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Default Maitland Meanderings - a Eugenics Challenge with a twist
A/N: For story purposes, I’ve started each of my founders off separately so that they have to build their relationship up in-game. I’ve also broken the rule about using a standard legacy lot. And for the record, I don’t consider Sy Snootles “ugly” – she’s an alien, and therefore bound to look a bit odd! All credit for her goes to Elephant right here at MTS.

Chapter 1: A New Start
Location: Coventry Rhoades

Growing up, Jeremiah Maitland never thought he would find love. His rather… let’s say… unusual looks didn’t endear him to his classmates. The boys shunned him, the girls were scared of him. Despite his studious nature, college never appealed. So once he turned adult, Jeremiah packed his bags, applied for a mortgage and moved to a new area in the hope of finding someone who could accept him for who he was.
And here he is.

The new house:

Lake View
Loch Approach
Coventry Rhoades

Monday morning in early summer and Jeremiah was surveying his new acquisition. The mortgage hadn’t been enough to get him the best, but it was a house. A little sparse on furnishings maybe, no colour to speak of, the staircase was a monstrosity, the kitchen looked like it’d be more at home in an institution and the bathroom only just squeaked through with the pre-requisites of bath, basin and bog! At least the double bed fitted nicely into the master bedroom.

“Morning!” A cheerful-looking dark-skinned girl wearing a yellow coat and baseball cap over a lime-green shirt and blue shorts approached the house. Shaking hands with Jeremiah she introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Sophie Pratt and I'll be your paper-girl. Welcome to the area.”
“Well hello there Sophie. Is it just newspapers you deliver?”
“Nope, if you ever want a magazine I’ll be the one leaving that too!” Sophie grinned, and giving Jeremiah a little wave, went on her way. Her parting shot floated back to him, “Bye! See you tomorrow!”

After reading the paper from cover to cover, and discovering to his dismay that nothing in the “Situations Vacant” section appealed to him, Jeremiah considered having sandwiches for lunch. However, he’d forgotten that fridges don’t fill themselves!

Good Morning, Greenham Groceries.
“Yes, hello, can I place an order please?”
Certainly sir, and will 1.30pm delivery time be suitable for you?
“That’s absolutely fine, thank you.” After placing the order for what items he wanted along with giving his address and confirming that cash on delivery would be acceptable, Jeremiah went through to the lounge and switched the television on. There had to be something remotely reasonable on the box!

BING-BONG! Dead on 1:30pm, the delivery arrived. Diana Reeves was driving, but unlike Sophie she didn’t stop to talk, simply handed over the goods, took the money and left.

Five minutes after that, the smell of lunchmeat and mustard pervaded the atmosphere as sandwiches were swiftly made!


Jeremiah wasn’t the only new face to grace Coventry Rhoades. Over on Bridge Street, a young alien asylum-seeker had just moved in. Meet Sy Snootles.

She’d had a terrible journey. Her home planet had been threatened by an unstable blue giant only 10 lightyears away, so she’d been forced to leave as soon as she came of age. The spaceship she’d hitched a ride on was ancient and had sounded like it was about to fall apart at any moment. Upon seeing this lush green planet, she’d hidden inside an escape pod and hit the release button. Anywhere in the Universe had to be better than on that rustbucket!

Little did she know that a chance meeting with a red-haired stranger would change her life…

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.
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Default Chapter 2: Start of a Relationship
After spending weeks perusing the daily newspapers and as many local jobsites as he could find without success, Jeremiah finally landed a job as a Gumshoe. When his application email was replied to, finishing with “How soon can you start?”, he cheered. Something was going right at last!

A quick reply containing the words “I’m available now.” sealed the deal, and his new boss told him they’d send a car to pick him up.

Having had so little preparation time, he’d barely scarfed down the remains of his cereal when a grubby beat-up old vehicle pulled up outside, honking its horn impatiently.

A quick change into smart clothes and it was time to go. Pity he had to wipe his hands down his trousers after getting into the car…

Back home at 6pm, and starved of human contact aside from his colleagues, Jeremiah booted up his computer and pulled up a chat window with a random stranger. In fact, it was the name that had intrigued him: "SynotofthisWorld".

Hours later he surfaced, having taken part in what was probably his longest conversation to date and when he finally (and reluctantly) came offline, he had Sy’s phone number scribbled on the notepad beside him. He’d call her tomorrow.

The following evening:

Boy, that girl could talk! First it was online, then on the phone… and now she’d asked him to accompany her Downtown on his next day off! Could this be the start of something more?

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I'm loving this so far! :-D Hope to see more soon :-)
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Default Chapter 3: Courting Couples
Location: Downtown – Bernard’s Botanical Dining.

It was sunset on Saturday when the taxi pulled up outside the restaurant. Every time Jeremiah looked at his companion he felt his heart flutter. Sy might not have been conventional in the looks department, but by Jove she was HOT! And from what he’d seen thus far, she rather liked HIM too!

