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Default The Sextuplets Challenge
The posts got a little out of order, so the original version is on post #22 by Ciane and involves using two adult parents rather than a single teen.

I've decided to try this challenge-creating thing again because I'm going insane from Sim withdrawal. (My computer with the Sims on it is broken, and I will not be able to use it for another week or so.) I hope it's a good one. I can't say it's easy, though...

Creators of the Sextuplets and Deadbeat Parents challenges, I'm sorry for stealing the names of your challenges! If you want me to change it I will gladly do so.

The Sextuplets Challenge: Deadbeat Parents Edition

A young teen, you have lived your entire life with your single mother, who has done an alright if reluctant job of raising you. However, two years ago, after an illicit love affair you knew nothing about, she became pregnant again. You were somewhat excited about having a new brother or sister, until, some months later, she ended up having perfectly natural sextuplets. You've just finished saving up for and moving into a bigger house to accommodate them all, when your mother decides she's had enough and catches a taxi away from the family, never to return, and leaving you to care for your six younger siblings. You receive $1000 a week from social services, but can that be enough? Can you raise them well, let alone raise them at all? Or will you lose them to more capable hands?

Create an adult (male or female- as they'll be leaving it doesn't matter), a teen, and six toddlers. Make them all related to the adult. Then, create a house. You may only use the kaching cheat for the $1000 a week, and no other money cheats. Like in Deadbeat Parents, the mother only stays until the newspaper arrives, after which she catches a taxi to parts unknown, leaving your teen with six toddlers.

You may obviously hire a nanny during the school day, but at no other time. The rest of it is fairly straightforward- you must keep the six toddlers, and yourself, happy, healthy and with good grades.

You may age the sextuplets- and the teen- as soon as you are able, and you may marry/move in ONE person when you are an adult. Aspiration rewards are allowed this time.

The challenge ends when the toddlers become adults, or when you lose them all to the social worker.


+20 for each skill you teach a toddler (walk, talk, potty train, nursery rhyme)
+10 for every child/teen that learns to do homework
+20 for every child/teen that achieves and maintains an A.
+10 at every age-up. +5 for each toddler that grew up platinum.

-5 for every fire.
-10 every time a sextuplet/teen goes into aspiration failure
-50 if you're attacked by the social worker, and lose them all.

More to come.

I have a feeling this is going to be insanely hard...
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yeah.... it does sound really hard, but the same time i wanna try it since asp. rewards are all allowed, which makes think it might be doable, but i can not get on the sims right now i must do my homework, since i've put this off for a few days now and have to turn it in in a few hours..... can't play sims must do hw.... i'm sure anyone is school knows that feeling :p

that and i'm already in the middle of a legacy that i near broke and haven't finished your other one yet xp oh well, I will be back, after my exam.


ok, so it's been a while since my exam, but I'm going to give it a go.... we'll see how it goes.... I start too many challenges at the same time. And I'm glad you said A for the grades, not A+, because an A+ is darn hard in my game thanks to hack. They'd have to have like max logic, and being in a prefect mood when they go to school. Keeping an A is just high logic and pretty good mood. Anyway, this time I think i'm going to design the house for the challenge, unlike the last one where I just built a house.
well, it's quiet on this topic. Anyway, all my toddlers have grown up into children, so I think the hardest part is over. Most of them grew up in platinum, and 4 of them learned to use the potty. Smart milk is good stuff. I mean yeah, keeping all the toddlers going takes a lot of work, but the biggest issue since they've become kids is that they're flat broke.... and they don't even have a stove or a book case. That and more than one shower and toilet would be great. I guess I'll see how it goes through the whole thing, since they're going to get another 1k here soon.... though they're only on the first week and I already gave them 1k once. Anyway, at some point I might post pictures... unless this topic just dies...
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25th Feb 2009 at 3:29 AM
This message has been deleted by addict12.
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I'll try it out. This sounds like fun, I would hate for it to die. T-T
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Topic shouldn't die.... it's hard at first, but once their kids it's actually kinda fun, minus the no money to buy more than 1 toilet and things like that. I like ditched the challenge rules about money cheats once 2 of them grew up into teens, and I gave them 5,000 or so. not enough to make them rich or anything, but enough to get a stove, bookcase, second shower/toilet, some walls so there's more than 1 room for bathroom stuff. oh and I got them some super cheap couches, since they'd never have any before. It's not like the life styles of the rich and famous or anything, but the house isn't so annoying to play anymore. Whenever everyone is constantly needing to shower and pee even though there's like always someone in the bathroom, it gets really annoying to me. They still have never had any painted/covered walls though.....

