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#76 Old 13th Aug 2016 at 11:41 AM
GREENMAN - Rose wants to learn more about humans and is using Jason as an example. She wanted to know more about where human babies come from, so they went on a date and used the points to buy some money trees to help with the bills. This has unfortunately given Rose the idea that Jason leaves home for several hours every day to find wild money trees in the forest to harvest. There must be a great many of them somewhere if it takes so long and he comes home with so much!

Wednesday afternoon, Rose's belly expanded. She found it interesting, but not bothersome and wandered out with Daisy to inspect Jason's snowman. A random stranger wandered past the house as Rose finished her own snowman, so Rose regaled her with a long detailed account of how interesting and enjoyable it was to make a human baby and exactly how she and Jason went about it. Milla Patch took it quite well and seemed remarkably un-offended. Jason's brother Gabe dropped by Wednesday evening. Jason served him a salad and Rose and Jason talked about the coming baby and what toys they might buy it. Daisy came up to Gabe while he was dancing to the stereo and asked him for attention, so he tossed her in the air until she puked on him. Twice. Jason was outside building a snowman while this was going on. He seems obsessed with them. So Gabe got puked on again. Can't he play with her any other way? I checked and his hygiene was almost totally red from that, so I told Daisy to play with her toys. Gabe was sent home trailing twin stink plumes from his armpits.

Thursday Jason came home from work with a cold and went straight to bed to sleep it off. Jason's "plague info" was missing from the batbox when I checked awhile later. It must've cleared up while I wasn't looking. I had him get out of bed to pee & shower and then noticed Rose queued up to "cry softly." How could he die of a @#*$@#% cold??? Fortunately Rose got there in time and her love was true - she successfully beat the reaper. His needs were still pretty low when he came back so I had Rose shake her dandruff "spores of happiness" all over him twice. Thank heaven for Macrotastics procrastinate or he wouldn't have stood still long enough.

Friday morning Rose is in the pool, blue with cold. Presumably that's one reason WHY she's in the pool (they're all heated if you have Seasons). She gets out of the pool to obsess over snowmen some more. That's how she got so cold in the first place. She spends most of the rest of the day in pool. At 2:15 pm Rose finally gets out of the pool and gives birth to twins Oak (male) and Poppy (female). Rose now has a want for TEN kids. NO! BAD SIM! Jason comes home with a promotion and Alexandra Teatherton. Jason and Daisy come over to cheer about the babies. Alexandra just gets annoyed because Jason and Daisy are in the way of her getting into the pool. Rose insists on getting a job, so Daisy will stay home and alternate watching the babies with learning everything there is to know about everything there is. Daisy decided to go buy some human clothes (I need to be able to tell her apart from Rose too). Daisy struck up a chat with Sam Ottomas at the store and they had a nice talk about where babies come from and the wonders of videogaming. I saw a hideous thing playing chess on the porch outside - turned out to be Dora Ottomas. Her odd face shape created some really weird shadows on her cheeks in the default night lighting - thought at first she was a male with a bad case of 5 o'clock shadow. Go home, Daisy. It's getting late, you're running out of sunshine and I'm starting to see things that aren't there.

Saturday the snow melted, but the snowman in back of the house is still there staring in the nursery window. CREEPY! Rose obsessively tucks in infants until she's pulled away by her carpool, whereupon Daisy takes over at it. The mail carrier and a techie saw Daisy talking to one of the fruit trees and stopped to stare. I'm not sure this town is quite ready for plant people. At 5:30 am Sunday, the LOTP came racing down the sidewalk and around the corner of the house, making a beeline straight for Jason. I don't think I've ever seen one do that before. Casper barked and growled at Jason and then whined with his tail between his legs when Jason spontaneously yelled at him. Jason then petted him, told him he was a good doggie and fed him a treat. Yeah, some big scary monster you are.

McGREGGOR - I set all the lots to start in winter so they'd be synchronized. As a result, Leod can't plant or harvest for several days, so he had to get a job. He stopped in town to get a cell phone - won't have to come running in the house now whenever the phone rings. He was only interested in MOAR MONEY until I sent him to the roller rink to check chemistry with local women. Then he got real interested in romantic stuff. "Flirt. Date." Later, first we have to ... "FLIRT! DATE! FLIRT! DATE!" Okay, okay - we'll find you somebody! To make a long story short, he married a Jock in the Athletics career. (Patricia Wan and Betty Goldstein were otherwise occupied and I couldn't see him with rock star Cleo Shikibu or elderly gardener Catherine Viejo). His wife Katriona is now pregnant and Leod's office has been cleared out to make room for the baby. Now that spring has arrived, Leod is conflicted - should he pursue his career or look after his farm? He clearly won't be able to do both.

VIEJO - I got Catherine and Betty into the full-time adult versions of their jobs using mods. Betty had a want to marry a rich sim, so I sent her Downtown to hunt for Mr. Big. I was going to play the ladies as having moved in to help Andrew deal with the deaths of his wife and mother and then start trying to be matchmakers for him (dragging home lady townies and shoving them in his face), but Andrew outmaneuvered them (and me) by finding someone on his own. The former Mariona De Rosales is a Fortune sim. She was a bit shocked when he introduced himself and promptly began talking about woohoo, but it all worked out okay and they are now married. Betty went on a date with PafĂșncio Savela (Mr. Big) to Londoste, where everybody wears formals. Mr. Savela showed up in the "Prince" outfit from Glamour Life, so I decided he was nobility or royalty. He satisfied her want to marry a rich sim and brought an enormous load of expensive crap into the house with him along with $70,950. He seems awfully out of place in this backwater, not unlike Mrs. Roth. Maybe he should meet her.