“So, shall we get ourselves a table?” he asked, hoping that Sy would join him for dinner.
“Lead the way.”

The concierge showed them to an area that was almost deserted. But then they were eating early, so the rush hadn’t yet started. Jeremiah reached for Sy’s hand.

“You know, I’m really enjoying myself tonight, sitting here with you.” he blurted out, feeling his cheeks redden in embarrassment. Sy smiled.
“So am I.” she breathed. Leaning over towards him, she added in a whisper, “And you’re the first person I’ve met who hasn’t thought me odd.”
Jeremiah licked suddenly dry lips.
“You know something?” he replied, “I could say the same thing about you.”

Just then the food arrived. Chef’s choice, twice over.
“Ooh, that looks good,” Sy commented, twirling her fork in the air then bringing it down on Jeremiah’s plate. “Mind if I nab a bite?”

Jeremiah laughed. “Bit late for me to say no really…” If truth be known, Jeremiah was finding Sy’s bold cheeky side rather endearing. He’d never be able to do that!

Meal over, and Sy was obviously relaxed in Jeremiah’s company now. Not caring if anyone saw her, she felt the time was right for a little romance and blew him a kiss across the table. The look on Jeremiah’s face was priceless!

With the food bill paid, Jeremiah turned to Sy.
“What do you say to us getting a souvenir of tonight?” he asked.
“Okay, what did you have in mind?”
“There’s a photo booth round the corner – we could get some pictures.”
Sy grinned. “Great idea.”
In fact, they got two sets in the end – one goofy set, where they just looked silly, and a sweet romantic set.

Considering what also occurred, let’s just say that photographs weren’t the only thing on their minds…

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Default Chapter 4: Move-ins and more
It wasn’t long before Jeremiah felt the time was right to take his relationship with Sy to the next level. Picking up the phone he invited her over.

Holding hands, he asked the first of two questions he hoped she’d say “yes” to.
“Sy, will you move in with me?”
“Of course I will!” Giving Jeremiah a big hug, Sy added “I’ve always thought this place could do with a woman’s touch.” However, she'd always felt awkward giving design tips out to other people.

Looking round the lounge, Sy made a suggestion about the still bare walls.
“Now we’re living together, shall we put those pictures from our date up?”

They added a nice splash of colour to the place!

That wasn’t the only thing that happened. Sy’s contribution of cash meant that half the mortgage was paid off immediately, but they knew that they could need the rest of it for other things. Until they got around to digging a pond and growing their own crops, a fair amount would be required just for food!

However, a new bed didn’t seem necessary yet…

Three months later:

Oh… maybe that extra cash will get swallowed up elsewhere. Like decorating…

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Default Chapter 5: A New Arrival or Two
A/N: Sorry for the lack of pictures for one part of this chapter. I thought I’d turned off the cut-scenes until it was too late; and my screenshots never end up the way I plan!

Despite having lived with a pregnant woman for the last few months, Jeremiah hadn’t actually twigged Sy’s condition until the bump started to show.

“You’re what? You mean, you feeling sick all the time wasn’t anything to do with my cooking?”
“Nope. Sweetie, we’re having a baby!” Being very family-orientated, Sy was looking forward to becoming a mother. Jeremiah, while happy on the surface, was concerned that everything was moving just that little bit too quickly.

“We can’t have a baby yet.. we’re not married! We’re not even engaged!”
“Is that a problem?” Sy asked.
“Well, yes. I never planned on becoming a dad outside of marriage. And now…” his voice trailed off; he’d just worked out what he needed to do.

The very next afternoon, Jeremiah was late home. Sy, tired out from the pregnancy coupled with doing her best to keep on top of the housework, had been wondering where he’d got to.

“Sy, I’ve got something I want to ask you.” Jeremiah said, getting down on one knee and holding a small box out to her. “Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”
Sy was overjoyed.
“Of course!” she cried, following the exclamation with a smacking kiss.

Now not only did they have to prepare for a baby, they had a wedding to plan!

As ever when people have more than one thing happening at once, it’s inevitable that time moves too quickly. Jeremiah started panicking when he realised that Sy was due to give birth within a month and they still weren’t married. He had the rings, but time and place hadn’t been arranged yet.

“I’ve got it!” Sy said when Jeremiah confessed this dilemma to her. “Let’s just get married at home; it’s not like we’ve got relatives nearby. It’s what people on my planet do all the time.”

So they did.

Two weeks later, Jeremiah was woken up by Sy screaming. The baby was on the way!

Meet baby Jasper:

Oh, as it turned out Sy was carrying twins… meet Jasper’s brother, Jonathan:

Welcome to the world, Generation #2!

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Default Chapter 6: Babies and Toddlers
A/N: I know I should've said this before, but please feel free to comment - any feedback is welcomed! Thanks Lauratje86 for yours, nice to know I'm not talking to myself here!

On the surface, Sy appeared to take to motherhood without a problem. She was usually found in the nursery, whether she was nursing them, changing them or simply playing. It was apparent that she was determined to bond with her sons.