The starting teen, Samantha or Sam for short or Sissy, is dating Fa, my oldest kid from Xenophilia. Also, I moved the mom into a lot alone and killed her. I decided I was never going to play her, if I deleted her they would still want to talk to her, and that if any sims deserved the no parents scholarship, it's them. Especially their big sissy, who never even got to learn to study or anything like that.

Oh and I had their big sissy take all 6 kids out to a night club twice when they were kids to get everyone's fun up, since their house isn't much fun.

Really, most of the kids have been fine. they've mostly grown up in white, kept good grades, most of them learned to study (ok at least half), and they play with each other and stuff. Sam on the other hand has just stopped having nightmares, nearly flunked out of school twice, and isn't going to be able to get her grades that high before she ages. Raising 6 toddlers is hard on a teenager.

oh, at some point right around (i think right after) everyone turned teen, they got into private school.

Anyway, I said i would put pic's if someone else posted so yeah:

the family
*goes and checks names*
Timmy, Camrin, Lacy, and Gorge on the ground
Madaline and Bobby are held by Lucy and Sam.
I forget what asp Lucy had, the tots are all grow up for now, and Sam has the pleasure asp.

the house when they were toddlers
(the computer comes free when you have FT)

yay teaching homework to either Bobby or Gorge. I get some of them mixed up. I think bobby.
*checks* that's Bobby, because Bobby has the bandanna.

that's my sims. Good job Timmy.
(notice Sam's pile of 3 homeworks)

community lots = free food and free fun

She's a good big sister.... she takes them to clubs.

the house soon after they all become kids.
The shower is in Sam's room, since the 1 room was getting annoying
since children still 'shoo' for that shower. the radio had to be moved
to the floor, since Sam wanted it and we're out of surfaces. the
chess table is needed because Sam needs logic to do well in school
(homework/school hack). and everyone but Sam has a really cheap bed.

*does head count* wait a minute....

oh there's Madaline. I approve, continue.

*Sissy and Fa sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G*
Anyway, I think this picture fits well. Kids playing in the yard,
toys in the yard,everything is cheap, homework and trash on
the ground, hole dug in the yard, but the kids are happy.

daw hugs. that's my legacy founder... don't why she's upset.

Pengu say: Oh look a bomb... that's not good.

Yay teenagers. This is Camrin.

some of them grow up in weird clothes, like Gorge here.

and so does Madaline. Ok, you and Lacy need to switch clothes.... really here.

really weird clothes (Timmy is wearing the guy kimono thingy)
oh and btw, they now live on grilled cheese. Either Gorge or Bobby
has the cheese asp, the other has knowelge. Lacy I think is popularity,
and there's at least one who's romance and one who's pleasure. I rolled
my d8 to pick them. and then used one of two of my own lists to pick.
(1 is grilled cheese on both lists, and 8 is always I pick)

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Aww, they're all so cute! Even as teens! Thanks for keeping the thread alive, I nearly forgot about it myself. I haven't even tested this one yet because I've been busy with Xeno. Maybe I'll get to doing that sometime...not to mention tweak the money bits a bit. Anyway, thank you for doing it! 8D

Fa + Sissy = OTP mmyes.
#6 Old 27th Feb 2009 at 8:10 PM
i'M glad this was brought back alive, or else I might not have found it.
One question though.
Is it against the rules for me to use this toddler furniture that allows tots to get outa bed themselves, feed themselves, get dressed themselves?
I always use it.. .so i just wonder.

