.

Isabel Blanco started her day repairing the tub - hiring a repairman is an extra expense and bills are arriving.

Both kids are doing great at school and also are friends with other children.

Joaquín had the most extraordinary day at job.
First he got a large bonus (chance card reward) and then he got promoted (which adds another bonus!).

With all this money they paid their bills and cancelled their loan!
Yeah, at this point they are probably the wealthiest family of all four.

Grocery shopping at the Rubio's house.

Mila grew up, she's a child now. I gave her a makeover because I am bored of all kids having the same hairdo.

Also her parents run out of days off, so it's time to hire a nanny to take care of her while they are at work.

Loads of pictures for the Pardos, as usual.
They woke up early and they did some of their homework in the morning. (Not a great student trait, mind you.)

Bills. They are affordable so the had o problem to pay them right away.

The kids went to school, they are doing well.

So Carlota, now a teen, decided it's time to get a job.
She accepted a position as Playground Monitor (same job as her father!).

But she was fired on the very first day

Fired? FIRE !!!
That's what happened when Francisco tried to cook some dinner.

Well, that's a bit of bad events, but at least they can pay most of their loan now.
Original Poster
#27 Old 22nd Jul 2020 at 5:56 PM
I know I said I wan't taking pictures of the retirement home, but I don't see aspiration failure animations that often
(CAS Sims always have a hard time at first though.)

The Rojas family keeps doing great. Paula's grades are up.

Domingo got a promotion (which apparently allows him to pickup his wife at work in the team's bus) and the bonus was large enough to pay all the bills.
Just in time! They had already received a notice...

And apparently it's gonna get better, because someone knows someone who could get him another promotion right away!

Isabel Blanco and her husband Joaquín ran out of PTO, so they have to go back to working full time.
So they hired a nanny to take care of their kids whenever they were at work.

But, of course, when they are at home they are the usual loving parents and pay attention to things such as homework getting done.

Daniel Rubio's wife and daughter dancing happily early in the morning - mom loves to dance, and Mila enjoys spending time with mom.

Bills arrived, and the loan takes its toll on the Rubio family.

School time was great for the youngest children of the Pardo family, apparently Carlota is not doing so well...

The great news is that Prof. Lidia got promoted - and the bonus was huge!

Fernando went out on a date with Paula Rojas again.
Carlota also wants to find love - and she flirted with paperboy Manuel Domínguez, only other teenager she actually knows.

Francisco spent a while repairing the computer.
They needed it working to pay the rest of their loan!

And as Fernando grew up his father paid all their debts.
Fernando will look for another place to live - which means I'll be setting a downtown with some affordable apartments.

While they all were aslept, a burglar broke into their house - surely had heard of Lidia's yummy extra money.
The only thing she stole was the TV and, as all their furniture, it was a cheap old thing. But, hey, it was their cheap old thing!
Original Poster
#28 Old 22nd Jul 2020 at 7:48 PM
Just because there are going to be changes in the families structure (because Fernando will leave the nest) I thought it was neat posting the family thumbnails.
It's nice to keep track of how the families evolve!
Original Poster
#29 Old 24th Jul 2020 at 3:44 PM
The Rojas family keeps doing great. Domingo got another promotion, as expected

And Paula is about to go to college.
I've decided that each student will take §2k with them, not as a fee but as some pocket money to get them started. This amount might be higher in the future, but it's all hard enough as it is right now

Last breakfast for Isabel Blanco with her little green beans. Next time she sees them (for she'll be at work when they return from school) they'll be teenagers.

The first one to grow up was Ezequiel. He is a Knowledge Sim who is also interested in having a lot of fun (Pleasure).
Actually he tried to ask Carlota Pardo out on a date (they are good friends) but she rejected him

Then was the turn for Zacarías, who is a Family Sim. Is it possible that I might have many aliens in this hood after all?