Jeremiah didn’t get quite as much time with the twins, mainly due to him working all day, but he did get to take his turn with the bottles in the evenings. Jasper in particular seemed to be constantly hungry!

The twins were growing fast, and before long they became toddlers. Jasper grew up first:
Oh dear.

Then Jonathan followed suit:

Okay, so they weren’t the cutest of children. But Sy and Jeremiah were proud of their sons, and both of them looked forward to teaching the boys the skills they’d need later in life.

However, the twins weren’t the only thing on Sy’s mind. She’d started being sick again, but with the demands already upon her, would she be able to handle another pregnancy?

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Default Chapter 7: Too Much Too Soon
The short answer was no. When she wasn’t paying homage to the porcelain god or endlessly running around after two very demanding boys, Sy would break down in tears. A case of the baby blues?

Her nights weren’t much better; she seemed plagued by nightmares.

Whatever the actual reason, which was never fully discovered, she seemed to find some solace in loving a flour sack, on which she’d painted a crude imitation of a face. And all this in her first trimester!

It didn’t help matters that one afternoon Jeremiah came home from work early. Despite being on his lunch break, his boss had decided that playing on the DS wasn’t acceptable and had fired him. Now they only had the money in the bank to survive on until Jeremiah could find another position. At least Sy no longer had to do all the cooking!

Or fix the computer for the umpteenth time…

In some ways, having a second pair of hands around the house was a help, but with very little cash coming in, things were tight. Jeremiah felt that with Sy’s due date getting ever nearer, he’d be better off staying at home and painting to earn money than leaving her to cope alone five days a week. His skills with the oils were coming on a treat! Hopefully before long he’d be able to paint a masterpiece.

Finally, the day came when everything reached a climax. Sy had just given Jonathan a bottle when she felt the contractions kicking in. The new baby was on the way…

Meet Serena.

Another set of twins in this family! Sister Susan.

It was all too much for Sy though: Jeremiah could only stand and watch while his wife suffered a full breakdown. He had to help somehow! Grabbing the phone, he called the hospital and asked them to send a therapist.

Now with FOUR children well under school age, Sy and Jeremiah’s lives were only going to get harder!

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Default Chapter 8: The Terrible Twos, Twice
Chaos reigned in the Maitland house. If Sy and Jeremiah had thought one set of twins was hard work, they hadn’t seen anything yet! Potty training the boys was in full swing, but all other attempts at teaching seemed curiously absent. Maybe it was because Sy kept hiding out in the girls’ room – making almost non-stop attempts at nursing them. Jeremiah couldn’t teach two boys to walk and talk alone, while simultaneously keeping them and himself fed, clean and happy. Well, the boys were happy enough, but Dad was having very little fun!

Sy soon realised that the girls weren’t going to be sweet biddable babies for much longer, and worse, were due to become toddlers before the boys reached school age. If two toddlers were bad, what were four going to be like?

Her fears were soon confirmed. Jasper and Jonathan were four when the girls became mischievous toddlers at the age of one. Serena had a similar mix of her parents’ genes as Jon:

Susan seemed to get away with nothing more than Sy’s mouth:

Despite the unusual looks of their children, Sy and Jeremiah were just pleased that they were growing up healthy. They’d known from the start that none of the kids would look “conventional”…

In fact, the two sets of twins were bonding quite well with each other. Serena and Jasper could be found together quite regularly, and the activity table in the lounge was a constant source of amusement. However, while the girls were friendly towards each other, the boys’ relationship with the other wasn’t quite as good, as proven not long after they turned 5. Despite the lack of cash, Sy and Jeremiah had redecorated the boys’ room to celebrate their sons "graduating" from cribs.

“Why should I share with YOU? I hate you!” Jasper moaned for the umpteenth time, poking his brother Jonathan in the chest.

“Cos Mum needed the other bedroom for our sisters, that’s why…” Jonathan had said this about as many times as Jasper had moaned about sharing, but he felt obliged to say it again. With Jasper constantly taunting him, having to share wasn’t any more fun from his perspective either.
“Well, I’m the oldest, so I should get what I want! Which is everything! I shouldn’t have to look at your ugly face every time I turn around!” This time Jasper shoved Jonathan, making him cry.

“That’s it, cry! Go running to mummy, she won’t do anything!” Jasper had a mean streak in him, and knowing that Jonathan was in general a much nicer boy, wasn’t afraid to use it. In fact, Jonathan was the nicest in the family.
“That hurt!” Jon wailed, rubbing the area on his chest where Jasper’s sharp fingers had left a mark.

“Boys!” Sy had heard part of the commotion, and had come upstairs to investigate. “That’s enough from both of you. It’s bedtime, and you start school in the morning.” With a final glare at his brother, Jasper climbed into bed. Jonathan followed suit.
Later, Jeremiah came to tuck both boys in.

How would their first day at school go?

