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Default The Glee Project
Has anybody seen the summer series "The Glee Project"? (It was showing on Slice in Canada, at very least)

O.M.G. Just when I thought I was going to go into Glee withdrawal...

If you haven't heard about it, it's a reality show a la "Idol", except that the 12 contestants are auditioning for a seven-episode guest role on Glee next season (which sounds as though it may turn permanent).

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3rd Jul 2011 at 2:19 PM
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Hasn't been too bad from what I've seen so far. They did "Firework" for a music video in the premiere.

(Personally, I'm rooting for the Irishman - Damian. He was the one at the lockers at the start of the video above. He's adorable, and the sight of him mixing up the words for "Jessie's Girl" - singing "I wish I was Jessie's girl" instead of "I wish I had Jessie's girl" - in front of RM no less, was just too hilarious for words. I could stand to see him for seven episodes next season. )
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Okay, so here's the lowdown for those who want it:

Each episode, the contenders perform a "Homework Assignment" song for the guest judge, who gives one of them a one-on-one session in preparation for their big group number, and three contenders are selected as being the weakest from that week for a "last chance performance" in front of Ryan Murphy, who has the final say on who is going home.

So far, Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) has been the guest judge on Episode 1 "Individuality" (and is returning for Episode 5 "Pairability"), Idina Menzel (Shelby Corcoran) in Episode 2 "Theatricality", Dot-Marie Jones (Coach Shannon Beiste) in Episode 3 "Vulnerability", and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang) in Episode 4: "Danceability".

The twelve finalists as of the first episode, and my overall impressions of them so far: (11 American, 1 Irish) - whether they're still on the show as of this past episode (Danceability) is in spoiler tags. Now, keep in mind that my impressions have been up until the last episode I've seen (Vulnerability).

1. ALEX: His nickname around the fandom seems to have become "Kurtcedes" - and it's true, the personality I see coming out of him has some of the best of Mercedes and Kurt. He's got quite the set of pipes, and I enjoy listening to him sing, but I wonder if his damning characteristic won't be that he's already so similar to existing characters, that RM and team wouldn't find themselves recycling things from Mercedes or Kurt. Alex won the "Theatricality" challenge and earned himself a one-on-one session with Idina Menzel. He did, however, end up on the last chance performances in "Danceability".

2. BRYCE: I find Bryce to have a troubling attitude problem. He was quite cocky and I literally jaw-dropped when he told the video director how to run the shoot. He kinda butchered "Just the Way You Are" in his last chance performance...

3. CAMERON: Cameron has become one of my favourite contenders. Partly because his backstory is so similar to my own life, I can't help but empathize with him. He's the gentlemanly nerd, and as evidenced by his Youtube channel, he writes some of his own songs. That might be just what RM is looking for - so far, Glee hasn't really had a true "nerd" on the cast. Based on some of what the directors have said in the episodes - including RM during Cameron's only last chance performance so far - they seem to like the character he could be, and by far, Cameron seems one of the easiest contenders to work with on a set.

4. DAMIAN: Damian is the only non-American. He hails from Celtic Thunder in Ireland, which means that he already has a pretty good grasp on what a professional performance career entails. He's got this great, deep voice (when he's singing in his range, that is) that I think would just nail any solo he got on Glee. He and Cameron are both vying for top spot in my list right now - I can't decide which one I like better. One of the problems seems to be, however, that as RM has said on-show... "Out of all the kids we have here, he's the most caricaturizing" - and I can see where he's coming from. RM seems to have been inspired though, in Damian's last performance that I've seen (he's had two - mostly because he's not growing the same way his less-polished colleagues are).

5. ELLIS: Ellis has this "forever a child" look about her, and she's played that in full in the show. She has a great voice, but her biggest problem is pessimism. She's really hard on herself and it brushes off onto everybody else in the vicinity. She also had a Bryce-like moment in "Theatricality" where she second-guessed the artistic director during their video-shoot, though I think that was a one-time mistake brought on by just how stressed she was. She has been in the last chance performances twice.

6. EMILY: Emily is a sassy little spitfire from New York, and the oldest of the contenders at 22. Although I find her a little grating, that may be just because the really outgoing, extroverted people rub my socially-incompetent, introverted self the wrong way. Revelations during "Vulnerability" did shed a bit of light onto why she may be the way she is, but her big problem is that she has trouble holding character between shoots. She totally rocked Bruno Mars' "Grenade" in her only stint in "Last Chance Performances".