When Isabel returned home, she helped Ezequiel with his homework. Considering he's a Knowledge Sim he should not be so reckless!

Daniel Rubio loves nature, apparently he loves it as much as it's humanly possible.

His wife Isabel Gimeno grew up, and she's now a super sexy elder.

They managed to pay their bills, let's see how they handle the rest of their loan...

Big news at the Pardo family: Fernando has left the household and will be renting an apartment on his own.
So the only pictures I took in the family household were of Carlota:
First she got a job. This time she's gonna try luck in the Culinary career. Hopefully she'll do better than next time.

And then,,, first kiss!
She must really like this guy, so it makes sense she had rejected Ezequiel earlier.

So I finally installed a custom downtown and placed a few apartment buildings in there.
Fernando rented the best one he could afford - yep, he's run out of money just paying the rent of his 1-bedroom apartment - so let's hope he does well enough in his job to keep paying the rent every week.

He brought a colleage from work, but she happened to be the burglar who robbed in his parents house!
I saw fit that he would fight her and not try to socialize with her. I ought to change her career though.
Original Poster
#30 Old 30th Jul 2020 at 7:33 PM
The rotation began with Paula Rojas moving into a house near her college.
If she lived in a dorm she'd meet more people, but here she'll have more privacy - and managed to socialize anyway.

She's working hard so I'm sure she's gonna do great in this first semester.

At home, her family keeps doing great. First Sonia sold one novel.

And afterwards she got promoted TWICE!

Zacarías and Ezequiel Blanco both got jobs, in different careers: Zacarías chose Education, while Ezequiel chose Science.

Ezequiel is also interested in Carlota Pardo, whom had rejected him before, but now accepted his advances and fell in love with him!

Isabel got promoted.

And the family enjoyed a dinner together

Morning at the Rubio's began with a wolf visiting and little Mila trying to become friends with it.

Daniel managed to write a great novel

He built a tiny store house for his cooking machine (an extra expense, but you can't leave such a thing outside the house!) and he was creating candies when he grew up.

Francisco Pardo finally got a promotion!

And Lidia helped the kids with their homework.

Living in downtown, Fernando could meet new people. But he chose to relight the fire with Paula, and he invited her over.

He has loved her for a long time, and now their love has grown into an adult love. That's why he has decided to propose!
She is still in college, but they've decided that when she gradutes she'll move in with Fernando.
Original Poster
#31 Old 31st Jul 2020 at 3:57 PM
Ok, most of it was normal, but we had a HUGE event, but I'll keep this thread in order and I'll get to it when it's its turn.

Paula Rojas did great in this first semester, and she's gonna spend the extra money hiring a maid - because time is gold when you are at college!

At home things go well, Domingo got promoted again.

And he also grew up - now both Sonia and Domingo are elders.

Sonia also got promoted!

Another birthday at the Blanco's. Joaquín is an elder too.

And Ezequiel's relationship with Carlota is doing great, so they decided to go steady.

Everything was routine at the Rubio's, but they managed to pay a bit more of their loan off which is always a good thing.

A satellite fall from the heaven (and it's the very first time I see one!) right onto poor Leonardo
He was only a child, about to grow up into a teenager, and now he's dead!
OK, as an event this is huge for me. I think it ought to have affected his family way more but they took it in the most stoical manner possible. (I guess none of them had the fear of his dying because he was so young...)

His sister Carlota was not at home, she returned from work (with a promotion) a little later.

And finally Maricarmen did grow up pretty well.
She does not have any hobby, so I was not sure which aspiration give her (in these cases I give them either Fortune or Pleasure) but considering her twin brother was just smashed I thought it would make sense she would prefer a "carpe diem" approach to life - Pleasure it is.

And soon enough she was flirting with Zacarías Blanco. (So now brothers Ezequiel & Zacarías are involved with sisters Carlota & Maricarmen!)