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Default Chapter 9: Children, Clashes and Challenges
A/N: Sorry about the long gap between this and the last update - was struggling with one section. However, I've now managed to get back on track and will be able to push on with the story.

Amazingly enough, both boys were up, washed and dressed in time for the school bus arriving just after 8am. Jasper was the first one out of the door, and looked excited to be leaving the house.

Jonathan wasn’t far behind, but appeared slightly more wary approaching the big yellow vehicle parked outside his home.

Serena didn’t even notice the boys weren’t home – she was more interested in the teddy bear at the foot of Jonathan’s bed!

The boys’ first day of school appeared to go well.
“Mum, would you help me with my homework?” Jonathan had cornered Sy outside near the telescope. Sy readily agreed.

If only everything went as smoothly as homework. Jonathan was prone to tantrums when things didn’t go his own way, and both boys were constantly bickering.

“Get off your high horse bro – you’re not that good-looking!”
“At least I’m better-looking than YOU!”
Unfortunately for Jonathan, this was actually true. Aside from his rather prominent cheekbones and green skin, Jasper looked like all the other neighbourhood boys, and believed that his pseudo-good looks would ensure that Jeremiah named him heir to the legacy. By contrast, Jonathan’s facial structure was all over the place. He didn’t think Jasper would make a good heir due to his fiery nature, but apart from that hadn’t given any thought to the future.

Soon it was the girls’ turn to grow up. First came Serena:

Then Susan:

They were definitely a close pair – that very night the two girls were playing cops and robbers in the kitchen, while Jeremiah supervised from the lounge. Jasper amused himself with toys in his bedroom. And Jonathan? He was around somewhere.

* * *

“Boys, this constant fighting isn’t doing you any favours.” Sy had noticed the rivalry was showing no signs of abating and the twins would be teens in less than a year. “Have you ever thought about making up?”
“Well, he started it!” Jasper accused, referring to the latest brawl.
“Only cos YOU called me names!” Jonathan shot back.
“Look, I don’t care who started it or how, but that’s enough from both of you. Now if you Jasper, can desist from the name-calling, will you Jonathan, stop attacking your brother?”
Jonathan nodded, tired of the tension between them, but Jasper’s anger could still be seen in his blazing eyes.
“I’m sorry Mum. And I’m sorry for fighting with you Jas.” Sy turned to Jasper.
“What about you?” she asked. Jasper shrugged.
“I guess…” he sighed, knowing that until he also apologised, he wasn’t going anywhere. “Sorry Jon. I won’t call you names again.”
“Good. Now how about the two of you go and play together while I finish making dinner?”
Soon the air was ringing with the sound of pretend shooting!

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Yay! So glad for the updates. I've missed this story. Can't wait to see what the twins (boys) will look like when they have their birthday. ^^
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Default Chapter 10. A House Full of Teens
A/N: Ask and you shall receive! Thanks for the comment LovethMia!

Jasper and Jonathan became teens with little fanfare. But then, birthdays tended to come and go quietly in the Maitland House.

They were total opposites in every way. Jasper seemed studious, but what he was really interested in was eyeing up the ladies. Jonathan outwardly appeared the class joker, but he worked hard at the same time. Both boys shared a dream of attending University.

* * *

Friday night was boogie night down at Crypt-O-Night Nightclub, and by 8pm you could be sure of seeing Jonathan propping up the bar. He only ever drank lemonade; it wasn’t the drink he wanted (although dancing is thirsty work), it was the atmosphere… or should that have been the pumping tunes emanating from the dance-floor?

Whatever his “official” reasons for going out were, he always made time to chat.

Jasper joined him on occasion, but found that after a drink or two, having a go on the club’s “Electro-Sphere” was not the best of ideas!

The girls preferred to spend their free time playing sports. Susan loved playing catch with Jeremiah, while Serena was less social – instead using her skipping rope for hours!

However, whatever they did during the day, once bedtime arrived it was customary for the girls to give Jeremiah a hug, then have Jonathan read them to sleep. Only when they were dead to the world would he close the book and head to his own room.

* * *

When the girls also became teens, Sy started feeling broody once more. Jeremiah wasn’t too sure about having yet another child, as there just wasn’t space for a nursery. Any baby born prior to the boys leaving home would have to sleep in their room.
“Please…” Sy’s wish of hearing the patter of yet more tiny feet just wasn’t going to disappear.
“Very well, we can try for another baby if that’s what you want, but we’re both getting older and you know how fertility rates drop over time.” Jeremiah didn’t think it would happen.
Two months later:

Looks as though Sy’s wish has been granted.

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Default Chapter 11: Two Leave, One Arrives
Jasper and Jonathan were 17 when Sy went into labour. After much huffing and puffing, waking Jeremiah up in the process, she gave birth to another baby girl. Stephanie.

Of course, as a baby Stephanie looked very like her older brothers and sisters. Being a more placid child, she was content to stay in her cot for long periods, which gave Jeremiah time to finish the portrait of Sy he’d been working on for some time. It wasn’t considered a masterpiece, but since when did that matter?

