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#576 Old 20th Apr 2020 at 10:28 AM
Default StreamClan's Beginnings
Restarted a clan i had, so here we go! Mind you - i start with a full house. 1 sim, 6 cats. I find it more interesting to start off that way and more challenging.

They had come from different places, different directions too from what she had recalled, and just sort of.. settled in the same area. The one cat, a meek calico shecat, offered an explanation that the female held faith in being true..

"I.. I don't remember much about it - but - i remember having a dream.. I spoke with a few cats and i think they referred to themselves as Warriors. They claimed to be of a clan called Starclan.."She says, shifting on her paws and averting her gaze from the intimidating gaze of one lean red-brown tom with stripe-like marks on his head. "Tch. Me? I was running from some dog - took shelter here when it began raining." His head swiveled to the Tuxedo molly who jumped at the sudden attention, "Oh, me? Ah, well, i was lost!"She gave a soft, nervous laugh. She didn't have that good of a sense of direction. "You?" Another, burly tom was the center of attention now. He snorted, "I was hunting after a mouse which she,"He glanced to the tuxedo molly, "scared off."He says, then shrugs. "but, it's fine - i found berries."He muttered. "And you, miss?" He questioned the final cat, the cinnamon-brown molly herself. She offered a slight sigh. "I was run out of my clan, so i believe in what you said Patches."She looked at the calico. "Th-thanks.."The meek cat stuttered, ears burning red. "I was chased out due to the leader of my clan committing an act against the code and thus, he blamed it upon me. I was exiled... My first night outside of my clan, i was lost. I had no where to go, and had no clue what to do." She explained, then paused, "It had begun raining, it was slippery and i slid down a steep, hill- right into a river."She sighed. It was unfortunate, but, luckily, starclan was there. "I failed to get to shore in time, and eventually fell unconscious. When i woke, i was being carried.. By a Twoleg."She sighed. "Luckily, the twoleg wasn't going to keep me as a pet - she's actually the spirit of this forest and merely decided to aid in keeping me alive."She says, and turns her head toward a gap in the trees where a young woman sat watching the scene but not making a move toward them. Her leafy green plant-like body seemed to be... wilting. "Ah, i almost forgot you were there Fudge... What about you?" The tom offered a glare to his companion, the red-brown cat. "I followed your flea-bitten tail! Nearly got bitten by a dog as a result - remember?"He asked, tail lashing. "I told you not to come." The tom responded, shrugging.

"Unfortunately... She herself is dying."She admitted, and glanced over the group. "I think our meeting isn't a coincidence. I think, we should stick together in the long run." The cat, Cinnamon, offers. "If starclan brought us together, it's for something." Cinnamon stated, looking over the cats. Patches, the young calico hummed. "I-i.. I agree.." She says, getting up as if to say 'i'll stay'. The tuxedo offered a tip of her head, thinking. "I don't know.. I'm not into believing faith.. But.. I don't think i have ever been here before. And, i don't even smell anything familiar here.. So.. I'm truly lost. If i can't get home - what am i to do? Wander around forever in search? nuh-uh.."She shook her head, her rambling ending as she stood, "I.. I will stay too. If anything, we can give it a go.. right?" She asked, looking to Cinnamon who offered a nod. The toms were left. The lithe red-brown tom offered a snort, "Tch. whatever, i'll stay for a bit i guess. Not like i have a place to go to." He muttered, tail lashing in mild annoyance at the situation. The burly tom stood up, tail swaying, "I quite like this little forest.. Lot's of interesting plant life.. I think i'll stay as well."He says, and finally... "Yeah i'll stay too. I don't know the way back thanks to this mousebrain!" the tom known as Fudge said, shooting a glare at his friend who offered an amused snort in response. "I never said for you to follow me - it's your own fault."He says, shaking his head.

The remainder of the cat introduced themselves..

"I'm Leo." The red-brown cat says. "I'm Sasha!" The tuxedo introduced, offering a kind dip of her head. "I'm Tiger." the burly tom introduced himself.

First up, we have

Then his friend, Fudge,

Then Sasha,



and Patches,

can't forget the sim!






(S) Patches - A small, meek, white shecat with black and orange splotching her pelt. Her eyes are grey.
(T) Tiger - A large, burly, long-haired, yellow and white tom with black spots and stripes marking his fur. His eyes are hazel.
(T) Fudge - A slim dark-brown tom with light brown eyes.
(S) Cinnamon - A fluffy, cinnamon shecat with soft brown eyes.
(S) Sasha - A lean black and white shecat with brown, near-black eyes.
(T) Leo - A red-brown tom with stripe-like marks on the top of his head. His eyes are amber in color.







Just wanted to get the introduction out of the way. It's pretty late - well early, i pulled an all nighter - so i'll have to work on a real post later.
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#577 Old 22nd Apr 2020 at 10:29 PM
Default TalonClan -- Update 3
Decided to experiment with my writing a little and see if I can combine story-like writing with casual sub-chapter writing-- and I'll admit, I really don't like this writing style, so I think I'll stick with narratives and subchapters from now on.



One morning, Wing emerges from her den to make an announcement.

She begins to speak of a vision she had, of coming danger and an era of threats too great for any cat to face unprepared. "We must band together as a true group of wild cats," she claims, "and train ourselves to fight and defend once the time comes."

Despite their trust in her, the group is - understandably - skeptical. They never were the superstitious kind, after all-- and they already knew that the rogue group was coming Twolegplace's way. Couldn't they just hide, should it ever come down to it? Surely, training to fight was a bit much, even if the notion of being attacked was frightening. How could they fight off already-battle hardened cats anyways, being softened Twolegplace cats?

It isn't long, however, before they all realize Talon has gone missing.

After a frantic search, they find his body a ways outside of camp. The sight is macabre and violent, blood splattered across the grass and pooling around the limp, pale brown figure. The cats are horrified and frightened-- the stench of dog hung heavy around the area, although stale. The attack must have happened hours ago.

Mournful and regretful, Wing declares that this must have been a sign sent from above to foreshadow the coming of the great danger she dreamed of.

This time, the rest of the group has reason to believe her words.

"Let us cast our old names aside and forget our soft, sheltered pasts!" she proclaims, "For life will never be able to go on as it is any longer!"

Although saddened, the cats agree.

In honor of her fallen brother, Wing renames herself Talonstar, and decides the group will be called the TalonClan.

Nessie agrees on the name Mothflutter, Feather agrees to be called Streamrunner, and Blossom accepts the new name Thornpaw, having just become six moons old.

For her first order as leader, Talonstar asks Streamrunner to make the journey down to Twolegplace and bring any cats back who he believes will be a good fit for the Clan. He agrees, and immediately prepares to set out and find new recruits.

However, just before he leaves, a pained yowl is heard from the nursery. He rushes over without hesitation, ready to help Mothflutter through labor in any way he can.

Eventually, two beautiful kits are born-- however, further tragedy strikes down whatever initial happiness has come as a result.

One kit mewls and stirs at his mother's side, evidently healthy and strong.

The other does not.

Maddened with grief, Mothflutter is unable to respond to any of her living kit's needs, and Streamrunner is forced to stay behind and help care for him. The two of them - after much coaxing on Streamrunner's part - name their first addition to the family Mudkit.

Although evidently not the happiest about the delay, Talonstar agrees to let Streamrunner stay at camp with his family, at least until Mothflutter is stable enough to take care of Mudkit without him.



The two kits and Mothflutter at birth!

