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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 18

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 18

Over at Willow Creek things are back to normal. The bout of flu that plagued so many of the peasants has run it's course and all have recovered.

Raulin and Olivia Wylde's daughter has grown up into a toddler. She was out outside playing with her ragdoll when . . .

Ralf came along.

When she saw him, she came running as fast as her little legs would carry her.

He picked her up and threw her in the air. Sarah loved the attention from her grandfather.

"Hello Ralf, glad to see you're out and about", said Caleb.
"Yes, the same to you", said Ralf.

As Ralf was carrying Sarah to her house, he remembered when Caleb was her age. He would have liked to have paid more attention to the boy but being the way things were, it would have caused more suspicions than anything else. "Why did that son have to look so much like me?", he thought to himself.

After he took Sarah to her house, Ralf went to his friend Jasper Ousby's house. He had been friends with Jasper and his wife Sadie since they were all childern.
"Jasper sit down over there with Sadie. I got something important to ask you both", said Ralf.

"You've both known me for quite a while now and I reckon you know all there is to know about me", he said, "What I want to ask you is can I have your permission to marry your daughter?"

"Ralf you're a lot older than Abra. You have a son older than her and besides that, you're a grandfather now", said Sadie.

"Ralf, do you love our little girl?", asked Jasper.

"Yes I do", he said, "And I know I can be a good husband to her."

Jasper whispered something to Sadie while Ralf waited for their decision.

Then Sadie gave a "thumbs up" to Ralf's request.

Jasper gave his old friend a friendly hug.

Ralf sit on the fisherman's stage and worried that Abra might turn him down.
He hadn't felt this way about a woman since his Sarah. He knew he could be a good husband if he was given the chance.

He lay back and watched the clouds. Abra came along and asked to join him.

"What were you thinking about?", she asked.
"You", he said.

She jumped up.
"You were thinking about ME?", she asked.
"Yes, actually I was", he said, "There's something I want to ask you."

"Abra will you marry me?", he asked.
"Oh Ralf I'd like nothing better, but I have to get my parents permission", she said.

"I already asked them", he said.

"Then YES!", she said.

"I love you Ralf", she said.
"I love you, too", he said.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 19

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 19

At Castle Dargon, Vincent was in the mood for some early Sunday morning affection from Rachael. He gave her a passionate kiss . . .

Then carried her over to the bed.
"is it alright?", he asked.
"No Vincent, not now", she said.

"YOU"RE refusing ME!", he shouted.

""Gavril is awake and besides that, my daughters will be here soon.

"Honestly Vincent, you act like a spoiled child when you don't get your way", she said.

A few minutes later Beatrix and Alyson arrived.

Alyson had grown into an adult since her last visit.
"Alyson you're beautiful", said Rachael.

She gave her a hug.

She gave Beatrix a hug.

"You're just as beautiful as your mother", Vincent told Alyson, "Welcome back."

Then he gave Beatrix a welcome hug.

"I'm glad you and Beatrix came back", said Gavril, "We don't ever have any other company."

Rachael fixed something to eat and asked her daughters to join them.
"How is everyone at the village doing?", she asked.

"Several of the men had a bout with the flu, but they've all recovered now", said Beatrix, "And Ralf Wylde asked Abra Ousby to marry him and she said yes."

"Abra is a lovely girl, she deserves a man like Ralf. He was a good and faithful husband to Sarah for many years, even with her so sick", said Rachael.

"Really Mother, are you blind?", said Beatrix, "Take a good long look at Caleb Fenton."
"Now Beatrix you shouldn't be saying things like that without any proof. If Jonathan accepts Caleb as his own, then so be it", said Rachael.

Beatrix played a game of chess with Gavril most of the afternoon. He enjoyed having a new opponent besides his mother who he could beat.

Vincent, Alyson and Rachael sit in the livingroom and chatted.

After supper Gavril went to bed.

Alyson and her mother were ingrossed in a game of chess.

Vincent had gone outside to get a breath of fresh air.

"Will it be alright if I join you?", said Beatrix.
"Yes of course", he said, "I always enjoy your company."

"Beatrix, do you have a special young man at the village?", he asked.

"No, none of them can conpare to you", she laughed, nuzzeling his neck.

"Will you come with me to a place that's more private? We'll both be in trouble if anyone should come out and see us", he said.
"Yes, I'll go anywhere with you", she said.

Vincent and Beatrix walked down to the garden which was at the other end of the property.

They sit on one of the stone benches.
"This is much more private isn't it?", he asked.
"Yes, it's like we're in our own little world", she said.

Vincent kissed her passionately and she returned his kiss with unbridled passion of her own.

"I have to have you", he said.
"I'm yours for the taking", she said.
"I'll think of something", he said, "We better go back inside before they come looking for us.'

"Goodnight Vincent", she said.

By the time Vincent came to bed, Rachael was already asleep.
"Good", he thought to himself, "No questions to make excuses for tonight."

The next morning when Rachael looked out the kitchen window . . .

She saw snow covering the ground.
"It snowed", she said, "You girls can't go home until the weather improves."

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 20

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 20

When Vincent and Beatrix were able to sneak away from the rest of the household, they met in the family crypt.
"I found somewhere we can go", he said.
"Oh Vincent, I can hardly wait", she said.

"Meet me outside tonight after everyone is asleep", he said.
"Alright, I'll be there", she said.

Then Beatrix swooned while thinking about what they had planned for tonight.

When Vincent went into the livingroom, Gavril came and sit beside him.
"Father may I ask you something?", asked Gavril.
"Yes, of course", said Vincent.

"What is it that makes Beatrix and Alyson my sisters? I don't understand", he said.
"Come over here with me and I'll try to explain it to you", said Vincent.

"You see, when your mother was young she was married to a man named Edward Smith. He was Beatrix and Alyson's father", said Vincent, "I'm your father but Rachael is their mother and your mother, too. That makes them your sisters and you their brother."
"Thank you Father for explaining it to me", he said.

