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Field Researcher
#76 Old 12th Sep 2011 at 6:52 PM
well, i finaly made a house and poped my old uni sim into it.
had to make modifications after i got in there, so i am going to have to remake the package (not too difficult) becasue of these.
i have a nice little radio cloned from the boom-box, so that is allowed? the good thing about this lot is, jump rope is impossable inside XD there just is not room lol.

got some pictures for the place, if anyone is interested?
also, i found some links to more great stuff

the stuff i had to remove were...i had to swap the bed over. allthough the bunk is absolutely perfect to look at, its not for sleeping as your sims sink into the matress and the covers are invisible. and the top bunk is decor only.
but for decor only it is 100% perfect
i also had to move the sandbags at the bottom becasue the mail was getting stuck XD i ended up with a 6k bill befor i realised lmao.

i replaced things in my own version that i didnt want to use in the packed one. stuff i ether dont know where to get, or dont want to use links for (i dont like using pay stuff in lots i upload, to be honest) but they were clones of the same thing prety much (a water barrle sink and toilet)

the bed i eventualy replaced after finding the bunk was deco mostly was the wonderfull asylum bed from GoS works fine and with the bedding from the trashed set (the brown one with the bitten sheet and patched sacking looking quilt) looks perfectly scavenged.

i found i have to make the befor houses...AFTER XD the wrecked ones...in other words, make the wreck then fill in the spaces...my befor and after first try was nice house first then wreck it and it wasnt as good as i hoped....
Forum Resident
#77 Old 13th Sep 2011 at 4:31 AM
These look great! How are you factoring in the Politics 8x8 footprint or is this mainly neighborhood deco?
Test Subject
#78 Old 13th Sep 2011 at 4:57 AM
Mail has started to show up at my founders house. So he checks the mailbox and finds a bill for $5400! Why is it so much? I also have to pay the criminals off today. Yipes!

Update-wise, founder used yoga to get his body skill up. It seems like it shouldnt be allowed but apparently it is. He max'd out the military track, and was able to invite over his fiance. Actually, in the story, he was working at the military base loading supplies when a truck arrived with some medical staff who were going to be starting up the first aid unit. One of the nurses looks familiar.. yes, of course, his college sweetheart. He wastes no time, and asks her to marry him on the spot!

Now I am working on getting her skills up for the medical field, since they cannot have an outing until sim-wednesday. I initially toyed with the idea of having a child first, but then realized they wouldnt be able to go out for a while, since the entire family would have to travel together and the baby would have to grow all the way to child before she could get a job. My founder is trying (so far unsuccessfully) to befriend a pet, however I am not sure I want to do that with the food restrictions in place, I might have to wait until the child grows up and lifts the food restriction, then worry about the pet.
Field Researcher
#79 Old 13th Sep 2011 at 10:01 AM
well i would have to ask the boss (looks at Phae lol) but i think its a 'spirit' of the law house rather than a 'letter' of the law house.
was more concerned with making sure it was off the ground when i started building and didnt want to build another floor.
havent emptied my fridge yet ether since there is only Patty in the house atm and she has only been eating 2 meals at home each week (1 each day off) so i havent had to dump my old scaved fridge outside yet. been building more than playing, and i sent the BF home yesterday so i havent had a lot of playtime for the poor kid
allready lost most of the sandbags due to pets chewing or scratching them XD

one thing thats puzzling me though...the walkbys....i have seen so many damn sims walk thru my lot.
now from a storytelling level it can be explained away as poor cold sims sheltering under my walkway for a moment to get away from the snow but...every day at least one walks thru my non existant yard o.o i have had 3 at least once lol.
i am left to wonder if its just normal for sims game when you have all expansions and stuff packs (this is becasue i have played very little sims so far, i mostly build, then find my Hdd suddenly corrupt and needing re-installing in the past...not THIS time though hehe)

hm..totaly forgot about sims wensday XD Patty has the day off then atm so i guess she could go to the base and chat on her day off.

and now im wondering if i am allowed to use those walkby sims to chat and befriend or are they technicaly *not* there?

i tried making an appartment lot ( 3 houses, each with the 64tile footprint.) worked...sort of.... the two homes at the back were available to rent but the house made ontop of containers wasnt. (i have a non apox sim in the bin i decided to use to test out lots. if he cant use everything, he goes back in and i dont save when i exit to hood. he isnt part of the playables, he's existing in a special dimension behind the Scary Door XD) so i have to tweek it some more. but the buildings themselves look decent (and 2 of em are also inside the 8x8 size.) so i can probably re-copy those two as normal houses once i have more than just one sim in my hood that is part of the chalenge
Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
retired moderator
Original Poster
#80 Old 13th Sep 2011 at 2:26 PM
Raiya, the bill is super high because that's your criminal payoff. Did you notice it came on Monday in the middle of the night? I had wanted to default replace the mailman with the burglar, but I hadn't gotten to that. If you are playing with my modding, remember, you ignore the rules in gray as they are already taken care of for you.