ROTH - Morty and Stella are still friends, although they're drifting apart since their move from the city. Morty has discovered the greenhouse and fruit trees on the property and is obsessing over the "gentleman farmer" thing, so between that and his career he isn't paying much attention to Stella. He's gotten Xander interested now too, so when Xander isn't chasing bugs, he's planting tomatoes. It's debatable whether anybody will get badge points out of this, since Roderick the butler looks after the plants every chance he gets (I may have to delete the greenhouse door to keep him out of it). Stella is a bit lost. She's a city sophisticate and can't quite get the hang of life in the country. How is she supposed to talk to neighbors whose idea of decorating involves hanging antlers and dead fish on the walls? She can't do much to makeover the house, because most of the money went to the kids' college funds (bank accounts on Monique's computer). Stella went back into the city and bought a new designer outfit and has been taking every opportunity to go back there to talk to people, visit art museums, fine dining etc. Will she meet a city-dweller who understands her better than Morty? Or Betty Goldstein's "Prince Charming"? Stella dragged the kids to the art museum Saturday. Sandra was bored out of her mind. Xander divided his time between tormenting his sister and examining the "weird but cool" tropical masks on display.

O'MACKEY - Patricia has moved in with Gabe. They've had several dates, but neither is remotely interested in getting engaged or married (Gabe is still recovering from his divorce and is NOT interested in marrying again). Jules seems to be slowly warming up to Patricia. By chance they happened to end up on the same couch drinking coffee and discovered how much they have in common (both journalists, etc.) Patricia is currently pregnant - still no interest in marriage.

SHIKIBU - Still living in the house she starts the game in. I gave her a bit of a makeover since she wants to be a rock star. Not much else going on here yet. She currently has hacks all over her front lawn since I used her house to spawn BV tourists, fix townie skin problems, etc.

TEATHERTON - Alex went Downtown to the 50s diner and met a Downtownie who she had 3 bolts with. She had a long talk with him and they turned out to have a lot in common (same interests, same job, etc.), so she invited Wilde Willemson to Twikii with her to show him all her old pirate haunts. Thanks to my absent-minded screwups with the townie gun, all the tourists are apparently members of an all-white men's club (need to kill and respawn them so I get some women, children and racial variety), but at least the hotels aren't deserted. Alex had great fun doing pirate-y things on the wrecked ship (wonderful photo-op). She found a map on one of the tours and got a voodoo doll from the witch-doctor (tip - DO NOT bring uncontrollable guests to secret vacation lots with you - they are MORONS and will do nothing but get in the way the whole time!)

OTTOMAS - Dora appeared in the welcoming committee at the Viejo house and greeted Alexander Martin by flicking him in the nose, which she thought was hysterically funny. I put the Ottomas family in the odd bin farm house that came with Seasons. They were just barely able to afford to buy the place and have enough money to furnish it with Ikea stuff. Dora has her own room across the bridge from the chaos in the main house. Peter wanted woohoo with Sam, but had to romance her a bit to bring their rel up. Afterward he promptly spun up wants to woohoo 3 people, make out with 3 people, and buy a hot tub. Yeah, right. With your funds that's sure to happen. Peter came home from his first day at work with the flu. Fortunately, Dora had been filling up the fridge with comfort soup for pregnant Sam. Unfortunately I have several mods to make diseases more serious, so the house kept getting reinfected. I think my game was trying to re-enact the 1918 flu pandemic here. The disease tile must have been in the kitchen somewhere, because every time someone came in, there was a notice about them getting the flu. By some miracle everybody managed to survive and there hasn't been any sign of it since (cross fingers, knock wood). The twins arrived (both girls) and were named Bobbi Jo and Sue Anne. They're not evil! One of my 'hoods finally spawned babies with more than 2 Nice points! Tommy aged up to a child. He spent most of his toddler-hood stinking because Mom & Dad were unable to afford a tub until recently and the changing table was unclickable for some reason. Dora will die this rotation just as Sharla is aging up - great way to have a traumatic birthday party!

