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Default The Homeless Heiress Challenge
Your sim was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. The only child of the richest sims on the planet, Life was easy for this sim. They never had to work for anything, servants catered to their every whim, and they rubbed elbows with other outrageously wealthy sims.

Then one day, Mummy and Daddy got busted by the Simcity police.

Seems the family's wealth was gained via fraud and cheating. The police confiscated all the funds the family had (Save the "measly" amount you had in your pocket when you got kicked out of that luxury hotel), all their stuff, and all their real estate. Your former friends have abandoned you, all the servants took what they could and ran, you don't even have your sports car any more. With no skills or schooling to fall back on, your sim will have to work hard for the first time in their life and figure out a way to return to the upper crust.

Here are the steps to start up the challenge:

1. Create the newly-penniless sim. They can be male or female, any race, even a supernatural type. However, they MUST be a young adult. Give them any traits you'd like EXCEPT Slob, Mooch, or Frugal. Even though they no longer have much money, they can still wear fancy-looking clothes if you'd like. They can also have any lifetime wish you'd like.

2. If you have a mod in place that gives sims more money than the EA standard amount when they start out (Approximately $16,500 for one young adult without mods), disable it.

3. Move your sim into whatever starter home you can afford.

Now, based on whatever traits you've chosen for this sim, you have multiple ways to regain your wealth. You might get a job and rise to the top of that career, you might become a famous author or artist, or your sim might even decide to invest what money they have in real estate. There are a few rules to follow though:

1. ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY CHEATS. This should go without saying. Ideally, you shouldn't be playing without any cheats at all, but money cheats are the only ones explicitly forbidden.

2. You are also forbidden from getting any lifetime reward that either saves the sim money (various discounts, no bills ever) or allows them to get more money for doing something (Artisan crafter, Extra creative, Acclaimed author). All other lifetime rewards are fair game.

3. If you have any of these expansion packs, you must follow some additional rules:
-World Adventures: Your sim may travel abroad, but they cannot buy a vacation home.
-Late Night: Sims are allowed to become celebrities.
-Generations: The "Inheritance" lifetime reward is forbidden.
-Pets: Your sim may have any pet they choose.
-Showtime: If your sim finds a Magic Lamp, they cannot wish for wealth.
-University: Your sim cannot get a full-time job UNLESS they have a degree relevant to the field. Weather you get it via university or lifetime reward is entirely up to you. Also, if the sim does go to university, they must live "on campus" either in a dorm, sorority, or fraternity.
-Into the Future: Your sim cannot purchase any real estate in Oasis Landing.

The end goal of this challenge is to have a family wealth of over $1,000,000. After that, you can keep playing but now it's okay to get the previously forbidden lifetime rewards and break the other rules.

Have fun!
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I'll give this one a shot too...
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Started this challenge. Her name is Meia and shes the only child of Paul and Raven. Paul is an Evil Genius and Raven worked in Politics to help cover up his underworld dealings. They made mony in illegeal merchandise and money laundering. Now with both of them locked up Meia moved to Bridgeport to start over. With just enough to buy a run down, one bedroom apartment. SHe needed a way to earn money to start rebuilding her family's rep. So as ambitious as she is she went to college and Majored in Fine Arts. SHe decided Acting was the way to go. PS she's part of the Sorority
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Awesome challenge idea! I know I'm resurrecting this post but I'm totally going to start out my legacy family like this on my blog. Thanks for the idea!
Just to make it extra hard I'm going to drop her on an empty lot with $500 to her name.
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Gonna try this again, but I want to use my twins Lucas and Meia once I age them up to young adult. I'll write their story and post the links and update here if that is okay?
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Originally Posted by isastorm
Gonna try this again, but I want to use my twins Lucas and Meia once I age them up to young adult. I'll write their story and post the links and update here if that is okay?

Sure thing.

In fact, I'm going to attempt this again, I just have no idea what to name my little Heiress.

EDIT: Nevermind, I picked a name for her. Stefania Valenti, Former Mafia Princess whose parents and extended family just got busted, leaving her all alone in Isla Paradiso.
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I think it would have been better if you don't move them in a starter home. Just move them in an empty lot, then build your own starter home from there.
Because I have did this kind challenge in the past, bought a 64x64 lot then built a small house at the center until it eventually became a castle.

My only bed that time was a sleeping bag and there was no way to use the bathroom because ran out of money to buy a toilet.
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I decided to use Bridgeport for this challenge. Lucas and Meia Bennett are the twins aged up and I'm sending them to collage for Rock star and Medical careers. Found a starter that I made to accommodate two starter sims, no cheats needed, cheap furniture. My tumblr will have all the details, when i start posting. I'll post links here for pics and story content.
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This is the first chapter of my story for this challenge. I'll post more later.
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