In downtown, Fernando Pardo invited his fiance's parents (Sonia Rojas and Domingo Alonso).
It's a good thing trying to get along with the in-laws from early on, I guess
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#32 Old 6th Aug 2020 at 1:21 PM
I forgot to take pictures at college (Paula keeps doing well) and nothing worth mentioning happened at the Rojas.

Isabel Blanco got promoted.

And her son Zacarías keeps dating Maricarmen Pardo - picture of their first kiss

The other Isabel got promoted too.

And afterwards she helped little Mila with her homework.

The Pardo family tries to recover after the terrible happenings of the last rotation, specially Maricarmen.
She got a job in the Slacker career - and she got promoted in her first day. Carlota got promoted too in her job.

On the other hand, Maricarmen's relationship with Zacarías goes well - maybe too well for her taste, she does not seem too happy about going steady.

Living in downtown, Fernando is focusing on his job while he waits for Paula to finish college and move in with him.
Original Poster
#33 Old 6th Aug 2020 at 1:45 PM
Paula keeps doing very well in college, and she already chose her major: Mathematics.

Her family keeps doing well and they decided they can afford a maid now.
Both Domingo and Sonia are focused on trying to reach the top of their careers, so they'll probably be able to save up for a larger better house quite soon.

Promotions for the Blanco family.

And Isabel grew up - another elder more in this hood.

The Rubio family is the only one which still struggles with basic payments such as bills...

Isabel threw a party for Mila, who grew up into a gorgeous young girl.
I'm glad she got a different hairstyle (she'll keep it) although it kinda shocked me she got the same clothes as Carlota Pardo. Maybe it's the lattest fashion

Mila decided to find a job right away, she'll help the family with a little extra money.

I only have one picture of the Pardo family this time, and it's Carlota greeting the newspaper guy.
My Sims (specially the poorest ones) have the habit of using their influence to get other pixels to clean their mess (or fix the garden, or repair an appliance). That was Carlota's plan indeed, but because she's in love with the guy she greeted him very warmly. What would have happened if Ezequiel had seen her?

And Fernando keeps dating Paula. They are already engaged, so it's no unusual they want *cough* more intimacy.
Original Poster
#34 Old 8th Aug 2020 at 11:24 AM
The burglar strikes! She stole the Rojas' luxurious TV (it was a gift) and run away before the police arrived.

Peaceful day at the Blanco's. Zacarías got promoted and reached the top of the teen career.

Not so much at the Rubio's.
They are the poorest family - haven't paid the full loan yet - and they can't afford a repairman.

But the burglar does not care - she stole their telescope anyway. And ran away with it.

Better at the Pardo's.
Francisco got promoted and also grew up. Of course he needs a makeover!
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#35 Old 8th Aug 2020 at 1:46 PM
Carlota Pardo went to college, and moved into Paula Rojas' house.
The house is large enough for both of them, and social life is always a good thing.

Paula keeps getting good grades, which of course means saving up more money.

Carlota wants to find a new love (Ezequiel is still a teenager) and Prof. Christian del Río is already a friend of hers (because he is her mother's colleague) so he invited him over.
He asked Prof. Lidia (ie Carlota's mother) to come over with him, which of course she happily did, but her constant attention stopped Carlota from flirting with Prof. Christian - she knew her mom would disapprove.

Friend Manuel Domínguez (paperboy) also moved into a college house.
I tend to consider those as semi-playables for I only play them thru college and I turn them back into townies as they return to the main hood.
For that reason I did not take any picture, but he might become Carlota's love interest again...

Ezequiel was the first one to meet the new papergirl, her name is Josefina.

Zacarías social life was a bit different - he met a wolf!

And Fernando Pardo keeps doing great at work - he'll have a nice salary by the time Paula graduates and move in with him.
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#36 Old 8th Aug 2020 at 4:12 PM
Life at college keeps going well for Paula and Carlota. Carlota just chose her major.