The boys had decided that they would stay for Stephanie’s birthday, as she was due to become a toddler the day they were headed off for University.
She turned out to look rather like Serena:

“Dad, I’ve called the taxi!” Jasper was the first of the twins to leave the house. He was bound for Sim State Uni, about 20 miles north of Coventry Rhoades. Unlike Jonathan, Jasper still didn’t know what he was going to study, as his dream of becoming a Criminal Mastermind was frowned upon by all and sundry.

Jonathan wasn’t far behind in phoning for his ride, which would deliver him to La Fiesta Tech College, the school of Arts. He was hoping that a Drama Degree would help him in his personal quest to top the Dance career.

And as for the girls? Both of them just wanted date after date after date… and college wasn’t required for that. In fact, Serena had pretty much left off studying and her grades were dropping rapidly. Jeremiah knew that if she didn’t buck her ideas up soon, he’d have to have a father-daughter conference.

Meanwhile, Sy wanted to at least attempt with Stephanie what she hadn’t been able to do with the others: teaching her skills that would be useful later. Assuming Stephanie co-operated of course.

Jeremiah helped out on occasion too.

Sy enjoyed spending time with Stephanie, and with her four older ones all approaching adulthood, started to think more about which of them should become heir to the legacy and raise her grandchildren in their home. She and Jeremiah had already decided that Stephanie wasn’t eligible due to her being so much younger.

The discussions were mainly conducted in quiet moments, while Stephanie was napping and the twins were at school.
“I’m not sure – he may be the most normal-looking but do you think he’d make a good heir? Wanting to be a criminal – what kind of example would he be setting?”
“Good point. Well, what about Jonathan?”
“Hmm… he’s possible. Peacekeeper, never complains about tidying up, and knows he needs to work hard for what he wants.”
“Okay, we won’t rule him out for the moment. Now, Serena…”
“Don’t get me started! That girl needs to get her priorities right first.”
“She’s 14 Jeremiah, it’s not easy for a girl growing up looking the way she does.”
“So’s Susan, but she’s coping with it.”
“Because she’s a tomboy and no one dares challenge her! Serena isn’t like that.”
“Fine. Serena if and only if she buckles down. Now for Susan…”

At this point Sy looked concerned. Jeremiah wasn’t going to like this.

“Susan told me something last night. She asked me not to tell you but I think it’s important.”
“Spit it out.”
“She likes girls.”
“Girls? You mean…”
“Yes. I don’t think she’ll be able to settle down with a man. For her sake I think it’s best if we don’t make her the heir.” Jeremiah agreed.

So there it was. Nice boy Jonathan vs Naughty girl Serena. Pleasure Sim vs Romance Sim. And with every day that passed it looked more and more likely that Jonathan would prevail.

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Ooh, keep it coming! Very cute story. I'm really excited to see the next generation. XD

Well that's what happens when you're on your own and you're alright at letting nice things go
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Default Chapter 12: Jasper's Uni Years, Part 1
“Where to mate?” The taxi driver had arrived at SSU campus, but wanted to ensure his young charge got safely to his chosen abode.
“The ‘Bright’ House, please. They’re looking for a roommate.”
“Right you are.”

So Jasper moved into the Bright Household. Over their first lunch he got to know his housemates: Jane Stacks, Allegra Gorey and Martin Ruben.

Would one of these become his life partner?

Before long, Jasper got down to business, declaring his major and spending hours on the computer writing the first of his term papers.

Then working on his assignments.

By all accounts he was shaping up to be a good student.

“Alley, you look tired – can I give you a backrub?” By his second year, Jasper had firmly set his sights on Allegra. She was smart, funny and sent his pulse rate sky-high with merely a glance.
“Thanks Jas. I knew I can count on you to make me feel better.”

In fact, Allegra was falling for Jasper too: hook, line and sinker.

First, the all-important date:

She didn’t care that he looked somewhat odd, she just knew she loved him.

Unfortunately, Allegra wasn’t the only person who loved Jasper. Jane also liked him, although she would never admit it in front of her housemates, even to her mother!
“Yes Mum, I’m working hard, I have to – I’m in my third year… no I haven’t found a boy yet… yes, I know you want grandchildren … Alright Mum, I’ll keep looking, bye.”

University wasn’t all plain sailing. After falling for Allegra, Jasper started neglecting his assignments, and was sternly informed that if he didn’t start working he’d be on probation.
Allegra, who despite everything else going on around her was keeping up, was appalled.
“Jasper, do you really want to be expelled?” Jasper shrugged.
“Don’t worry about me Alley, I’ll be fine.”
Jasper's studies weren't the only thing going wrong...


“ARRRGGGHHHHH!” The yell from the lounge woke Jane, and she dashed in to find a shocking sight.
“Martin? You okay?” Seeing sparks fly, she could only stand and watch, cringing.

Oh dear. Maybe a repairman should fix electrical items, not students.

* * *

Somehow Jasper had scraped through to the second semester of his third year, and now felt that the time was right to pop the question.

