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Test Subject
#26 Old 21st Nov 2010 at 2:09 PM
I've been a bit unwell so for now I'm just playing the serfs. And what I write may or may not be understandable, sorry I'm pretty sick

Have only played two families so far, for two days each. Each year = 1 day, and I record notes in a family tree database so it's nice having dates and stuff to enter. I rolled randomly for all couples aspirations, but almost all the women ended up being family somehow. And I didn't end up with any Good Aligned sims.

And now I'm going to overshare

Years 500 - 501

Leuwin Roussa (Popularity, Neutral) is outgoing, but has a very serious sense of humour, and easily takes offense. He is a Queen's man through and through, and will not hear a word against the royal family. He is a hardworker, and always repays debts and favours.

Luca Roussa (Pic 1) (Family, Neutral) is a worrier who tends to overshare about her problems to anyone who will listen. She can't handle emergencies, and is effectively useless for the duration. Her husband is often exasperated, and wishes she would complain less and instead attempt to solve her problems. She generally follows her husbands lead in most matters.

In the year 501 Luca gave birth to twins Wilco and Calla. The village Wisdom was unable to attend the birth, and Luca Roussa dies in child birth. [I have rolled for the twins in advance and know they'll survive to adulthood.]

Luca's roll was so low that she would have died even if the midwife was there. There was no midwife because I don't particularly like witches, so I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I decided that they'll be a normal sim, and they'll be chosen from the girls of the generation. If there is a girl with the Nature hobby then she will be the apprentice (and if not then the girl with the most appropriate interests), and must be on the Wisdom's lot every time it's played and on the lot for every childbirth/sickness curing. Additionally the Wisdom will rarely go a day without a woman on her lot that she must interact with, as the Wisdom's roll is to give life advice as well as health care. And finally, she has to go on a hike every play session, as this is the time when she's gathering herbs and such. If I forget to send her for a hike then she's not allowed to attend the next time she's needed.

The town's Wisdom is Lina Tiakov (Pic 4) (Family, Neutral). As the village Wisdom she advises those around her, and attends to all medical matters. She is aware of most issues in the village. Whilst generally very light hearted and friendly, she takes no nonsense when it comes to health matters.

Marco Tiakov (Evil, Knowledge) is extremely superstitious. [And that's all I've figured out for now.]

In the year 501 Lina gave birth to Kalin, and is pregnant with her second child. [I have rolled in advance for Kalin, and know she'll die when she is 3 yrs old ]

There is one more serf family, Tulua and Rowan Seikon, but I haven't played them yet.

Anyway, I've been really enjoying this challenge Absolutely brutal.
Test Subject
#27 Old 21st Nov 2010 at 3:34 PM
Default Update 2
Hello all! I may or may not turn this into a proper blog, I haven't decided yet.

After I restarted, thinks got a bit better.

Ida's second pregnancy resulted in twins (she survived both births) Bertram and Beatrix.

Ida's third pregnancy was very difficult, and she spent most of her time in bed.

Bertram didn't survive infancy, and everyone took it really hard.

Ida's third pregnancy was another boy, who they (I) named Bernard, in honour of his dead brother. Ida and Aiden weren't too happy, he looked a lot like Bertram.

Ida is an Evil Knowledge sim, so I finally got around to turning her into a witch. The first thing she did was conjure up a storm. Lightning struck Bertram's gravestone several times, causing the game to think he died several times. Beatrix kept getting negative memories, and ended up growing up badly.

Thankfully she survived early childhood, and now Bonnie's got someone to play with.

Unfortunately Bernard didn't survive infancy.

At this point I started to panic, because Ida and Aiden are both getting older, and I don't have a son to take over the lot!

Ida's 4th pregnancy is another girl (Bronwynn), I'm sad, but they're happy, because statistically, she's got a great chance of survival!

Bonnie is a neutral popularity sim who will get married, so I have her talk to almost every man who walk's by.

She took a shining to David Baldwin (thanks to InTeen and Spring)

Aiden isn't too fond of David, but he's not much longer for this world, so she might be able to marry him.

At the end of Spring, I'm worried about Ida being accused of witchcraft. Her 5th pregnancy is twin boys (yay), but she dies in childbirth ( ).