I've-- never seen this glitch before. It scared the crap out of me when I first noticed it.

The heather surrounding the nursery beds make for very pretty pictures.

A close-up of Mudkit!

Despite having come to the Clan as a kit, Thornpaw is actually not at all much younger than the others! She's behind by maybe four or five days, but that's really about it. She's quite the unique-looking one.




(S)(A:Thornpaw) Talonstar - A spotted reddish-brown she-cat with a pale muzzle, underbelly, and paws. She is very socially and intellectually gifted, often considered likable due to her friendly, sweet attitude. However, she is quite reserved when it comes to intimacy and sharing personal affairs, and seems to be hiding something. She is the founder of TalonClan, and named both the Clan and herself after her late brother.


(T)(M:Mothflutter) Streamrunner - A white-pelted tom with blue eyes and slight hints of gray. He is confident and cheerful, taking great pride in his mate and soon-to-be family, whom he loves dearly. His hunting skills best shine when he is fishing, and he is quite fond of the water.





(S)(Me:Talonstar) Thornpaw - Reddish-brown tabby she-cat with pale brown eyes and large, mixed pale and dark brown patches. She is a mischievous, plucky cat with a tendency for the pursuit of her curiosity, even if it constantly puts her in danger. She ran away from her old home in Twolegplace due to having a bad relationship with her family.


(S)(M:Streamrunner) Mothflutter - A vivid brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, and a pale muzzle and belly. She is very gentle, kind, and nurturing, although not the best at fighting or hunting. Her desires lay mostly in settling down and raising her kits with her mate.


(T)(P:Mothflutter and Streamrunner) Mudkit - A vivid brown tabby tom with pale brown patches and blue eyes. He always desires to be at the center of attention and take charge.



(T) Talon - A spotted brown tom with a pale muzzle, underbelly, and paws. He is a fierce fighter and hunter, and considers socializing to be a waste of time-- however, he is extremely loyal and will go through any lengths to protect those he cares about. He seems to be hiding something. He died being caught outside camp by an aggressive dog.


And finally, the family tree! I've left a bunch of blank space to draw in new additions.

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#578 Old 22nd Apr 2020 at 11:39 PM
Ah, I see we have had a great loss, but we have a new beginning as well! Cheers to Talonstar and Mudkit, and may Talon be always remembered by the Clan.

Oh c'mon. There better be a point to all this stress I'm under.
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Default A Last Ray of Hope -- Update 1
L o o k I have a terrible attention span okay--


Claire doesn't remember much from her kithood.

She does vaguely recall that she had siblings. She was raised by a mother and a father, out in the forest with the occasional foray into Twolegplace. Although they didn't have much and she often found herself hungry, they seemed to have been fairly loving and happy together-- moving homes periodically, being brought back dumpster scraps or the precious every-so-often mouse caught in a barn, her memories of those simpler times seemed to be submerged in the depths of her mind as if at the bottom of a still pond. Seeable, but just barely reachable.

Though, really, she wasn't as perplexed by the vagueness of her kithood memories as she was by her utter lack of recollection when it came to what happened before she wound up on her own like this. Surely, she should have remembered their separation-- whether it was a peaceful goodbye, or a tragedy that forced them apart, it couldn't possibly have been so forgettable that she would have no idea what happened. It was a topic she mulled over in her own time, day by day as she traveled in solitude. Where she was even headed, she didn't know. She was simply compelled to come this way, that was all-- either way, there wasn't anyone or anything to settle for, as far as she'd ever known.

However, she had a feeling that that was about to change.

Gazing around the forest clearing she happened to find her way into, she stopped in her tracks and sniffed the air, ears twitching. The sound of tiny feet scuttling in the undergrowth and the plethora of scents that surrounded her made her feel oddly at home...

... and so, she opted to stay the night.

Sleep came eerily easy, the ground seeming to fall out from underneath her weight and unconsciousness washing over her like waves of water lapping against the sea-shore. Something about curling up in the moss, cooled down by the soft night breeze, just felt right.

Her ease was short-lived, however. She could hear a voice murmuring her name, even in sleep. It grew louder, and louder, and louder until she found herself awakening with a start.

"... hello?" she muttered, eyes blinking open to the sight of a bright orange pelt against the darkness-dulled greens of the forest around her.

"Hello, Brightray." the strange cat greeted, voice pleasant and comforting despite this eerie situation. "My name is Emberflight. It's nice to finally meet you, after so many moons of silence."

"'Brightray'?" echoed Claire, narrowing her eyes. "I believe you have me confused with another cat. What are you doing here, and what do you want?"

There was a wistful sadness in Emberflight's eyes. "Yes. That's the name you would have been given, had your family not met the fate that they did."

Now, that piqued Claire's interest.

"My... family? What do you know about my family?"

"You don't remember... I suppose I should've expected that. You were so young, after all-- the mind does what it must to preserve its sanity." murmured the ginger she-cat, sympathy in her eyes. "I would remind you if I could. But unfortunately, that memory is a piece of yourself that you must recover on your own terms."

Getting to her feet, the rogue hesitantly approached the older cat, still somewhat suspicious. Who was Emberflight, exactly? What did she know about what happened to her family? She would have demanded answers, but her intuition told her that wasn't going to get her anywhere. For the meantime, she settled for scrutinizing the other she-cat with berry blue eyes, wondering if this was someone she'd met before.

"... am I supposed to know you?" she questioned, wanting to get answers to at least that much.

Emberflight shook her head. "No... I don't suppose you are. We would never have met in the waking world, considering I died hundreds of moons ago. "

Claire's expression of suspicion immediately warped into a confused glare. Died? Is she crazy?! First she calls me a strange name, claims to know about my family, and now she's going to tell me she's dead? This has to be some sort of joke.

"This is no joke, I'm afraid. But there's no need to feel afraid. I'm the last cat who would ever want to hurt you, everything considered." the flame-colored she-cat seemed to reply to her thoughts. "But, you're smart, and not very easy to convince. It's only natural you wouldn't believe anything I claim without any proof. But I can assure you, you could be destined for far more than you could ever imagine, should you take the right path and make the right choice."

Before the younger of the two could say anything in response, she felt the world suddenly lurch around her, the breath knocked out of her chest...

... and she found herself standing in a place completely different from where she'd been just seconds ago.

Wh-- What? Where are we? How did--

"You're dreaming, in case you haven't noticed." Emberflight cut in. "This may look like your world, but nothing inhabits this realm right now except for the two of us."

"I'm-- I beg your pardon? 'Realm'? 'Dreaming'?" Claire sputtered in disbelief, whipping around to face the other cat in hostility. "With all due respect, who and what are you, Emberflight?"

"As far as you're concerned? Perhaps I'm the spirit of a dead cat. Or perhaps I'm just a figment of your imagination. That decision is all up to you, in the end." the 'spirit' stated, padding up to the ring of blue flowers that lay before them, surrounding a dead tree.

Claire couldn't help finding that odd-- the trees around them were perfectly healthy-looking. What killed this one? And what was with this strange patch of flowers? It was too neat, too unnaturally shaped, to have been natural. Did Twolegs do this?

Reluctant, she approached it as well. They seemed to glow under the moon and stars' light, stirring playfully with the night breeze as if to greet her presence.

"What are we doing here?" the black-and-white she-cat asked, looking to the other.

Emberflight sat down, curling her long tail neatly over her paws. "This is where the last of my -- of our -- Clan died. You aside, of course."