“Allegra, I love you. I want to be with you. Would you, erm… would you…” Kneeling in front of her, he held out the small box. “Would you marry me?”

“Yes! I’d love to!” Jasper felt like he was the happiest man alive when Allegra jumped into his arms!

Whilst happy for her friend, Jane was a mite jealous. She was only one semester away from graduating, and still hadn’t ever been kissed. She may have been only 22, but felt as though her life was going nowhere. Until the night before graduation…
“Psst, Jasper…”
“What is it?”
“Come in here.”
“I was about to go to bed…” Jasper wondered what Jane wanted. He’d never been into the girls’ room unless Allegra was there, and she was downstairs watching TV.
Jane couldn’t help it. Whether it was right or not, she HAD to give in to the impulse.

First kiss. With the boy she loved, but unless things changed could never have. Still, as long as Allegra didn’t find out…

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Default Chapter 13: Jasper's Uni Years, Part 2
A/N: 4th update today... I've got way too much time on my hands right now! Not long now til the next generation though snoopy_loopy!

“Bye bye Uni!” With her diploma in hand, Jane was leaving University. Where she would go she didn’t know, but she planned to keep in touch.


The two of them were celebrating completing their third year. However, things were going to become even more difficult.

Another day, another round of sandwiches. Allegra was finding pregnancy while studying to be exhausting, but Jasper’s culinary repertoire wouldn’t stretch very far. She hoped that she’d be able to catch some kind of break once the baby arrived.

“JASPER! GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE!” While she had handled the earlier ones fine, Allegra hadn’t been prepared for the intensity of the contractions as the moment of birth grew closer and closer.

Jasper arrived in the kitchen just in time to see his baby daughter Alexandria arrive.

* * *

“What do you mean you’re on probation AGAIN?” Allegra couldn’t work out why Jasper couldn’t keep up with his work, yet she was managing despite looking after a baby.
“Sorry Alley… I’ll go study then, shall I?”
“After you bath Alex – she needs a bit of Daddy time.”

Alexandria loved baths; splashing Jasper was great fun!
“Shall I put that new baby dress Mum found at the market on her?” he asked, lifting Alex out of the basin.
“Do – she’ll look even more adorable in that!”

Allegra was right. The cute Piglet frock with matching booties suited Alexandria perfectly.
After giving her a bottle Jasper placed her in the crib upstairs in what was now their room.

“You know, I may not be the best student, but I’ve got the best little family right here…” Jasper murmured to Allegra as he fell asleep.

If there was one thing Allegra liked doing (aside from study that is) it was playing with Alexandria. Not a day went by without her picking the child up and rubbing noses, lifting her into the air and suchlike. She was enjoying motherhood, for the most part.

Graduation day arrived, for Allegra and Martin at least. It was now or never for Jasper – had he done enough to avoid expulsion?

Unfortunately not. While his fiancée celebrated getting her diploma, Jasper had been told to get off campus, pronto! With a sideways look at the house he’d spent the last four years in, he transitioned into an adult.

“I’ll find us a place to live!” he shouted to Allegra as the taxi pulled away. With a wave, Allegra went inside to pack up their things. Then after phoning for the taxi to take her and Alexandria back, she too grew up to adulthood.

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More updates You've been busy! xD Love it! Jas' baby is so adorable and normal looking! I wonder if he's really the father ;>> Can't wait to see what happens to the girls and Johnny!
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Default Chapter 14: Jonathan’s Uni Years, Part 1
A/N: Thanks for commenting again LovethMia, glad to know you're enjoying the story so far. You made me laugh though - in all the time I've played Jonathan, I've only ever shortened his name to "Jon", never "Johnny"! Not that I mind you doing so .
I'll be focusing on the main legacy line once the heir is declared, but rest assured that I AM playing the spares as well and will post updates periodically.

Unlike his brother, Jonathan decided he’d stay in dorms rather than renting somewhere while he studied for his degree. However, a small place was preferable.

He settled in quite rapidly, and could be found in the lounge area most days, whether it was just chatting with the various dorm-mates, watching TV or even studying!

There were times when he missed his old haunt as a teen, so he still made the journey downtown on occasion; dancing, chattering… even checking out the ladies. After all, none of the girls he shared the dorm with were “his type”!

Before long, he’d spotted one woman who aroused his curiosity. It took some time, but eventually he plucked up his courage to speak to her.
“Hi there… I’m Jonathan.”
“Kellie. Nice to meet you. You… come here often?”
“I did as a teen. I’m at Uni now.”
“Good for you. Want to hang out?”
And so it began.

Jonathan soon found it wasn’t just his curiosity that was aroused when he was near Kellie. Could it be that this mystery woman would be his soul mate? Sure, she might dress in an old-fashioned way, but she had modern mannerisms, and didn’t look any older than him.