The one Paula is playing with is Manuel Domínguez, former paperboy.
I thought Carlota might want to relight the fire and date with him again, but so far she's been more focused on studies than romance - although I've locked the fall-in-love want...

The burglar keeps doing her thing! This time stole the Rojas' car...

and the Pardo's one!!

Daniel Rubio got a great bonus which helped to *finally* pay off his loan! No more debts!

Fernando started the day with expenses (paying the rent).

But even so, he was burglarized too - his fashionable TV!!

The cop finally caught this burglar though. Which means he got his money back, which is all good.

All things considered I think she ought to go to prison.
I've never run a prison. Simlogical's prisons seems very cool but somewhat hard to run - like, I don't know, I would not like to have hired guards or anything, and I'm not sure I can do that.
I guess it's time for a backup and running some tests...
Original Poster
#37 Old 19th Aug 2020 at 3:01 PM
Ok, this time I managed to take an small amount of pictures - let's see if I can get used to it

Carlota and Paula are both doing great, getting very good grades (and juicy bonus).
If everything turns out ok Paula will graduate shortly!

Carlota is also pursuing love and she flirted with Prof. Christian, who is already an elder and does not have many days left, but whatever, love is blind

In the main hood two of my Sims got promoted:
Sonia Rojas is an step closer to her LTW, and also rich enough to get a new fancier larger house!

Isabel Blanco got promoted too, although she's not fond of her career and she might eventually retire.
But right now she's more focused on paying the fee for her children (Ezequiel & Zacarías) who are about to go to college!
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#38 Old 20th Aug 2020 at 4:00 PM
Ezequiel & Zacarías Blanco moved into the college house, with Paula and Carlota.

They are trying to mingle and meet new people there.

Carlota got a good grade again, and Paula graduated with good scores - so she's moving back to main hood.

Ezequiel met this cheerleader, talked a bit and decided to flirt with her. Bad luck, it's not gonna be so easy!

His teenage sweetheart, Carlota, seems to be completely in love with her elder romantic interest.
In fact they just got engaged.

Sonia Rojas and her husband Domingo moved into a larger house. They are definetely the whealthiest household of all!

Paula came to visit them and see the new house, but she's moving in with her fiance Fernando Pardo into his tiny apartment.
Sonia and Domingo insisted that after the wedding they might as well move together with them for they have a large second bedrom - and Fernando's apartment is so small!

Ezequiel & Zacarías also came to visit her mother and step-father. They've always had such a great relation with him.

An accident at the Pardos!
Lidia was trying to repair the computer but it got on fire! Luckily the firemen came in very quickly.

And, at last, the most expected event too place: Fernando and Paula got married, thus joining the Pardo and the Rojas family.
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#39 Old 21st Aug 2020 at 2:29 PM
Calota, Ezequiel and Zacarías are doing well at college. She managed a B, while the twins both got A+.
Also Ezequiel chose a Physics Major and Zacarías an Economics Major.

Also Ezequiel keeps trying to meet women. Since the cheerleader seemed uninterested, he flirted with this a professor.
(Wow, so many of my Sims are getting involved with professors in this hood!)

As a general rule I don't take pictures of my semiplayables (they are there just to make sure time pass somewhat properly) but since there was an abduction I had to take this one.
I meant Samuel to return impregnanted (I would use the tomb of L&D) but apparently it's not possible. Maybe because there are more than 8 people already in the household? I don't know.

And the Rojas family.
They had moved to a larger house with two nice bedrooms, so they had agreed on asking their daughter Paula and her husband Fernando to move in.

They also decided to get a pet. Because Paula said she really wanted a pet - she simply forgot to mention she wants them to work, and Allegra is apparently a bit too old for that.

Domingo really wants to have grandchildren, and now that they are all settled and things are doing well for the family it was not hard to convince Paula and Fernando

Isabel sold another novel, which brings in a nice revenue.
The Blanco family is quite happily situated, despite not being as wealthy as the Rojas. They are actually considering whether to retire - since they don't love their careers anyway - or save up a little more.