"Me? Clan? As in those wild Clan cat myths that kittypet mothers tell their kittens to scare them away from leaving Twolegplace?" Claire scoffed disbelievingly.

"Precisely. Believe it or not, those myths were once true. SunClan, moons ago, was once prosperous and strong, rivaled almost by none." the Clan cat murmured, a hint of grief to her tone as she stared hollowly out at the flowers. "Almost."

The younger she-cat remained silent, not wanting to disturb the tabby's moment of mourning. She was still unsure of whether to believe this or not. Emberflight seemed to speak genuinely-- but as she said, this was nothing more than a dream, vivid and lifelike as it was.

"You are the last cat alive to have been born to a SunClan family. That's all I can tell you, for now." Emberflight said, turning to face Claire once more. Standing up and padding over to her, the elder she-cat placed her muzzle upon the rogue's head, and a coldness began to seep into the mottled cat's body. "If you want more answers, find this place in the waking world. I can assure you, you will know the way. Trust your instincts."

And at that, Claire seemed to fall asleep once more, only to abruptly flinch awake to the sight of sunlight filtering in through the tree's leaves and the sound of birdsong.


Aye, that was absolute hell to type up. Anywho, I'm pretty excited for this one. Let's see how far I can make it without giving up.








Claire -- A white, gray, and black dappled she-cat with berry blue eyes. Claire is highly calculating and knows how to think before she rushes into situations. She is one of the very last remaining descendants of SunClan.





Test Subject
#580 Old 30th Apr 2020 at 4:03 AM
Hey guys, I restarted because I needed to move everything to a new computer, and I didn't feel like taking my saves. I'm redoing this challenge, with more of a cattails spin on it I guess? Like, each family will have it's own den, and each cat is more independent of each other I guess? Plus they don't have clan like names. Other then that, to keep population low, I've added more danger, and made winter longer and summer shorter.
So the animal dangers are foxes, mountain lions, wolves, and bears, along with sky birds, which is done through having a large bird generator in each lot that can carry cats and kittens away.
Then there's also sickness, which I have to figure out, because I' m gonna have a healing skill. So here goes for my generators, if anyone wants to use them, plus it's easier to get them here lol:
Sickness: If portrait turns anything other then green
Spring: 0-50(fine) 51-70(Mild sickness) 71-90(medium sickness) 91-100(deadly)
Summer:0-50(fine) 51-80(mild) 81-95(medium) 96-100 (Deadly
Fall: 0-40(fine) 41-70(mild) 71-85(medium) 86-100 (deadly)
Winter:0-35(fine) 36-50(mild) 51-85(medium) 86-100(deadly)
How to fix illness:
only fish and beetles can fix illness(I'm squeamish about my cats eating beetles, so they don't)
Mild illnesses take 2 beetles/fish, of any kind, along with a day rest
Medium illnesses takes 4 beetles/fish, uncommon bugs and above, along with two day rest
Deadly illnesses takes 8 ovo 6 of which has to be uncommon and above, 2 need to be extraordinarily unusual, along with resting till the rest of the season, or just a frikin long time.
Fights: (so, I'm pretty sure the hunting skill affects the outcome in a fight, so having a high fighting skill is dOpE)
CatvWild animal or other cat(fox, racoon, coyote, or whatever wild animals u play with)
Fine: 0-65
Mild booboo: 66-80
major booboo:81-95
Not so fine(deadly): 96-100
Fine: 0-30
Mild: 31-65
Major: 66-90
Deadly: 91-100
CatvLarge animal(If u have these, it's a lion, or wolf, basically large animal)
Fine: 0-35
Mild: 36-60
Major: 61-80
Deadly: 81-100
Fine: 0-15
Mild: 16-35
Major: 36- 65
Deadly: 66-100
CatvWhy the heck would ur cat fight this?!(Something like a freaking bear)
Fine: 0-15
Mild: 16-35
Major: 36- 65
Deadly: 66-100
Fine: 0, ur cat aint gonna be fine
Mild: 0-20
Major: 21-45
Deadly: 46-100
How to fix injury:
Only flowers, and seeds can fix this.
Mild: needs 3 flowers/seeds of any kind, plus a day rest, and add small scar
Major: needs 5 flowers/seeds of uncommon and above, plus 2 day rest, add large scar
Deadly: needs 8 flowers/seeds of uncommon and above plus 2 extraordinarily uncommon, plus rest of season rest, just a freaking long time, add enormous scar, and if cat doesn't get treated in 2 hours, they die, and they can't move until the healer gets to them and uses supplies.
But! There's more!
Birth generator! (Just treat this like an injury btw)
Spring/Summer: 0-55(Fine) 56-70(mild) 71-90(Major) 91-100(Deadly)
Fall/Winter: 0-30(Fine) 31-50(Mild) 51-80(Major) 81-100(Deadly)
And More!
Kits(roll for each one)
Spring/Summer: 1-70(Fine) 71-85(Has major illness) 86-99(Ded) 99-100(Gets alpha pet upgrade)
Fall/Winter: 1-45(Fine) 46-60(Crippled, u decide what happens cuz i'm tired and writing this late) 61-80(Major illness) 81-100(They ded)
And, uh, that about it for generators for injuries and stuff.
Oh! I forgot to mention! Fleas can be fixed with any rodent, a common flower, or sea sludge, or trilobite, and that's it.
Healing Skill:
Can only be gotten through pouncing, if med cat get a skill level through hunting for healing stuff, cheat it back down. It also can only be learned from a cat with healing skill(so don't let the healer die)
Level 1:Can only treat fleas
Level 2: Can collect beetles, flowers, rocks, flying bugs, and seeds
Level 3:Can treat Mild Illnesses and injuries
Level 4: Really doesn't get any bonus here
Level 5: Can treat major illnesses and injuries
Level 6: Can have dreams from the dead
Level 7: Can treat deadly illnesses and injuries
Level 8: Can communicate with the dead in dream, if sent
Level 9: Can travel to graveyard area to communicate with dad
Level 10: Can use cut stone to communicate with the dead on command, tho it happens once they fall asleep
Test Subject
#581 Old 30th Apr 2020 at 5:20 PM
So, wasn't sure when i'd get an update up, but, here i am! I decided i'd play a few days before i start trying to expand - focus on getting my cats acquainted and getting all of their hunting skills up. work on getting some prey too.. Also, for the starclanners i mention, their deaths are.. Drowning (tom, his name is Goosefeather), Starvation (silver) and Burning (cherry).