He asked his father to play Red Hands and Vincent let him win, which made Gavil quite happy.

Later that night, after everyone else had gone to bed Beatrix met Vincent outside.
"I thought Alyson would never go to sleep", she said, "What about my mother? Was she asleep?"
"Yes, Rachael is getting older and sleeps very soundly.", he said.

"Where are we going?", she asked, "It's so cold out tonight.".
"There's an old stable at the back of the property. It's not far", he said.

Vincent unlocked the door and went inside.
"It feels a lot warmer in here", he said.

Beatrix came in the door and Vincent wrapped her in his arms.
"Beatrix, you're a desirable young woman and your innocence is intriguing", he said.

Then he picked her up and . . .

Carried her over to the haystack.
"Beatrix, are you sure you want to do this? I don't want to force you to do anything you're not ready to do", he said.
"I've never been more sure of anything in my life", she said, "I want you Vincent!"

"Is it alright?", he asked.
"Yes, Vincent!", she said.

Later . . .

"It was just as wonderful as I had imagined. You're an incredible man", she said.
"Beatrix, I'm not an ordinary man. I'm a vampire", he said.
"You're joking, right?", she said.

"No, it's not a joke. I'm a true blood", he said.
"Well, whatever you are, I love you", she said.
"Yes, I know", he said.

"We best be getting back before one of them wakes up", he said.

"Being with you tonight was the most wonderful thing I've ever done", she said.
"You better hurry on inside before you catch a chill", he said.

The following morning over at Willow Creek, Ralf Wylde was on his way to the barn to do some chores.

He ran into Caleb Fenton.
"Ralf, can I to talk to you in private?", he asked.
"Alright, I'm on my way to the barn. Come with me", he said.

Caleb walked with Ralf to the barn.

When they sit down on the bench, Caleb surprised Ralf when he asked,"Ralf, are you my father?"
"Jonathan is your father! What makes you think he's not?", asked Ralf.
"My mother's eyes are blue, Jonathan's eyes are brown and mine are grey like yours", he said, "And besides I look an awful lot like you."

"Yes, I'm the one who planted the seed. But Jonathan nurtured and loved you. He's the one who made you who you are Caleb. Jonathan truly IS your father, not me", said Ralf.

"Thank you for giving me life. I'll always be grateful to you for that", he said.

"You've grown up into a fine young man who your father can be proud of", said Ralf, "I'm proud of you, too."

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 21

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 21

Ralf went back into the barn and lit a fire in the forge. He wondered if he had done the right thing by telling Caleb Fenton the truth. Well what was done was done. It was too late to wory about it now.

Anne Fenton came storming into the barn.
"What did you talk about with Caleb?", she asked.
"He asked me if I was his father", said Ralf.
"And what did you tell him?", she asked.

"I told him the truth", he said.

"You shouldn't have told him", she said.

"The boy isn't stupid. He had already figured it out anyway", said Ralf, "I'm tired of lying to cover up more lies. It's time we both done owned up to what we done."

Then Anne left, still upset with Ralf.

Ralf stood in front of the forge and warmed himself at the fire. Abra entered the barn and asked . . .

"You want some company?"
"Yes, come on over here", he said.

"There's something that's been bothering me that I need to tell you", he said.
"Is it something I've done?", she asked.
"No, nothing like that", he said, "Abra, I've done some things in the past that I'm not very proud to admit."
"Nothing you've done can be that bad. Ralf, you're a good person", she said.

"But I'm NOT a good person! I'm a lier and a cheat! I don't deserve a woman like you", he said.

"Tell me what you did that you think is so bad", she said.

"When my Sarah was so sick and wasn't able to be a wife to me . . . well you know", he said, "I cheated on her with Anne Fenton. Abra, I'm Caleb's father."

"Ralf, I don't know what to think. I love you, but I'm not sure if I can trust you now", she said.

Then she hurried out before Ralf could see her crying.

Ralf lay on the haystack and thought about the turn for the worse his life had taken. Maybe he shouldn't have told Abra about Anne and Caleb, but he couldn't have married her without her knowing. If she didn't love him enough to forgive him, then so be it.

Just about then, his grandaughter Sarah came into the barn.
"Grandfather, will you play Red Hands with me?", she asked.

Glad for the distraction, Ralf told her yes.

They played Red Hands and being that Ralf didn't have his full attention on the game, Sarah won.

"I must be getting old. You beat me", he laughed.

"Grandfather, you don't look so old", said Sarah.
"Little Sarah, today I feel older than my years", he said.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 22

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 22

At Castle Dargan Vincent was playing the piano.

Alyson was reading to Gavril. Even though he knows how to read himself, he still enjoyed being read to by the adults in the household.

Beatrix and Rachael were sitting on the couch discussing the weather.
"With the unusually warm spell we've had the last few days, the snow has just about all melted", said Rachael, "I would think you girls will be able to go home tomorrow."

"Yes, I guess we can", said Beatrix, "I must remember to tell Lord Vincent how much we appreciate him putting up with us these extra days."

"Don't be silly. I haven't heard him complain and I think he rather enjoyed having you. And I know Gavril has enjoyed your company", said Rachael.

When Vincent came into the setting room, Beatrix stood up.
"Good afternoon Lord Vincent", she said, "I was just telling my mother that I need to thank you for letting us stay these extra days."
"It wasn't a problem Beatrix. You're welcome here whenever you care to visit", he said.

Beatrix moved over to sit in a chair so Lord Vincent could sit on the sofa. She wanted to scream when he draped his arm around her mother's shoulders. She felt as if he belonged to her now.

Taking all she could possiblily stand, Beatrix excused herself and left the room.

Later on she ran into Vincent in the hall.
"Why such a sad expression on such a beautiful face?", he asked.
"I have to go home tomorrow. I won't see you for a whole week", she said.

"Meet me outside tonight. We'll have plenty of time to be alone", he said
"Alright, I'll be there", she said.

