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Default Complicated
Complicated -

Love is a simple thing
They were both broken on the inside and made each other whole
Only to break apart again

Rare and brief conversations
Quick and awkward smiles when they pass
All that ever was before will never be the same

The moment when she was breaking down
And couldn't go another day without him there
Was when he told her, "I will never stop loving you"
And she promised herself she'd never love anyone like she loved him

And then one lonely night she let her thoughts turn crazy
And thought about having a happy life with him, with children and a pretty house
Even though she knew it could never happen
The morning after he told her they couldn't be together for a while
And he said "It's complicated"

Then she realized she was wrong - love is never simple
And she couldn't listen to the words he said to her
After he said "It's complicated"


Hey guys, this is my first time posting writing here ;D This poem is something I wrote the other day. Any critique or comments are welcome. =)
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