Rayea, as long as you don't go over you 64 floor tiles you are fine. It was good of you to remember about the "not on the ground" rule, some of the houses I had suggested did not meet that, but all new construction needs too. As for the walkbys, they are fine to interact with - as long as they aren't zombies! With the zombie mod installed my walkbys slowly became zombies but it hasn't swept my neighbor like some people are afraid of.
Field Researcher
#81 Old 13th Sep 2011 at 3:48 PM
when it comes to the undead (chemical and radiation versions at least) off the ground is IMPORTANT XD
i have spent too much time playing zombie games to NOT want where i live in a game (even if it is not me living there lol) to live on the ground. bunkers are fine only if they have a secret exit or are defensble by one person with ether a sword, a lot of guns and ammo, or access to a rob-co RoboTurret XD
houses for me are better above ground anyway

next question.
if the house is ground floor BUT! i only make the 2nd floor accessable and useable,that counts as allowed, instead of a floor ontop of foundation? (am seeing a house where parts of the top floor are still inhabitable, but the ground floors shattered...i just need a floor of wood that has see thru parts like the bottomfull megaton floors, and a coupe of placeable planks that i can pop over the invisible floor tile Muse made...)
Test Subject
#82 Old 13th Sep 2011 at 5:36 PM
I'm glad you clarified the crime payoff. I was thinking I would have super high bills and have to do the familyfunds cheat once a week to pay off the criminals.
Field Researcher
#83 Old 13th Sep 2011 at 7:34 PM
i think the criminals just take your best (ie, most expensive) stuff if you cant pay your friendly neighbourhood crime lord his dues ^^
i remember someone saying they kept taking their best chairs, lol.
they would be hard pressed in my (patty's) place, everything is grungy and cheap XD i have the square table, suburban dining chair and wrecked office chair from fallout in the kitchen and the wrecked loveseat (ea one) along with Silent hill asylum bed in the living area. a medical trolly from the asylum set, and a side table and set of drawers from fallout3 are the rest. thats it XD oh and an oil drum sink and loo (the stuff i swapped out when patty moved in)

as to the keeping your junk in the 8x8, those of us who built on stilts have an advantage we shove our junk under the house, where it can stop the Undead Hordes from lurking there and trying to claw us from under our beds :P

oh, how do we even tell if a walkby is a zombie? are they all..green and shuffly like on the sims? (i admit i have never had a sims2 zombie befor lol..or a sims3 one for that matter, even if they are actualy in the game?)
Test Subject
#84 Old 14th Sep 2011 at 2:09 AM
Ohh! I thought it was the criminal payoff, but the amount of $5400 did not equal half my lot value (which was like 20,441) so I was confused. That means I get a refund because I paid the mail bill of 5400 and then I also deducted 10220 from myself!!! hah

I was following the instructions given to use family funds, even though it was in grey, I didnt realize the bill would come in the mail!

• Once per week, by midnight, your Sims must pay protection to the mobsters, they charge 50% of your lot value (not family value). Go into buy or build mode and find the lot value from the button at the top left, then use FamilyFunds to subtract the amount.
Lab Assistant
#85 Old 14th Sep 2011 at 9:28 AM Last edited by jeffallenroberts : 14th Sep 2011 at 2:46 PM. Reason: Update
Pheanoh, the Zombie mod doesn't seem to work as aggressively with your mods installed. When I've played it before it trashed a neighborhood fast. This time I've had just one new zombie in a Sim-year and a half with a four zombie start. I don't have a single non-playable zombie. I've gotten used to ignoring them ; ). Of course my played family are all still maxed in Body, just to be sure and to follow the rules.