Later that night, after everyone else was asleep Beatrix and Vincent met outside.
"I felt like strangling Alyson. She's excited to be going home tomorrow and had a hard time falling to sleep", said Beatrix.
"Well Rachael fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow", he said.

After a short walk they arrived at the old barn.
"Well it's just the same as when we left it last time", he said.
"Yes, so it is", she said.

"I wish there was somewhere we could go that was nicer than this", he said, "You deserve a bed with silk covers and a soft pillow for your head."

"As long as you're here, it doesn't matter. I can just close my eyes and pretend we're in your bed", she said.
"In that case would you relax on "my bed" with me?", he asked.

Beatrix did as Vincent asked and he joined her.
"Come closer. I promise not to bite", he said.

"Vincent, watching you with my mother this afternoon was very upsetting", she said.
"I'm sorry that the little affection I showed to Rachael upsets you", he said, "She's the mother of my son. I have to keep her from getting suspicious."
You're young and untouched by anyone but me", he said, "That makes you more special to me."
"Vincent I'll never what anyone but you", she said.

He gave her a romantic kiss and she kissed his back.

"Is it alright?", he asked.
"Yes, I want you Vincent!", she said.

Later . . .

"We better get back before Alyson or your mother wakes up", he said.
"I wish we didn't have to", she said.
"I know Beatrix, but we can't always have everything we want", he said.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 23

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 23

At Castle Dargan Gavril has grown up into a handsome teenager. On his last birthday his mother had baked him a cake, but he was too old to worry about such childish things as that today.

"Father, do Alyson and Beatrix have to go home today?", he asked.

"Your sisters have been gone from their home in the village for quite sometime and have plans to return today", said Vincent.

"You've grown up into quite a goodlooking fellow. How do you suppose that happened?", said Vincent, tickling the boy playfully.

"Mother says I have your dark good looks", he said.

"Yes, you do look a lot like I did when I was your age", said Vincent.

Beatrix and Alyson were eating breakfast in the kitchen before they had to leave.

"Why do you look some gloom. You should be glad to be going home", said Alyson, "I've missed our friends and neighbors in the village, haven't you?"

"No I haven't. I wish I could stay here and not ever have to go back", said Beatrix.

"Lord Vincent isn't our father or even our stepfather. We're only guest here. So you don't have any choice but to go home", said Alyson.

Gavril came into the kitchen to tell his sisters goodbye.

"Are you coming back to visit next Sunday Alyson?", he asked.

"Yes, I'll try to come back, that is if I'm caught up on my chores by then", she said.

Gavril gave her a hug goodbye.

"I'm going to miss you", he said.

"Goodbye until next Sunday little brother", said Beatrix, "I'll be back. There's nothing that can keep me away."

Then Gavril gave Beatrix a hug.

"I wish you didn't have to go", he said.

"I wish I didn't either", she thought to herself.

Then Beatrix and Alyson told their mother and Lord Vincent goodbye.

And left Dargan Castle once again to return to the peasant village.

Rachael cried after her daughters left. If she knew about Beatrix and Vincent's affair, she would be glad that one of her daughters was gone.

"Rachael are you alright", asked Vincent.

"It's just that having my girls here the extra days makes it harder to see them leave", she said.

"If it upsets you that much to see them go, I'll ask them if they'd like to move in when they return next Sunday", said Vincent.

"Oh Vincent, that would be wonderful, but I can't let you support childern who aren't even any relation to you", she said.

"I just want you to be happy", he said.

To Be Continued . . .
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Oh Vincent! I knew you would be naughty!
I'm impressed with how fast you're updating this, keep up the great work!

Sci-fi meets 19th century boarding school story-- Future's Present-- A Sims 3 Story

A random legacy with a rainbowcy theme set in a post apocalyptic world-- Recolour

I now have a blogger-- Kathleen's Sim Stories-- for both my stories for those that prefer to follow and comment there
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 24

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 24

At the peasant village Abra has had second thoughts about her argument with Ralf. She was on her way to the barn to ask his forgiveness for doubting him.

When she walked into the barn she saw Ralf poking at the fire in the forge.

"Ralf I been thinking and I want to apologize for what I said the other day", she said.
"You'll saying you can trust me now?", he asked.
"Yes that's what I'm saying", she said.

"Abra I don't want or need no apology from you!", he shouted, "I don't think you're old enough to know what it takes to love a man like me".

"I been doing some thinking of my own. I think we should break off our engagement!", he said.

"You're the one who doesn't know what love is! I don't want to marry you anyway!", she shouted.

"Maybe you're right. I thought I loved Sarah, but when things didn't turn out like I expected I cheated on her", he said, "I can't grarantee It won't happen again. Abra you're young and you got your whole life ahead of you. You don't need nobody like me."

She started crying, then ran out.

Ralf let her leave, knowing it was for the best.

A few minutes later Beatrix walked into the barn.
"You look like you just lost your best friend", she said, when she saw the sad look on Ralf's face.
"I did in a way", he said.

"You want to talk about it. I'm a good listener", she said.

Beatrix lay down on the hay and asked Ralf to join her.

"Now tell me who this best friend is you lost", she said.
"Me and Abra had an argument and I broke off our engagement", he said.

"What did you and her argue about?", asked Beatrix.
"I told her I had cheated on Sarah. Then she said she couldn't trust me to be faithful to her either", he explained.
"Ralf, nobody's perfect. We all have our little secrets", she said.

"You need a woman who understands a man like you. Abra is just a child", said Beatrix.
"You aren't much older than her. What makes you think you know about such things?", he said.
"I may be young in years, but I know from experience what a man like you needs", she said.

She gave Ralf a passionate kiss on the mouth and he returned it with a passion of his own.

"Can I . . . you know?", asked Ralf.
"Yes, I want you", she said.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 25

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 25

At Dargan Castle Rachael was studying her face in the mirror. New lines and wrinkles seemed to have appeared overnight. She guessed she was just getting old, which shouldn't have surprised her since today was her birthday.

