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So, I've recently been working on a sort of sim-comic thing. Tell me if you love it, tell me if you hate it, tell me why and what I can do to improve I shall now begin chapter one, I guess...

What if you acquired power?

The power to get anything you desire.

The power to bend the world to your every whim.

The power to control...


Thanks for reading.
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Originally Posted by Mel
C-Can I... control things...?
At this point, I'd say so. Once is an anomaly, twice is a coincidence, thrice is a sign of a pattern.

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I'm liking this so far!
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Well, I've been gone for nearly a year... and I'm hoping to continue this, but my game hasn't been working for a while...
On the bright side, I began the second chapter before my game got slow, so I'll post it now. It's not very long, but bear with me!

Once again, sorry for the previous time gap, and I guess the upcoming time gap as well...

Before I end, anyone have an idea how I can add this comment to my table of contents? (I can't seem to figure it out )
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Interesting story, I've been searching for something like this. I hope that you'll post next chapters! Greetings!
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