Party at the Pardo's house, Maricarmen invited the Blanco twins who are in college.
She does not mean to go to college though, she likes her teen career and means to keep working after she grows up.
Original Poster
#40 Old 22nd Aug 2020 at 8:24 AM
The three students keep doing great, all of them scored A+ this time!

The twins keep trying to socialize, meeting someone special. (For different reasons though.)
Here Zacarías is talking to a cheerleader.

One really important event in the main hood!
The first member of the second generation was born... in the front yard, in front of the dog
His name is Rafael Rojas Pardo, and he's quite dark skinned as all the Pardo family (which is cool because, up to this point, the rest of families were very light-skinned).

Also expected, Maricarmen Pardo grew up into an adult.
As her brother Fernando (Rafael's father) did before, she keeps in her career (with a nice promotion!) and will be getting her own place soon.
In summary, out of the four Pardo children one died, one went to college and the other two chose to keep working in their LTW career.

Her friend in the picture, Mila Rubio, will go to college right away though and she'll be moving in with Carlota, Ezequiel and Zacarías.
Original Poster
#41 Old 22nd Aug 2020 at 2:58 PM
Mila Rubio is now at college too, and she moved into the same house as the Blanco twins and Carlota Pardo.

It did not take long before Zacarías laid eyes on her.
Back in high school he was dating Maricarmen Pardo, but now he feels he has much more in common with Mila. And she seems to like him too!

Also. Grades. They are important too.
Everybody keeps doing great, Carlota became a senior.

Baby Rafael Rojas grew up and he's now a toddler.

Fortunately all the family helps. Grandma Sonia decided she'd help him to walk.
And Paula now decided she's gonna get a job in the Show Bussiness career, and maybe, maybe, if she likes it she might get some pets into it, right?

As expected, young Maricarmen left the nest early in the morning, and she'll be renting an apartment.

Now that their kids are adults, Francisco feels it's time due to retire and enjoy a little bit of peace.

So Maricarmen rented a fancy 2-bedroom apartment, went to work and got promoted. That's a good start for a great day.

Afterwards she decided to get a roommate, because it's nice to have someone around. And it's cheaper.
Joel is nice and well-connected: he knows Maricarmen's boss and got her a promotion!
The promotion came in the very same day, for she had to work a double shift

But in the meantime she decided to go out for a date. Who would she ask out?
Her former boyfriend, Zacarías, seems to be now involved with Mila. But his twin brother Ezequiel is avaliable... and probably a much better match for her anyway.

Original Poster
#42 Old 25th Aug 2020 at 1:35 PM
What a day for my college students! All them scored an A+!!
Mila Rubio also chose her major: Biology.

But the really important things happen when you close your books, hehe.
Zacarías proposed to Mila, which is natural for him (because he's a Family guy) and she accepted.
Being such good friends in high school really set the foundation for a relationship, it seems.

Later Ezequiel asked out Maricarmen, whose company he enjoys.
He's not into having a Family (his LTW is dating-related) nor is she, but once they were at it both rolled the want of engagement - and they did indeed!

So, if everything goes well for them, we'll have all the families mixed in the next generation:
Rojas-Pardo (Paula and Fernando), Blanco-Rubio (Zacarías and Mila), Blanco-Pardo (Ezequiel and Maricarmen).
The only one who will marry out of the playables is Carlota, who is engaged to Prof. Christian.

In the main hood, well, lots of promotions. Because I removed simler's mod. It seemed such a good idea, but its behaviour is not exactly what I thought and it's not working for me. So now all of those whom met the requirements were promoted at once.
I'm just posting Domingo's because he reached the top of the career, which meant he fulfilled his LTW.