She saw Vincent in the mirror when he walked into the sittingroom. Compared to him she looked and felt even older. He would never know how it felt to be old.

She went over to the window and looked out. She wasn't ready to let Vincent see how much older she looked. When he had told her he was a True Blood vampire she should have known this day would come.

"Rachael, is there something wrong. You seem so distrance this morning", he said.
"Can't you see? I'm an old woman now", she said.
"You're still a beautiful desirable woman", he said.
"Well I don't feel beautiful or desirable this morning", she said.

"Let me go fix breakfast. That's about all I'm good for now", she said.

Vincent had no idea how to deal with an old woman who was feeling sorry for herself.

"Today's Sunday. Beatrix and Alyson should be arriving soon", said Gavril, "I can hardly wait to tell them that they're going to live here with us."

"You should wait and let your father ask them first", said Rachael, "They may not want to move in."

"Your sisters are grown women. They can make their own decisions", said Vincent.

When Beatrix and Alyson arrived Gavril ran out to greet them.

"I'm so glad to see you both", he said, "I missed you."
"We've missed you, too", said Beatrix.

Rachael greeted her daughters. They wished her a happy birthday when they noticed she had aged.

Vincent greeted the girls and asked them to move in.

Alyson refused the invitation then gave him a hug.

"Yes, thank you Lord Vincent", said Beatrix, "I'll try to earn my keep.".

"Don't worry, I'll think of something", he whispered.

At Willow Creek . . .

Ralf Wylde was beginning to feel just as old as his years. He was born into the peasant life fifty-four years ago today.

He walked over to his Sarah's grave and mourned for what might have been.

He saw Abra Ousby sitting on a bench under one of the weeping willow trees.
"Would you like some company?", he asked.
"Sure, sit down", she said.

"I've been doing some thinking and I've decided I want more than what I got now", he said.

"None of us here have very much, but we try to make the best of what we got", she said.
"I didn't mean material things", he said.

"Abra, do you think maybe you can give me another chance? I'm older and I hope a little wiser now", he said.

"Ralf, I'll give you all the chances you need", she said.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 26

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 26

At Castle Dargon Vincent and Rachael were outside playing a game of chess.

"I'm going inside and take a nap for an hour or so", said Rachael, "I expect you can find some way to entertain yourself."
"Yes, I believe I can", he said.

After seeing her mother go upstairs Beatrix hurried outside . . .

"Vincent, you've been out here with Mother all morning", she said.
"We were playing a game of chess. You should know how long that takes", he said.
"I know, but I need some time alone with you", she said.
"I got to see what Gavril's doing."
"I just saw him laying on his bed reading", she said.
"Go wait for me in the old barn. I'll be there in a few minutes", he said.

Beatrix went out to the barn and waited for Vincent.

After making sure Gavril and Rachael were in their rooms Vincent headed toward the barn.

Meanwhile . . .

Caleb Fenton had come by to see Gavril. (Caleb had been coming with Ralf to deliver the benevolences to Lord Vincent and he and Gavril had become friends)
"Gavril, come down here!", he shouted.

"I'm here. What do you want?", asked Gavril.

They played Punch U - Punch Me which Caleb won.

The boys ran around to the back of the castle, just missing Vincent.

"Come over here and lay beside me", said Beatrix, "I have to tell you something."

"Alright you have my full attention. What is it that you have to tell me?", he asked.

"I'm going to have a baby", she said.
"Are you sure?", he asked.
"I've been getting sick to my stomach and my belly is swollen. I'm sure that's what it is", she said.

"I'm sorry Vincent. I didn't mean for it to happen", she said.
"I know Beatrix. It's not your fault. It just happens sometimes", he said.

"But what am I going to do? Mother will be furious with me", she said.
"She's not going to be very happy with me either", he laughed.
"You really think we should let her know you're the father?", she asked.
"Of course, what can she do?", he said.

When the boys heard voices coming from the barn they peeked in the windows and saw . . .

Vincent giving Beatrix a passionate kiss.

"Your father was kissing your sister", said Caleb.
"She's my half-sister. We have the same mother but different fathers", explained Gavril, "Anyway he isn't even married to my mother."
"Oh well I guess it's alright then", Caleb said.

"Come on, let's go before they see us", Gavril told Caleb.

"Where are we going?", asked Gavril.
"I thought you might want to go to my house", said Caleb.

In the barn . . .

"Do you want me to tell Rachael about the baby?", asked Vincent.
"No, I think I should be the one to tell her", said Beatrix.

Beatrix went inside to tell her mother. . .

"Mother I need to talk to you", she said
Rachael looked up from her book. She stood up. "What is it dear?", she asked.

"I wish there was an easy way to tell you, but there isn't", she said, "Mother I'm going to have a baby."

"You're going to have a baby? After Vincent was kind enough to let you move in, you think he's going to let you bring in another man's child?", asked Rachael.

"Mother, it's his baby!", shouted Beatrix.

"Did he force you to do woo hoo with him?", asked Rachael.
"Really Mother, did he have to force you?", asked Beatrix.

"How could you seduce him when you knew I loved him?", shouted Rachael.

"Yes Mother, you love HIM but he loves ME!", shouted Beatrix.

"I don't believe you", said Rachael.
"Well go ask him", said Beatrix.

Then Rachael left to find Vincent.

"Vincent, I want the truth. Are you in love with Beatrix?", she asked.

"Vincent stared at her while he was thinking of what to say.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 27

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 27

At Castle Dargan Rachael had confronted Vincent about how he felt about Beatrix.
"Well, are you going to answer me or not?", she asked, "I'm waiting."

"Beatrix was a young innocent inexperienced girl and I wanted her. Now she belongs to me and is going to have my baby. Of course I care for her", he said.

"How can you stand there and tell me that? I love you Vincent and I thought you loved me!", she shouted.