So now I've got to get Aiden to make friendly with the next woman who walks by, and use her as a wet nurse.
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#28 Old 22nd Nov 2010 at 5:31 PM Last edited by M3g7e : 22nd Nov 2010 at 5:42 PM.
Wow! These stories are amazing. Tizkopde--hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick I like the workaround you decided upon for no witch--also the hike is a good idea. Cococure--sounds like the second round is going much smoother. Speaking of the whole "accused of witchcraft" thing, I now have two women who have had this outcome--both for miscarriages. The first woman rolled badly and died (of fire--since there's no way to hang a sim, thought immolation might do in a pinch). I will post her story sometime soon. And now I have another in jail awaiting trial for the same thing--miscarriage. She is pregnant and in jail. Don't know how that will work out yet, what to do with the baby when it is born. And father is back at home with a garden in full bloom, a one day old infant in the crib, no wet nurse, and pregnant wife in prison. I think I will send the baby away to a wet nurse, and have him remarry if wife is convicted (which I don't have much hope for her). Then, the second baby I'm not sure what to do with--monastery? bring him back home? It may be a moot question if he doesn't survive infancy, but since I'm not pre-rolling, I never know what will happen until it transpires. I hold my breath before a lot of rolls. At any rate, I have decided to post a little on my progress. I have three serf families I have been playing, and each has taken slightly different paths. I will start with the Bells.

First, some back story: Dimitrei, a virtuous family sim fell in love quite accidentally with Lucy Lytton, a virtuous family sim, who was already married to Oliver Lytton, an evil fortune sim. After a nasty breakup with Oliver, Lucy married Dimitrei and they quickly started a family. (Oliver and Lucy were created in CAS as a townie family with two pre-existing teen children, John and Jane.) Jane Lytton moved in with Dimitrei and Lucy, and John stayed with his father, Oliver. Dimitrei and Lucy had three children together: Daniel, Christina, and Mary. Such was the situation in 1600. [During this time, I was writing the challenge and ironing out the kinks of the whole thing--so this family was started ca. 1590, but I did follow the base rules of the challenge for life survival, money, etc]

In 1601, Lucy bore a boy, Reynard, to Dimitrei, but died in childbirth.
Quickly, Dimitrei began searching for a wet nurse to care for baby Reynard. Unfortunately, no married women with young infants were available, so he decided to look for a wife instead. Ellen Coffyn caught his eye, and they quickly wed. Before long, she was expecting her first child. Reynard did not survive infancy, likely owing to malnutrition after the loss of his mother. Dimitrei found him, just feet away from the grave of his mother. He looked like he was asleep, but he would never wake more.
There was no time to mourn Reynard, however, since Ellen gave birth to twins Morris and Margery in 1603, shortly after the death of Reynard. It was a tough spring. Dimitrei had a huge garden, but plague struck and kept him from tending the garden most days. Further, everyone was sick, and under strict quarantine. He turned into a plant sim, which drained his energy at night and the plague worsened. The older children did their best with the garden, but Christina nearly died before being bedridden. Morris and Margery were hardly cared for and were cold, wet, and hungry most of the time. They ate dog food to survive when the refrigerator was empty. At the end of spring, Jane married Cecil Vawdrey and moved out to start a family (1605). The garden turned out terrible and the family finances worsened. With only $7 in the bank, and no food in the refrigerator, everyone tried to fish to put some food on the table.

Slowly, as summer grew nearer, the children began to get better, and finally Ellen started feeling more like herself too. In 1607, she gave birth to John, a vigorous baby and a joy to everyone. But nothing would make Dimitrei better. He just got worse and worse, until finally he succumbed to the flu entirely in 1610. John grew into his toddler years, a happy and healthy baby, but died suddenly as a child when he was caught in a hailstorm in the year 1611. After Dimitrei's death, the family was broken, both in spirit and heart. Morris and Margery both grew to adolescence and rolled for aspiration and alignment. Both rolled Romance. Morris rolled Evil and Margery Virtuous. They were sent to the monastery and convent respectively. Ellen felt that with John gone and her older children settled, it was best for her to marry again. Without Dimitrei she felt little attachment to the farm where she had endured so many years of hardship and misery. She quickly married Adam Fitzwilliam, a long time friend, and moved out (1613). Though no one was particularly sad to see Ellen go, it was rather a bad day when the animals were taken away due to malnutrition (1613). Daniel began to seek a wife and began currying the favor of Edmond Saville for the hand of young Esmer, whom he'd become quite enamored of. Christina, who had rolled knowledge, and was a neutral sim, began the study of herblore and neutral witchcraft, becoming Warwickshire's first midwife. Mary got married to Bernard Gardyner and moved out, already expecting her first child (1614).

