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The Sims 2 - Let's Play Streaming Account
Hi All,

I'm a new member.
I got here to download some university neighborhood and wanted to stay.
Recently due to the lockdown I've begun enjoying my passion again, the sims 2.
So I started a Youtube channel with a let's play.
A Let's play of Joe and Jane of the tutorial.
I made the neighborhood playable and now we make them grow/have kids/ maybe be a little unfainful, but not on purpose, it's just confusing with 3 joe's, and so on..
If this sounds nice to you, feel free to join and watch.
I try to post once a week.
I do both livestreams and video's with a preview (in which I also react to the comments)
Mostly posting is on Friday evening or Saturday

Thanks for reading <3
Hope to see some of you soon!
Also, feel free to give suggestions! I'd love them :D
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