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Mad Poster
#3176 Old 7th Dec 2022 at 5:46 AM
I've got my town to load up and check that it's been set up and that my first couple is ready to arrive in town.I'll be starting with the 16th century period of colonization first before moving onto the 17th century.
Forum Resident
#3177 Old 30th Dec 2022 at 3:42 AM
Originally Posted by TadOlson
I've got my town to load up and check that it's been set up and that my first couple is ready to arrive in town.I'll be starting with the 16th century period of colonization first before moving onto the 17th century.

@Tadolson I follow all of your post about your 17 century village and I don't know why you don't have shown barely any of your families in wooden cabin houses. and I've noticed that near all your photographs include a Pinball table, you said it's how your colonist make their money but Pinball didn't come out until the early 20th century in 1930 although Pinball is not exactly modern but I don't think it fits well with the whole 17th century theme

Let me offer some suggestions

In the 17th century most people lived in custom built log cabins with stone fireplaces in them, they would often cook on a wood burning stove some of the colonist would keep livestock too, also some slept on straw and even some of the richer colonists I think would even sleep on steel beds, colonists would often use candles and not electric lights at night to light the way in their homes, most of them actually made money from chopping down trees and selling wood to other colonists.

The reason why the colonist didn't sleep outside and spend their lives 100% of the time day or night is because if they did in real life they would die of pneumonia or of exposure to the elements, it's gets cold at night especially in the west, the only time the colonist would spend outside in real life was during the day or sometimes around a campfire at night mostly where they would hunt cook and go fishing in lakes, rivers and ponds for nearly all their food or when chopping wood for their stoves and fireplaces and pits

100% of the colonist food had to be grown by the colonist themselves there were no grocery stores in the 17th century unless maybe in European towns they might have been markets or general stores

for bladder they would use a wooden outhouse and sometimes an outdoor shower, sometimes the rich colonist actually had bathtubs but not showers inside of their homes they had wash basins in stead of sinks

Do your colonists live off the land? Do you have any in small cheap to build wooden cabins? do you have at least 1 cheap fireplace in those wooden cabins? in my opinion all of the above is essential for a colonist themed sims 2 game

if you want you could have your sims fish or grow food and chop wood and sell it for money instead of playing Pinball

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Mad Poster
#3178 Old 2nd Jan 2023 at 8:30 AM
I've just moved my sims into Pleasant Valley and also am limited by the game options and what CC I could find.I just restrict some things though like school in historical times.I also restirct getting jobs as most sims are likely to be farming and others are likely to be crafting or working a trade like in the old times.The colonists did sleep outside in the warmer seasons only until they had a house built like mine are doing and their colony wouldn't be already built when they arrived.They have to clear land to build and to add lots for new families and get their service center building built as well as theor own home.They arrived in the spring and have the warmer seasons to get that done before winter arrives.They're using buckets for tiolets and an outhouse or an old wooden bathtub and are having to fetch their water from their well and store it when their water storage empties.
Test Subject
#3179 Old 5th Jan 2023 at 9:38 PM
I think I've never been so obsessed with a Sims 2 challenge as much as this one. I've played my Test of Time challenge called Total Valley for over a real life year now and my hood is now 93 Simdays ("years" in my game) old.
I have to say I absolutely adore big families and how crazy big their family trees get and the occasional tragedy mixed with the usual Sims 2 randomness. I think I was never so obsessed with this one game before.
For the very most part I play my hood based on pleasantsims rule set. However, I made some adjustments along the way.
- During the first stage every family gets a waterfall (I struggled greatly before I decided to do that)
- Female Sims can only move out if they get married.
- One Sim may be added if another generation ages up to adult (the oldest of that generation counts)
- Several Sims may be added when another stage is arrived (I created 5 households for the lowest class when the Roman age started)
- Heirs always remain in their social class during the Roman age (this is to keep a minimum of Sims in one class)
- All unmarried (adult and up) Servants have to serve another class if they are not the heir of their family
Most of the lots in my empire were built by LordCrumps before anyone wants to admire my building skills.
Field Researcher
#3180 Old 6th Jan 2023 at 9:05 PM
Hi everyone! I was a founding member of this thread and now I'm wanting to get back into this challenge. I've been playing my high-fantasy hunter-gatherer hood, Kulo Seeri, in some form or another for the best part of sixteen years, and I'm craving something different to do with it... spotting that link to pleasantsims' rule set inspired me to convert it into the first stage of a Test of Time challenge. I'll probably be posting about it on my (currently empty) Dreamwidth, but I'll link the posts here too if anyone cares to read my stuff.