And this other pic from Sonia, who had a day off and spent it teaching things to her grandson Rafael.
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#43 Old 29th Aug 2020 at 11:07 AM
College keeps going well, everybody got good grades and Carlota graduated with an A.

Carlota rented an apartment in the same building as her sister Maricarmen.

After moving in and getting a job (she chose the Show Business career because she could start at level 4 and the pay was great, now she'll be Paula's colleague), she invited Prof. Christian over and got married.
No party for she had no money to afford it - funny though that her husband thinks she's a good catch

In the main hood, Paula adopted yet another dog, in this case a puppy so she can raise it and put it to good work

In the Pardo house, little Leonardo returned from his grave to frighten his family.
And a lot of NPCs appeared too I might have screwed this hood, I have a rotten luck lately.

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#44 Old 2nd Sep 2020 at 8:03 PM
Another great rotation for college students, awesome grades everyone. No pictures because it's getting boring

At the Rojas household a matchmaker visited and left a powerful gift - a genie lamp.
My Sims usually ask for wealth, as if this lamp was some sort of lotto, and that's exactly what Fernando did.

Also Rafael grew up and is now a toddler. The more he grows the more he looks like his father's family.

The Pardo family got another loan, this time they need it to buy a family graveyard - because the weird NPC night visits are spooky!
Francisco went there just to arrange little Leonardo's grave in a proper place.

And lots of love at downtown.
Some of them legit, such as Maricarmen dating Ezequiel.

Others not so much. Prof. Christian was seen with an elder townie...
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#45 Old 5th Sep 2020 at 4:55 PM
All the students (Ezequiel & Zacarías Blanco and Mila Rubio) are doing great.
The last semester for the twins is about to start, so soon they'll be graduating.

The Blanco family are doing very very well lately, so much they even decided to buy a helicopter!

Actually Isabel reached the top of the career (although it's not her LTW) which nonetheless means a nice income!

One pic from the Rubio household:
Isabel gifting something to her daughter. Nothing useful - yet - but she had this crib around and she is kind of hinting that any time soon Mila might need it

Do you know who is pregnant? Carlota Pardo Ros! (Not showing yet, but I heard chimes.)
But that does not stop her husband Prof. Christian from cheating

Anyway a new baby soon, because the only kid in this hood right now is Rafael :D
Original Poster
#46 Old 7th Sep 2020 at 7:44 AM
Ezequiel and Zacarías graduated. Mila still has two semesters ahead but she keeps doing well.

Ezequiel moved in with his fiancé, Maricarmen Pardo.
Beause he loves tinkering, first thing he did was trying to figure out how the appliances worked

From there he actually spent most of his time in a more pleasurable entertaiment
He also got a job in the Medicine career, which reminded me of Don Lothario...

Zacarías rented an apartment, in the same building as Ezequiel & Maricarmen, and Carlota & family It's full of friends!
Also got a job in the Legal career - although he does not care about the career, he's family-focused.

Prof. Christian made a bad choice and got demoted.

In the meantime, Carlota gave birth to their daughter Diana Pardo Del Río.

There is another baby on the way: Paula Rojas is pregnant again.

They had an unfortunate visit at night: a burglar came and stole their fancy TV!
Now they got a burglar alarm.

The Rubio family moved up to a fancier house, the one next to the Rojas family house.
It's fair to say that the Rojas family could afford an upgrade too if they were not saving up for a graveyard since one of their pets already died. And that the Blanco family is getting ready to upgrade too.
So technically only the Pardo family is being left behind - and with a loan to pay!
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#47 Old 10th Sep 2020 at 8:51 PM
Mila keeps progressing at college - only two semesters more to graduate!

In downtown, Maricarmen and Ezequiel (already living together) decided to tie the knot.

Prof. Christian was demoted.
But there are good news at home anyway: their daughter Diana grew up nicely.

And Zacarías got a roommate - former paperguy Manuel - until Mila graduates and joins him.

