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Default Sopranos, True Romance, TS4. Same Ilk?
Did you ever see that movie True Romance? (Written by, but not directed by, Tarantino.) Where a somewhat unclaimed actor - at the time - had an emotional scene trying to express his first "human kill" as the "bitch of the bunch." Puke your guts out every time for that the first experience, till you get used to it. James Galdolfini, in the making, the Sapraonos nought but a hazy dream yet to come alive in the minds. (But you can see why, how, it finally came to pass.)

So there he was, - James G -in True Romance, saying it had all become so common after that initial hard learning curve, that the only thing he was looking for in his late, murderous years - of any noteworthy interest to himself - was the change in a targeted person's expression before he kills them - ( This is why Tarantino is still such a fucking great writer.) - It rang so true to me. I cannot remember in all my years of cinema, of gangsters, of Godfathers, of fantastic truths, where a character rang home so true to me.

"Now just waiting for the fucking expression to change..." (Marvelous character writing.)

I equivilate this to the time Maxis will forcibly drag out TS4 long after its expiration date (comparably long after previous iterations had already been shut down and desisted before now.) Nine years a game and should be dead, 12 Years a [Maxis] Slave coming fucking soon. When was the last time you saw that in your lifetime? 12 years anything dragging on well past its prime. (I'd say I don't know whether to applaud them or scorn them for the audacity. But since TS4 has primarily proven shallow shit for the drawn-out, threadbare, nine-year course, and has never actually proven as "prime" over its previous, better, iterations - for all its worth - then scorn them it is.)

Every pack released henceforth, cold and empty, just watching to see if your fucking expression changes. Do you see what I'm getting at?

And don't get me wrong. Sopranos and Tarantino knew when to shut it down, when it was fucking king and when to finally close it down. TS4 don't have a clue. (Not that it was ever king to begin with. Not when there was/is TS2.)

Fuck me, curved walls only came about in this franchise because Pararalives released a vid over two-fucking-years ago showing how that is to be a feature of its build mode. I still think the adjustable curved walls of Paralives, dragging and extending to the desired curve of free building, is far better than the restricted curved shit Maxis have - at long last! - come up with. My faith is still with Paralives on this one, fuck Maxis for "getting ahead of the curve" when Paralives had already long-since shown us its building DNA. Maxis you have, in my eyes, stolen their thunder. I'm still looking forward to their genetic, natural flowing Curved Walls which you have not encapsulated. You don't fool me, Maxis. Your curved walls are not borne of a result of natural evolution, - lest we'd have them moons ago in TS3- but of a fear of a genuine contender. I know why your curved walls are in the game so quickly - "at long frikken last." As quick as Paralives forces you to to adhere. Til it is finally released in their game, Paralives, as a natural DNA compared to your recent crowbarred entry. I know exactly why you did it. Shame on you. You know the sinking is coming, like City Skylines sunk SimCity. You see it coming. As do I.

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Wow, coolspear1, you seem a little angry.

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Anybody know what engine Paralives is being built on? I'm asking for a reason.

A former CEO of EA is now CEO of Unity. People are spending time trying to read the tea leaves for the future of Unity. Only time will tell what will happen and this is something that team Paralives has zero control over if they are using the Unity engine.

It would really suck that people would be stuck with somebody from EA when all some people want to do is get away from EA...

Ex EA CEO & Unity CEO Apologizes After Calling Devs Idiots For Rejecting MTX & Nobody Is Buying It
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Originally Posted by dikosay
Wow, coolspear1, you seem a little angry.

Yeah, I started off with a hazy idea in mind, but then just went on a rant. Thank my cousin for bringing round the Wray & Nephew to share a little birthday cheer with me, but rum don't really do me no favours. Obviously.

Just felt the two factors of TS4 that they're just dragging this game out so long now. Aside from the first factor that it's just a shallow game to be dragging on this long, every dead pack just waiting for the expression to change. But worse so of late, it's now like that kid in the playground, when you played soccer, the kid that always lurks up by the opposition's goal to score all the goals and claim all the glory without putting in the work elsewhere.. A "goal-hanger," TS4 is now in that unique position, been around so long and refusing to quit, and can steal the ideas of any newer projects still in development because it's got bugger all else to do. Certainly cannot shine on its own merits. More like a mugger waiting at the end of a long, dark alley, you can see for hundreds of yard ahead. You walk ever nearer and the mugger just waits for you.

I've got a hunch now regarding the collaboration of Paradox with Rod Humble - and the hush-hush people simulator game they may (or may not) be working on - why they've said nothing about it in over three years. (If it does indeed exits.) Not with that goal-hanging mugger at the end of the dark alley with nothing better to do than loiter about and steal ideas off others because it cannot have an original idea for itself. Nine years proven that. Funny, but at the same time obnoxiously true. Dunno if it's worth ranting about, though. Wray & Nephew changes the rules, somewhat.

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