A few things I'll mention now:
- There will be a lot of worldbuilder rambling, since I've been creating fantasy worlds since toddlerhood.
- My sim world is not Earth and its history is not ours. The eras will not represent "medieval" or "Roman" times etc. but will be their own things. I might create the rules for each era as I go.
- My game is universally matriarchal. Only female sims can be heirs, and most other gender-based rules in the Test of Time will be flipped (or ignored, as with the concept of legitimacy) in my version.

I'm currently in the setup/building stage, but if I haven't put you off with all this, I'll keep you guys posted.

Home of my Kulo Seeri Test of Time and a lot of worldbuilder rambling. You have been warned.
Mad Poster
#3181 Old 9th Jan 2023 at 8:26 AM
You're not alone in playing a modified version as mine is starting out historically in the 16th century as an early colonization of the new world in Arbor Valley which is based off the Arbordale terrain from the game and is located in what is now the state of Maine back in the 1520's.
Field Researcher
#3182 Old 9th Jan 2023 at 6:27 PM
@TadOlson I enjoy lurking on the challenges forum and I've seen you around multiple threads, thanks for sharing your challenge adaptations! I love reading about the ways each simmer makes the game their own.

I've finished recreating my sims and am about to start playing, using multiple copies of pleasantsims' starter lot because me and building are not friends. I'm starting with sims already in my game instead of CAS couples. The main hood is populated by the seven clans of Kulo Seeri, and I have a subhood with sims from Credence, the mining town that was recently set up in the same region. There are eight households total in each of the hoods.

Engaging ramble mode...
The basic concept of my ToT adaptation: the inhabitants of both villages have been cast back in time by a vengeful god, the Beguiler. They arrived not long before the first and only great empire of their world (now known as the Empire of Chains) was founded. This empire was renowned for its advanced knowledge of spiritbinding magic, but its mages abused that knowledge to create unquestioning servants and take over most of the continent. The gods objected to this misuse of their gift, so the imperial mages attempted to bind them too, and failed. All knowledge of their spiritbinding techniques was destroyed, and the empire's actual name erased from history; the Beguiler, the only god to side with the mages, was imprisoned in the Void, and eventually escaped to seek revenge.

But technically, none of that's happened yet. Why does it matter?

Well. When they arrived in this earlier era, the Beguiler told my sims that the Empire of Chains would be their creation... a disturbing idea to the people of Kulo Seeri, whose tribal name (Nuidya) literally means "free people". Now, this particular god is one you can't trust as far as you can throw vir* - so no one's sure whether it's true or not, if it's a double bluff, if it's intended to become a self-fulfilling prophecy... and as if it wasn't going to be hard enough finding their feet in another time period, they can't even call on their guiding ancestors for aid, since those ancestors haven't even been born yet.

I'm still working out my ruleset, and I'll probably adapt it as I play, but I haven't been this excited about a rebuild in ages!

*The gods of the Seeriverse predate the concept of gender and use ve/vir pronouns. I also use ve/vir pronouns and have a simself in the pantheon. That wasn't originally part of the plan.

Home of my Kulo Seeri Test of Time and a lot of worldbuilder rambling. You have been warned.
Mad Poster
#3183 Old 15th Jan 2023 at 1:03 AM
I've mistakenly loaded Pleasantview though it's theme fits in with this challenge as it's historical from the turn of the 17th century and the town map view even show that most accurately as shown in other threads here.I'll load Alpine Valley later on today for a quick visit to check on the town.
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