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Default Divide and Conquer Legacy Challenge (Testers Needed)
Warning: This requires that you have more then one neighborhood or world installed into your game
Ok this is the first time I've post a legacy challenge and if this has been done let me know. I was thinking of the fact that there are so many neighborhoods that some of have loaded on our games and we don't actually try to play them all so I came up with this as a way to kind of have a reason to. I haven't tested this yet but I believe it could be fun, challenging and would make for a really awesome story of some sort.

-Create a founder of your choosing, traits, favorites, likes, ltw, have fun but this legacy has to start in Sunset Valley.
-Place them on the 64X64 lot same as any other legacy, Aging on and set to normal, Free Will high, and Story Progression high
-Marry a townie and have kids
-At the end of the tenth Generation there will be a Conquering Heir. (This will be the 10th gen child)
-When they become a young adult they are to gather all of the family portraits and put them in the personal inventory. (The more they have the points you get at the end)
-The Conqueror should remain unmarried before being put into the bin and must marry a townie once they are placed in the next town.
-The Conqueror Legacy, like the founding one must start on a 64X64 lot and must reach the 10th generation before the Conqueror can move.
-The next Conquering Heir in the legacy must move to the following respective town in the order the expansions came out. (This rule is optional but it makes for a gradual developing of worlds type feel to it as each Generation progresses. If you don't have one of them just skip it.)
-The legacy ends when you circle back to Sunset Valley and for a twist if you have the CAW installed create a blank map with just roads everywhere and one 64X64 lot and have the homebody heir found a city while the Conqueror returns to Sunset Valley.
-Each legacy should be at least 5 to 10 generations.
-You lose if your legacy doesn't produce your next conqueror
-No cheats or mods that give you an unfair advantage. The obvious ones that help unstick your game is ok.

Neighborhoods in Expansion Order
-Sunset Valley
-Appaloosa Plains
-Starlight Shores
-Moonlight Falls
-Barnacle Bay
-Hidden Springs
-Lunar Lakes
-Lucky Palms
-Sunlit Tides
-Monte Vista
-Al Simhara
-Champs Les Sims
-Shang Simla

-5 pts for each new town your heir conquerors
-3 pts for each occult sim in the family/legacy
-3 pts for each sim with hidden traits in the family/legacy
-1 pt for each generation
-1 pt for Unique LTW completed by the legacy
-1 pt for each family member's portrait done
-1 pt for every $100,000 net worth of each house
-1 pt for every 100,000 aspiration points
(Yes some of these scores are from the original Pinstar Legacy Challenge but I figure they work here too)

For an interesting twist: Try doing The Dollar Challenge with the founder and conqueror and The "Nothing is Free" Challege with the last conquering Heir

Please post thoughts, concerns, and stories
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Looks like an interesting challenge, but I do see a few issues:

For each legacy, it definetely shouldn't be 10 gens, even with the original one you start with. It would take way too long and probably get boring easily. If it was between say, 3-5 or 3-7 or something, and people could choose how many they want, that would make it more appealing.

As well, it wouldn't work with the World Adventures neighbourhoods. You cannot live in any of the three full time; they are vacation-only areas.

Also, for your point system, you might want to put +'s instead of -'s. Otherwise, it looks like you lose points for everything. :3

Otherwise, it looks pretty good.
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I like this and I agree with OkamiFukuro on every point but I think you should add in more of a conquering effect like the sim must live in a castle or every lot must be yours. There are some other challenges that would go great with this.

I like to combine challenges myself and I think it works great! There are more, I just thought these would be good for starters! (All on Mod the Sims)
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I definitely want to try this, will get me out of playing the same towns, will probably tie it in with other challenges
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