RAMASWAMI - I put them in the other Seasons bin house with the indoor swimming pool. They wanted a nice house but overspent themselves and are having to work hard to pay for it. Priya just gave birth to a son named Pramod ("Joy" - thanks to http://www.behindthename.com/).
Test Subject
#77 Old 14th Oct 2016 at 8:53 AM
Hey this is Omilky, that's my other account, so i decided to give Riverblossom Hills another chance. SOME families were still boring but I managed to take this neighborhood to its rightful amount of 10 rounds.
Morty & Stella: They had another baby which I named Curt (Now a teen, and they are completely happy. ( Of course they're both elders)
Leod & Cleo: They got married & had a daughter Cara ( Now a teen) They live in the Wan house and did not renovate anything aside their bedrooms. (Leod is an elder & Cleo is still an adult)
Cara & Curt : They are dating.
Sandra & Jacob: This time I kept them together, they got married & they are raising their family along with Jules & David Ottomas, They have a son Dylan ( Now a toddler) and Sandra is pregnant again. (Now adults)
Xander & Sharla: They got married, I didn't send them to university though, usually I send all the premade children to university at some point, but they aged up to adults normally and Sharla just got pregnant.
Gabe & Patricia: Married, and have a child named Owen and renovated their house quite nicely. ( Gabe is an elder, Patricia is still an adult but she will age up to an elder in the beginning of season 2 of RH.)
Jules & David: Married and they are raising their family with Sandra and Jacob, They have a daughter Faith (Now a toddler), David has had a daughter named Kelly due to an abduction ( who's a toddler). ( Obviously adults)
Jason & Rose: Rose had a baby plantsim on the first day in game named Oak, and she got pregnant by Jason and had twin sons Carson & Carl. ( Carson is a werewolf and Carl is an evil warlock, and they both are teens), ( Rose and Jason just aged to elders)
Betty: Turned into a plantsim and had a baby plantsim Kali but they both died on the same day.
Andrew Matin: He married Catherine Viejo and adopted a girl named Beverly now a teen, Catherine died. BY round four Sandra aged and up and Jacob was supposed to age 2 but he had 7 days left in the teen life stage that guys is how boring the Viejo family is, I aged Jacob up to an adult but then looked at Andrews age and decided that he was far far far too young to have an adult son so I aged him up to an elder and killed off Catherine and Betty to make it seem like the Viejo family progressed, he took Beverly out of that big old boring mansion and moved them to a small apartment where he married some old lady named Vamsi.
Daisy Greenman: Stella died, Daisy married Morty but was later murdered by Xander Roth and yes he was a teenage murderer, ( Sharla is married to a criminal). but be4 marrying Morty she got pregnant by Peter Ottomas and had a child Fergus, and while she was pregnant she was seducing Morty but she had convinced Morty that the pregnancy was only belly fat as her stomach was not big by then and she didn't contact Morty when her stomach was big, but after her son's birth she ran away and left Rose and Jason to raise Fergus, Stella was resurrected after Daisy died.
Alexandra & Oak: Alexandra married Oak Greenman and went on a honeymoon with them It was the most loving relationship I have ever seen, they had 4 lightning bolts and the wants to marry, they had the most romantic honeymoon to Twikki Island which is what I did instead of sending Xander and Sharla to uni, they even got the wants to get married and have children when both of them don't have the family aspiration. They adopted a child named Chandler who is a teen now.
Peter & Samantha: Had their twins Remi and Raven who I aged to adults and gave the Plastic surgery then I aged them back down to teens. ( Peter and Samantha are now elders)
Sanjay & Priya: They had 3 kids Rodrick,Nathaniel and Yani, Rodrick has been a teen for a while and is dating Beverly Martin, Nathaniel has just had his teen birthday and Yani is a child, Sanjay and Priya have reached the top of their careers. ( They are still adults)
#78 Old 14th Oct 2016 at 11:55 PM
It's years since I played Riverblossom Hills (computer died and I started over with Strangetown and some custom hoods), but these are the families I remember:

Samantha Ottamas had incredibly ugly twin boys, and later had two girls, Mallory and Maisie. David was in constant expectation of having to drop out of college and adopt his sibs, but luckily Peter lost his job at the critical moment and took over childcare from the ever-annoying Samantha (the only playable I have ever really, really wanted to kill). David married his college sweetheart and just had one child, a son named Sam.

The old ladies died in due course, leaving their house to Andrew Martin, but he preferred to sell up and live in something more manageable with Florence de la Rosa. They had a daughter, Della Rose.

Jacob married Jules.

The Newsons moved into Florence's old house, turning the flower shop into an open-plan kitchen and living area and painting Flo's dark living quarters in bright pastels. Gavin took a job that just about covered the cost of bills and a maid, while Ginger stayed home with the toddlers and did Gavin's homework. When the middle pair reached their teens, Ginger took a job and Knowledge-aspiration Gabriella did everyone's homework while watching the youngest pair (she was forever rolling a want to do homework, so it worked out really well). Gavin went to college, but Ginger never rolled a want for it, and stayed on to look after the little ones while the middle pair went off to uni. She may be the only teen Sim ever to have not thrown a tantrum about this.

I got the Roths' relationship back on a firm footing. Sandra married some no-good romance type from school (I forget his name: Trevor Schle...something?). Xander married Sharla Ottomas; they were the richest Sims in town and lived in the Viejo's old house with their two children.

The Ramaswamis lived in a tiny house with their two children, Rani and Rajesh. I sent Sanjay to the mirror to work on his Charisma skill and he took toddler Rajesh with him, bouncing him in his arms the whole time, which was just so cute!

Cleo married Leod and had a daughter named Leona, while Patricia married Malcolm Landgraab. I tried to get the O'Mackeys back together but it never worked out.

The Greenmans had a couple of regular children, and Rose (or was it Daisy? The mother, anyway) had several Plantsprouts with herb names like Dill and, well, Herb. I found them rather boring, as they knew nobody outside their family and maxed out their skills while other Sims were sleeping. If I play Plantsims again, I think I'll have them hire out as nannies.
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Originally Posted by BlueAlien
I tried to get the O'Mackeys back together but it never worked out.

This picture I posted back in February may explain why.

