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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
ShaoXingJiu Sims4Toddler Jamie Hair 24Colors (Both Genders)
PJSimsPostal Mod - Send Mail to Your Sims (Script & Core Mods)
YanxaColonial Pennants (Battlestar Galactica) (Decorative)
HexeSimsBaker Career (Careers)
marydehoyosHalter Slit Dress YF/AF (Everyday)
lildiva3229Sims 2 Dance Animation Box (Poses and Animations)
SlyVenomOff the Grid TV & Radio (Electronics)
WaterLemon147Family Cottage : No CC Used (Residential)
BarenziahBlossom Cottage 2 bed 1 bath no cc (Residential)
villianize[Villianize] Hype Friends and Loved Ones (Overrides)
AJiaWedding planner Job | The Sims 4 (Careers)
kate24Dryad leaf clothing (Outerwear)
SugaMamaRobThe Almost A Starter House (Residential)
RoseaMarieVictorian Apartments (Apartments)
supernovasimsPin-Up Girls Poster Pack (Decorative)
MarcusMV01Scrubs – Die Anfänger - Sacred Heart Hospital (Community)
Akira VexBanana Leaf Expanded (Walls and Floors)
e.crystallSean Diaz - Life Is Strange 2 (Anime, Comic & Gaming Characters)
TurbooSimsModsGlobes for sale - one plus object (Decorative)
Scipio GarlingGreek and Roman Books for Your Sims (Hobbies)
flauschtrudIndoor Pool Lot Trait (Overrides)
SimplifiedModdingBG Weddings on Wedding Venue Lots (Overrides)
TheLesbianPyromaniacBirthday Cutscene Cake (Object Mods)
JaneSimstenAsk About Mood (What's Wrong?) (Miscellaneous)
SimmerZozoPicnic Basket Serving Price Change (Overrides)
shibazoidCheeky PT Set (Multi-PT) (Genetics Sets)
chaoticinsanitychaoticinsanity Punk Rock Collection - Series 1A - Eleven Posters (Multiple Rooms)

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Very creative and useful. Thanks!!!
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Very creative and useful. Thanks!!!
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