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Default How to create a custom flag an added to a custom world
Hi all

Does anyone here know how to create a flag for the FlagPole in the sims 3 and then add it to a world?
I created a flag but I have no idea how to add it to the FLagPole like for example the flags that Lisen created and I have seen that there are custom worlds that have their own flags created and added like for example the Saaqartoq world of Nilxis I have even seen a version of Aurora Skies with the Icelandic flag, could someone help me with that please thank you :D
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I think you need to get help in the object creation section, and then when done use the standard method to enable items for CAW.
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There are two ways. First, you create a new object and add it as CC for your world.

Or you make a recolour, a default replacement for the game's flag as you have seen in Saaqartoq. You will have to find the matching _IMG ressource in the game files, export it to file with s3pe, replace the image with what you created in any graphics program and save it again as a .dds-file. Don't rename it. This file you can either import into your world file, so that it overwrite the game's resources only when you play that world, or you import it into a new package with S3PE and put that in your mods folder. This will make a default replacement for all worlds.

For the flag, ithe _IMG ressource is called plumbobFlag as I replied already on tumblr.
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