Sorry for all the text here. I will try to be good and take more pictures--I always promise myself I will, and somehow don't seem to get the images I really want(!)--MOAR pictures in the future, I promise!
Test Subject
#29 Old 23rd Nov 2010 at 12:24 PM Last edited by tizkopde : 23rd Nov 2010 at 1:22 PM.
That was really enjoyable to read - you have a very nice writing style, it almost feels like the Bells could be real people. I'd love to read about the other families as well.

In my game I've added events that are rolled for every two years if the sims aren't doing anything from the Behaviours chart - I roll to see whether it'll be Financial, Romance/Family, Friends, or Illness (..if I can make Sims sick. Need to check because the Roussa's rolled it next round.) Then I roll to see if it's good or bad, and the severity on a scale of 1 - 5. Not strict rules, just a story prompt really..

In the Year 502:

Leuwin Roussa married Brigette Kins (townie). It proved to be a hard year, with too much to do and not enough time to do it. Whilst Leuwin toiled in the fields all day, Brigette struggled to complete her many tasks around the farm - she had not expected that life would be even more challenging out from under her parents roof. She had daydreamed that she would have more time to draw, and her works would be discovered by someone of the Blood. She would be elevated above her station, and live a life of seeming luxury. With the year ending however Brigette has not had a moment to breathe, let alone draw. She finds herself pregnant with her first child, with two children from another woman dependant on her at all times, and a seething resentment towards the man she had started the year out so grateful towards.

502 was a good year for Marko and Talua Seikon. They had worked hard and made an effort to save money the previous year, and with the start of 502 were able to afford three chickens. Little seemed to go wrong, and the twins seemed to be abnormally well behaved.

Tulua had once thought she might marry Leuwin Roussa, and even though it was not to be they had remained close. As such there was a twinge of sadness throughout the year as she watched her good friends life fall apart. She tried to do what she could, and offered advice to the inexperienced Brigette on children and running a household. Such help was not appreciated by Brigette, and by the end of the year Tulua had started avoiding the Roussa farm with Brigette's sullen glares and sulky silences, and Leuwin's lined and tired face.

502. The death of their first child greatly affected the Tiakovs. Lina concentrated on her duties around the village, and seemed to barely ever be home with all the demands on her time. Unwilling to discuss the death of Kalin, it seemed that Lina was trying to forget she had even had a child. It frustrated Marko, as it also seemed that Lina was avoiding him.

Marko does not possess a strong moral compass, and whilst he normally reigns himself in due to Lina's position in the village.... well, no one ever claimed he was mature. Stealing two pigs certainly got Lina's attention, if nothing else. Although the couple are on rocky terms due to the stunt, at least they are talking.

Gameplay wise the Roussa's rolled a Bad Relationship event, the Seikons rolled a Good Family event with a scale of 5 (so I deleted any rubbish I could, gave them a maxmotive, and let them buy three chickens with the money they had. The chickens lay eggs that can be sold. I let the sims collect eggs only once a day.) The Tiakovs were doing a Behaviour - Marko stole $500, and I was really irritated because he rolled an 18! Could have stolen way more if I'd been more adventurous The pigs are like the chickens, except they produce another piglet instead of eggs (oh yeah, the pigs costed $250 each, hence two.) The animals do give a little bit of an advantage, so families are only allowed them if they've risked something to get them (eg. stealing) or they have a situation like the Seikons.

Question: What is the punishment if a sim is found guilty after a trial for stealing? I had a look in the rules but couldn't spot it..
Original Poster
#30 Old 23rd Nov 2010 at 5:18 PM
First--to answer questions, and pose one of my own, and then to post on the continuing Bell saga ... much to say here.

Originally Posted by Tizkopde
Question: What is the punishment if a sim is found guilty after a trial for stealing? I had a look in the rules but couldn't spot it..

That is quite true: you will find no sentencing information in the challenge. The rules given are the "natural order," i.e. the laws of nature and divine providence. Evil behaviors seek somehow to subvert the working of the natural order, and must be punishable, but the exact working of the legal system--the order of civilization, laws, justice, men--that is left up to you, the Sim Judge and Jury. The sentences should be fair and consistent (unless you want a corrupt legal system--tell me more!) and should make sense within the overall system/world/storyline you devise. I could make recommendations, but that would take away half the fun, and become monotonous and boring. Soooo, I leave it up to you to devise a legal system that makes sense with the edicts of the natural order given in the challenge. It would be fun, though, to hear how different storylines produce different legal systems: it would make sense that these would become contingent upon historical events, the exigencies of certain storylines, matrices of power, and the like. All very intriguing, so keep me posted!