"You're the mother of my son and I care for you, but I never told you I loved you", he said.

"You're despicable!", Rachael screamed, as she slapped Vincent.

Vincent looked Rachael in the eye and calmy said "Rachael, get out before I kill you!"

Not doubting what Vincent was capable of doing, Rachael left as she had come, with only the clothes on her back.

Vincent went into the livingroom where Beatrix was waiting.
"What did you say when Mother asked you if you loved me?", she asked.
"I told her the truth", he said.
"I love you Vincent", she said.
"Yes I know you do Beatrix", he said.
To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 28

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 28

As Gavril was returning to the castle after his visit to Caleb's house . . .

He saw his mother coming out the backdoor.

He crouched down beside the porch so she wouldn't see him because he hadn't asked for permission to go out.

Rachael was too upset to even notice and hurried out the gate.

Gavril entered the kitchen through the backdoor. He was concerned as to where his mother had gone. She very rarely left home unless there was some problem at the village.

His father was in the livingroom and called Gavril over.
"Sit down son. I need to tell you something", said Vincent.

"What is it you want to tell me?", asked Gavril.
"Your mother moved out and went back to Willow Creek. ", said Vincent.

"Why did she leave? What happened?", he asked.
"We had an argument and she walked out", he said.

Gavril jumped up off the sofa.
"Why didn't you stop her?", he shouted.

"Your mother is a stubbon woman. It wouldn't have helped. But don't worry, Beatrix will take over your mother's responsibilies", said Vincent.
"Yes I'm sure she will", said Gavril.

"Where are you going?", asked Vincent.
"I'm going to my room. I'll see you at breakfast", said Gavril.

Being too tired and sleepy to worry about the situation between his parents, Gavril went to sleep.

Vincent went to Beatrix's room and crawled into bed beside her.

"Beatrix are you asleep?", he asked.
"No, I've just been lying here worrying about what Gavril will think about Mother leaving", she said.
"You don't need to worry any longer. I already told him", said Vincent.
"Was he awfully upset?", she asked.
"Yes, but he'll get over it. I told him not to worry, that you would take over Rachael's respnsibilities", he said.

"Well I know one I won't mind taking over", she smiled just thinking about doing woo hoo with Vincent..

"And might that be what I'm thinking", he asked, "Do you want me Beatrix?"
"Yes, always Vincent", she answered.

Afterwards Beatrix fell asleep and Vincent got out of bed.

"As soon as Gavril gets use to his mother being gone, I'll move Beatrix into my bedroom", he thought to himself.

Over at Willow Creek Alyson greeted her mother with a friendly hug.

"What's wrong Mother", she asked, "You look upset."

"It's that sister of yours. She seduced Vincent and now she's going to have his baby", said Rachael.

"Mother I don't want to sound harsh but isn't that the same thing you did?", said Alyson.
"But I love Vincent and I thought he loved me", said Rachael.
"Mother if he loved you, Beatrix wouldn't have been able to seduce him", she said.

Meanwhile . . .

Olivia Wylde was in labor with her and Raulin's second child. Their daughter Sarah was already a teenager.

She delivered a beautiful baby boy with brown hair and brown eyes like both she and Raulin. They named their son Kieran.

When Ralf heard that he had a grandson he was happy, but it did make him feel old.

He went into the barn and lay on the haystack to think. His relationship with Abra was alright, but he still wasn't sure about marriage to her.

About then Isabel Edgar walked into the barn.
"That looks comfortable. Can I join you?", she asked.
"Sure, help yourself", he said.

"Have you and Abra got engaged again yet?", she asked.
"No. I ain't sure marriage is what I want. Abra is right much younger than me", he said.

"Maybe you need a woman like me instead", she said.

Ralf gave her a romantic kiss.

"My Matthew has been gone for a long time. I'm yours for the taking if that's what you want", she said.

"Yes, I do", he said.

Just then Abra walked in and saw Ralf with Isabel.
"I was right! You can't be trusted!", she screamed.

"I told you I won't good enough for a girl like you", he said.

"Ralf, you're right. You're not", she said.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 24
Originally Posted by Kathleen_Anne
Oh Vincent! I knew you would be naughty!
I'm impressed with how fast you're updating this, keep up the great work!

Thanks I appreciate and enjoy your comments.
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Default The life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 29

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 29

At Castle Dargan Gavril has grown into a handsome adult with his father's dark good looks.

When Caleb Fenton came over the two friends played their favorite game. Caleb had also grown up into an equally handsome adult.

"My mother moved back to Willow Creek", said Gavril.
"I know. I heard my mother and father talking about it last night", said Caleb.
"I'm going to the village. I want to make sure she's alright", he said.

"Do you know why she left?", asked Caleb.
"Father said they had an argument and she just walked out", said Gavril, "He told me not to worry that Beatrix would take over Mother's duties."
"I'm sure she will. l can think of one in particular", said Caleb.
"I'm sure what we saw going on in the stable with Father and Beatrix must be the cause", said Gavril.

They soon arrived at Willow Creek.
"Mother said Rachael was staying with Alyson", said Caleb.
"I'm going in to talk to her", said Gavril, "Wait for me out here.".

Rachael greeted Gavril with a hug.

"You've grown into a handsome man. I'm sorry I missed your birthday", she said.
"That's alright. I'm sure you must have had good reason for coming back here", he said.
"Sit down and I'm tell you what happened", she said.

"Vincent and Beatrix are having an affair", said Rachael, "I confronted him with it, we argued and I slapped him."

"You slapped Father? That must have really made him angry", said Gavril.
"Yes, that's when he told me to get out before he killed me. I had no choice but to come here", she said.

"Mother, are you alright? Is there anything you need?", he asked.
"No, I'll be fine now that I've seen you", she said.

"Goodbye Mother. I'll be back to see you", he said.

Caleb was waiting outside and they went to the barn to talk.