Edit: Seems I typed too soon. My founder lived and died without seeing a zombie. The next session I played the sim-bin households, including the zombie homes, and Nathan Gavigan showed up to attack during the next community lot visit by my family. Three fights, three defeats, but he did attack.
Field Researcher
#86 Old 14th Sep 2011 at 7:31 PM Last edited by Rayea : 14th Sep 2011 at 7:51 PM.
jeffallenroberts, what do they look like? the zombies i mean?

i havent seen a sims2 zombie you see. i dont want to accidentaly talk to a walk-by if i cant tell its a zombie XD
(also, did you make the zombies yourself and place em in the hood in housing or what? i thought the mod might randomly generate me a zombie to start me off you see)

more pics time ^^
made a couple new houses.
one is a couple of wooden shacks one of which is ontop of a container.

the other is the Vault-Tech ShowBunker.
it hasnt been too badly devastated (Vault-Tech know how, garenteed not to rust, corrode or generaly go manky for 50 years minimum, or your money back!) it has 3 bunkbeds and a prototype Vault-Tech Service Station for all your food needs...sadly, the Stations program got corrupted, so it only serves....3 kinds of mush, gray, brown and green...and only between the hours of 1200 and 1300hrs...but still, its going to work every day..provided the fusion generators dont pack in

(i used Simlogicals bunk beds and the prison-school server. you use the menu when the sim arrives and choose 'Auto..' then set one of the 6 time slots to the time you want the food server to open, then do it again and choose the next time slot for when it has to close. the food appears, sim rushes over to eat and then after the time is done, it closes again. perfect for a 1 meal a day serving and no fridge. may be cheating, but it *is* a prototype Vault-Tech item hehe [as in, i would only use the bunker once per hood] though once the adventure restrictions are lifted and families can vacation, it might be available elsewhere, such as a hotel? if not, anyone know if it's been moddified to appear on com and away lots?)
Lab Assistant
#87 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 2:17 AM
They are blue and drag one leg behind them. If you haven't made a zombie, you don't have any. The hack makes them aggressive and able to turn anyone they beat in an attack into zombies. It doesn't create any zombies. Kill a Sim and resurrect them for around 1,000 simoliens. That will give you a starter.
Field Researcher
#88 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 10:18 AM
ah, THAT explains it....
that is going to be..difficult XD i couldnt even kill my Kowalski
(thats kinda a stargate joke lol...only its true. i made one and even though i made him to drown him..i couldnt do it properly XD and didnt save.)

i think i will have to use the ffs debugger, testing cheats, or vincents sim modder (or mix of all) to make the Zombie Founder. i also have a painting i can use that offers to make a sim anything, then sell the painting out of zombies house.
i take it zombie still has to abide by all the other restrictions in place but the ones that deal with unlocking?
Test Subject
#89 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 3:03 PM
Rayea - all of your lots are looking fantastic! I really wish I liked building more. I did end up building my founder's home, but it's kind of a box.

I did give her a fun trash pile in her yard.

I got her all the way up to the top of culinary, then reviewed the rules and realized I broke a whole bunch of them! Even with the mods in place. The rules I broke (not intentionally!) are:

--"You may not invite over any Sims except Sims they are have red hearts with, or are engaged to." I was inviting over BFFs toward the end of her career because she hadn't talked to any of them since college and the relationship numbers were falling.

--"Sims who are not friends with a member of the household may not enter the house." I would have her skilling during her free time, then greet whoever happened to walk by that day so she could have some company because she was always so lonely.

--"Wants and Fears may not be locked."

--"Sims may not purchase or use anything from the Lights category" Crap - she has lights in the house.

--"Sims may not dance at all, including the dance sphere or ballet barre." Crap - she danced a bit with her fiance.

Sigh! So I've decided, rather than call it a failure, I'll continue on without lifting Culinary, even though she reached the top of the career. I had gotten her married immediately after, and the plan was to put the spouse in medical. I'm going to continue with that, and let her have children, and possibly add the dog she befriended to the family. I'll make them wait until the next generation to lift culinary.

Also, under showbiz pet is: "Children and teenagers may not build skill with objects that do not also raise fun." Does that mean children and teens can't use the boombox to workout? Does working out increase fun? I've never really noticed.
Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
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Original Poster
#90 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 4:38 PM
Breaking things unintentionally, noticing it and then trying not break them again is allowable. You've lifted Culinary, keep going and try not to mess up to much again, it's a lot of rules and they are hard to remember them all. I'm a little curious about the lights category break, I'd removed all the electric lights from Buy Mode, either you are using CC lights, (which you need to pay close attention to rules before using CC) or you are using candles, which are completely fine. If it's Maxis and I left it in the catalog, you are allowed to use it, no matter what the greyed out rules actually say. I, and others, use catalog mods to rearrange things, so we can't just say no to particular categories, things are removed based on sense and logic instead.
Test Subject
#91 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 6:17 PM
It's an overhead CC light that I had placed in the house before moving her in - you can see it in my middle picture. I picked it because of the themed look. But I'm pretty sure I have candles, though, so I can take the lights out and use those, instead.
Field Researcher
#92 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 7:08 PM
yeah, i added nothing but candle based lights in mine, except for the Vault-Tech bunker (it has a couple of fusion gennerators, but i would take the solar pannles out XD having 2 of them and the windmill game the testing sim cash back)
good one for that is the set from parsimonious of anywhere candles