Originally Posted by Cococure
Hello all! I may or may not turn this into a proper blog, I haven't decided yet.

I really hope you do--I love reading sim stories. It sounds like you have the beginnings of a very interesting family here. One thing you said made me a bit curious, though, and I wondered if you might clarify:

Originally Posted by Cococure
At the end of Spring, I'm worried about Ida being accused of witchcraft. Her 5th pregnancy is twin boys (yay), but she dies in childbirth ( ).

I was wondering how Ida would be accused of witchcraft for dying in childbirth? The midwife who attends her might, however. Women who miscarry will also likely face this fate--I've had two so far Here's the story of one of those:

Another branch of the Bells--Dimitrei's younger brother Ellis, accused his wife, Joan of witchcraft after the loss of her second pregnancy. A suspicious and grasping man, Ellis's hands were not clean either. Joan had always wondered how he could afford such a luxurious home given the squalid conditions he was raised in as a child, but she felt it better not to question her husband, who finally seemed the happiest he'd ever been. When the guards came for her, Joan was prepared, even reticent, and held her chin up. Her resolve did not impress John Farley, the prison Warden, however, and he insisted that she come immediately and follow him away to prison. She found herself quoting Shakespeare in her mind: all that reading in bed during years of the plague had really given her an interest in literature, and it came back at the oddest times to her aid, like now, when she heard herself repeating the old familiar lines of Lear to Cordelia, "Come let's away to prison, we two alone will sing like birds in the cage." She couldn't help a little smile at the sleeping Thilde who gurgled quietly in her crib. It struck her suddenly that she would have no one to sing with in her cage, and her steely resolve melted. She seethed with anger, thinking how she'd never meant to let that brute John Farley see her cry.
Finally, she agreed to leave, but not without giving Farley a good piece of her mind. She found Lear helpful again, as she spat these words in Farley's face:
"You see me here, you gods, a poor young girl,
As full of grief as motherhood; wretched in both!
If it be you that stir this husband's hearts
Against his wife, fool me not so much
To bear it tamely; touch me with noble anger,
And let not women's weapons, water-drops,
Stain my more than man's cheeks!
I have full cause of weeping; but this heart
Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws
Or ere I'll weep. O god! I shall go mad!"
Farley didn't know what to say, so he reached for her outstretched hands and cuffed her, leading her to the waiting prison cart outside in the gathering gloom.