If i can use these things, I might me more inclined to try this

Sims, like life, is very unpredictable. One minute you're eating four day old pizza, and then the repo-man steals your only sofa and you're in tears. ...then the food poison kicks in.
Field Researcher
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yeah, it doesn't really need that much more, just like maybe 5000 or 10,000, because that's about what I added so they could have the stuff I talked about. 1 bathroom + 7 sims = i avoid the house.

Honestly, I got Sam together with Fa because he's the only person she's found that she has positive chemistry with.... everyone else is either no bolt or the bolt with the X on it. They're only one bolt.... but they got together really quickly. Apparently they can talk for hours. I'm totally having them go through college together that and I felt bad for Fa because he's a pleasure sim too and he wanted a gf while he was a teenager half the time (he just got booted out of home and is in the bin waiting to be moved in and grow up to young adult), I think the date with Sam was his first date...... so I kinda felt bad for the guy, and he's not bad looking either. and he's great with kids.

Ok, I did have her cancel the potty training thing so Sam could do stuff while the kid was learning, and I do have a type of hacked crib that I can decide if the toddler can get itself out, but I've seen some stuff by like on mts2 and stuff where the tot's don't even need attention from anyone ever (totally blowing the whole point of this challenge). I use that hacked crib for 2 reasons. Nannies don't always let the screaming child out of the bed, which leads to them all waking up and her getting them out when they're still tired (I made Sam get them out when she was home and awake) and it lets you assign the crib to someone, this stops the Nanny from getting a kid out of bed just to put it in someone else's bed.

I mean really you can play however you want, but my 2 cents is anything that isn't just stopping the Nanny's dumb-ness, like them feeding themselves, kinda blows the point. Though you can select a tot and click on the Nanny and go "Ask For Food" and she will get them food as soon as she can. And there were times when Sam would come home about to pass out and i would tell her to get a bottle for the same one over and over, and just cancel it as soon as she had it out so she would put it on the floor and turn around and get the next one. And I sometimes delete bottles because the game allows it. But hack objects.... eeh, I'm usually against the really hacked ones that break game play (ie - make it much easier). Though, again just my 2 cents, getting themselves dressed I think doesn't really matter because my tot's are always in pj's 24-7 just because I don't mind either way. I think it would really only have picture taking value, which I use insim for all the time (yay the clothes adjuster thingy). and AGAIN, that's all just my 2 cents, meaning it's only what I think, u can ignore it. And yes, I can be a bit of a hypocrite because I got sick of the lack of basics and money so I added 5,000 to the funds.

Though back on the subject on the money, I would suggest boosting the starting amount and removing the adding weekly thing. But which ever way you want. Maybe like the money the mom left or something *shrugs*

Though if I do this again, I might just kill the mom off the bat instead of moving her out then killing her. I'm so nice. Though I'ld probably move the grave *shrugs*
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#8 Old 27th Feb 2009 at 10:22 PM
I noticed that the rules mention no other money cheats than a once a week kaching, but no other cheats are mentioned. There are hacks that let teenagers "learn" to do homework after doing it so that doesn't take forever the rest of the time and it satisfies their wish to do homework. I was wondering if that would be okay.

I loved the pictures! It's always great to see how someone's house and kids turn out. Thanks for sharing.
Field Researcher
#9 Old 27th Feb 2009 at 10:38 PM
thankies! I'm glad u like them. And no problem.

but yeah, there's hacks/cheats that allow basically anything. Like maxmotives or stuff like that, but really, it can get to a point where it breaks the game play because it's just too easy :smash: to me with too much of that type of stuff it seems pointless, but *shrugs* you could probably call me odd. I think i'm like the first person to try/complete it. I would say once they're teens, u're going to beat it unless you do something dumb on purpose. I like things hard, just not annoying (hence the crib). And I'm not one of those people that looks for every loop-hole to break things.