The Rojas family has a new member: Paula gave birth to a boy named Carlos.
Baby Carlos is the second grandchild of the Rojas founders, and third one of the Pardo family.

The Rojas family keeps doing very well economically. Fernando got promoted and Sonia wrote a best seller.

The Blanco family also upgraded their house and moved into the same section as the Rojas and the Rubio families.
They have good jobs and also managed to sell a novel, so they really can afford it.
Original Poster
#48 Old 11th Sep 2020 at 10:05 AM
It's time for Mila to start the final semester... and after graduation she'll move into her fiancé Zacarías'.

Ezequiel rolled a want to have a baby, and convinced Maricarmen it was a good idea.
Considering they are quite Pleasure-oriented, this might not be the case, but I'm sure Maricarmen's parents (both Family) will agree!

Also she's starting to worry she might become a widow way earlier than expected - Ezequiel habit of tinkering is giving them more than a headache!

Prof. Christian is not a bad father after all, tries to teach useful skills to his daughter Diana.

Do you want your meat well done, right? This landlord seems to take the grill to another level of crispiness

And now that Diana is growing up, why not have another baby?

Zacarías and Mila are very excited about living together in the future, and already thinking about starting a family together.
Yeah, there were chimes!!

Three pregnancies, that means three new babies in the next rotation.
That's a lot of them for a little hood like this!

In the main hood, Joaquín Carrasco reached the top of the Political career - he's the mayor now!
They are not doing bad at. Indeed.

Lots of things happening in the Rojas family.
Domingo earned a huge bonus at work - §50k! - which allowed them to finally buy the cemetery for the family and move the pets graves there. Having a place to leave those graves allows them to start saving up for something else: of course, a bigger house, what else?
And then time to celebrate a birthday: little Carlos is now a toddler.

The Pardo family also got an small bonus (§6k) but they are in a completely different situation: they are still paying the loan they got for their cemetery...
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#49 Old 13th Sep 2020 at 5:25 PM
Mila graduated!
She was the last student of her generation, and now she'll be moving in with her fiancé Zacarías

Maricarmen and Ezequiel are a tricky couple, both rolling wants which may lead them to be unfaithful... and she's acting on them!

Later on their first baby was born: a girl named Inés - and she has daddy's greenish skin.

Zacarías welcomed Mila - who soon was showing her pregnancy - and they decided to marry before the baby was born.

Mila kicked out Zacarías' roommate. She does not think they need one, and even less that good for nothing with whom she has a very bad relation.

And the little one was born - a baby boy, with fair skin as mom. They decided to name him Joaquín, after Zacarías father (for he's been a father for the alien twins for everything but genetics).

Back to the main hood.
I've moved my semi-playables into a new house with a simplier layout, because I tend to play them fast-track and I'd rather not have to go up and it's easier if they are all at the same level.

Then played the Rubio household.
Quite an ordinary day, but Daniel and Isabel had decided that their only daughter Mila would live with them... and of course she can bring her family! (Yep, Mila moves again in the same rotation )

Since Zacarías is married to Mila, this situation leaves the Blanco family with only one option to inherit their house.
Meaning they'll eventually ask Ezequiel & family to move in.

And this is the Domingo from the Rojas family, with grandchild Carlos after he grew up into a toddler.

Silly fact about the names in this hood.
I'm currently reading a book (well, a masterpiece ) so some of the latest names for my Simmies come from there.
The main character is Carlos Deza (there my little Carlos Rojas). There is an important family for the plot, the Aldán family - three siblings, Juan, Inés and Clara (yep, I've used them all, although in this case Inés is a cousin).
BUT I did not pay attention to the name+surname combo.
And now I have a Juan Pardo. Juan Pardo. My mom used to love another Juan Pardo's songs. That was the 60s though. Whichs is like a million years ago.
I don't think I would have chosen that name if I had thought about that
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Lovely sims @Amura ! What was Mila complaining about in the first image- were her motives low?
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