A few weeks after settling in to her cell, she began to get used to the routines of the horrid place, and almost found she could sleep through the brutal hunger and incessant interrogations. Ellis never came to visit, and she was not allowed to write anyone, so she thought constantly of Thilde and of how big she must be getting, and of whether Ellis was minding her well, keeping her from the edge of the pond. Who was her wet nurse? The questions just kept coming ... until the morning sickness began and Joan realized she was pregnant--again--in this awful place. She knew now she had a reason to survive, and found her will again. She hid bits of food under her bed, and bribed the prison guard with bits of lace from her underthings (his wife was fond of such trivialities, and these were things Ellis had been free with, before the accusations started) to bring her extra water for bathing and drinking. She slept more often and finally, the prison chaplain appeared to have everything he needed to know. She knew in her heart she would be convicted, but was relieved in the knowledge that the sentencing would wait until the end of fall when her fledgling cagemate would appear. Agnes arrived early, in 1607, a tiny baby with bright eyes and delicate skin. She looked a lot like her father, Joan realized, cuddling her to her breast. With no crib, Agnes was forced to sleep on the hard stone floor, but Joan kept her as warm as she could, and tried to remain cheerful, though she cried often while Agnes slept.
Just after Agnes's birth, Joan was delighted to find she was allowed to keep the infant to nurse, until she grew to a toddler. The years 1608-1609 flew quickly, however, and she still wondered how Thilde was growing, what was happening to Ellis, and when her sentencing would be given. Late in 1609, she overheard guards discussing her case, and the brutal truth struck her heart in twain. She had been convicted and faced death. Her poor motherless babes! Days passed, she hardly ate or slept, more hungry for information than comfort. When John Farley arrived to take Agnes he was even more familiar and lascivious than ever. He pinched her arms and tweaked her cheeks, rolling his horrible tongue at her through broken teeth. "Guess you'll be seein' yer husband soon enough." He said it repeatedly, not quite to her, or to himself--but more like a universal truth that had got to be acknowledged, and as though it were something of tidy tidbit to be returned to and enjoyed frequently. Joan thrust her chin out, refusing to say anything at all. The thought of seeing Ellis again was not the way to bait her--her husband was best forgotten. She would see him in Hell, she thought. Though it was only 10 in the morning, Joan could smell the reek of cheap brandy on his breath. She shuddered as he worked his tongue through his wide buck teeth and smiled at the baby who sucked her fist. Her only playthings had been bits of yarn torn from Joan's dress, and it was nearly impossible to keep her clean in this filthy hell hole, but somehow she'd managed to do what she could, and the baby was as neat and pretty as most peasant children of the realm. John sauntered over to Agnes and leaned in, as an evil grin overspread his face. "Betchoo don' know wha's happenin' to yer, do yer, eh? little mite?" He reached for, and Agnes cringed, looking to Joan. Always a sensitive child, Agnes screamed and tried to get away as John roughly gathered her up in his meat cleaver paws. "Stop yer squirmin'--ain't making any difference, y'hear?" he growled jovially at her. Joan demanded to know where he was taking her, but the only response she got was as he rounded the cell wall--she was certain she heard the words "orphans, the both of you'n" break from Farley's foul mouth as he disappeared down the corridor with Agnes. So, Ellis was dead? But he was barely fifty, and though quite rotund, always had been strong. She pulled the tattered image of Ellis out of her bosom.
She remembered the day his likeness had been drawn, at the county fair and a budding artist--what was his name?--had all but insisted they sit for their likenesses to be drawn for only tuppence a piece. His crafty smile twinkled back at her, forever caught in a day of young romance and kisses stolen behind the apple cart. But try as she might, with her babies gone, Joan could find none of the girlish desire she'd had for him those many years ago.

There will be more ... what has happened to Ellis?? and what will come of the Bell children??
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Test Subject
#31 Old 24th Nov 2010 at 11:36 PM Last edited by Cococure : 25th Nov 2010 at 12:07 AM.

I was wondering how Ida would be accused of witchcraft for dying in childbirth? The midwife who attends her might, however. Women who miscarry will also likely face this fate--I've had two so far QUOTE]

My sim was an evil witch (knowledge, evil) and at the end of every season, regardless of what happens in the nighbourhood, s/he has a 50% chance of being acused of witchcraft. I was worried she'd be accused and found guilty, leaving behind a husband and a house full of kids, but after her last pregnancy (twin boys) she rolled a 20, and is supposed to die in childbirth.

I quit before killing her off, I'm worried that I won't be able to find a woman to be wetnurse before the social worker comes to get ALL the kids (except Bonnie, since she is a Teen).

I'm going to play tonight, so there will be an update sometime this week or on the weekend. I need to keep better track of what happens in what season!

Aiden is an elder now, so 28+ days have passed. Each season is five days, so I've played 6 seasons? That sounds right, I started at the beginning of fall, and have had 2 winters, plus one crop after the second winter.

So 1601? How are you guys counting your years?

Also, tizkopde, where did you get the farm animals?
Original Poster
#32 Old 25th Nov 2010 at 12:30 AM
Each sim day = 1 year. However, the challenge is open to modifications for the passage of time. Set it up to match however you are aging your sims. I don't think that longer years will have any adverse outcomes or contradict any of the challenge rules--let me know if you run into anything.
Test Subject
#33 Old 25th Nov 2010 at 5:19 AM
I use the time system from Lakeside Heights! The author has a post about it here. I really enjoy it - I have my sims age spans altered as detailed in that post, and it's a lot of fun having the actual ages reflected in game mechanics, and rapidly cycling seasons. Not doing the season thing with this challenge though because it would severly mess up the crops, I think.. but I miss it really bad.

The animals can be found in the FarmSet from here. It has chickens, pigs, and cows. If you navigate back to the main directory as well it has a beehive that produces honey.
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#34 Old 26th Nov 2010 at 5:19 AM
Hi everyone! I've got updates on a blog now, here's the link to Summer 1608 (I'm counting each season as 1 year. No it doesn't make sense, but neither to most things in The Sims).