“Can I take you out to dinner?” Jonathan asked shyly. Kellie smiled, but in an odd way that hid her teeth.
“Here?” she asked, indicating the club, “or would you like to go somewhere else? If you’re not sure, the food’s reasonable for a non-dedicated restaurant.”
Jonathan agreed.
“Here’s fine by me.”

“Tonight’s been awesome.” Jonathan said, finally clearing his plate.
“I’m glad…” Kellie looked slightly uncomfortable; he couldn’t fathom why.
“What’s wrong?”
“Look… I’m really sorry, but I’ve got to go… it’s not you, I promise!” Kellie was already heading towards the club door.
“Hey, I’ll call you!” Jonathan shouted after her.
“Just make it after 7pm, okay?” With that, Kellie disappeared.

Perplexed, Jonathan went back to campus whereupon he threw himself into class and doggedly wrote his term paper.

However, finding a scented envelope in the mailbox a couple of days later put all thoughts of study out of his mind… for the moment anyway!

“Hey, want to come over?”
“I’ve got a better idea – let’s go to Bernard’s.”
“Okay, see you there.”

Kellie walked him home. Holding hands outside the dorm, Jon asked,
“Kellie, would you go steady with me?”
“I’d love to.”

Unbeknown to Jonathan, someone was watching them.

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Default Chapter 15: Jonathan's Uni Years, Part 2
It was the following evening over dinner that Jonathan was cornered.

“I saw you last night with that girl.”
“What girl?” Jonathan wasn’t sure what Virgil was getting at, so decided to play the lovable idiot card.
“The Countess… you know she’s a vamp, don’t you?”
“Countess? Her name’s Kellie. And what do you mean, vamp?”
“Vamp-IRE. She sucks blood, man. You don’t wanna get involved with her; she’ll have you for dinner one day.”
Jonathan was incredulous. Kellie Peterson, vampire? Was Virgil serious or just pulling his leg? Though the look on the guy’s face suggested he wasn’t joking.
“Look, I’ve been out with her a few times, mate. If she’s really this ‘vampire’ why hasn’t she tried to bite me yet?”
“I don’t know, maybe she’s waiting for the right moment. You better be careful though.”
Jonathan nodded, raised his bowl to his face and carried on eating. Messily.

Virgil’s words swam in Jonathan’s head for days afterwards. Yes, he’d noticed the dusky cast to Kellie’s skin, and the glint of red in her eyes, but he’d always put both down to a trick of the light. He’d never noticed fangs, nor had she ever attempted to bite anyone. In the end, he dismissed the whole thing as nonsense. Kellie wasn’t dangerous; Virgil had just been trying to scare him.

* * *

It was just after Jonathan made it to his third year when all hell broke loose in the dorm. The llama mascot, who was constantly getting in the way, turned on Virgil, who had dared to laugh hysterically at the school cheer. Jonathan couldn’t ignore the commotion.

‘Mr Llama’ as most of the students referred to him, won the fight, but Virgil swore he’d get even one day.

Fighting wasn’t the only aspect that livened up the students’ lives that year. Another was Frank playing pranks with the sprinklers.

Unfortunately for Jonathan, pranks meant time away from studying or painting. None of the dormies EVER cleaned up after themselves! And THAT meant desperate measures were called for…

Leroy…” Jon had pulled the cow mascot over to one side. “You’re an awesome guy and so fast when it comes to typing… if I gave you my notes, would you type up my term paper for me?”
Amazingly, Jonathan’s cheeky request worked. Leroy Underwood aka “The Evil Cow” obediently sat down at the computer and started typing. Influence sure had its rewards!

Now Jonathan could get ready for his date that evening. Kellie was coming over to the dorm, and he had something very important to do.

* * *

“You made it!”
“So, what was so important you HAD to invite me over?”

* * *

With the most likely heir now engaged, Sy and Jeremiah felt the need to ‘inspect’ this future bride. One evening in early December, they invited Kellie over.

They too thought that she looked a little strange, but she seemed pleasant enough. If Jonathan was happy, then they weren’t going to stand in his way!

* * *

The final year came all too quickly. Even with top grades for the last two semesters there was little chance of Jonathan graduating with Honours, but as far as he was concerned, just getting a degree was achievement enough. To celebrate, he cranked the volume up on the stereo, but he wasn’t the only one dancing:

Kellie joined him later on, as was customary with them by this time. After some alone time in the lounge, Jonathan was dead on his feet and was about to wish her goodnight, but then events took a sinister turn.

“Now you’re one of us.” Kellie declared with an amused smirk. “And you may want to replace that bed with something a little more light-resistant.”
So he did.

Jonathan would soon learn there were downsides to being a creature of the night, especially when you had class at 11am!

Nevertheless, despite the challenges associated with avoiding the sun, Jonathan came away from University with a well-earned Drama Degree. Now to go back to Coventry Rhoades, get married and pursue his dream.

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O_O Vampires! Sweet! I can't wait for the next update! Will Johnny be the heir?

