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My new CC is now published on tumblr!
This MTS account would be used for mods only.

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  • Do not upload to the Exchange.
With my meshes:
  • You may not include with Sims.
  • Do NOT include my meshes with recolours.
  • Do not re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
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  • Please give credit with a link when using my work.
  • Ask me first before modifying/using.

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  • Occult Socials from TS3 v1.0

    by kennetha_v 4th Apr 2023 at 11:37am , updated 5th Apr 2023 at 1:56pm


    + 3 EPs/SPs 12 18k 42

    Game Mods » Script & Core Mods » Pure Scripting Mods

  • Overall for Children

    by kennetha_v 11th Jan 2021 at 6:07pm

    Overall for kids with customizable design! more...

  • Witch Hunter Outfit

    by kennetha_v 12th Oct 2020 at 1:21pm

    Witch Hunter Outfit for your fantasy&medieval worlds ~ more...

  • Female Peasant Set

    by kennetha_v 6th Sep 2020 at 7:00pm

    Medieval dress&headdress set for female peasants more...

    12 25.7k 101

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Medieval / Plague Doctor Outfit

    by kennetha_v 16th Aug 2020 at 9:43am , updated 13th Sep 2020 at 2:07pm

    Medieval Doctor Outfit for your medieval settings. Or even a Plague doctor, as you wish! more...

    20 30.8k 107

    Male » Everyday » Adult

  • Medieval Vampire Outfit

    by kennetha_v 7th Aug 2020 at 6:31pm

    Outfit for medieval vampires!.. Or just something medieval. more...

    9 14.7k 72

    Male » Everyday » Adult

  • Spellcaster Outfit

    by kennetha_v 3rd Aug 2020 at 9:14am

    Fullbody outfit designed for male Spellcasters more...

    19 22.9k 100

    Male » Everyday » Adult