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Field Researcher
#126 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 12:40 PM
ok, maybe i'm calling it the wrong thing, but there's some interaction that some random older sim in the house will be chosen to do that is the baby's way of growing up without cake. Only it doesn't always work. Most of the time the baby doesn't grow up and it just turns into holding the kid. Whoever does this will keep dropping what they're doing to do this every few hours and it gets really really annoying. Once they've tried to grow the baby up once I thought we were allowed ot use the cake to avoid the annoying-ness. And I thought "Help with B-day" wasn't on the pie menu, it isn't in my game, but mine could be weird, it does that.

Don't look at me, my guy never passed out, but I didn't do all that, I sent him to bed. Though do have FT? cuz I don't know if you use the motive decreasers.... I didn't. what about season? cuz the maxing cooking for your guy seemed to come quickly, but i could be wrong. in my game maxing skills takes forever. I have another question, free will on or off? and if on do u actually let them use it? Though I did go after other crazy things. My guy went on 2 dream dates between the first and 3rd kids. both times included a woohoo near the end, though both dates were with the same sim.

but I thought a job wasn't allowed ever by the father/founding sim.

and it's a little odd to me that u kept rolling knowledge, a die shouldn't roll the perfectly same number 7 times in a roll unless it's weighted or dropped. Probability mathematics are not my thing, but assuming a d6 was used, I think that has like a 1 in 42 chance or a 1 in 279,936 chance of ever happening (I think it's the 1 in 279,936 though, like 90% sure). also, if you messed up rolling it and it was more like dropping it, you're supposed to re-roll, because dropping dice (and a common sign of dropping is rolling the same number over and over) and not re-rolling is always cheating. I use a d8 so it's even worse odds (like 1 in 2,097,152 if i'm right), but I go from 2 lists and I will re-roll if I drop it by mistake, so it's basically impossible from me. And you're supposed to roll dice on a hard surface so they bounce like crazy before they land. Sorry, I've played real RPG's before... so I kinda have a dice set (like a d4, d6's, 2d8, 2d10/d100, d12, and 2d20 naturally) and know some things. by real RPG's i mean like besm and D&D, not like the ones on video game systems, though those are fun too. I just think it makes more sense to use a d8 instead of a d6, but most people don't have those. oh, d6 is a six sided die. what most people mean what they say a die or dice. a d8 would be an eight sided die. d20 is 20 sided. 1 is always grilled cheese because 1 is always worst fail possible, and 8 is always I pick, because the top is always best win possible. In fact, in my house their is a grilled cheese sim. I just used insim to set it.

me and my long posts

oh and gl to astillac best wishes and what-not
Forum Resident
#127 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 3:02 PM
All seven weren't knowledge, just the first four. I used a regular six-sided dice. I don't have any other type of dice. It didn't roll the same number every time because you have to roll for job chance too.

I do have FT but I didn't give them the motive decreasers. I too thought that would be unfair.

I tell my sims what to do, though they don't always do what I tell them. They are typical sims. I just tell them again what I want them to do and cancel their actions if I don't want them running outside to play catch in the lightning storm.

The "help with baby" shows up just at 6 p.m. on the third day I think. Then, due to the telescope hack maybe, they no longer have the option to help or even grow up the baby, so the birthday cake is needed. I understood that we didn't have to wait forever due to the glitch. As long as it was time to grow them up, the cake was allowed.

You know that the kids and babes will grow up at 6 p.m. and the game reminds you days ahead of time. I just make sure the sim is rested up and as green as possible for the transition time so he is ready to teach the toddler to walk. I lock in the want to talk and over time the talk and potty training are accomplished. I never use the changing table for a toddler, so they are always potty trained by the third day's transition. Teaching them the nursey rhyme will give the toddlers charisma skill so I also think that is worth the effort and gives them fun later to sing it. Of course, older siblings can teach the toddler the nursery rhyme too as long as their relationship is high enough.

You really turned this challenge sour for me by questioning everything I did. I am glad that my sim finally died of old age leaving the last teen the house and the challenge is over for me.

Oh, and I do have seasons. When you first move a sim in, it is normally the last day of summer. Then, it turns to fall (where they learn skills faster). I turned off the winter season for Strangetown since it is a desert and I play with two summers instead. So, every time fall came around, everyone did skill build faster. I could have made it summer all the time, but I didn't. So Xander spent his first day making friends. Then he maxed cooking fast because that's all I had him working on and it was fall then.
Lab Assistant
#128 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 3:37 PM
Originally Posted by Ciane
Playing with six or seven babies and only one sim who might not be allowed nannies or a job is a great experience for this challenge.