Warwickshire by Cococure - Summer 1608
Original Poster
#35 Old 26th Nov 2010 at 2:16 PM
Cococure, Love the Blog! :lovestruc Added myself as a follower. Hopefully, my site will be up soon--but probably not until this semester is *finally* over.
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#36 Old 27th Nov 2010 at 4:33 AM
Default Problems killing toddlers
I've been having issues with my dead toddlers. The game keeps giving memories that they've died on another lot, causing everyone in the family to have the bad memory again (thus causing aspiration failure). Is anyone else having this? How can I avoid it in the future?
Test Subject
#37 Old 27th Nov 2010 at 12:20 PM
How are you killing them? I'm doing death by disease using rodney's death creator with no problems.
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#38 Old 27th Nov 2010 at 4:38 PM
I haven't had repeat memories for dead people--any age--but I have seen the message "died on another lot," even when sims died of natural causes. I don't know why that message happens, actually. I also use the death creator since I don't think there's any other way for toddlers to die. Perhaps this question might be posted on the main discussion boards--see if anyone else knows.
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#39 Old 27th Nov 2010 at 8:44 PM
I'm using Rodney's Death Creator to have them Die by Starvation.
Lab Assistant
28th Nov 2010 at 10:28 AM
This message has been deleted by Mai2008.
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#40 Old 28th Nov 2010 at 4:44 PM Last edited by Mai2008 : 1st Dec 2010 at 4:32 PM.
Ill tell you my story, but I cant post picture until someone tells me how to because im new to this.

I have a couple called Gorgina & Dave Medevil. There Enviroment Keeps going low and they can only eat hotdogs (I know its not medevilish but its the cooker thats medevil). They have a bathroom with a shower, a wooden bath and a toilot. Dave started planting tomatoes as soon as they got there , and Gorgina fished even though she couldent use them. Then Gorgina got pregnant with Dave and she keeps being sick in the toilot (4 times in a row! ) and never flushes. The toilot is always scruffy after shes sick in it. So poor Dave has to clean it because Gorginas pregnant. The tamatoes are growing into the second stage and Dave is rather proud and wants to brag , so his socail is low because it would be mean to brag to his spouse, who already knew and was facing morning sickness. To pass time Dave studyed cooking in his mothers old cooking book. Dean earned half a skill point , then he had to clean and flush the toilot . He earned a cleaning skill point. Dave saw butterflys but couldent catch them, he did not have time because he was calming down Gorgina, who had just stressed out from a headache. In return, Gorgina hugged him and kissed him and said sh would try fishing again. Dave said she should relax, but she fished anyway .
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#41 Old 29th Nov 2010 at 10:36 AM
I've been having a lot of fun with this challenge (I know I've said it before, but it just keeps getting better.) Because of the deaths all the families are shaping up to be very interesting! I think the mechanics are probably more interesting to you than the story though! So:

In my game it has been about 10 years, so two seasons. If you remember I have three families. I've had 17 births- 6 boys, 11 girls. Of these one boy and one girl are still infants, so their fate is unknown. Excluding those two I've had only 1 boy die, and 5 girls. Three of those girl deaths belong to one family! That family has had five children, all girls. The first two kids died as infants, the third born rolled death as a child.. so I pleaded with the grim reaper, because three in a row was just too much. There is one other child in the neighbourhood that I saved, and I decided if a child is saved from a death roll then they are considered "Sickly." Meaning that they aren't allowed to garden at all, and aren't really allowed to fish, though they can get away with it for an hour or so. It does punish the family a bit, because I'm finding children are fish catching machines. (The four eldest children in my game all have gold fishing badges by complete accident.)

In this first generation I've had a total of 4 women birthing children - of these 3 are dead from childbirth! The one that is still alive belongs to the family I mentioned above that has yet to have a boy.

That aside, I've decided to sort of combine this challenge with the Build A City challenge - I think they will mesh together quite nicely.
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#42 Old 30th Nov 2010 at 3:07 AM Last edited by M3g7e : 30th Nov 2010 at 3:22 AM.
Cococure--I saw the "died on another lot" message with a toddler yesterday. It happened when the toddler, Elena Lytton, haunted--which is rare with toddlers, I've only seen it a few times (it is the first time Elena has haunted--in the year 1610; she died 1596 other ghosts on the lot, like her mother haunt EVERY night). Then, I checked everyone's memories on the lot. The only person's memory who was altered was the youngest child's, Oliver's, who was born in 1605, nearly ten years after the toddler, Elena, had died. No one on the lot experienced aspiration failure, howsumever, no one on the lot had a fear of a family member dying. So, I'm thinking ... when toddlers haunt, which would be like a *never* thing in Maxis Happyland, it triggers the death memory/awareness again. I have in the past seen this "died on another lot" message for sims of all ages, probably the first time the ghost haunts (and come to think of it, when moving a grave to another lot), but I've never thought to look in anyone's memories to see if it added a token to sims who would not otherwise be aware of the dearly departed's prior departure (if that makes any sense at all). I guess the loss of a toddler is really more than any sim can bear--of course, it does seem quite sad.