Mad Poster
#80 Old 16th Oct 2016 at 3:08 AM
I still have the hood in my game, and always mean to play it again, but haven't for years. It did not get the immediate boot like a couple of the Maxis hoods. The last time I even played it was around 2010 or so. But even back then, I didn't play any of the Maxis characters.

I do have some strange memories. That hood was the first place where I used Sim PE to make some of my characters shorter; only I kind of messed up my decimals, and the Sims looked like a Bugs Bunny character flattened them with an Acme anvil or an over-sized Acme mallet.

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.

RIP Sunni ... truly a ray of light.
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Default My Riverblossom Hills
I gave all the houses interior makeovers and gave the families outfits to fit the seasons (i.e. not wearing tank tops in late autumn), and added two community lots: a restaurant which looks like the one in Gabe and Patricia's story, and a bar named after Betty's father which has a nice color scheme and fits really well in the town I think.

Roth: Stella is adjusting well (slowly, mind you) and has taken up sewing and pottery to get her mind off of city life. She's also getting along well with many of the town members including Rose Greenman and Patricia Wan and is constantly wanting to throw parties. She is feeling a little restless and may change up her career to get farther along as being the little wife doesn't suit her well. Morty is waist deep in his greenhouse and career but still manages to pull out flowers and a date night once a week (per the advice of the couples counseling book), and that satisfaction has gotten both him and his bride an Elixir of Life to turn back the clock. Sandra is fighting with Jacob and I'm planning to break the two of them up so she can focus on her career and school a little more (I actually kind of like her... she's very driven if anything). Xander has aged up into the polar opposite of Alexander Goth in Pleasantview and is rocking white with a popularity aspiration to match. I'm between setting him up with either Sharla Ottomas or this guy townie who he was friends with as a kid.

Wan: Patricia is moving out soon since she's engaged to Gabe and buried the hatchet with Jules, leaving Cleo alone to work nightly as a Concert Pianist. They've had plenty of work-related parties and got more acquainted with the Ramiswami's. As for Cleo, she's showing some strong lightning bolts for Andrew Martin and I think I'm following that, since Leod has proven to be unfaithful and she's currently furious with him.

O'Mackey: Gabe refused to go any further into their relationship until Jules and Patricia stopped fighting, and a couple of home dinner dates have done the trick since Jules had to come out and eat eventually. Patricia finally won her over by pulling some strings at work and getting her a job in Journalism (corresponding with her LTW), and Jules realized how much they've got in common. With the green light from both of them, Gabe left Jules home alone to take Patricia out to propose to her. Jules took the chance to get revenge on Sandra by inviting over Jacob Martin and charming him a bit with pizza and video games. Meanwhile, Gabe managed to get engaged before passing out next to the bed and I completely forgot there was a 'wake up' option so he spent more or less half the date passed out with Patricia being a good sport and waiting it out on the bed while Jules and Jacob periodically checked in on their supposed-to-be-intimate-moment every five minutes. I'm getting them married next rotation, and Jules will probably be aging into an adult by then.

McGreggor: Leod adopted an Australian Shepherd named Blitz to keep watch for imaginary vermin and for company, installed a shower and toilet by the barn for convenience, (and coincidentally within view of the Viejo house for Betty and Catharine's convenience) and updated his wardrobe to be more appropriate for farming. He's still trying to decide who is a better fit for him: Cleo or Betty, and honestly since Cleo's taken and both of them currently have a "Marry a Rich Sim" want it looks like I'll have to oblige. There's also the little fact that after Cleo took him on a date I took her the same place and him and Betty started flirting with each other whilst she was playing the Piano for tips and she failed to slap some sense into him . I'm currently thinking about having him just adopt a child for convenience or have a pity marriage for aspiration's sake... all depends on a roll of the dice.

Update: He just adopted a boy to carry on the legacy named Jamie and is struggling to keep up what with his orchard, making a living through the Oceanographer career, Blitz, Cleo constantly knocking over his trashcan, and Jamie being just a toddler. Betty probably won't be all that interested in him anymore...?


Veijo: As mentioned before, I gave all the houses makeovers and with Mansion & Gardens it wasn't all that difficult (this house is ridiculously huge, though). To help pass the time I've gotten Catharine into flower arranging and Betty into pottery, and there's also the frequently forgotten fact that they've got family, so Cleo and the Roths are usually over for hot chocolate whenever I don't have anything else planned. As for Romance, there's been some light Betty/Leod but the spotlight's mostly been on Catharine who's got a steady flame in one Matthew Smith to earn aspiration points and live to see great nieces and nephews. Andrew has been chugging along, going on the occasional date and has the hots for Cleo, so no surprise that Catharine's trying to set something up. Jacob is excelling in his father's line of work and is between Sandra and Jules but hasn't decided which will work best. They're all aging up next round, so we'll certainly see...

O'Mackey: Alexandra has been focused mainly on making friends despite her ostracization and is saving up to go on vacation and fulfill her dreams of piracy. She may meet a townie in the future or someone other than Sanjay Ramiswami... he's taken!