The six cats weren't too different they had learned over the first three days. Fudge had gotten a bit closer to one of the cats - the tuxedo shecat was currently sitting in front of him actually. "So, what happened? Before the dogs, i mean."She says, elaborating before he'd refer her to the first conversation when they all met. The tom offered a tsk, tail curling tightly around him. "It's a long story.. So, i'll give you the important bits."He says, glancing toward the den in which his friend, Leo, currently sat sleeping. "Me and Leo were kittypets, you see. We were raised together since kithood - we're brothers in a way. Anyway, it wasn't just us.. We have - pardon, had - a sister. Her name was Liv. She was the youngest of us and was.. A bit reckless. She heard there was a dog living near where we did and decided she'd show us she could take care of herself - by going to kill it."He says, looking away momentarily. "We thought she had gone on a walk, we didn't think she'd actually go. But.. Our owners left for a long time and when they came back the upwalker kit was in crying.. I can't understand that plant-like upwalker like you can.. but, i did understand two words.. One being my sister's name and the other 'dead'. Leo thought that we could torment the dog, make sure it doesn't mess with us and take our anger out on it for the loss of our sister - but what he and Liv failed to understand - was that there was more than one dog. We were quickly overwhelmed and.. Well, we booked it! We thought we were safe but they followed us, jumped the fence and started tracking us. We lost them when we entered the city and after that we sort of just tried following our gut, hoping it'd lead us home.. But, instead it led us here."He offers her the important details, giving a nod to her, "And you?" She hummed, "Told you, i got lost. Though, it was after i was abandoned.. I was a kittypet too, but.. My owners? Well... They sort of got mad at me when i scratched their new addition - a small annoying dog. It bit my tail! So i clawed it. They got mad so they took me for a ride, gave me one of my favorite treats.. and... When i woke up i was on the side of a path not too far from here - i think. I waited a day, hoping i'd see them returned. I was getting hungry so.. I left. I hunted and decided to see if i could find my way back, prove to them that i can't just be abandoned for such a silly thing.. But, alas, i only got lost.. I ended up here while trying to find my way back to the road, actually."She responded, looking toward him.

Another two cats were also bonding. One such being Cinnamon herself... and one Tiger. The burly tom offered a snort of amusement at the shecat as she laid out in the grass and rolled around. "What're you doing?" She paused, looking up, "Me? ah, just.. Well.. this is mint."She says, and he nods, "Yeah, i'm aware."He says and she paused, "Wait.. You know what this plant is? What's... That one?" she points her nose toward a bush, it's leaves a dark green and it's berries a threatening red. "Holly berries - dangerous. Should tell that plant on legs to remove it."He says, a humorous tone causing her to chuckle. "So you have herbal knowledge? A medicine cat."He quirked a brow at her, "A.. medicine.. cat?"He repeated and she nodded. "Yes, in my former clan we had a rank in which looked after the rest of the clan. They held herbal knowledge and used the knowledge to heal our injured and sick. They worked in assisting shecats with birth, made sure we were healthy, our kits were healthy.. They were one of the most important cats in the clan."She explained, sitting down. "Really..? Hm.. If we stay... If our goal is to become a clan as you say.. Perhaps i could fill that role? It's always been a dream of mine to help others."He says, and she hums. "So, Tiger, what's your backstory?" He glances to her, "I was born a stray in the city. Lost my family when my mother abandoned me. She though i was too strong, that i would hurt the chance my siblings had for survival - so she left me. So, my father instead took me in. Taught me to hunt, to fight as soon as he could. By the time i was maybe.. eleven moons i had claimed one of the alleyways and established myself a nice territory.."He says, proudly. "But, unfortunately.. I grew sick of it all. The same things day in and day out, the constant assault from other cats who wanted my territory.. It just wasn't worth it.. So, i left. I eventually made my way out to the edge of the city and began hunting birds, mice and rabbits.. I love it out here. It's so.. Free. The plants are another reason - i never saw any of them when i lived in the city. Tress and grass, maybe a few flowers and bushes - but nothing as helpful as the ones i see here."He says, glancing to her. "So, no matter what the others decide - i will definitely stay with you."He says, offering a curt nod of his head to further affirm his promise. "Well, that's wonderful. I'm glad i can count on you, Tiger."She says.

Leo would wake, the tom leaving the den. He'd pause upon hearing a familiar name 'Liv' and offer a tsk as he looked to Fudge. With a shake of his head, the tom headed away, long strides eventually bringing him to sit in front of the water. The small pool of water was relaxing in a sense, offering him tranquility and removing the thoughts that troubled the tom. "H-hello..."Patches approached, sitting a little ways away, but still close enough to hear the tom. "You seemed.. uncomfortable with Fudge talking to Sasha.."She says, and he tsks. "Uncomfortable isn't the word i'd use, Patches."He responded, glancing to her. "I'm not uncomfortable with him talking about Liv - she's dead. That's history, water under the bridge. I'm just annoyed he's working so hard to get to know everyone despite knowing we can't stay."He muttered, and patches paused, not quite understanding for a moment before.. "Oh, you don't want him to leave you to stay with us.. i see.." The tom jumps slightly, not expecting her to make that connection and offered a low hiss, eyes narrowing into a glare as he eyed the spotted shecat, "no! And don't you dare repeat that to anyone! I don't care if he leaves me." The tom retorted, getting to his paws and stomping away. The shecat hummed, "You definitely do."

The fourth day would, however, mark a new chapter in the six cats' lives. For on the fourth day.. They got a sign.
Tiger would be sleeping in his nest, the tom would twist and turn in his sleep, mind soon drifting...

When the tom's eyes opened, he found himself near a large waterfall, the crystalline water he woke up near seemed to shimmer in the sunlight, but, despite the sun's rays - he could see.. stars dancing in mirrored images upon the water's surface. He was mesmerized and when he turned, the tom's eyes went wide, taking a step back in fear momentarily before a calm, motherly tone reassured him, "You've no need to fear us, we are not here to harm - nor could our bodies do harm no more."She says, offering a flick of her tail to motion two others forward.

The ghost who was speaking was a pale pink color, her sweet eyes resting upon Tiger with a warmth only a... "Yes, you may have guessed it already.. I'm indeed your kin. Though, i am not closely related to you as you may have thought."She says, chuckling softly. "I'm Silverstar, the former leader of a clan that resided in this beautiful forest you are currently staying. My clan was Lushclan."She says, a fondness in her eyes causing the tom to settle down. "Where.. am i?" he asked and she hummed, "Right now? You are sleeping in your nest. Your spiritual body has been called here however so we may speak to you."She answers and looks around, "This, is Echoing Falls. The only place you may hear and speak to us - after this point anyway. You are with us in Starclan, currently."

The other two cats watched with curiosity but one sighed, "Silver, if i may?" The shecat offered a nod, and another padded fourth, "I'm CherryLeaf, the former medicine cat for.. another clan who lived in this land.. We were known as Stormclan."She says, offering a tip of her head. "Like you, i have vast herbal knowledge. Like you, my only goal was to help others as, for a long time, i was forced to harm others."She says, frowning slightly but soon shaking the thought off, "I am aware the others have yet to decide but i am here to relay a message.. Six paths cross and unite at one common point, these six have a common path from this point, as all are meant for great." She says,

Finally, the third cat, a smaller tom, says, "Now to return with what you know, we wish you luck, Tiger." The tom opens his mouth to speak, to ask another question, but nothing comes out. His eyes shut and when they open.. he was back in his nest.

"What? Starclan..?" Leo and Fudge asked somewhat skeptically, Sasha looked unsure, but Patches and Cinnamon both nodded, "Then it seems i was right.. We were brought together for a purpose."Cinnamon says, and looks to the three skeptical cats with a sigh, "I can't force you to stay, of course. But, i implore you to stay. Sasha, you're hunting skill is unmatched by even mine - and i've lived in the wild for my entire life. If any cats join our ranks in the coming days, i'd want the best of us to teach them to hunt - and that would be you." The black and white she looked away with embarassment, "Leo, as much as i know you don't want to stay - and as much as you try to claim you want to leave - what's there for you now?" She questions and the tom pauses, "If fudge stays, you'd be alone.. I may not know you, but, i know leaving someone whom you consider family wouldn't be easy. Stay with us, forge a new life away from the life you remember. Start anew."She says, and he glances to Fudge who nods, "I.. I kind of want to stay." the tom admits, passing a glance to Sasha who doesn't seem to notice as she talks to Patches.