i have an empty house if anyones interested. 64 tiles, no furniture, minimal CC from anywhere but MtS
only things that arent are the Insmouth fence, parsims pirate build windows and a door from GoS
Forum Resident
#93 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 9:27 PM Last edited by lorinsv60 : 15th Sep 2011 at 9:47 PM.
Ileeya, your founder's lot looks so dismal and depressing - I love it! With the more lenient 64 tiles vs a a strict 8x8 area in the ruleset, I guess buildings don't have to be as boxy, but it is the more classic Apocalypse look. Anyway, great job on your lot.

EDIT: Working out to the boombox does not raise fun. Basically toddlers can get charisma and logic points, and kids/teens are stuck with chess and building cleaning and mechanical skills by doing chores and fixing things.
Mad Poster
#94 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by lorinsv60
Ileeya, your founder's lot looks so dismal and depressing - I love it!

Me too! We AC fans are a different breed, aren't we.

All the pics posted so far look awesome! I need to find and download some of the stuff y'all are using. No plans to do an AC for awhile (I've done pretty much nothing but ACs for years), but it's not a question of whether so much as when...
Field Researcher
#95 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 11:46 AM Last edited by Rayea : 16th Sep 2011 at 4:12 PM.
hehe. well i can give ya a list of a lot of the stuff i have, Darby

*snip* goes the edit fairy (my day off from being the Wedding Fairy lol....)
check my reply to Phae below for the links in another way?

whew..thats the lot i have found that are not at mod the sims...(wow, i didnt think there was so much o.o)
Test Subject
#96 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 12:04 PM
Thanks for the compliments, lorinsv60 and Darby!

Yes, I noticed last night that working out to the boombox does not raise fun. Unless I'm missing something, there is no way for children/teens to get any body skills at all, then. My original plan was to skill the heck out of them since they wouldn't have school - but they are very limited in what they can (or will) do. Children are a nightmare. All the other age groups can get at least halfway clean, but the children won't sponge bathe and they're filthy and miserable all the time. They refuse to play chess and they won't use the little cooker oven. You can make them play the violin, though, so at least they can get a few creativity points, but that's about it.

My founder's spouse was supposed to unlock Medical...but he got fired. So I put him in Military...then he got fired. My kids just barely grew into teens, so the family is going to stink for a loooong time. The spouse only has 9 or so days before elderhood, so there's no way he can lift a restriction to save for later. Is he allowed to get a job just for the sake of earning money?

Which brings up a question. Is the mod supposed to make my elders unselectable? I still have complete control over my elder founder - though I don't play her now. She repeatedly carried the babies out to the old junk refrigerators to feed them bottles, even though there was a perfectly good one in the house. Then she deposited one of them on the ground where he passed out! Sounds pretty foggy to me!

Field Researcher
#97 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 12:11 PM
just checked. the elders info on the front page is grayed out, so they should be unselectable. *edit* uncancelable, not unselectable lol

Once any Sim turns Elder, you may no longer issue any direct commands to them, nor cancel any of their actions. You may still cancel actions that would otherwise break another restriction (such as playing computer games).

is what it says. hm..working as intended? did you try canceling them when trying to carry the tots about?
Test Subject
#98 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 12:34 PM
No. I didn't actually do that, but I noticed I was able to select her and issue commands. Now that you mention it, though, I didn't have her do anything since she's not supposed to be issued commands, but it looked as if she would do as directed. I was just wondering if the mod was supposed to make her completely untouchable, like the newborns.

Awesome goodies list! Time to do more grunge shopping! :D
Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
retired moderator
Original Poster
#99 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 3:11 PM
It was supposed to make the completely untouchable like the newborns, so this is a surprise for me. You have all the EPs and SPs right? Are you sure Service Pet is still installed in your Downloads folder? You can get your founder's spouse a job in the last career available under R1, but you can't get started on the next yet. That rule was only a way of incorporating Townies marrying in.

Rayea, can I get you to edit your long links post to use [url = www.website .com ] description here [/url ] so it condenses down into a nice paragraph instead please? (take out the spaces so it formats all correctly)
Field Researcher
#100 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 4:10 PM
um..i wouldnt know how to do it XD
but i'll try something else.
awaiting edit in3....2....1....
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