but u have to remember 1 thing always: it's your game, play it your way. That is the number 1 rule of the sims. (more of my 2 cents is falling on u) I'ld love to see pic.s and such, even if some breaks a rule or two here or there, just be honest about it. Don't know about anyone else, but that's me. *hopes to see other peoples pictures*

Like I give them 1k to get the teen's bed back because I forgot about when u pay for food, so the guy took her 1,100 bed because we were less than 20 short. That I call the game being unfair, he should have take something worth as close to 20 as possible, not the most expensive object in the house. Or liek I played the Asylum Challenge, and I let my controllable go to 3 comm. lots, or like my legacy family: I play with all the hack and CC I want, including like ACR and same-sex-preg and things like that. If the game gets stupid/breaks, I use insim to fix it, doesn't matter where. Or if they've been looking for their job for a week and no luck even with a computer, I give it to them. Or like sometimes I use that crib to keep the teens/adults from feeding the kid every 5 minutes by locking the kid in. I guess just basically I try to keep my game fair, while getting rid of the annoying junk. I have a lot of 2 cents today. Sorry. This is totally not my topic or challenge and I'm blabbing on about the rules anyway. I'm really sorry about that. Like I said, if u don't like what I think, then ignore it, I'll be fine.

~ oh the posting of tip thingies ~
-cancel the potty training by the teen to give him/her more time (while they're turning around)
-smart milk is ur best friend
-remember, tot's can "buy" smart milk too (and other things) also, tot's have easier wants.
-the crib that defeats the Nanny dumb-ness (if someone wants it, I'll try to find it)
-getting the cheapest car could prove very useful for when your teen misses the bus (when, not if)
-Make the teen get on the bus last (counts as kids home alone other wise, home alone too much/many times = say bye to ur kids, because the sims doesn't allow latch key kids)
-get the best bed u can for the teen (well, one with most energy, I used the single medieval one)
-stock food
-stock bottles if u feel u need to
-my teen didn't get a full good night's sleep until they were kids
-you HAVE to stay AHEAD of the tot's needs, otherwise it goes all to heck quickly
-as pic.ed multiple tot potties is good/needed
-more than 1 room for toilet/shower/etc
-don't get attached to the cribs or tub, sell them when not needed
-don't get bogged down by controlling every kid, kids can take care of themselves as long as u feed them
-there's nothing wrong with living on sandwiches
-I mostly had my teen worry about the tot's bladder and energy. Baths came if someone stunk, and fun they were left to their own to deal with.
-A cranky tot (mood not green) will not potty train, don't try unless you can get their mood to green first, if not changing table and try harder next time.
-at least 6 tot toys
-lots of open space for said tot toys
-more than 1 front door
-giving the teen their own quiet room, so things don't wake them up
ummm.... i'll edit if I think of more.....
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#10 Old 28th Feb 2009 at 7:28 AM
I made them already, I'll post pic soon. :3 I'm glad thread live~ :smash:
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#11 Old 28th Feb 2009 at 1:59 PM
I'm gonna give this a go, too. Seems fun!! I'm building a house for them right now.
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Actually, I get out jello instead of making sandwiches or cereal as it takes no time to prepare and can be out for 24 hours without spoiling. Depending on the EPs/SPs you have, you can put the leftovers in the frig or into inventory too.

I play without the crib cheat as it makes it even harder; but I do get frustrated when the nanny leaves them in the crib forever and they waste valuable skill building time, so I do understand having one that the tots can get out of.

I also pick up the used bottles which often have left over milk and stick them in inventory for later, and I have been known to turn the frig around when the nanny gets in the continual bottle retrieving mode. My best defense is to pull a bottle out of inventory and have the tot drink it so they aren't hungry any more. Then I pick up all the new bottles on the floor and put them in inventory. I can't see wasting their resources on an incompetent, uncontrollable nanny. I don't see it as cheating as the nanny got stuck in a loop to begin with.