"fine.. it's settled then.. We'll stay."

Cinnamon then went to work, names were given.

Cinnamon took on the name of CinnamonFur once more. Tiger became TigerLeap. Sasha became SilentStep, as a nod to her hunting capability. Patches became PatchPelt. Leo became LionHeart (as a nod, unbeknownst to him, to his pride), and fudge became OtterSlip. With their names in mind, Tigerleap agreed to take on the role of.. "Medicine cat..?" Tigerleap nodded, "It's fitting for me as i have the most herbal knowledge among us. I can help you if you get sick, injured.."He says, and they all look to him in surprise, some unaware of the tom's knowledge, other's surprised he want such a heavy burden. "Good. You meeting Starclan is just one sign that you are mean't for such a spot."CinnamonFur says, offering a nod of approval. With the day coming to a close, the cats headed for their nests, sleep soon taking them.



(T) TigerLeap - A large, burly, long-haired, yellow and white tom with black spots and stripes marking his fur. His eyes are hazel.


(S) Patchpelt - A small, meek, white shecat with black and orange splotching her pelt. Her eyes are grey.
(T) Otterslip - A slim dark-brown tom with light brown eyes.
(S) Cinnamonfur - A fluffy, cinnamon shecat with soft brown eyes.
(S) Silentstep - A lean black and white shecat with brown, near-black eyes.
(T) LionHeart - A red-brown tom with stripe-like marks on the top of his head. His eyes are amber in color.






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#582 Old 30th Apr 2020 at 10:14 PM
Default A Last Ray of Hope -- Update 1.1
Hey heyyy sub-chapter time. I just feel like if I were to write this whole sequence as a story chapter it'd be a bit too time-consuming and long.

Also, TW: A bit of cartoon blood! Nothing graphic and it's not a lot at all, but better to be safe than sorry. There are also mentions of death and violence in the text, however nothing outright graphic-- it's more conceptually dark.

Additionally, some of the exposition in this update may confuse you! For context, you can view my original SunClan playthrough in pages 20 to 21 of this thread! It's not completely necessary, though, considering it's moreso just a way for me to give closure for my previous Clan rather than a huge plot point. The only truly relevant part of the dream segment is that Claire finally learns about her SunClan roots and starts actively working on building up a Clan!


So here we have our dear founder, Claire-- otherwise addressed as Brightray by her ancestors. After having had her strange dream with the spirit of her self-proclaimed dead Clanmate, she wasn't sure what to make of things quite yet.

It took a few days of deliberation and restlessness, but she eventually opted to start making the journey to what was supposed to be SunClan's burial ground. Although she wasn't even sure if this was all real, let alone all of the things she'd been told by Emberflight in her dream, she supposed it was better to confirm it so that her mind could finally be at ease. It wasn't as if she had anything to lose from checking, right?

And - lo and behold - she actually found it! Much to her shock, the place was just as it had been in her dream. After wading into the flowerbed, she found herself falling asleep.

Plunging back into her dreams, she relived the history of SunClan's rise and fall-- the union of the founders, the birth and growth of their kits... and then the prophecy.

(Yeah i didn't have any sims 3 pictures for this segment and I really didn't want to leave it with no visuals at all whatsoever, so have this very lazy drawing. Damn though, drawing this really made me realize just how much i miss og SunClan )

"Black as night and tainted in blood red, the bringer of death will rise to leadership and bring about an era of terror and violence.
Lives will be lost. The very foundations of a Clan will be shaken and toppled.
But in the end, the only way to stop bloodshed will be bloodshed."

By then, it had been moons since the founder died. The third generation of SunClan had grown into fine young cats, under the leadership of Firestar (I SWEAR THIS WAS COINCIDENTAL, I WASN'T INITIALLY EXPECTING FIREWING TO BECOME THE DEPUTY) with Sproutleaf as their medicine cat after Eelstrike passed away of old age. Some cats indulged completely in their duties as warriors, and others decided to settle down and start their own families. It was a peaceful time.

However, that peace didn't last long.

One day, a strange group of hostile foreign Clan cats raided the camp, destroying what they could and attacking cats on sight. Leading them was an eerily familiar black and red she-cat-- someone they thought they'd lost moons ago. She and her Clanmates addressed her as Rosestar-- but her name was once Nectarkit, who had been stolen away by Twolegs numerous moons ago. As it turned out, she had managed to run away from their nest, only to be found by another Clan and raised into a merciless killer.

Firestar lost every single one of his lives that day. Sandcloud, Cloudedfoot, and Thawfrost were killed as well, leaving Songflight the only surviving cat of her bloodline.

From there, the Clan was scattered. One by one, cats were continuously picked off. The survivors were constantly on edge, with hardly any time to properly hunt. They protected their kits and their elders with their lives-- however, even they fell prey, indiscriminately.

Eventually, the only ones left were Waspwing and the kits of his late friend, Thornswipe. Among that litter were Brightkit and her siblings, three moons old. Waspwing had the opportunity to fulfill the prophecy and end the bloodshed by killing his long-missing sister-- with a heavy heart, he dealt the final blow, but ended up dying of wound infection soon after. The kits were forced to scatter when other cats began to approach.

In the end, Brightkit was the only one lucky enough to live.

The dream ended there, and Claire jolted awake, horrified and winded by the sudden influx of knowledge and memory. She could remember everything. And so, from there, she fled back to her camp, which at that point had become a home for her.

Knowing her full identity now, she chose to take on the name Brightray to honor her fallen Clan, vowing to rebuild SunClan to its former glory.

And thus, from there, the challenge has officially started!

I decided to generally run things like I did for the first SunClan, considering just how well the system worked. With a random generator, I determined whether the day would hold a rogue visit (its better having the cats come to me, because the loner/rogue households I set up keep m o v i n g because of Storyprogression) and if so, how many from 1 to 3.

I... did not get lucky the first few days and Brightray's social was getting low. I didn't want to cheat it in, so I had her explore the area and find any potential recruits-- luckily she found this suspiciously packed house of rogue cats!

I decided to have her interact with only three. I rolled a random generator to see which cat, then rolled again for each of them to see whether they were convinced to join her or not.

In the end, she managed to convince one cat! Said cat being the lovely Dream, a loud and obnoxious but nice enough she-cat for Brightray to tolerate.

They familiarized themselves with each other and with the territory they would be sharing, thankfully taking care of Brightray's social need and getting Dream taught how to hunt!


So that's all I have for now, sorry this was mostly just an exposition chapter, but hey! Things'll be kicking off from here with actual gameplay! Looking forward to what's up next.

Also, no family tree for this update. I'll get it started once we get some kits in the mix!



Brightray -- A white, gray, and black dappled she-cat with berry blue eyes. Brightray is highly calculating and knows how to think before she rushes into situations-- additionally, having lived alone for so long, she has a tendency for skepticism and distrust but can be won over with the right proof. She is one of the very last remaining descendants of SunClan.

Dream -- A pale brown tabby she-cat with dark eyes. Dream is loudmouthed, rambunctious, and clumsy, although well-intentioned. She was a Twolegplace rogue who was convinced to live in the forest by Brightray.
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#583 Old 1st May 2020 at 12:03 AM
Oh, I love this and I'm excited.

@DJKanine9 your art is fantastic too, you should be very proud!

