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Default SiMother's Day
Here's some Mother's Day Pics!

Harmony Calhoun and her boys:
- Shane (middle child, sophomore at SSU)
- Kit (youngest, smells like teen spirit)
- Nick (eldest and most casual, senior at SSU)

Her sister-in-law, Willow Wellington poses with her two sons:
- Cedar (distracted by his smartphone)
- Cypress (winning favorite son points for paying attention)

Fun fact: this is the same family I had featured in my May MTS calendar contest Entry a few years ago where Cypress was giving Willow flowers.

Natalie Calhoun and her brood of adult children:
- Charlotte, twin to Charlie and doesn't appreciate he keeps pointing out how much shorter she is.
- Charlie, twin to Charlotte and can't help but to rub in how short she is.
- Jimmy, the most professional of the children, probably since he's not in college anymore
- Marty, the adorkable one who is actually shorter than Charlotte.

Seychelle Sanchez doesn't get to spend a lot of time at home since she's running off for auditions but here's a rare day where she's with her kids:
- Mercedes; she doesn't understand how her mother is so brave to act in front of people she doesn't even know!
- Marquez; he takes after Seychelle with his outgoing personality and natural charisma, so he's always asking her excitedly about her new gigs.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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My simself had three children, Ivy, Albany and Link

The Twins (Ivy & Link)

My brother's simself holding Albany

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The Leaf family: Alyssa, Josh, their son Caleb, and the then-unborn twins Eli and Luke.
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The Riley family: Timothy Riley and his wife Cassandra (Goth) are in the middle
Their eldest daughter, Sally and her husband Xander Roth, are pictured to the left with their toddler daughter Ffion.
Then there's their two eldest boys, teens Harry (left) and George (right), and then their surprise quads (from left to right); Outgoing Rebecca, Shy little Ivy (the baby of the family), Sporty Barnabas and tough guy Linus.

The Hart family: Parents Sarah (Love) and Matthew Hart. I play them like a quiver family, but they have quite a few relaxed rules...
Their eldest daughter, Cupid is holding her younger sister. On the right (grey cardigan) is her twin brother, Redd. They both have the last name 'Love' because they were born before Sarah and Matthew married. The rest all have the Hart last name. Following the twins, Love was born (grey shirt on right), followed by another set of twins: Almost identical twin girls, Sweet and Sacred. Then Purple, the girl with the short curly blonde hair, Joy-Anna (yellow dress), twins Elkster (held by Cupid) and Croi (green shirt) and youngest child, Gabriel-John. Making 10 children in total!

Here's a smaller family! The Newson's. Gavin Newson, his wife Beatrice (Monty) and their two daughters, Gonzala (child) and newborn Gratianna

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The Blackburns; George & Janice, with Devon (teen), Henrietta (left), & Daisy.

The Fitzroys; Michael & Amy, with Fiona (teen), Ian, & Kira.

The Glores; Jedidiah & Evangeline, with Sebastian (teen), Theodore, Frances (green dress), Temperance (yellow dress), & Prudence.

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Old family photo of the Tricous I found while looking through my screenshots on my computer. Currently on the 6th generation of this family, though I do miss the original Tricous haha

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An average day in the Goth household. There are more kids than just these ones, so you can understand they don't have time for an ACTUAL family portrait.

The Williamson/Benson family. William became Madeleine's roommate, so he'll pay a part of the rent to make it easier on her. This way, he can spend more time with his son Rowan as well.
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Heiress Ariel Capp, husband Bassianus, and their two children - Rebeck (who became a teen this rotation) and Celia.

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Some early pictures of Tony, Erica, Lily and Aidan

And one I did of Lily and Aidan, to test some poses

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Anais (nee Gavigan) and Hal Capp with their toddler daughter Elisabeth and twins, Solinus (boy) and Luce (girl)

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The Holdens...the family where everyone's stressed. Meet proud parents Billy and Irma, their children (from oldest to youngest) Miles, Cory, Kate, and Mazie, and their dog Bailey.

Updated pic after Zoe was born. They still have the dog but I didn't feel like getting her in the picture.
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The Norman Family -

Left to Right: Elijah, twins Christine and Jeffrey, and Brooke Norman.

Brooke, if I recall is an OFB townie, and I forgot her last name, her hair came with OFB, which I have kept. She's a Romance/Family sim who was originally a burglar, but quit that job when she had the twins. Then she joined the Culinary career after the kids grew up. She's also a Libra.

Brooke - getting vomited on by one of the twins.

Christine tormenting her brother, Jeffrey.


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A rather old picture of Genesis and Josue Montes. Genesis doesn't really enjoy chess, but she is willing to sacrifice for Josue. Boy needs to distracted from...

... The Serious Parenting going on downstairs. Reneka and Maribel just can't get along, and David and Gabriela are trying to find a solution. (Four rotations later, they still haven't come up one.)

