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#76 Old 16th Nov 2011 at 7:27 PM
Ezekial Hawkins is really trying to overcome his differences with his parents-in-law, but hiking together turned out not to be the bonding experience for which he'd hoped.

Dang it, if he didn't know better, he'd swear Kitty led them into that hornet's nest on purpose!

He does seem to be getting the hang of dinner conversation in that household, though. Kitty may look like she's not listening, but I assure you she doesn't miss a nuance.

You can't blame him for feeling a bit smug, here - he is, after all, the only one who gets to kiss on The Lady Who's Three Bolts With Practically Every Man in the Hood. (I may be exaggerrating, but it sure seems like it.)

Apparently, if I may judge by the way Pigeon's eyes are rolling back in her head at the mere thought, he's earned the post. Marsha, who's going steady with Zeke's younger brother, is keenly interested.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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gaming is serious business.

... shadows collide with people.
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Mad Poster
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Jim Spitzig (Fortune/Popularity) makes a bad call at the law office and is fired for it! Guess he's not getting his own place any time soon.

Housemate Estebanico Casa (Family/Romance), however, is having a great day. Last night his wife had twins and today he got promoted! And his housemate is broke and can help with the twins while job-hunting instead of moving out! Wins all around!

Estebanico got promoted to fill the architect spot left open when Pigeon Hawkins (Fortune/Family) made partner in the firm. She gave birth in the middle of a dream date last night and left the baby with her grandparents while she went in to work; so of course she's on cloud 9. (Rest after giving birth? What for? A couple hours sleep and she was raring to go.)

And finally, Pigeon's neighbor Mark Munny is having a little trouble meeting his aspirations since arriving in middle school (maybe if you'd want something non-school related on a weekend we could take care of that, Mark), but he pours his heart into his music and feels better. Only now he's going to get a stuck want to max his creativity, isn't he? I need to find somebody for this boy to date, stat.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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And Victor

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#81 Old 21st Dec 2011 at 6:38 AM
Meet Rachael Kaplan; she is 26 years old and the (now) fiancée of 28-year old Myles Cornwall.

Rachael Kaplan

Myles Cornwall

Sorry for the small pics, they were much, MUCH larger, but the size limit for pictures is way too restricting for me. (As usual...)

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Neil LeTourneau:

The stairs are U-shaped and he is standing on stage landing facing the upper staircase

The Story-Purpose thing:
His pregnant wife fell down the stairs which could have ended the pregnancy.

The Real thing:
He saw his wife (she is pregnant) naked in the bathroom, while that happened, i teleported him downstairs and his face got stuck into that expression.
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Ruby apparently doesn't like it when her kids gossip about her when she's right there:

(Ruby was in a foul mood the entire time her in-laws were over. She was fuming mad at a few of the townsfolk and decided that arguing with everyone was the right way to deal with her anger. She also seemed rather bent out of shape that she couldn't pick a fight with Grimhild, who's gotten on her nerves since the moment they met as children. I decided it was time to have Grimm say goodbye to his parents and siblings once Ruby started trying to prank her mother-in-law Frieda: pranking Frieda is a sure-fire way to anger Nervous and I didn't want a rehash of that nearly apocalyptic fight. )
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They make funny face yes?
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Originally Posted by LoveBritney
They make funny face yes?

at somepoint they do, yes
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Nervous's reaction whenever the programming requires him to prank his middle daughter Difficult back:
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In Townie Place, Richard and Marsha Beckett got married and his giving her some cake:

Richard: Open WIDE
Marsha: Aaaaahhh
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#89 Old 31st Dec 2011 at 4:41 PM
The Attention Family Legacy Expressions! Making themselves look less attractive (and intelligent!) than they really are!

Landon Okuma

Warren Phillips

Mirabella Deppiesse

Ethan Leong

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I don't know what Circe is saying, nor -- judging from the looks on Erin, Ash, and Vanja's faces -- do I really want to
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Noelle was reacting to her fiancee not liking the portrait she painted of him. Her eyes went completely black and it reminded me of a horror move
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^Oh good lord, that kid is freaking me out

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*not sure if this should be in this thread or in the Bloopers thread :S*

Angel Go from Townie Place:

Angel: AAAAhhhhh!! my eyes!!!
Others sitting around the table: Good Lord!
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#96 Old 18th Jan 2012 at 9:32 PM
Here's a helpful tip: Use the slow motion cheat and watch your sims do just about anything for hilarious faces/reactions. Here's some crazy things I caught my sims doing in slow-mo:

Slideshow: Pillow fight
Desc.: Justin Kim and his new wife Vesta have a violent--I mean, rousing pillow fight in their front yard one night. (Photoshop edited to improve visibility.)

Slideshow: Emotions
Desc.: Various shots of my sims being crazy.


How appropriate is it that I tell my little orphan boy to dumpster dive and he comes up looking so dejected? "(Sniffs.) Nobody loves me!"
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Carmen Patch (pregnant), the Ex-Exteriminator, now, wife of Alvin Patch another townie from Townie Place :

Carmen: Eeeek!!! i have a baby belly!

For some reason, the website thinks that their sir-names are actaully refrence to a game-patch
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"Ewww... you puked on me!"

Yes, Brandon, that's what you get for playing with your grandson straight after feeding him!

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.

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First, some backstory: the head of my family of witches, Sabrina, struck down a townie that her husband made out with (thanks, ACR) using a custom lightning bolt spell. The teen in the pictures below was a child when this happened, and didn't see her mother do this and didn't understand what was going on. The day after the grew up into a teen, her father tells her the truth via gossip, that Sabrina caused the townie's death (picture of Sabrina, picture of tombstone, picture of dead Townie). She first covers her mouth in horror:

Then makes this face:

"Mom did WHAT?!?!?!" Very, very appropriate.
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#100 Old 3rd Feb 2012 at 4:05 AM
So... I have some Sims based off of my favorite Pokemon characters. They have the best expressions!

I just think N's face is adorable.

Silver: Darn you, mirror! I hate you! Stop copying me! >:I

Silver: If you touch my sandwich, I will kill you. D:<

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