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Default 100 Baby Challenge - Casanova Edition
Decided to write up my own modified male version of the 100 Baby Challenge. As of writing this, I haven't play tested it yet, but I'm eager to!

To father 100 babies within one man's lifetime without using cheats.

Getting Started
  • Create a Human Young Adult male sim, give him the Commitment Issues trait. All other traits are up to you.
  • You may choose to move into an already built house or an empty lot.
  • Make sure aging is set to Normal.
  • Get out there and start meeting ladies!

  • Your sim may not have a job, but professions/self employment/playing music for tips/finding things in the world and selling them are okay.
  • Your sim may never marry or become engaged. He can be the boyfriend of someone, but must break up after she has the baby.
  • Your sim may never move anyone in with him. He's a bachelor and likes it that way!
  • Limit 2 babies per woman. You'll need a minimum of 50 women for this challenge!
  • If your sim gets abducted by aliens and returns pregnant, the baby or babies count towards the 100.
    *In the event of this situation, he cannot hire a babysitter.
    *If given the choice for traits, you must randomize.
    *Infants can be aged up immediately if you wish.
    *You can only age up toddlers once they've learned walking, talking and potty.
    *Children and Teens can be aged up once they've gotten an A in school and are on Honor Roll.
    *You may never send kids to boarding school.
    *Teens can get part time jobs to help out.
    *As soon as they reach YA, you may move them out or let them stay, but they can't have a full time job while living at home.
  • All Lifetime Rewards except the Genie Lamp, Clone Voucher and Age Freeze are allowed.
    *If you find a lamp while adventuring, feel free to use it!
  • If given the chance, your sim may not become a Vampire or Fairy, as they have heavily extended lifetimes.
  • If your sim is able to make Ambrosia, it can only be eaten once ever, as it resets the age bar.
  • Do not carry around Death Flowers to cheat death, especially once he's reached the Elder age.

When 100 of your sim's babies are born, you win! If he dies before fathering 100 babies, you lose.

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Fancied having a play on Sims 3, and wanted to look for a challenge.
Gunna give this one a go and see how I get on!
I don't normally play a male sim, so will be interesting to try something different!
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