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Default Guide to using an A.I. translator for the sims, etc.
Guide to using an A.I. translator for the sims, etc.


Always use your language FIRST

Don't ever try to type in another language without knowing it unless a native speaker wrote it first, it's better to know what it says so you can know that the translator did it correctly as not everyone from other languages is using perfect grammar and the A.I. may not be able to understand grammatically incorrect speech from English and other languages.

When translating, choose YOUR language to be translated into other ones because when you translate that back, you'll know if it's incorrect.

Lose Slang

Computers cannot detect all slang, especially custom homemade slang. It will get it wrong every time.
You can keep it in your original language, but when translating, remove and replace the slang words with dictionary words.

Use back translation

Use a back translator.
Microsoft has it, it tells you what the language is saying.

To put it very simply, Back Translation is the process of translating an already translated document back to the source language. That is, if a document was translated from English to Chinese, it is translated back into English from Chinese.

Back translation is often used as a quality assurance method. The back-translation process looks like this: A linguist translates the source text into the new language. Then the linguist translates the localized string back into the source language literally to convey the meaning of the translation.

I use it to see if my translator is saying what I want it to say in another language. IF not, I try to make the lingo more understandable in my language and then test it using back-translation.

Use good grammar

This is the most important one of all.
The computer knows grammar as it is programmed to know grammar.

If you type:
"Let's eat Grandma."
The computer will think you're saying:
"Let's eat our grandmother."

And it will translate "Let's eat our grandma" into the other language.

If you type:
"Let's eat, Grandma."
It will think you're saying "Let's eat with Grandma" And translate that to the other language.

English: "Let's eat Grandma."

Online Translator Chinese:

Back translation to English using A.I.:
"Let's go eat grandma."

See? The computer misunderstood you.

Let's use correct grammar, this time.

"Let's eat, Grandma."

Online Translator Chinese:

Back translation with A.I.:
"Let's eat, grandma."

It did it correctly. The computer understood what you were trying to say since we used the correct grammar.

I use Grammarly for this purpose. I'd suggest setting Grammarly settings to:

You can set the intent and domain to whatever you want.

There are other websites like which will check your grammar for you with real humans.

Have humans check your work

This is to see if all else succeeded.
If all else fails
use a human.

Use A.I. Translators sparingly

Use them sparingly if you plan on having these slang-riddled texts in your mod and want to keep them and use humans to translate.
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