"Well, did your mother tell you why she left?", asked Caleb.
"Just as I thought. She found out about Father and Beatrix's affair", said Gavril.
"Are you going to be able to stay there knowing what you do?", he asked.

"My sister is just another of my father's pets. I'm his only son and heir. Her living there isn't going to take that away from me", said Gavril.

"Where are we going?", asked Gavril.
"We're going someplace where we can celebrate becoming adults", said Caleb.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 30

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 30

"What is this place?", asked Gavril.
"It's an alehouse. My father and his friends come here every Friday to drink and do whatever else it is they do", said Caleb.

As soon as they walked in a pretty blonde barmaid started flirting with Caleb and asked him to join her at the table.

The bartender was pouring fresh drinks he had just opened.

Gavril grabbed a beer and joined the others.

The boys were having a good time drinking and chatting with the pretty barmaids.

Caleb was playing Punch Me-Punch U with the blonde barmaid and he reached around and gave her a surprise pinch on her behind.

"Come with me to my room upstairs", she whispered.

"I'm going with the barmaid upstairs to her room", he told Gavril.

She started up the stairs and Caleb followed her. . .

And once upstairs the barmaid taught Caleb what he had to do to be a man.

Meanwhile downstairs . . .

The redheaded barmaid whispered to Gavril "Come upstairs with me."

Gavril followed the pretty barmaid upstairs.

She was just as good a teacher as the blonde barmaid.

Caleb and the blonde came into the other bedroom. He and Gavril were playing and joking around.

"Now I understand why my father does the things he does", whispered Gavril, "It's the most wonderful feeling in the world."

"Thank you ladies for a wonderful time", said Gavril.

"You're such a gentleman. Come back and see ME next time", the blonde told Gavril.

"You come back, too. I enjoy entertaining handsome men", the redhead told Caleb.

"Well this is a birthday I'll never forget", said Caleb.
"I feel the same way", said Gavril.

"Happy birthday my friend", they said giving each other a friendly hug.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 31

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 31

At Dargan Castle Vincent has accepted becoming a father again and is even looking forward to it. Beatrix is happier than she's ever been, thinking Vincent loves her and only her.

"I love you Vincent", Beatrix said.
"Yes, I know Beatrix", he answered.
"Come let's go to bed", he said, "You need your rest."

"Vincent, do you still find me desirable?", she asked.
"Yes, why do you ask?", he said.
"Well you never ask me to make love anymore", she said.

"My wife was with child and we made love. Afterwards she went into early labor and both she and the child died", he said, "I don't want that to happen again."

"I'm young and healthy Vincent. I assure you that making love won't kill me", she said.

"Do you want me?", he asked.
"Yes always", she said.

Afterwards . . .

"Are you sure you're alright?", he asked.

"Yes, I feel wonderful", she said.

The next morning . . .

Gavril woke up late and went down to the kitchen.
"Gavril I want to explain about Vincent and me. Will you please listen?", said Beatrix.

"I'm no longer a child Beatrix. I understand about those things now. I have no hard feelings against you", he said, "Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to our sister's wedding. She and Garath Wylde are getting married today."

Caleb was waiting for him on the porch.
"Let's go! I'm ready", he said.

At the church the wedding had already started by the time Gavril and Caleb arrived . . .

"This ring, symbolizing that I will be a good and faithful husband from this day forward. As this ring has no end, neither does my love for you", said Garath.

"By accepting your ring, I promise to be a good and faithful wife to you from this day forward", said Alyson.

"I will love and protect you as long as we both shall live", said Garath.

Alyson cut the first slice of wedding cake and . . .

Fed it to Garath with a fork.

Ralf proposed a toast to his son and his new daughter-in-law.

Rachael wished her daughter much happiness and gave her a "family kiss'.

"Caleb, I wish you would hurry up and get married. It would make your father so happy if you had a son to carry on the Fenton name", said Anne.
"Mother, you and the whole village know I don't have a drop of Fenton blood in me. So quit your nagging", he said.

Sarah Wylde was looking around for Gavril. She had met him when he came to the village and she was quite taken with him.

He was flattered by Sarah's attention but considers her just a silly little girl. At least for the time being.

Meanwhile at Dargan Castle . . .

Beatrix started having labor pains and soon delivered . . .

A son named Aaron Smith.
"You have another son Vincent", she said.

The infant was beautiful and healthy, a son to be proud of, except he wasn't Vincent's son.
Aaron has tan skin, dark brown hair and grey eyes like his father Ralf Wylde.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 32

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 32

"Vincent do you want to hold your son?", asked Beatrix.
Vincent looked down at the infant in Beatrix's arms.

"Do you consider me a fool? That's NOT my child!", he said.
"I'm sorry Vincent", she said.

"You let me think you were untouched by anyone else. You lied to me Beatrix!", he said.

"Vincent, please listen. Let me explain", she said.

"Nothing you can say will change anything", he said.

"Get out! I don't ever want to see you again!", he shouted.

"But where will I go?", asked Beatrix.
"You can live in the peasant village with your son's father", said Vincent.

"Gavril will you walk with me to the village?", she asked.
"Yes, of course", he answered.

"Goodbye Vincent", she said.

Then Beatrix left Gargan Castle with Gavril carrying the baby. She will have a much different life at Willow Creek.

Vincent also will have a different life than he had been looking forward to these past months of waiting. He sit in the rocking chair in the nursery and thought about the past. . .

And stared at the empty cradle.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 33

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 33

When Beatrix and Gavril arrived at Ralf Wylde's house, she thanked him for helping her and asked him to wait outside.
"I need to talk to Ralf alone", she said.

"Ralf there's something I have to tell you", said Beatrix.

"What is it you have to say?", he asked.

"I gave birth to a son today and you're his father", she said.
"Are you sure?", he asked.
"Once you see him, you can decide for yourself", she answered, "I'll get him."

Beatrix came back with the baby in her arms.

She handed him to Ralf.
"Look at him and tell me who YOU think is his father", she said.