7. HANNAH: Hannah is loud, proud and not afraid to speak up. Normally, that would just throw me right off, but I'm still on the fence about her. Truthfully, I don't think I've heard enough vocals from her to really figure her out as a singer and a performer - she's managed to escape the bottom three every episode. She's seems to have a good presence in the louder, more active songs: I didn't find her too engaging in Vulnerabilities' production of "Mad World".

8. LINDSAY: She's the bee-yotch of the crew. It's been established. I haven't decided if she's purposely being this unlikeable, or she doesn't realize how she comes off: I find her conceited ("I'm a trained soprano, and that's why I'm the best here"), abrasive (telling Dot-Marie Jones that she was wrong in her views of Lindsay's performance), self-involved (she is constantly talking, and more than one contender has said on-camera that they can never get a word in edgewise), and cruel (she yelled out for the entire set to hear that Ellis had never kissed anybody before a kiss for a shoot - me being one of those full-grown girls/women that have never been kissed... Good God, could you be any more heartless?). She hasn't been in the bottom three yet (much to my dismay - I keep hoping every week that somebody on the directors' end will have their eyes opened, and she will go home... but alas, the girl sings quite well, and does a decent dance and act).

9. MARISSA: Marissa has been one of the quiet stars so far on TGP - she's never really come into a great shining moment, but her revelation of a personal demon that most people would never blame her for keeping under wraps in "Vulnerabilities" has made her rise in my views into my top 3 favourites - she revealed to the world that she is anorexic (recovering, I would say, based on her current appearances). She changed her sign for the "Mad World" shoot after watching Alex stand in public with a "Gay" sign (coming out, effectively, from the closet on international television - he had only just come out to his mother before the show had begun taping), saying that it was "... wrong for me to go out with a sign that says 'Flawed'." Going onto television and admitting that you battle a mental health issue in America is worthy of a lot of praise.

10. MATHEUS: At first, Matheus is looking like a favourite for the top finishers. I find him a little over-confident for my tastes (especially as the season goes on), but he's gotten through two last-chance performances and won two one-on-ones (with Darren Criss and Dot-Marie Jones). However, if a comment I saw on a Youtube vid recently is actually from Matheus himself, I find his lack of "mum's the word" about the show disturbing. Given how enraged RM got about that extra leaking spoilers for "Prom Queen" this year, I find it difficult to believe that if Matheus won, that RM would tolerate that sort of unofficial comment, especially on something like Youtube.

11. MCKYNLEIGH: McKynleigh has a great voice, but she's been told more than once that there's a bit of a disconnect when she performs - that the directors were having trouble seeing personalities come through when she sings. She's hit the bottom three twice.

12. SAMUEL: Samuel is one of my second tier of favourites (if you go from "LOVE YOU" to "LIKE YOU" to "STILL ON THE FENCE ABOUT YOU"). He won the "Danceability" challenge and got the one-on-one with Harry Shum Jr. He's been another one of the quiet stars, but he got his chance to shine during the "Can't Touch This" shoot for Danceabilities - he's got another character type that I don't think has been covered on Glee yet.

Slice hasn't aired "Danceabilities" yet here, but "Pair-abilities" is supposed to air this weekend, so hopefully I have more updates for you soon!

If you're not watching the Glee Project, feel free to discuss what type of character you'd like to see come onto New Directions once our beloved first class graduates this coming season!
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New eliminations since "Danceability":

The final five are official:

I cried today when "Sexuality" aired. Honest to God, I cried.

Next week's episode (on Slice, anyway): "Believability"

Oh! And guest judges on the last three episodes:
1. Darren Criss - "Pairability"
2. Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) - "Tenacity"
3. Mark Salling and Ashley Fink - "Sexuality"
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So - the season is officially over, at least in North America: Canada aired the finale last night (I'll confess that I cracked last week and looked up the winner's information as soon as the US aired the episode). For any people overseas who may not have seen the finale, I'll keep the information in spoiler tags.

So, eliminations since "Sexuality":

1. Hannah - "Believability"
- Nobody was eliminated in "Generosity", and all four remaining contenders advanced to the finals.

Guest judges since "Sexuality":
1. Jenna Ushkowitz - "Believability"
2. Kevin McHale - "Generosity"

The final's theme was "Glee-ality".

Oh, God. How will I live until Season 3 airs on September 20th? :P
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16th Sep 2011 at 5:06 PM
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Sounds like Lindsay to me.



Only have to last four episodes without mah Damian! :D
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