Oh c'mon. There better be a point to all this stress I'm under.
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#584 Old 1st May 2020 at 1:49 AM
Hey DJKanine9 that bed that brightray is sleeping on in the last image - is that CC or something you get in game? Because if it's CC i want to know where i can get it?
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#585 Old 1st May 2020 at 1:23 PM
@LittleChesire Thank you so much!! It's super flattering to hear that!

@kiri1109 It's CC! It's a cushion pet bed CC from modthesims (here's the link: https://modthesims.info/d/479413/cu...onus-items.html) that I added the grass texture onto so it looks like moss.
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Default A Last Ray of Hope -- Update 1.2
Wooooo I'm on a roll, and things are properly kicking off in the challenge now!



So, last time we left off, Brightray and her newly-recruited Clanmate Dream were settling down into their new lives as Clan cats. As of now, their main mission was to recruit more!

The way I had this work was by rolling the rogue visit random generator for every day at 6 AM (the rogue visits were explained briefly last update). If any rogues happened to visit, they would hang around for the day to familiarize themselves with the territory, see what Clan life is like, and bond with the cats already there. Then, when the day reached 4 PM, I would roll a random generator for each cat which would decide whether they were convinced to join the Clan or not. The higher their relationship with at least one of the Clan cats, the more likely it would be that they'd stick around.

My aim, like it was with the original SunClan, was for the population to reach 5 before it could be considered an official Clan.

Our first visitor was a she-cat rogue named Dot! She clicked well enough with Dream, but ended up deciding not to stay in SunClan, having felt intimidated by the hard work that came with the wildcat lifestyle.

Our next rogue visit yielded much better results! We received, again, one rogue this time around-- a she-cat named Gray, whose coloration was eerily similar to Dot's. I didn't really intend for them to look so close to one another, and I think it was just an oversight I had when creating the rogue cats, since I just wanted more blue-gray cats in the mix at the time.

Gray made very good friends with Dream and wound up deciding to join the Clan, bumping our number up to three!

The next day, we received three visitors! The pale yellow tom rolling around in the dirt was named Lightning, the golden-brown tabby stretching in the front is a she-cat named Glaze, and the third cat is a she-cat named Orchid!

As it turned out, Lightning actually already met Gray back in Twolegplace, so the two got along swimmingly!

Orchid found a particular admiration in Brightray and her strong Clan cat lifestyle, and despite the latter's awkwardness and cold personality, they became fast friends!

And then, demon cats.

At the end of the day, Glaze decided she was better off living a more solitary, free life, whilst Lightning and Orchid's decisions had practically already been made by then.

With new SunClan having reached five members, it was time for things to become official!

Brightray was unanimously elected as the leader and received her nine lives from her ancestors that night, having earned the title for successfully reviving SunClan. Dream was given the name Echosong and chosen to be the medicine cat, Gray was given the name Driftstream, Lightning was given the name Pollenbreeze, and Orchid was given the name Petalfoot and chosen to be the deputy.

After a while of having settled in and adjusted to their new lives as a full-fledged Clan, Driftstream and Pollenbreeze decided to tie the knot. Expect some kits in the next update!



Brightstar (9/9) -- A white, gray, and black dappled she-cat with berry blue eyes. Brightstar is highly calculating and knows how to think before she rushes into situations-- additionally, having lived alone for so long, she has a tendency for skepticism and distrust but can be won over with the right proof. She is one of the very last remaining descendants of SunClan, and earned her leadership by successfully reviving it. Her preferred prey to hunt for is turtles.


Petalfoot -- A brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, muzzle, and paws, a black marking on her neck, and violet eyes. Petalfoot is extremely cautious and meticulous, sometimes to an unreasonable extent, but her intuition usually proves correct. She chose to stay in the forest because of her admiration of Brightstar’s competence and lifestyle as a wildcat.


Echoflight -- A pale brown tabby she-cat with dark eyes. Echoflight is loudmouthed, rambunctious, and clumsy, although well-intentioned. She was a Twolegplace rogue who was convinced to live in the forest by Brightray. She has a particular knack for catching snakes-- especially venomous ones.


Driftstream -- A blue-gray tabby she-cat with a black underbelly and striped tail, as well as heterochromatic golden and blue eyes. Driftstream is smart, although often paranoid and absentminded. She is somewhat intimidated by Brightstar, though she chose to stay in the forest because of the close bond she formed with Echoflight. She prefers to hunt for bugs.

Pollenbreeze -- A pale yellow tom with drooping ears and olive green eyes. Pollenbreeze is cheeky and clumsy, and often overestimates his own abilities. He chose to stay in the forest because of his bond with Driftstream, whom he knew beforehand.


Family tree coming soon with the upcoming PollenDrift kits!
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Default A Last Ray of Hope -- Update 1.3

So, where we left off last time, things were going pretty smoothly for the newly-revived SunClan. Our cats were living their lives harmoniously and the fresh-kill pile well stocked.

Unfortunately for poor Driftstream and Pollenbreeze, their first litter - consisting of only one kit, a small tom - was stillborn. Such a shame, especially since his coloration was really pretty in my opinion.

In their grief, both cats were unable to perform their warrior duties for a few days-- thankfully, with Brightstar being such a gifted hunter, the Clan was able to manage.

I had them try again, considering we'll be needing apprentices really soon. A lot of the cats were already about halfway through adulthood at this point.

And considering Pollenbreeze was the only tom in the Clan, I decided to bring outsider kits into the mix to support the Clan bloodline (much like I did with Galerush, Rainmist, and Luna when they were kits in my previous playthrough). Using the very handy instant baby tool from nraas Mastercontroller, I further populated the rogue cats with kits, based off of the mated pairs already set by Storyprogression.

The first kit this brought to the Clan was a little tom! He was found within the territory with all of his memories lost, and no idea where he initially came from. Taking pity on him, they took him in as one of their own and named him Dawnkit.

Unexpectedly, he actually formed a very wholesome friendship with our deputy, Petalfoot! It was a no-brainer as to who his future mentor would be.

Soon after, the second PollenDrift litter was born! Thankfully, the eldest kit - a tom who they named Shinekit - was deemed healthy. Unfortunately, however, the last and youngest kit was also stillborn.

Because of the death, Driftstream caught grief disease, though thankfully mild, at a severity of 13. Echosong didn't have the right herbs to cure it, but with the illness being mild, she has plenty of time-- and if worst comes to worst, she has a rainbow beetle stashed.

A few days later, another kit was found! This time, a she-kit named Toast, who was driven far away from home when she was chased by a rabid dog. Brightstar offered to keep her sheltered and fed for as long as she needs. She was given the temporary name Maplekit.

With there being enough kits for now, I decided to lower the chances of finding strange kits.


Next up, we had an adult rogue visit this time around! A tom named Wasp, and a familiar face for Echosong. As it turned out, he actually used to be her mate! But they only seem to be friends now, and remain on amicable terms.

That being said, however, he seemed to take a special interest in Brightstar, which was - although cautiously, at first - reciprocated. She taught him about all she knew regarding Clan cat life, and he listened and learned with fascination.

Sadly, despite their connection, he chose to depart a few days later. Brightstar did her best to seem unfazed as she usually was, but the sadness she felt was easily noticed by her close companions.

On a brighter note, though, Dawnkit and Maplekit reached six moons not long after, and they were given the names Dawnpaw and Maplepaw! Petalfoot was chosen as Dawnpaw's mentor, with their close bond since his kithood, and Pollenbreeze was chosen to be Maplepaw's mentor.