P.S. lol any name with 'Jon' or 'John' becomes 'Johnny' for me because of Johnny Depp! x3
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This is such a lot of fun to read! Thank you for sharing the story of these special Sims.
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Default Chapter 16: Homework or Not
Thanks for the comments!
LovethMia, the heir will be revealed at the end of this chapter.
Garambola, it's been fun to play thus far as well! I've got so far ahead in-game I've had to force myself to stop just so I can catch up with the writing!

“Serena!” Jeremiah had had enough. “Get down here on the double!”
The 15 year old bounded down the stairs, but stopped dead when she saw the serious expression on her father’s face.
“What’s the matter Dad?”
“You and I need to talk. Sit down.” She sat.

“I’ve been looking at your latest school reports. Not very good, are they? I thought you’d want to go off to Uni like your brothers.”
“Dad... I’m not bothered about Uni. And is it really that big a deal if my grades aren’t A’s?”

“They’re not even C’s Serena. You’re averaging D+ at best. Keep this up and you’ll fail out of school. Do you really want that on your record?”
Serena shrugged. She was bored of school and found homework tiresome. Fair enough for those swots who were off to Uni, but not for her.
“What are you going to do about it? It’s my life.”
“I just don’t want you to scupper your chances sweetie. Failing school can have serious consequences like not getting a decent job. Employers don’t like seeing F’s.”

Glancing over, Jeremiah could see that Serena really wasn’t interested. He sighed.
“Okay, fine. Screw up your life if that’s what you want, but don’t come running to me when your bank account turns red.”
“You done, Dad?” Plaintive.
“Yes. I can see we’re not going to agree on this.”

Admittedly, Susan’s grades weren’t much better, but unlike her twin she was showing some kind of effort. She was averaging B-, not impressive but at least it was a definite pass. Hence why the father-daughter conference had only been with Serena.

At least Stephanie was doing well. She’d mastered walking very quickly, was chattering nineteen to the dozen and had finally learnt that the potty was not for playing 'boat' in! Sy had even taught her a nursery rhyme, which she would sing to herself when left alone in a room. For now, she’d been “promoted” to the boys’ old room, but with Jonathan possibly returning before her sisters moved out there was a likelihood of being made to move.

And now she’d made it. Stephanie was a child, ready to take on the world of school and homework. In a rare celebration, Sy cooked a freshly caught fish from the newly dug pond, served on the new (albeit plain) larger dining table.

With the boys’ four years of University drawing to a close, Sy and Jeremiah had to make a decision. Who would be the heir?

It didn’t take long. With Serena making little to no effort, there was only one eligible person left. Upon graduation, Jonathan would be welcomed back home, permanently.

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Yay! Happy to hear Jon's gonna be coming back. Oh my... Stephanie is definitely -- sweet. As Garambola said, this has been a treat to read, or rather watch lol. Yes, thank you for sharing such unique characters! Though I wonder how Sy and Jeremiah will feel to have a vampire as a member of the family. What am I talking about?! xD They'll love her. More please!
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Default Chapter 17: A Wedding! Woohoo!

It was just after 6pm the day the now adult Jonathan returned to his parents’ house, and wasted no time in taking his old room back. Stephanie was shunted out into the girls’ room, but knowing it was only going to be temporary, accepted the new arrangement peaceably.

Now, what would Jonathan’s first big decision as heir going to be? Find himself a job, or call Kellie and arrange the wedding?

Wedding of course! And where better to get married than the moonlit park?

If only the photographer’s flashcube had been working!

Afterwards, Jonathan invited his new wife back to his house, whereupon she officially became a part of the family.

“So, where would you like to spend your wedding night, honey?”
Kellie checked the area to make sure no one was in the immediate vicinity then put her mouth close to Jonathan’s ear.
“You ever tried it in the car?”
“Oooh, can’t say as I have…”

Things soon got pretty steamy!

* * *

It soon became clear that with two vampires needing coffin-space, the house just wasn’t big enough. Kellie generously offered to pay for a “granny annexe” extension downstairs, which would leave the master bedroom free for her and Jonathan. She even went as far as to get them a much more comfortable bed.

Well, there was still life in the old dogs!

And space was soon going to be at a bigger premium still…

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Default Chapter 18: Turned
Before long, Jonathan acquired his dream job, but having to brave the outdoors during daylight was reminiscent of being back at Uni. However, providing he kept the exposure to a minimum he felt sure he would be fine.

During daylight hours, it was almost impossible to believe that vampires “lived” in the house. The girls would come home from school, do their homework (well, Stephanie would) then go and amuse themselves. Susan had discovered that the telescope wasn’t JUST for stargazing!

With Kellie being pregnant though, there wasn’t a great deal of night action either. While it didn’t make her tired, she was often hungry!

The twins’ birthday dawned. By the end of the day they would be adults and soon be moving out.
Serena grew up outside:

Susan was inside:

That same night, Kellie struck again!

A third coffin was quickly procured and installed in the extension. Now, like his son and daughter-in-law, Jeremiah could rest safely by day, and arise at sundown.

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