I too believe in having lots of potty chairs. I like one for each toddler. Knowing that the potty interaction can be cancelled for the teen or adult as soon as the icon appears over the toddler's head is indeed valuable. I have the toddlers crawl or walk to the potty chair area and let the teen run there to save valuable time as well. (I always play a sim who is active enough to run for these challenges and who is neat enough to shower so time running the bath water is saved as well.)

The teen homework hack just allows the teen to do their homework in normal time as if they were helped the first time. I played the adoption challenge without it and it took my teens two hours to do homework every day instead of the one hour it would take a normal teen who learned to do homework. The hack just assumes that after doing homework repeatedly, the teen actually learns how to do it. Homework isn't done any faster than it would take a normal teen. However, I'll play without the hack if it isn't allowed.
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#13 Old 2nd Mar 2009 at 6:22 PM
Originally Posted by Ciane
..... Depending on the EPs/SPs you have, you can put the leftovers in the frig or into inventory too.

......I also pick up the used bottles which often have left over milk and stick them in inventory for later, and I have been known to turn the frig around when the nanny gets in the continual bottle retrieving mode. My best defense is to pull a bottle out of inventory and have the tot drink it so they aren't hungry any more. Then I pick up all the new bottles on the floor and put them in inventory. I can't see wasting their resources on an incompetent, uncontrollable nanny. I don't see it as cheating as the nanny got stuck in a loop to begin with.

.....who is neat enough to shower so time running the bath water is saved as well.)

yeah... storing food can help a lot.

Yeah I know, that happened once to me in Xenophilia.... I see the loop as just being the Nanny's dumb-ness (yes, the kid screaming to be put to bed needs bottle after bottle after bottle).... I should have turned it around but I didn't think of that for some weird reason...... I don't know.

Honestly, outside of these two challenges, I normally never use the Nanny because of how useless / dumb / a pain she can be. I've had her ignore the kids for hours, she eat the family's food, not clean up after herself, spend hours watching TV or playing the piano while the kids are awake, and if she has to use the toilet, it doesn't matter if one of the kids is like dieing or something. I mostly just found her poorly coded and annoying. I usually make my sims raise their own kids, but in this cases that isn't really completely possible, using the nanny is unavoidable in the challenge. Same goes with Xenophilia.... because the sims doesn't believe in latch key kids. Anyway..... yeah.... more of my random thoughts.

Though, at least in my game, even the sloppiest of sims can take a shower.... it even raises bladder a little bit. though some how at least the "craw here" thing is broken some how in my game..... I have no idea how though......
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#14 Old 2nd Mar 2009 at 11:44 PM
Starting playing this last night - it's going really well. I love my little brood. :P

I have a few tips for people:
1) The activity table has saved my butt. In addition to building relationships, it builds skills (granted, only two of them, but if you lock wants, it'll help with platinum birthdays!) AND when the fun bar is in the red, a quick clean-up will take it almost halfway up - at a cost of energy, so don't use if your Sim is very tired.
2) When visiting a community lot with your brood, don't walk. Take a taxi. Saves you from the "You shouldn't leave blahblahblah home alone..."

I've been taking lots of pictures and writing a little story in my head, so when I finish this I'll write it up and post - how does that sound?

- Calli
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#15 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 1:44 AM
Yep, I think the nanny only looks at what the social worker would act on - hunger and social. A crying babe and a dirty diaper or a rotten environment won't bring the social worker. Nannies will however sometimes surprise one and empty potty chairs or even put a toddler on one, but the situation must be perfect. I always leave toddlers with an empty bladder and hopefully tired so they will sleep while the sim is gone and hold out into he or she returns. I also leave jello on the counter to keep the nanny from cooking. AND, I only use the nanny if I absolutely can't avoid it (such as a teen raising a sibling challenge).
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#16 Old 3rd Mar 2009 at 10:09 PM
well, gl to astillac and anyone else.... and thanks for the tip with the cab not walking because it pulled that on me. (I usually have them walk because I'm too lazy to wait for the cab). I'm not sure if I want to try this one again or not.... though if I do, I'll wait until SL changes the rule about the moneys. Again, I avoid the annoying 1 bathroom 7 sim house.
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#17 Old 7th Mar 2009 at 6:37 PM
The bathrooms are easy.