A significantly newer family snapshot from Litzy's birthday/Halloween. Litzy is getting ready to be a big sister, now teen Josue is playing with puppy Benny, there is some dancing, flirting, and general silliness going on the background, and Allison Pattle, newly adopted cousin, is just being adorable and wondering where her snuggle material (puppy) went.
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Oh boy, time to post some lovely pictures of my happy friends!


EDIT: Look below for happy screenshots!

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I don't know if I have posted a pic of this family before but I post now anyway.

This is my Rodrigez family. (I'm sure every spanish speaking players will hate me for the spelling of this surname but this is the way I spell it).
Emanuela (Pink top), her transgender husband Ezmerald (Black dress) and their son Ricardo. Emanuela is in the bussines career and I wanted to give her some sort of "secretary look". Just recently I downloaded new hair and she looks great in it. And then I added the glasses... Today she brought a friend home from work and it turned out to be the cousin of her boss. I recall the message said something about promotion and the Emenuela will become "Vice President". Well done!
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Some family portraits from my BaCC

The Picasso family (minus the triplets who moved out). Parents Gwendolyn & Phillip, and their kids (L-R) Ryana, Eris, Evander, Ioanna, & Harding.

The Lee family. Parents Martin & Lilla, and their kids (L-R) Mitchell, Bethel, Loraine, Blair, Clyde, & Jacob.

The Buchanan family. Parents Cameron & Amálie, and their daughter Destinee.

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I was playing a family earlier today. Not part of my usual megahood, just my mess about hood and I got inspired by @Pandaqueen to make a family of Octuplets... so I did. (Technically triplets, single baby, twins and then twins... but whatever, they're all the same age)

Here are Yvette and Tai Meyer. Yvette is a knowledge sim and a serious bookworm. Tai is a childish family sim and loves juggling.

Here are the Octuplets, in birth order: Crystal, Logan, Phaedra*, Alex, Israel, Jack, Ulrica and Ingrid

* Just realised Logan and Phaedra are the wrong way round in the first photo.

I was really hoping there would be more variation in hair colours, being that Yvette has brown/blonde alleles and Tai has black/red. 5 have brown hair, 2 have black and 1 is a redhead. Tia wants 10 children though, so maybe in the future they'll have a blonde!
Oh I just noticed Israel has his grandpa's light blue eyes! None have their grandmother's green eyes though. The rest have either Yvette's dark blue eyes or Tai's dark brown eyes.

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Bigsimsfan12--They are adorable...I love their names, too. I have a friend named Ulrika in Sweden...

My latest family is Kevin Jenson and his son, Leonard.
Both are plus sized guys and I've been working on plus size guy clothes....

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." Will Rogers
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Originally Posted by HCAC
Bigsimsfan12--They are adorable...I love their names, too. I have a friend named Ulrika in Sweden...

I love Ulrica/Ulrika, Ingrid and Phaedra. All amazing names that my boyfriend says he hates
At least I have full control of what I name my sims

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The Rutherford family (couldn't decide which picture looked better so here's two!)
Parents Geoff Rutherford and Fiancee Heather Huffington, with their three children: Oldest Maddox (left), second child Maddie (right) and youngest Melodie (center)

A snapshot of the Starchild's last day living on the beach...
Utopia (covered in sunburn) playing rock-paper-scissors with his younger sister Petal, with their younger siblings Calla-Lilly and Watercress, parents Jared and Moonbeam, and a wolf, in the background. You can also kinda see Sunny's head just above Utopia's shoulder.

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Rudolph Fenton do have his energy bar in the green. At 2:30 in the night! Rochelle do not seem to care so much about that. I did create both sims at the same time so their surenames is the same but they are not married, only engaged. I don't know but I'm quite sure that the sims don't used to cuddle up like this before AL. But maybe I'm wrong.

The same couple featuring miss Dana Dancer who also lives on the lot. As a stepdancer she wears a hat to work and the googles is still visible then. From a distance it do look a little stempunk.
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So, here is the missing pic from yesterday. I must have forgotten to save it. Oh well...

But here we have them. From right to left we have: Mia Rudengren (who don't work as a maid anymore), Selma Zanders a symphony conductor and her wife Jasmine who just love to create things, paint and so on. I made her change back into her old dress so you got to see it. Please unsee that I did miss a part then I changed the walls in their dining room.

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The King Family!
Mayor Bruno King (37), his actress wife Marsha (35), their moody teen daughter Cherry (14), and their recently-adopted son Toby (8)

I finally figured out how to use the SimPE method of permanent height change yayyy :D

You can call me Diddy (or Eve, if you want to go by my real name) :)
My Simblr is simping-simmer. Come and join me there for a chat!
You can also find me on the MTS or PBK Discord servers under the name 'Evenfall'.
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