I only have a picture of Dawnpaw when he'd aged up-- something weird happened with Maplepaw's model and it was terrifying so I did not take a picture.


LEADER || Brightstar (8/9) -- A white, gray, and black dappled she-cat with berry blue eyes. Brightstar is highly calculating and knows how to think before she rushes into situations-- additionally, having lived alone for so long, she has a tendency for skepticism and distrust but can be won over with the right proof. She is one of the very last remaining descendants of SunClan, and earned her leadership by successfully reviving it. Her preferred prey to hunt for is turtles.

DEPUTY || [Dawnpaw] Petalfoot -- A brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, muzzle, and paws, a black marking on her neck, and violet eyes. Petalfoot is extremely cautious and meticulous, sometimes to an unreasonable extent, but her intuition usually proves correct. She chose to stay in the forest because of her admiration of Brightstar’s competence and lifestyle as a wildcat. Her preferred prey is turtles.

MEDICINE CAT || Echoflight -- A pale brown tabby she-cat with dark eyes. Echoflight is loudmouthed, rambunctious, and clumsy, although well-intentioned. She was a Twolegplace rogue who was convinced to live in the forest by Brightray. She has a particular knack for catching snakes-- especially venomous ones.



[Maplepaw] Pollenbreeze -- A pale yellow tom with drooping ears and olive green eyes. Pollenbreeze is cheeky and clumsy, and often overestimates his own abilities. He chose to stay in the forest because of his bond with Driftstream, whom he knew beforehand. His preferred prey is birds. He is the mate of Driftstream, and the father of Shinekit. After the death of two of his kits, he is too jaded and heartbroken to want to have any more.


[Petalfoot] Dawnpaw -- A pale ginger tom with white and darker ginger markings, as well as gray eyes. Dawnpaw is a witty and defiant kit who dislikes following orders. He was an amnesiac kit who was found within the Clan’s territory, with no knowledge and no idea as to where he’d come from.

[Pollenbreeze] Maplepaw -- A brown tabby she-cat with a white head and underbelly, and heterochromatic golden and brown eyes. Maplepaw is an absentminded but very particular kit, and often likes to daydream. She was a rogue kit who was separated from her family after getting chased by a rabid dog.



[N] Driftstream -- A blue-gray tabby she-cat with a black underbelly and striped tail, as well as heterochromatic golden and blue eyes. Driftstream is smart, although often paranoid and absentminded. She is somewhat intimidated by Brightstar, though she chose to stay in the forest because of the close bond she formed with Echoflight. She prefers to hunt for bugs. She is the mate of Pollenbreeze, and the mother of Shinekit. Because of the death of two of her kits, she is highly overprotective of her only surviving son.


[PollenDrift] Shinekit -- A pale golden tabby tom with a white muzzle and darker golden stripes, as well as heterochromatic golden and gray-blue eyes. Shinekit is a bold and confident kit, who often gets himself into bad situations due to being too reckless. He is the son of Driftstream and Pollenbreeze.



[PollenDrift] Unnamed Kit -- A pale yellow tom kit with gray and black markings. He was too weak to survive upon birth. The only kit of Pollenbreeze and Driftstream’s first litter.

[PollenDrift] Unnamed Kit -- A pale yellow tom kit with darker ginger stripes and a white muzzle, as well as heterochromatic golden and gray-blue eyes. He was too weak to survive upon birth. The second and youngest kit of Pollenbreeze and Driftstream’s second litter.


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#588 Old 2nd May 2020 at 8:19 PM
I will love to try this so bad but how do you people make such nice lots for the cats to live on? I am so bad at creating lots can I download one from somewhere?
Test Subject
#589 Old 3rd May 2020 at 12:54 AM
A lot of CC, Move Objects On, and some BuyDebug are how i make my clan lot lol. But, if you look, you can probably find a Warrior Cats lot somewhere. Might take some digging though.
Personally, i think it may be better to just make one yourself as it feels more.. homey if you are the one to make since you'll be playing on that lot.. a while
Lab Assistant
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#590 Old 3rd May 2020 at 7:40 AM

If I have any tips to give, I mostly recommend first dividing your camp lot into sections and deciding where the dens will be (usually I use either rocks to create the barriers or lower the ground and make a little gorge, then I place the pet beds / pet houses / cat condos), using the terrain paint tool to make paths between them, and then adding plants and extra rocks in between. It'll at least give the lot some structure and proportion.
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#591 Old 5th May 2020 at 5:24 PM
Back with another update! Not a big one but, it does spell out our ranks more!

In the past moon, things have started to get.. interesting for the clan of six. Silentstep had finally taken the initiative.. and asked Otterslip to be her mate!

The activity in the territory has caused a curious set of paws to move among the leaves... introducing.. lilykit!

a few days later, this cat, named Sunny, also showed up. She stole a goldfish from the freshkill and just started sleeping in the warriors den? So, after a long talk with Cinnamonfur - she decided to stay! Sunny was given the name Dewpetal.

In addition, with the new kit in the clan.. Silentstep has been spending an awful long time with the kit.. and thus, she and otterslip take a long walk to talk.. It's not long later that tigerleap gives her the news- She's pregnant! However, it isn't just Silentstep with kits on the brain.. another couple takes the day to alert the clan to not only their relationship but.. the kits they will soon bring into the world. LionHeart and Dewpetal are now mates! The tom wasted no time (literally, a SECOND after i added her to the clan? they were in making kits. What happened to getting to know her there Lion?)

In addition.. Another message is given - this time, directly to CinnamonFur herself.

(story start)
The brown-furred shecat had settled in her nest for the night, sleep causing a yawn to slip from the cat as she sinks into her nest and gets comfortable. She is soon curled up, and finds herself drifting.. deeper, and deeper she slips until..

"It's been long since i've seen you, Cinnamon."
The friendly tone jolts the shecat, her eyes staring into the familiar set of her long-deceased mentor, a shecat by the name of FrostedFlower. "Frosted...flower..?" the female says, and the shecat chuckles in response, "No need to seem so shocked, you of all cats should know of us - of Starclan." Cinnamon nodded curtly, clearing her throat. "I've come a long way to see you again, and i will continue to watch over your clan." She then hums. "You've brought together Seven, and united Six as we had said. Not only that, but.. You've new members coming so very soon, that, things should be made.. more permanent, shouldn't it?" Cinnamon offered a confused look until more cats slipped from the brush from behind Frostedflower... "We're here to grant you, CinnamonFur, the greatest blessing we can offer.. The blessing of Nine Lives."
"So, is she dead? She's been asleep a while." Muttered Lionheart who earned a glare from Dewpetal. "Dead.. no. But.. I think she's definitely.. changing." Tigerleap could almost feel it. The energy entering the leader. It was when her eyes finally opened and she informed them of everything that the cats understood - Streamclan had their leader and she was offered Starclan's gift of ninelives. With the knowledge of this, the shecat immediately knew who'd become her second in command...

"It was a hard choice - those of you i know well enough, it was hard to narrow down who'd make the best deputy. Thus.. I have ultimately decided that the deputy position will be filled by... Lionheart! His bravery, his loyalty.. It's clear he was the best choice for deputy" The shecat says, watching the tom stand and approach, offeirng a dip of the head to his clanmates as they cheered in response.

(story end)

So, cinnamonstar was rolled to be leader - i honestly was leaning toward Lionheart actually. But, i decided to randomize who'd be leader and i was surprised she was picked! So, we now have CinnamonStar. However, i decided i would at least make Lionheart deputy.