Yes it is. Particularly when you get twins right off the bat.
Forum Resident
#129 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 5:04 PM
Default Xenos - WrapUp
Life wasn't always perfect at the Xenos household. The lightning caught some plants on fire once and Xander had to go put out the flames, though they probably would have gone out with the rain as the trees do. Also, someone tipped over the garbage, and I didn't notice because Xander rarely goes outside. They got roaches and called the exterminator. (I wished I could have called the maid to sweep up the remains, but I sent Xan to do it.) Other things broke down too and the expert repairman was called.

They didn't always skill build, they were encouraged in areas where Xander could make a difference - Neatness and Activity - so that all of them could run places and not waste time walking clear across the house and so that they could all shower, which is faster than taking a bath. They also made friends and fell in love so they could have a first kiss and go steady.

All the kids were overachievers, getting jobs in their desired career fields (after the roll of the dice allowed) and maxing the skills needed for it so they were promoted to the top of the career field.

They did, however, spend most of their time skill-building, with everyone maxing at least three, and some of the really active ones maxing five, skills. (Yes, without the thinking cap or any maxMotives!)

Thanks to the change that allowed the founder to get a job after the tykes grew up, Xander was able to achieve his lifetime want to make it to the top of the oceanography profession. He retired and spent his time maxing all other skills. He died in platinum and left the world with a Mai Tai in one hand and a suitcase in the other.

All the kids grew up in platinum each time with only a couple exceptions when they slipped to gold just prior to aging.

It was kind of hard to tell some of the guys apart, particularly Xan and Xylon who had the same hairstyle. However, Xan, as the oldest, grew up and left while Xylon was still a tot. Xylon and Zeus however were only a few days apart, so both were kids and teens at the same time most of the time.

Anyway, I am glad it is over. I hope others have fun doing the challenge.
Lab Assistant
#130 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 5:09 PM
I just made this scorecard for this challenge - I'm actually trying to keep score, so I wanted something I could just tick off while playing, and then add everything up later. Hopefully it attached correctly. *fingers crossed*
Lab Assistant
#131 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 7:02 PM
Ciane - Congratulations on finishing your challenge I, for one, am quite impressed with all you managed to achieve during it. I haven't tried this challenge yet, but I intend to at some point, and I hope I can manage everything as successfully as it sounds like you did.
Field Researcher
#132 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 9:39 PM
Originally Posted by Ciane
You really turned this challenge sour for me by questioning everything I did.

What? is that to me? All i did was agree with Skuld Lunrix and asked him a question about a rule, which last time i checked isn't like a crime. You need to chill out, really.

You replied to my post that wasn't even at you or talking to u, automatically getting all defensive about not cheating/using hacks/mods/etc. I never said u cheated or anything like that, I was complementing u!

And this is the challenges section, we're supposed to share tips, advise, and methods to the madness. And so what I read it wrong, but you gotta admit, all 7 having knowledge has like no chance of happening, so I was just pointing it out as being odd or not overly likely, not as you cheating. Yes I questioned what you did and how you did it, that's the point of the challenges part of the forum. If not it would just be a topic/thread somewhere and you could post is the rules to a challenge. It's not me attacking you, I never said you cheated, if anything the only thing that would make me think that is how quick you are to defend yourself from it (without anyone saying you did). Calm down, seriously. I didn't "sour" the challenge for you by basically accusing you of cheating because I didn't accuse you of cheating, I used this part of the forum for what it's for.

Yes I did "question everything", aka ask you about how you did it. So did Skuld Lunrix so don't just go jumping on me (again, point of the challenges section). I'm honestly surprised no one has asked you to post lots of tips and such like how I did on sextuplets: deadbeat parents. I told everyone how I did it because I was the only one how had "finished" so I automatically am doing the best at it until someone else does it. You seem to be doing the best at this challenge, so I thought I might get some advice from you.