Ottomas: Dora has made friends and formed a group called "The Busy Bees" with Catharine and Betty and they've all promised to set eachother up. This has gone well so far with Dora gaining an Elixir of Life for a couple of Dream Dates with an old townie guy, so she'll most likely be around for Ottomas child number six. Samantha has given birth to her twins, Andy and Anna, but has kept her needs up enough that she and Peter taught Tommy his three skills so he can grow up well or at least halfway decent (provided I avoid fires and parties). Peter is working to be a full time Dad once he gets promoted out of Sports Columnist, and David has been trying to meet with others his own age but for some reason he hasn't been able to bring home anyone from school and I'm considering cheating so he can have a social life. Sharla has found a friend in Xander Roth and Leod McGreggor, so in the future I think she'll be either a farmhand or a socialite.

Ramiswami: Sanjay and Priya have been taking every free moment of their lives to making friends in this tiny town and I'm seriously considering changing their aspirations since there are way too many sims with popularity aspirations in this town and having two of the same character is getting to be annoying. Right now they're just pushing through their younger years until they decide to start having kids, and I'm definitely looking forward to when they do!
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Default Update
UPDATE: Quite a bit as happened since last month!

Roth: Stella felt like Morty wasn't paying her any attention, and her aspiration sunk into deep red after a bad chance card spelled the end of her Journalism career. Thankfully the coworker she brought home with her, Kevin what's-his-face, took her out to a friendly lunch date and got her her job back with a substantial pay raise! Of course, by this point, she felt in debt to him, and paid for the lunch and offered to take him for a night out on the town anytime he wanted... which happened to be the next day! One thing led to another, and she asked him on a date which ended with Woohoo in the changing booth at the boutique. By the end of the night she had a full fledged affair going and didn't feel the slightest bit guilty until Morty surprised her the next day with a bouquet of roses and a dream date which ended in the exact same changing booth (it's the go-to town woohoo spot-- I've lost count of how many couples who've used it for more than trying on clothes). She faced a difficult choice, but decided to give Kevin one more good time before ending things, only to have him get caught unintentionally woohooing in the booth by Daisy Greenman, who I forgot he had been dating. Things quickly got physical between Stella and Daisy and before I could stop them Daisy had tackled her to the ground, and the plantsim lost the fight humiliatingly in front of the entire town. The date still ended on a high note however but not in her heart. She bed everyone good night and spent the night on the balcony. The next morning, she was gone.

Sandra was introduced to Elizabeth Fuchs by Jules O'Mackey at a party and found they had triple bolts with eachother, so I figured why not? After a lengthy romance they married three days into adulthood as my first and currently favorite lesbian couple! Everyone showed up and the party was a roof raiser, and when Sandra rolled the want for a vacation, I facepalmed because I always forget to plan honeymoons, so I pretended they did and went to Takemizu village (after a six hour renovation of a BV Sky Arc touristy Asian building to actually look appropriate as an attraction and plopped it right in the middle of the gated bonsai area) and that was where they spent most of their time. I'm also seriously considering getting the mod which stops autonomous gestures because by now one too many people knows how to bow and if I don't stop them soon Tai Chi will infect this neighborhood like the plague! When they got back the family expanded with their adopted daughter Risa, puppy Oran, and kitten Gomez (yes, like Gomez Adams I couldn't help myself!), and Elizabeth bought the failing Riverblossom Cafe (formerly restaurant) and is the town's main supply for baked goods since she had a high cooking skill, the funds and was a Restaraunteer when they married.

Xander is now going steady with Sharla Ottomas and secretly dating Marcel something-something since both of them are BFFs and both have equal attraction. I still haven't decided what or who I'm pairing him with since he is aggressively bisexual. He also is now I mime in the Entertainment career because I couldn't find him the Gamer career after a day of looking! Morty is now an Elder rocking a hidden Body Shop facial tattoo I'm saying he got while exploring and keeping his figure up. He's also still looking for Stella with a searchlight through the telescope since he has his Knowledge-sim suspicions.

Wan: Patricia has moved in with Gabe and left a big red room for renovations which I seriously need to start on soon. Cleo has gotten engaged and tied the knot with Andrew Martin, leaving Jacob alone in the massive Viejo household after realizing that Jacob was old enough to decide for himself. Despite not moving in with his father Jacob was happy to give Cleo his blessing and Catharine was giddy with her shipping abilities because of course she's a hankering for a grand niece/nephew. Andrew and Cleo have slowly been getting into the swing of things in their renovated house and Cleo is currently in her second/third trimester (honestly I lost count) with their first and most likely only child. Andrew has gotten into the junker car, and Cleo is getting into painting-- hopefully traits that they'll pass onto their child/children!

O'Mackey: As mentioned above, Gabe and Patricia moved in and had their wedding-- an awkward initial ceremony since I originally spent half an hour renovating the backyard for a white wedding only to spend the next hour researching Chinese wedding customs and the hour after that making the ground looked practically battlescarred. The wedding went off under the lemon tree without a hitch, and Jules moved out shortly after Patricia began feeling sick to her stomach. She's currently in her second trimester with Cleo and the two regularly meet for breakfast cravings to chat about parenting and how little they both know about it. She's also gotten into painting for her Journalism career as a Magazine Editor. Gabe also chatted with Alexandra and managed to strike a deal for one of her new kittens, Mira, to expand their family and much to his delight, Patricia is firmly attached to her!