"He's looking at me with my own eyes. I reckon he's mine. What did you name him?", asked Ralf.
"His name is Aaron", she said, "I named him after my father.".

"I ain't got much to offer but I'll help all I can", he said.
"I need a place to stay. Lord Vincent threw me out when he saw the baby", she said.
"You're welcome to stay here with me", he said, "It ain't much but you'll have a roof over your heads and something to eat."

"I'll be right back. There should be a crib around here someplace", said Ralf.

When Ralf returned with the crib, Beatrix said "Ralf I appreciate you letting me and Aaron move in with you. I'll do all I can to earn my keep."

She cooked supper for her and Ralf and even washed up afterwards.

After supper they sit on the couch and talked.
"If you don't mind my saying, it don't seem like Lord Vincent would have throwed you out right after you had a baby. He don't seem like he'd be that cruel", said Ralf.
"Well under the circumstances I guess I can't blame him", she said.
"What circumstances?", he asked.

"Well, I know it sounds terrible but Lord Vincent and I were having an affair. He thought the child I was carrying was his and I did, too", she explained.
"Until he saw Aaron had my eyes. Then he knew he won't his son. In that case I guess I can't blame him. I probably would have done the same", said Ralf.

"I'm going to bed Beatrix. There ain't but the one bed but we can share it, if you don't mind", he said.
"I think we know each other well enough to sleep in the same bed Ralf. I'll be in later after I get Aaron settled for the night", she said.

Beatrix fed Aaron a bottle of milk and put him in his crib.

She got into bed beside Ralf and . . .

Scooted up close behind him before she too fell asleep.

The next morning . . .

Beatrix woke up and gazed at a sleeping Ralf . . .

"He's such a beautiful man, both inside and out. I'm lucky he offered to take care of us", she thought to herself.

Then Ralf woke up . . .
"Good morning", he said, "You're staring at me. Is something wrong?"

"No, everything is wonderful", she said, "I was just thinking how lucky I am."

"You think you're lucky ending up with me", he laughed.
"Yes Ralf, you're a beautiful man. Any woman would be lucky to have you", she said.
"Do YOU want me?", he asked.
"Yes", she answered.

"Are you sure it's what you want? ", he asked.
"Yes, I'm sure Ralf", she said.

Later . . .

"Just because we, well you know, it don't mean nothing else. I ain't ready to settle down with just one woman", he said.
"I know Ralf. I don't expect anything more", she said.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 34

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Chapter 34

Over at Willow Creek . . .
Raulin Wyle's wife Olivia was talking to her mother Ann Fenton.
"Did you hear, Beatrix Smith has moved back to the village?" asked Olivia.
"Well I guess Lord Vincent finally got enough of her just like he did her mother", said Ann.
"Beatrix had a baby with her. They moved into Ralf's house", said Olivia.
"Oh, do you think the baby is his?", asked Ann.

"I imagine it is. Why else would Ralf take her and the child in?", said Olivia.
"Well I got chores I should be doing instead of standing here gossiping with you", said Ann.

Across the lot at the Ousby house . . .

Abra was cuddling on the couch with Ben Holt. They had grown up together and have become close since she broke up with Ralf.

"Abra there's something I want to ask you", said Ben.

They stood up, then Ben got down on one knee . . .
"Abra will you be engaged to me?", he asked.

"Yes!", she said and gave him a hug.

"When do you want to get married?", he asked.
"The sooner the better", she said.

At Castle Dargan . . .

Vincent and Gavril were sitting on the couch talking . . .
"I need to hire another housekeeper", said Vincent, "Do you think your friend might know someone?"

"I'll ask him when I go to the village tomorrow", said Gavril.

The next afternoon . . .

Gavril went to the village to visit his mother Rachael.

"I heard that Beatrix has moved back to the village. What happened between her and your father?", asked Rachael.
"After her baby was born Vincent decovered he wasn't the father. The baby has grey eyes", said Gavril.
"But Vincent was so sure he was the only one she had been with", said Rachael.
"Well evidently he wasn't", said Gavril.

"Mother, I think it would mean a lot to her if you would go to Ralf's and see your grandson", said Gavril.
"I'll think about it. I promise", said Rachael.

After he left his mother's house he ran into his friend Caleb.
"You want to go with me back to the alehouse tonight?", he asked Caleb.
"Sure, it was fun last time we went", he said.

"My father is looking for a new housekeeper. Do you know anyone who he might employ?", asked Gavril.
"Yes I think I do", said Caleb.
"Well bring her around tomorrow to meet my father", said Gavril.

Then they left to go into town.

At the alehouse . . .

When Caleb and Gavril went inside, they were greeted by the two barmaids and joined them drinking.

Caleb whispered something to the redhead and . . .

Followed her upstairs and joined her on her bed.

Then Gavril went upstairs with the blonde.

Then Caleb went into the bedroom where Gavril and the blonde were playing. He asked his friend to play Punch U-Punch Me with him.

"Come on my friend let's go home", said Caleb.

"This was an enjoyable night", said Caleb.

"Yes, it was", said Gavril, "Next time we should ask them their names."

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 35

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 35

Over at the peasant village . . .

Ralf was washing the breakfast dishes while Beatrix tended to the baby's needs.

Beatrix came out of the bedroom carrying a toddler with beautiful red hair.
"Ralf, look at our son. Isn't he beautiful?", she said.

"He looks like his beautiful mama", said Ralf.
"Actually he looks like you with red hair", she laughed.
"But he smells worst than either one of us", said Ralf, "I better give him a bath."

He took the toddler out to the toilet and gave him a much needed bath.

"There you go. You smell much better now. Let's go see Mama", he told the toddler.

"I think he's ready for a nap", said Ralf.

Ralf strutted back into the living room . . .

Beatrix started tickling him as soon as she saw him.

"You look mighty good for an old man", she said.
"I ain't THAT old", he said.
"Yes I know", she said.
"I better get dressed. I got chores to do", he said.