Sorry to Skuld Lunrix for the long posts and almost fight on your topic. I'm really sorry about that. Though I'm still wondering about the thing with the "Help with B-day" and the cake that I asked. I'm also still wondering about a job for the dad once he's done birthing children like crazy. So yes... what's the rules on those?
Also, I have another question, even if we take handy cap, we can't have the children/teens make smart milk for the tot's can we?
Originally Posted by Skuld Lunrix
The children cannot age any time before their designated birthday; the game must age them automatically, unless they're having trouble aging (ie, father goes to "Help with Birthday" and nothing happens).

what's their designated birthday? I took that to mean we have to wait until the game ages them itself. Like for kids for example, can we use the "Grow Up" thing to grow them up at say noon instead of waiting until they do at 6pm? Unless you mod/heck it, the game doesn't allow sims to grow up until they will grow up themselves at the next 6pm (except babies... their aging is weird for some reason). The only thing I've noticed is if you age them before the 6pm mark, they still lose a day left in the new stage. So technically it makes their life shorter, but only by a day or three (depending on how many time you do that). but yeah, that's y I thought we could use the cake on babies, because the "Help with B-day" has never been something I could tell my sims to do, just something that gets annoying after the like 5th time or more.
Forum Resident
#133 Old 4th Mar 2009 at 12:05 AM
Sorry I misunderstood. It is hard to tell in written communication sometimes the tone and meaning. Telling me that you think I did well and asking for tips is nice. Thank you. You do see how I could misconstrue this statement of yours as accusing me of cheating though, don't you?

You stated: "if you messed up rolling it and it was more like dropping it, you're supposed to re-roll, because dropping dice (and a common sign of dropping is rolling the same number over and over) and not re-rolling is always cheating."

I can take it in a positive light and assume you weren't saying I was dropping the dice and should have rerolled, but just stating a fact that you believe in. It's just that without any cues, it did seem personal and negative.

Any way, I did question the original comment on birthday cake and got verification that the cake was all right after the "help with birthday" interaction failed in a post shortly after that one.

Also, I verified that the option to get a job after the toddlers grew up was okay earlier in this thread too. (My sim didn't need a job for money and he was mostly in platinum as a knowledge sim maxing skills is; but it was an extra challenge to see if he could get to the top in limited time as I like to let my sims achieve their lifetime want.)

Again, thanks for the positive comments and interest, and I am sorry that I misunderstood.
Test Subject
#134 Old 4th Mar 2009 at 1:51 AM
I hope it's not too late to join in, I'd like to play
Field Researcher
#135 Old 4th Mar 2009 at 2:54 PM
Originally Posted by Ciane
You stated: "if you messed up rolling it and it was more like dropping it, you're supposed to re-roll, because dropping dice (and a common sign of dropping is rolling the same number over and over) and not re-rolling is always cheating."
I can take it in a positive light and assume you weren't saying I was dropping the dice and should have rerolled, but just stating a fact that you believe in. It's just that without any cues, it did seem personal and negative.
I think I (or should have) also said something about dropping it by mistake, which I do constantly. I simply stating a basic rule/fact of gaming/D&D/etc (not saying u were cheating, & it is a fact, not just what I believe). If the die/dice is dropped by mistake, whoever re-rolls it, or it's cheating. Because it's easy to drop by mistake, usually u can tell by rolling the same thing, which is possible normally but unlikely.

Most people know re-rolling (unless allowed) is cheating, and if someone didn't know about dropping and knew that, they probably wouldn't re-roll even if they should, because they're trying to be fair and honest. If I thought you were trying to cheat on purpose (with the dice or anything) I would have either kept my mouth shut or stated it very bluntly. Probably kept my mouth shut though.

And you got defensive about it before I posted that.

I thought you had said all 7 were the same (which is unlikely), my mistake.

And like i said, I asked because that's the point of this section. I also talked about somewhere how I couldn't get close to that, but my father/founder went on dates, so that might be why. I was just sorta wondering how you did that without being all :bow: :wow :lovestruc :wow :omg: :bow2: it's just not my nature to be like that.

I'm sorry it seemed like that to u. I wasn't trying to say u were cheating.


:howdy: it's never too late to start Jadee it's a challenge, you can start any time. gl and what-not Let us know how it goes!


oh this is fun..... let's just say for the next few days or so I won't be online half as much as much due to technical problems.... *kicks ramen* :rage: *ahm* anyway, I'm thinking of trying this one again at some point, and I was wondering about if we own uni, are we allowed to send the founder through college first like in the legacy challenge? Like create him as young adult, either get him though or not and then when he fails/graduates plop him down and start the abductions.