McGreggor: Leod and Jamie have been up past sundown ans before sunrise caring for the orchard and garden, making sure that they can still turn a profit with their crops since the Oceanography career hardly brings in the bacon (stupid farm analogy...) and Jamie is still a child who the game requires to still need a nanny even though he's proven that he can care for himself. Leod, on the other hand, is debating setting up a home business to pay for bills and childcare or getting a farmhand to share the load with as even a gold badge isn't enough to guarantee a quick harvest. Also, since winter means cold air and dormant trees, there won't be sufficient income unless either the bills let up or he gets more promotions. Thankfully Sharla is still coming over often to help out the two of them with gardening and cleaning, otherwise there's no way they would've survived as long as they are. I'm thinking of pairing her with Jamie since he does have an adorable kid crush on her, and I don't want him being lonely and practically asexual for his farm and family.

Greenman: I've extensively renovated this house to look less sterile and more earth and plantsim friendly, including adding green energy resources, using stucco instead of siding, letting vines climb up every cream colored wall, and landscaping the outside with firefly jars for lighting. I also didn't want Daisy leaving home yet, so I built her a bedroom where the second floor balcony used to be next to the bamboo chess area. Rose and Jason had a decent date which ended in a pregnancy and an adorable baby boy named Garland (since I had him in December) who has since been taught all his skills and aged into an adorable child who looks strikingly like Rose but as ambitions like his father. Rose also felt like having a natural birth she spawned a plantbaby girl named Poppy who I'm hoping will go on to be the opposite of her older sister-- a thorn in her parents side as a raunchy Romance sim who's time seems to be coming as she's naturally rolled wants for engagement with her second boyfriend Rodney especially after losing her patience with Kevin what's-his-face after he (also a romance sim) cheated on her with a certain missing Roth socialite although she didn't have anything to do with her disappearance after police questioning. Rose and Jason are not happy with their daughter's behavior and are giving her one last chance: if she fights again, she's on her own.

But I think her unplanned pregnancy with a one night stand father whom I've forgotten might tip them over the edge just as well!

Viejo: As mentioned, Jacob decided it wasn't worth leaving the place he grew up and let his dad go on with his life, agreeing to visit often and giving Cleo his blessing. He's currently rekindled his messy relationship with Jules and the two of them are going strong. He's currently waiting for the right time to ask her to move in (before the next round because I'm very impatient), and planning for a massive re haul for the right side of the house since it's more space than the two (probably soon to be three) of them to fill on their own. As for Betty and Catharine, the two of them sunk into a shallow depression and are running out the clock completing their talents and hobbies, Betty because of her families depression and lack of eligible young millionaires, and Catharine because of the snooty Garden Club unfairly judging her massive well cared for garden in her so far fruitless endevour to get a wishing well (I hate them, as I spent an hour checking all the plants to keep them from needing trimming or attention, only to miss a perfect score due to a single patch of dead flowers and whenever I try to invite them again, they say to try again tomorrow three days after their initial rejection) but I'm hoping if she fails, Jacob will continue in her honor.

O'Mackey: Alexandra met a handsome male townie named Armando Cox who shared her love of the high seas and adventure, taking the same career and moving out with her after their wedding into a custom built house that is laid out similarly to Tara Kat's house and has a similar outside color scheme-- I spent two hours building it and making sure the dormer rooms could be used. Before marrying, she adopted a spotted cat-leopard thing named Bela, and with Armando's influential friendships, adopted a male stray named Moonshine who joined their crew with zealous and got Bela pregnant with kittens Bart and Mira (the later of which was just dropped off at the O'Mackey household). Both of them agreed for one child and kept their careers, savings for travel, and numerous gold facial piercings, and within a single rotation had a daughter named Vaiana (thank you Disney for that fitting name!) who is a thorough mix of her parents and is also really adorable! I'm hoping to send them to Twikki Island when Vaiana is a child, but maybe with the right promotions and nanny, they'll get there sooner!

Ottomas: Dora lived to see her sixth Ottomas Grandchild (named Laura, because it rhymed) since David moved out into a house and roomed with Jules and died of old age with Platinum Aspiration. Her golden gravestone is under the apple tree and with her generous inheritance bought her family a computer, decent beds and a greenhouse for her eldest grandaughter for her strawberries because I felt like it. Her death plunged both Betty and Catharine into depression, but they live on without their replacement friend and are still decent acquaintances with the entire Ottomas clan. Everyone else, however, were more happy to celebrate her inheritance. Samantha and Peter are satisfied with their six children and eachother, adopting two dogs, Bronsen and Eika, for their children to dote upon so they can have their date nights. Sharla is a fortune, perfectly fit and has a Bronze gardening badge, sneaking out with Xander without realizing he's busy with another lover after she drops him off at home. Tommy is a family and just got his first kiss with a townie his older sister brought home from school. The twins as still children and I'm considering making one of them Grilled Cheese aspiration just to try it out, and Laura is a toddler waiting for her childhood to begin!

Ramiswami: These two have been very busy in the bedroom after Sanjay decided he wanted to become a family man and they've had by now a toddler daughter named Rajani and a baby boy named Kavi, but when they're able to afford it they're definitely renovating for a second floor because their house only has one bedroom and I can tell you right now Rajani is not going to be sharing with her little brother. At the moment, a third child seems like a distant want for Sanjay since they're both keeping busy with their two kids. This family is way too cute!