Make a big room and add tiny rooms for the showers and toilets.
Like this:
| |

Where | is the wall, T is the toilet (and space needed in front of it) and S is the shower (and space). I personally use a couple of the "public" toilets, instead of the cells, but some people don't like those.

EDIT: Sorry, wall collapsed! It should be fairly obvious where that renegade wall is supposed to go.
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#18 Old 8th Mar 2009 at 3:06 AM
oh that's what i normally do... they just ran out of money. like they couldn't eve afford to put 4 walls down the middle of the bathroom I'm pretty sure. Usually I have like 3 sim at a time bathrooms. (they work great in large houses) I would totally post the link for where I learn about designing pretty bathrooms from a 4X4 square if I had it (desktop hates the net right now.... and desktop has it, I'm on the ignored-for-a-semester laptop). but yeah....
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#19 Old 8th Mar 2009 at 4:22 AM
It doesn't have to be the expensive $70 walls, just a cheap $5 garden fence.
Field Researcher
#20 Old 8th Mar 2009 at 8:09 PM
ok, didn't know that (and will totally have to keep it in mind in future..... I could possible have fun designing with that...), but anyway, linkie if anyone cares or whatever: RealPollyMogs' "Romancing the Throne - Bathroom Ideas". She's awesome for tips about prettying up things without CC or stuff packs. anyway, yay random stuff.
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#21 Old 9th Mar 2009 at 8:47 PM
The bathrooms in my regular houses are never that big. I'll have to try that.
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#22 Old 17th Mar 2009 at 1:51 AM
Originally Posted by Skuld Lunrix

The Sextuplets Challenge: Deadbeat Parents Edition

While reading through this challenge it occurred to me that it might be funny to do an Octo-mom challenge. You'd need a hack though to increase your maximum family size and I have a feeling one's game would be prone to crashing. But - one mom, 6 kids ranging from toddler to child, and then 8 babies.

And, of course, the mom doesn't have a job and her parents don't live with her. On the other hand, apparently she has free nannies, at least until the babies become toddlers.

I might have had too much coffee today...
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Default My Update! The Caston Family.

>Can Walk, Talk, and Sing Nursery Rhyme.

>Can Walk, Talk, and Sing Nursery Rhyme.

>Can Walk, Talk, Sing Nursery Rhyme and is Potty Trained.

>Can Walk, Talk, and Sing Nursery Rhyme.

The front view of the house.

I got him a small pet, Luke Caston, is the oldest and takes care of the tots

Top View of house.

>Can Talk, Walk, and Sing Nursery Rhyme.

Luke teaching William to potty.

>Can Walk, Talk, and Sing Nursery Rhyme.

Luke teaching Ada to walk.

Luke feeling depressed.

This is their mother...leaving.

Luke has this thing about letting strays animals into the house. They sometimes destroy the furniture or dig holes in the yard. However he loves his furry guest and since he shows tons of responsibility, I got him a kitten named Max. So…Luke is able to keep up his grades in school. He missed a few school days, but I have him study to make up for it. Also, though he used to show up to school late, I have him walk to school when the nanny takes her sweet time showing up.
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#24 Old 17th Mar 2009 at 2:45 PM
Impressive, Addict12, very impressive! Life will be easy from here on.
Lab Assistant
#25 Old 17th Mar 2009 at 9:47 PM
Default hmmm need to ask a question
Sheee...I started this and failed the first day. My son took pity on me, as I yelled at the poor teenager and all the toddlers, and added whats his name Loner from strangeville or what ever it's called. I usually don't play EA's towns, but I was getting bored, so I thought I'd give it a try, playing strangeville, that is.

Anyway, I used 2Jeff's simblender to up everyone's needs, and I admitted defeat. Sheeee...I usually do fine with lots of toddlers. I failed. Whine, sniffle...I shall try again, this time with everything on one floor!


addict12 where did you get those lovely skins. I love them. Your sims are so cute!
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