*pounders about abducting the young adult w/inteen mod in my game* that many kids in college would be really hard with no money me thinks, but yeah. I guess I'll just wait until you're online again SL. (ramen is the name of my desktop)
Lab Assistant
#136 Old 7th Mar 2009 at 8:24 AM
Thought I'd post a picture of my family thus far. Dad just gave birth to number six - he gets pregnant again tonight! Sorry the photo is so blurry - it's a screenshot of the loading screen. Anyone know how to take a better family photo?

Forum Resident
#137 Old 7th Mar 2009 at 8:24 PM
Astillac - When you are playing your sims, go into the options mode (...) and set the camera to take large, high-quality pictures. You take pictures by hitting the camera icon or the letter "c" on the keyboard. The pictures have two versions of each (a screen shot and thumbnail) placed in the "storytelling" folder for each neighborhood. So you look in your mydocuments/EAgames/sims2/neighborhood folder. Then you find the right neighborhood for the family you are playing. (N001 is Pleasantview, N002 is Strangetown, etc.) Once inside the right neighborhood folder, look in the "storytelling" folder for the screenshots (at the top), not the thumbnails (at the bottom) of the folder. Click on the first picture you want to share and then cntl click on the others to copy a bunch. Did that help?
Lab Assistant
#138 Old 7th Mar 2009 at 9:52 PM
Yes, thank you very much!
Test Subject
#139 Old 8th Mar 2009 at 1:10 AM
Some were curious about what would happen to a romance sim if placed in this predicament, lol Well, my boy Grant Sire didn't do very well...On the day when it came time for his 3rd abduction, Despite having help from a nanny, and a butler (which I hope isn't against the rules, but since I didn't succeed, I guess it doesn't matter, lol!) He absolutely refused to get near the telescope. Kept complaining about his bad mood, lol! Anyway, decided to share at least my first pass.
Here's Grant Syre, Romance sim, in front his home that I built for him...

He makes some friends, even gets a girl!

Grant's first child was very odd looking - and had his eyes, lols.

And when he was pregnant with his second child (turned out green, thank goodness! ) things went south.

I think I'll try with a family sim next
Field Researcher
#140 Old 8th Mar 2009 at 2:54 AM
i'm going to recommend a knowledge sim, family ones hate abductions just as much, knowledge ones love it. If you have FT, 2nd of family couldn't hurt though. Well, that's if you want it to be a little easier. I'm thinkin on trying a pleasure sim when I try this again, but we'll see if that goes/doesn't when i make up my mind.
Lab Assistant
#141 Old 8th Mar 2009 at 4:35 AM
My family right now is a family sim, but he's getting a LOT of play, so maybe I could try it with a Romance sim. Hmmm...
Field Researcher
#142 Old 9th Mar 2009 at 2:00 PM
well, gl if you play with a romance sim astillac, because it looks/sounds hard.... but yeah. If I try this again with a pleasure or romance (pleasure sims are my favorite) it's gonna be a while (haven't felt good and having problems keeping up with school work, so not very much siming going on)
12th Mar 2009 at 12:29 PM
This message has been deleted by TrillianRikku.
Forum Resident
#143 Old 12th Mar 2009 at 2:50 PM
Wow! I've seen sims get hit by lightning and turn all black and need a bath. That's too bad, but I am glad you are trying again.
Lab Assistant
#144 Old 13th Mar 2009 at 1:13 PM
I decided to give this challenge a try! Meet my poor victim: Edmund!

And his first addition; baby Caspian:
#145 Old 13th Mar 2009 at 5:16 PM
Started this challenge yesturday, I have a bug that wont let sim get abducted, I tryed TCE everytime my sim goes to get abducted he jumps back and cancells. I read about the jumping bug, but this is the first time I have had it.
Its prob a hack I added to my game, I never used inteen before so maby thats the prob, not enouph for me to remove my hacks, I like them to much.
So for the sake of the challenge, I built a 4x4 tile fence in area where I lock him in. I use the D/L tomb stone to make him preg with alian.
Prob is I am not sure how long to leave him there, right now I am leaving him until the nanny leaves.
Can some one tell me how long the abduction takes, and what there moods are like when they get back compared to when they left.
When he gets out of his cage, he is usally red on everything.
The second abduction he had twins, all boys so far.
He is giving birth to his third right now, I ran away and left him in labor lol.
Oh I asumed we couldn't hire any NPC so when I get bugs I had him go out and spray, the first time took care of it, the second time took him three trys, the bugs keep running(never seen that before kinda funny). Last time I looked the whole front yard was covered, the oldest child keeps trying to stomp them, there in the walls now.