Roomies: David and Jules moved in together since I was considering getting them together only to realize after looking at his chemistry and his first kiss that David was bisexual leaning towards gay. So as a result they have stayed safely in the friend zone, bonding over their differences and adopting a beagle named Mina. Jules has had a few dates with Jacob and is waiting for him to propose but isn't apposed to making the first move if he takes too long. Currently she's writing her first book and getting integrated into the Ottomas clan with all of David's constant reunions (one of which I had to start over four times because Jules kept setting the kitchen on fire with Christmas cookies and the fire department was blocked by a pregnant panicking Samantha). David is planning on staying in their home near his family and is taking his sweet time looking for the right somebody. But thankfully for my patience, there's a very handsome compatible barista working for Elizabeth Roth and it wouldn't be too hard to start something with him since it looks like a triple bolter!
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Well, I'm starting over this 'hood today. I changed LTWs to match bios. I think Patricia and Gabe have to split up, since they have no chemistry at all (signs repel each other). Plus, you know, she has exactly the same personality as his daughter, so really, he's just picking a personality he is comfortable with instead of one that he's attracted to (even though his turn ons do fit with Pat). Might make Pat and Jules end up friends after that.

Cleo got a music LTW, since she's way more interested in entertainment than in crime.

I gave Jacob equal turn-ons with Sandra and Jules, since he's dated both. Haven't gotten to his place to see how the chemistry is, yet (but popularity-family isn't generally the best match). And you know what, Jacob's memories say he never even met Sandra until after he broke up with Jules (and that's consistent with Jules' memories, too), so that's how I'm playing it. Sandra didn't do anything wrong. Jules is the one who doesn't want her ex or her dad dating anyone. Her mother leaving (which was before her and Jacob met, I know) led her to be a bit possessive in her relationships. She's going to have to work to get over that. Might need her to study "lifelong happiness" or "couples counseling" to help work through her issues. Maybe after that, she and Jacob will fall for each other again. But Sandra isn't the bad guy.

Leod's giving me fits. LTW might get changed to 100,000 - not sure. He's not interested in money. Should I make him interested in money, or should I change his aspiration? Opinions?

Jason's going to be a plant sim. Considering making Daisy grow up to be a romance sim.

Haven't decided about Morty and Stella. She's not going to cheat, but she might leave him and move downtown. He will improve his relationships with his kids, though. Not sure what Xander will grow up into yet.

Catherine is an elder romance sim. She will find someone(s) like-minded and spend the rest of her life woohooing. Betty will tend her garden. Andrew has zero interest in crime - his LTW will be to be a gamer.
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Default Riverblossom + mini-game randomizer
I've been having a lot of fun with this neighborhood lately due to pairing the storylines with a mini-game randomizer (determined by dice rolls) that I recently created. So basically, I played however I thought was fun until I started getting bored or couldn't decide what to do next. Then I rolled a die

Wan: Cleo got demoted, couldn't afford her house any longer and moved to a dodgy traiker park to make ends meet. She happened to hit it off with rich Juan Reamon, who rescued her from poverty. Now they live in a snazzy mansion by the river side and have a very pale son.

Roth: Morty and Stella rekindled their marriage fires and got pregnant, around the same time Morty got abducted by aliens. So now there's a little green baby and a normal human baby in the house.

Viejo: Catherine died. Betty turned into a good witch. She hooked up with younger townie Winston Shaw, who sells his art for a living. Betty is soon opening a gourmet spice shop selling her witchy wares and her boyfriend's horrible paintings. Andrew fell in love with Opal Raymond after a blind date and now they're engaged. I aged her up when she moved in with him b/c I didn't feel right that his son just went to university and his gf was a high school student :/

O'Mackey: Gabe hooked up with Patricia and now they have a little boy and a dog. However, in a sub-neighborhood, he's with a single mother Twikii Islander and her daughter (connected through sim blender). Seeing how long before Gabe gets caught leading a double life.

O'Mackey: I just realized Alexandra was in the family bin and I'm so excited! I put her into a little house to get her started. Jules might stay with her after she's finished university.

McGreggor: Leod was discovered and chased down by the SFBI for past wrongs, and fled the neighborhood for a desert wasteland sub-neighborhood I named Crow's Nest Canyon. There, he changed his name to Keith Ross and hot a total makeover so he would be unrecognizable. I used the visitor controller to greatly limit traffic through the lot to simulate its isolation. Somehow he still hooked up with Daisy and they got married. She's been cured of plantsimism and she's a very pretty black woman! They are moved back to Riverblossom now, his exile period over. Keith has turned into a plantsim now from taking care of the trees on his farm.

Greenman: Rose spawned another plantsim baby after Daisy grew up, but Jason was not prepared for it, so little Birch went up for adoption. They later had a regular sim baby together. I called him Briar b/c this family just needs plant names Also, an npc was hit by a satellite outside their door, so now there's this smoldering wreckage on the lawn.

The kids: Right now, Jules, Jacob and Sandra are in university together. Jacob and Jules have made amends and have even developed crushes on each other, so not really sure who Jacob is going to choose in the long run!
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I recently just started playing RBH again, so not a lot is happening right now. I have Four Corners as a subhood and Academie Le Tour as the University.

Mostly what I have done is played one day in each household to set things up; give makeovers and add the mods that I can't play without (like batbox). I am just starting to play the first rotation, which will be two days long, and each subsequent rotation will be three days long.