After he finished his chores, Ralf went over to Sarah's grave. Even after all these years he still missed her and mourned her death.

He sit on the bench under one of the willow trees and remembered his Sarah . . .

His thoughts were interrupted by Abra . . .
"Ralf, can we talk? ', she asked.
"Yes. Sit down", he said.

"How have you been?", he asked.
"Everything's fine with me. How about you?", she asked.
"Ain't too bad", he said.

"I started seeing Ben Holt after we broke up. We're getting married this coming Sunday", she said.
"I'm happy for you Abra. You deserve an honest, hardworking man like Ben. A husband you won't have to doubt."
"Thank you Ralf. I'd like for you to come to the wedding", she said, "And Beatrix, too".

"So you heard did you?", he said.
"Yes, you know know how folks gossip", said Abra, "Are you going to get married?"
"No, Beatrix and the baby are just living with me for the time being. She don't expect nothing else", he said, "She understands a man like me."
"That's good then. I hope you've found what you want Ralf. I'm sorry I couldn't be the one to give it to you", said Abra.

Then after Abra left, Ralf went home to Beatrix and Aaron.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 36

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 36

"Ben and Abra have come before God and this congregation to be joined together in holy wedlock", said the priest.

"I will love, honor and care for you in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live", said Ben.
"I will love, honor, obey and care for you in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live", said Abra.

"For as much as Ben and Abra have consented together and by the joining of hands, I pronounce that they are man and wife in the name of God, our Bishop and our King who is the protector of the Holy Spirit and our people."

Ben kissed his bride.

Ben cut the first slice of wedding cake and fed it to Abra with a fork.

Abra and Ben went to join their families and friends.

"Rachael, can I talk to you about what happened with me and Beatrix?", asked Ralf.

"You don't need to explain Ralf. I know how persuasive my daughter is. I don't blame you", she said.
"It won't Beatrix's fault neither. It just happened", he said.

"She wants to ask for your forgiveness and we both want you to be part of our son's life. You're the only grandparent he has", said Ralf.
"Alright, tell Beatrix I'll listen to what she has to say", said Rachael.

"Your mama says she'll listen to what you have to say. Go on over there", he told Beatrix.

"Mother, I'm sorry for everything that happened. I shouldn't have come between you and Vincent. I know now that he never loved me and I was wrong to tell you he did", said Beatrix.

"I really don't think he loved either one of us Beatrix. Vincent loves himself above anything or anyone else", said Rachael, "I think we're both better off without him. It might take me awhile to forget but I do forgive you. And I would love to meet my grandson. I heard you named him Aaron after your father."

The next day in the village Rachael went to Ralf's house to visit her grandson . . .

"He's beautiful. Your father had a head full of red curls, said Rachael."

Rachael fell in love with the toddler and played with him all that afternoon.

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 37

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! Part 37

Over at the peasant village . . .

Everybody was coming back from the wedding. . .
"Did these boys give you any trouble Matthew", asked Ralf.
"No, they behaved themselves", he said.

Jonathan played Punch U-Punch Me with Caleb.

Then he played Punch U-Punch Me with Ralf. Even after all that had happened they still remained best friends.

"Ralf there's something I need to tell you", said Beatrix.
"Well out with it", he said.

"I'm going to have another baby", she whispered.

When Ralf didn't say anything, she tickled him and said "Well aren't you going to say anything?"

"Wonder how THAT happened?", he laughed.

"I was afraid you'd be mad", she said.
"Ain't nothing to be mad about. Childern are a blessing", he said.

A few days later at Castle Dargan . . .

While Gavril was out of the house Lord Vincent was taking advantage of the situation by flirting with the new housekeeper.
"Bridgette has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?", he asked.
"No Lord Vincent they haven't", she giggled.

"How old are you", he asked.
"I just recently became an adult", she said.
"Did you have a special boy in the village you liked?", he asked.
"No Lord Vincent. My father wouldn't allow me to be friendly with boys", she said.

"May I kiss you Bridgette?", he asked.
"Yes Lord Vincent you may", she said.

Then he gave her a romantic kiss.

Bridgette will be only one of many housekeepers Vincent will have in the
centuries ahead.

Over at Willow Creek, Alyson Wylde was in labor with her and Garath's first child.

She delivered a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair like both her parents combined with her mother's dark blue eyes. They named her Phoebe.

Phoebe is the first female baby born in the village since Raulin and Olivia's daughter Sara.

"We have a daughter Garath", said Alyson.

Alyson handed the baby to her mother. Rachael cuddled her grandaughter.

Rachael handed Phoebe to Ralf.
"Here, she's your grandaughter, too", she said.

After putting the baby in her crib, Ralf joined Rachael on the bench.
"Ralf, who would have thought a few years ago that you and I would be sharing a grandchild", said Rachael, "And even more unlikely that I would be grandmother to a child of yours."
"The choices I made do make for some unusual family relationships", he said, But I love all my sons and there's not a one of them I wish I didn't have."

To be continued . . .
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Default The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! The End

The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde! The End

When Ralf got home he grabbed Beatrix and gave her a hug. He was finally beginning to realize how funtunate he was to have a beautiful healthy woman in his bed.

And she seemed to be made for having his babies.

While he was playing Red Hands with Aaron . . .

Beatrix started into labor.

She delivered a beautiful baby girl with red hair and grey eyes. They named their daughter Selena.

She handed his only daughter to Ralf.
"She's beautiful Beatrix. She looks like you", he said.

Ralf held the baby so Aaron and Kieran could "talk to the baby".

Ralf fed Selena a bottle of milk.

When Rachel came, Beatrix made sure she got to hold her youngest grandaughter.

Rachael cuddled Selena.
"I'll put her in her crib before I leave", said Rachel.

Then she hugged Aaron goodbye.

Ralf grabbed Beatrix and gave her a hug.

Ralf Wylde started life as a peasant fifty-four years ago. He's happy with his lot in life, because he has everything money can't buy.
The End
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