Thanks for any tips yall can give me.
Forum Resident
#146 Old 13th Mar 2009 at 9:43 PM
He should come back before the nanny leaves as the nanny is always there to greet my guy when he returns. It seems around four hours, but I would have to check again.

The mood is about the same as it was when they were abducted, but I'd have to check again. My guy never came home red in anything.

I used the exterminator because the rules only said no nanny other than required for abductions and no maid (or butler, I think). My kid had to sweep up the dead roaches and had a bad memory, but that was all.

My second abduction was twins too. I wonder if that is common or just a coincidence.

Caspian is cute!
Field Researcher
#147 Old 14th Mar 2009 at 1:26 AM
TrillianRikku - ouch! that's bad luck if you ask me. personally i think the snow from seasons is cute but the lightening damage isn't needed....

simsuncensored - you should really try to fix that, since it's probably that you downloaded conflicting hacks (Jellybean I think had that problem....) because you shouldn't leave conflicting hack in your game, it's bad for it and can cause you lots of bad problems. or you might have a hack that doesn't work with you version of the game (meaning you just need to download the right version). Anyway, you should fix it, and chances are you only have to remove 1 package file when it's all said and done (or maybe just replace with another one that works). The first step is to remove all mods/CC to make sure it's them and not ur core game files causing problems (that means re-installing), then you slowly add things back until it break again using some random test family/sim you don't care about. There's also conflict scanners that make things much easier/faster. mts2 is good place to look for more detailed steps. the time for an abduction I forget too, but they always come back with their needs how they were when they left, like pretty much perfectly. As for as services, it's like no maid nanny or butler like Ciane said. Repairman and bug guy are both allowed.... and any others. I forget them all off the top of my head, and if yu're not sure of the rules, go back and read the first post again. as far as when twins happen, it's always just an odd chance, unless you cause it to happen.

Ciane would probably be a good person to ask for tips.... I think I've posted some advise in my other ones... I forget. Storing food is like needed, the canceling while potty training... stuff like that has said by somebody (not just me). Oh making the father knowledge, so he doesn't cry about meeting aliens every few nights...... probably more if you read through the topic.

though i'm thinking of trying again, but this time sending him through college first because I like sending my sims through college. though it'll be hard, no money and semester are only 2 days long in my game instead of the normal 3 days. Oh and like all the teens have gone jobs in my first house. And I got Haruto preg again since the house seemed weird without tot's running around. I'm temped to break the rules to keep him from growing old though.... like wait until his b-day and then just make him younger but no more babies. don't mind me, i'm just attached to my sims.
16th Mar 2009 at 12:08 AM
This message has been deleted by TrillianRikku. Reason: had to Reinstall my game due to glitch
Forum Resident
#148 Old 16th Mar 2009 at 1:01 AM
Cute baby!
#149 Old 31st Mar 2009 at 3:29 AM
Egads, I have to try this but it's probably gonna drive me wiggy o.o;;; Nicely thought out challenge!
Lab Assistant
#150 Old 31st Mar 2009 at 6:17 PM
I've started on a somewhat modified version of this challenge this last week. I used a premade sim that came with one of the TSR challenges (Uncle Chovie if anyone here is familiar with them...and yes I know TSR is a bad place, but I like the challenges there) instead of making a new one in CAS. Also, I gave him a pretty nice house that was worth almost twice the $70k startup allowance. Aside from those two things, however, I've been trying to follow the rules pretty closely. I play with testing cheats on, and I'll admit I've tweaked his energy bar up a bit a few times when he *really* needed to be able to keep going just another hour to get all the kids taken care of or get enough food in himself to be able to sleep or whatever. I've played him for 2 sim weeks so far, and he has 4 children currently. Oldest was a boy, who is a child now and will be a teen in another 4 sim days. I was able to teach him all of his toddler skills including the nursery rhyme. Second was a girl who is still a toddler but is only a day or less away from transitioning to child. She's potty trained and has learned to talk, but hasn't yet learned to walk. I'm hoping I can squeeze it in before she ages, but I'm not sure if he'll manage it. Third pregnancy resulted in twin girls who are still infants, and a big reason why the older girl hasn't gotten as much todder training attention as her brother did. He's pregnant again, though I don't think he had the first pop yet.

I'll be writing an update about it for my blog (link in my sig) and I'll post a link to the entry once I get it written and posted.
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