Things that happened:
Daisy Greenman grew up and moved out. She de-plantified herself, and discovered she's into women.
Cleo Shikibu and Leod McGreggor are dating, and living together.
Patricia Wan met Peter Ottomas in the welcome wagon, and fell for him. She ended up booty calling him and falling pregnant (2nd trimester).
Gabe O'Mackey invited Patricia over, made her his girlfriend, and asked her to move in. He doesn't know that the baby isn't his, at least not yet, and has proposed to her.
Jules O'Mackey invited Jacob Martin over on a snow day, and ended up having her first woohoo with him. She's pregnant (2nd trimester).
Sharon Foss adopted a baby girl, named Maia.
Jacob Margison asked Madison Fortuna to be his girlfriend.
Dylan Kincaid adopted a German Shepherd dog, Van.

There are many sims who are in their first trimester of pregnancy (no pop yet): Rose Greenman, Cleo Shikibu, Priya Ramaswami, Sara Rhome, Fiona Fortuna, and Mission Stardust (I am not sure if Ashley Sinclair is pregnant or not...).

Call me Hannah
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27th Apr 2019 at 5:29 PM
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for awhile 2 characters transgendered Patricia Wan and Betty Goldstein (to Patricio and Brady respectively), but the neighborhood seemed to reset.
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Sorry for bumping a 3 year old thread. But I wanted to share what I did with this hood! I didn't play as many rounds for this hood as I did others, but it was still fun and I still want to share. I typed all this out earlier, but had to retype it because my laptop decided to turn into a black screen for no reason so I had to restart.

The Roth Family: Stella became more accepting of this new town, which in turn made her more affectionate again with Morty, thus strengthening their relationship. They had another child, a son named Shea (child). Sandra wasn't feeling sparks with Jacob Martin anymore, so she ended things with him, but remained friends with him. Sandra grew up and graduated Uni.

The Greenman Family: Daisy Greenman grew into an adult and rolled Romance as her aspiration, as I had gotten more tolerant and used to that aspiration by then. She moved out and became human, but I'm unsure if I want her to have a baby or not. Meanwhile, Jason and Daisy had three biological children together: twin boys named Jarred and Cedar (children), and a daughter named Tulip (toddler).

The Viejo/Martin Family: The old ladies didn't do much. Betty got a genie lamp and gave it to Andrew Martin. Catherine romanced one Downtownie, the old guy with the longish hair and sunglasses with a gothic outfit. They died of old age and left the house to Andrew and his family. Andrew used the genie lamp to resurrect his wife Elena, and he and Jacob were so happy to get her back. Andrew re-married her, I believe...can't remember if they were left as married or not in the clean hood template. They had a daughter, Nicole (child). Jacob remained friends with Sandra, but got back together with Jules. They went to Sim State together, and got married, having a daughter named Judith (child) together. Elena is pregnant again.

The O'Mackey Family: Jules got back together with Jacob, and all that above. Gabe was surprised when Alexandra was back in town and made attempts to be close again. She deeply missed her ex-husband and her daughter and wanted to make things right. She was a fool because she still loved Gabe. So, Gabe gently let go of Patricia (who was understanding), and remarried Alexandra. Alexandra also brought along her adopted stray cat Moonshine. The two had two more kids together, a son named Hayden (child), and a daughter named Giselle (baby).

The McGreggor Family: Leod married a CAS Sim named Cassidy. They have three kids: Arlene (child), and twins Galvin and Jayne (toddlers). They're a simple farming family, and very cute together. I like this family.

The Wan Family: Patricia and Cleo ended up falling in love with each other (I also gave Cleo a makeover so she's not as odd looking, made her look more J-Pop). They got married and adopted a son named Ichiro (child).

The Ramaswami Family: This couple was kinda boring, but they both reached the top of their careers (though Sanjay chose the music or rock career I think, because of his aspiration). They had a daughter named Devika (teen), and a son Divyansh (child).

The Ottomas Family: Oh boy, this family is crazy. David and Sharla went to Uni and got married (not to each other! Lol). Tommy became a teen, and he's close to aging up to go to Uni. I gave Peter the secondary aspiration of Family. The twins were born and I named them Brandon and Megan (teens). Dora ended up dying of old age early on. Samantha and Peter went on to have more kids: Eldora (teen), and Clara (child). Peter and Samantha both want to have 10 kids, so I'm giving that want a shot.

The Ottomas Family (David): David went to Sim State University and ended up marrying Cheryl Deppiesse, who was named Winnifred in my game. They have one son together named Aidan (child).

The Ottomas Family (Sharla): Sharla befriended townie Reed Little (who was named Travis Vijayakar in my game). They went steady as teens and had their first kiss together. They went to Uni, graduated, and had a daughter named Janelle (baby).

The Roth Family (Sandra): After graduating Uni, Sandra hired the matchmaker to find her perfect match. She had perfect chemistry with her blind date, Science Hobby instructor Johnson Fleig. They live in the red family home from the Lots and Houses bin. They had twin boys Aldwin and Corwin (children), and a daughter Felicia (toddler).

The Roth Family (Xander): Xander dated townie Jolka Wielkolud (named Tina Phillips in my game). They *just* got married once they graduated Uni, so there's no kids born to them yet.

And that's all I got for now. Eventually I'll get back to this hood. Again, apologies for bumping an old thread!
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