Also lilykit joined the clan with three days to apprenticeship so, i decided to just.. continue this play of the game until she was apprenticed (which, would actually be around when the queens give birth!

Silentstep was first to give birth and brought three tom-kits into the world!

This little kit is Mousekit! He's the oldest of the kits and is seemingly the strongest.

After him is Minkkit and then the runt, Wrenkit.

Lilykit was curious so, she went up and sniffed Mousekit (here's a better look at Mousekit)

Dewpetal also gave birth.. To quadruplets! Four kits! There was one Tom, and three shekits. I present - Beekit, Ivorykit, Dawnkit and Honeykit. In that order from closest to furthest from the camera. Aren't they adorable? I may edit Ivorykit and Dawnkit a little as they are near copies of Bee and Honey.

Bonus photo, Dewpetal with Lilykit.

Lionheart with Dawnkit.

Dewpetal with Ivorykit.

That's it for this update! Lilykit, unfortunately, did not age up for this post. But! no worries, she will for the next one! My clan now has 8 kittens and 7 adults.. i think i am gonna cry
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#592 Old 5th May 2020 at 8:54 PM
Hello! I've been lurking on this thread literally for years and I've played this challenge over and over. Sadly, the computer I played on barely functions and I can't get images off it so I can't share my stories. However, I'm getting some more packs in the mail soon and I'm able to play it in it's full glory! By the way, what happened to the rolls for illness and injury? They were really useful! (my cats also tried and failed to catch snakes so much) Also, another question, are we allowed to start threads to share our stories on? Or is that not allowed?

Thank you for reading!! :3
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#593 Old 15th May 2020 at 8:20 AM

The rolls are re-posted above by Twitcheye. As for starting threads, i don't think so? I'm not sure and that would be a question for a moderator of the site if i'm not mistaken.

I'll be posting another update soon.
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#594 Old 18th May 2020 at 10:38 PM
Originally Posted by viia
Hello! I've been lurking on this thread literally for years and I've played this challenge over and over. Sadly, the computer I played on barely functions and I can't get images off it so I can't share my stories. However, I'm getting some more packs in the mail soon and I'm able to play it in it's full glory! By the way, what happened to the rolls for illness and injury? They were really useful! (my cats also tried and failed to catch snakes so much) Also, another question, are we allowed to start threads to share our stories on? Or is that not allowed?

Thank you for reading!! :3

I don't have any random generator for patrols, as I do the hunting a patrol system different. Basically, I have the camp for the cats, with the gnomes that allow on other animals, then I have a bunch of parks each with one or two large bird spawners, for the change that an app or warrior gets carried away, and they basically go to the areas that are their territory, and if they see anyone on it they fight them, and then I reset them saying they were chased off.
I can give some generators, though I think if you look further back on this, there should be some.
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#595 Old 22nd May 2020 at 6:47 PM
Thank you for the feedback! I finally got my expansion packs in the mail, so I can start the challenge! I'll be posting updates here!! : )
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#596 Old 10th Jul 2020 at 1:15 PM
Ahh!! It feels so nostalgic looking at this thread lol

If you guys don’t remember me I wouldn’t be surprised!! It’s been a while
I hope you all are doing good ????
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#597 Old 11th Jul 2020 at 4:30 PM
Ayy ima back with: *drumming noises* Drugclan! ovo
In a world full of sickness and ways to die, and all the cats are somewhat high, and names that make me hope that the authorities never check my search history, we're gonna see where the hell this is gonna go.
Heroinstar (tom, only one life cuz he first leader)
Cocainnose (female, has white stuff around her nose. I wonder what it is...?)
MDMAear (tom, keeps catching plasma bugs, and vomiting out his internal organs)
Methwing (female, hates everyone and keeps trying to attack them, but great at hunting!)
Crackhead (tom, accidentally set himself on fire while smoking, now forever black)
Ecstasytail (Female, too loopy and happy to know who's who)
Cocainnose (Already mentioned)
Valiumkit (tom, too fluffy to see the hole he just jumped in) (EcstasytailxCrackhead)
Salviakit (Female, looks just like her dad, but runs into walls just like her mom) (HeroinstarxCocainnose)
LSDkit (female, has little to no flesh other then those necessary for over dosing)
Cocainkit (Tom, has ....something... on his nose. Uses his mommas snorting technique)
four foxes who tried fight mai kitties
Shroomkit (tom, still born, big head, tiny body)
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#598 Old 5th Oct 2020 at 10:14 AM
I'm very sad! I came back to the game only to completely forget where i had left off *not only that* but i remember having done more and taken screenshots and such - but never posted them! Thus i literally forget everything that occurred. So.. I'm gonna start over. Hopefully, my game won't kill my computer and will allow me to play an hour + of gameplay at a time.
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#599 Old 29th Nov 2020 at 12:49 AM Last edited by Butterz202 : 29th Nov 2020 at 1:37 AM.
I started this challenge yesterday. I only had one cat. Her name was Birdwhisker. She was a medicine cat that ran away from her previous clan because she was pregnant with kits. She had no one with her and gave birth to three kits in total, 1 she-kit and 2 toms. Before I started this challenge I decided to use random generators. The two toms died and the she-kit was healthy. Everything seemed to be going okay until the kit was 4 moons old, her name was Dapplekit. She got attacked by a dog and was killed. All Birdwhisker's kits, her reason for leaving her clan, were dead. She died from being reckless in a hunt.
So my first try did not go as planned. But I plan to try again. I got attached to Birdwhisker so I might use her again. But I kind of want to start with a completely new cat.

PS: I may not post often as I don't have access to my sims 3 very often. But I will try as much as I can.
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#600 Old 30th Nov 2020 at 12:25 AM Last edited by Butterz202 : 2nd Dec 2020 at 2:56 PM.
Default Attempt #2: PantherClan Update #1
Okay. So my second attempt so far. Nothing too exciting has happened, but I'm about a week in and I have 2 cats currently. Pantherheart and Jaytail. They are going to be future mates, they are a little young right now though so I'm waiting for them to grow up a bit before they do that. Pantherheart had to go and get Jaytail from the rogue place because after two days she still didn't have any cats come and she was on the risk of being lonely. I had random generators going already... so I didn't want that. Pantherheart looks like an all black cat but she has some hidden markings that will come through when she has kits.

Pantherheart was born to a rogue family and was eventually taken in by a clan as a kit after her parents died. The clan never fully accepted her and the only cat that cared for her was her mentor. She lost her eye and her mentor in a border skirmish with another clan. She got her warrior name the day she lost those two things. As soon as she was done with her vigil, she left the clan and never looked back. She found a pine forest to call her home. She decided then to build a clan that would accept everyone and not discriminate against anyone for the circumstances of their birth.
She met three cats to possibly take into her group. Only one of them accepted. A blue-gray tom named Jay with a black stripe going down his back. The other two cats were a pair of siblings named Lily and Tom. After getting back to the territory, Jay and Pantherheart quickly grew close and bonded over learning to hunt in the new territory.




Pantherheart- A young, quick-tempered, black she-cat with gray eyes, one of which is missing, the skin around it is heavily scarred. She has hidden markings all throughout her fur
Jay- A young, patient, blue-gray tom with blue eyes and a black stripe down his back





Lily- A white, spotted she-cat with green eyes
Tom- A white, spotted tom with green eyes

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