Tizkopde, I agree. I think the BACC would be a nice companion to this one. At this point, I'm playing the challenge as though the entire civilization and all of its glory, corruption, opportunities and obstacles already exist--and my poor sim has to somehow waggle through it all, testing the system to see what it will allow, and what it will not. Sort of like a game of medieval chutes and ladders. So far, no one has gotten very far ... I've got my bet staked on those Lyttons. After they bought a couple of those pigs you recommended above, whole new worlds of possibility opened up to them. I only fed them twice a day (seemed reasonable at the time), but by the end of one season, I had more pigs than space. Now, Oliver Lytton slaughtered like a hundred pigs and has another hundred or so piglets in his inventory. He's going to open up a shop selling piglets. However, he's decided that pigs only need to be fed once a day from now on.
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#43 Old 30th Nov 2010 at 5:08 AM
That would make sense about the memories, since I've never had that problem - I send all my graves to the cemetary, so I've never had a toddler try to haunt.

Yes, the animals are crazy! I've discovered that grown animals will spawn even if you don't feed them.. which I'm not too fond of. On the one hand it slows the amount that spawn to a more 'realistic' amount, but on the other it feels too uninvolved and a bit like cheating without feeding them.
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Hi Everyone!!

New blog post here for 1609.

Does anyone know where to get medieval type teen maternity clothes? Because this isn't cool (spoiler alert!!)
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#45 Old 30th Nov 2010 at 9:48 PM

I have the same question regarding med'l maternity. I know that hacks exist, but I think they almost all conflict with Inteen Which I absolutely cannot live without!
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#46 Old 1st Dec 2010 at 4:27 AM
After a little bit of googling the first set here is the best I could find for teens. Not very appropriate for serf teens, but probably slightly better than modern clothes..

Cococure, in your blog you mentioned trying out different animals - I know there are quite a few sets that don't reproduce, but when I was looking ages ago the set I linked was the only one I could find that produced offspring. I know there is a cow on mts2 that can be milked, I'm about to try that one out today, but it sounds like you found another set..?
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It's quite amazing you found them. The set seemed to be buried in a back room of the net--I applaud your searching skillz!!! The milky cow here on mts is pretty neat, but no reproducing. Why, maxis, why? Why no more animals???
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The other set I found after an intensive Google session. It's located off site, but I can give anyone directions to where it can be found (pm me). I've played with then for a few days, and they're supposed to reproduce, but I haven't had any baby animals yet. The cows and pigs can be butchered for meat, and both produce pigglets and calves. The chickens produce eggs and chicks. The cows are milkable, and the chicken eggs can be sold, or eaten.

Thanks for the teen maternity links tizkopde!
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YAYY Ive fineally got it how to post pictures (I think).
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Hello all,

In first, excuse my english, i will try to be understable but i'm french player

I'm going to try too this awaesome challenge!

M3g7e, i have to said thank you much! Your rules are really really good and i'm working on a translate in french of it for my personal use. if you are ok, i will post it on french forums and i will say that you are the creator, naturally!

But, i have a some questions about the rules, may be cause of my lack in english, i don't understand a bit of things...

1) page 11 of your pdf files, about Determing character alignment. It's write : Virtuous (+2 - +5), Neutral (-1 - +1), Evil (-2 - -5).
What does it mean?? What are the numbers in ()? Does it mean, if i roll 1, i got a vituous sim with +2 in virtuous alignment?

2) In the tables named Behaviors and Outcome, for each behavior (evil, good, neutral), there are 2 or more behavior. In example : Evil fortune, there are tax evasion, theft, Bribery first and second class. How could i determine which behavior my sim will have? Will he have all behavior, i just have to choose, or may be it's link with his class (serf couldn't do bribery of second class..)?

I thank you much for your answers!!
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