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Default Only The Good Die Young
This challenge is for a minimum of 2 generations. Keep it going as long as you want. This is a wish-fulfilment challenge, with a difference.


Turn aging off. You won’t be needing it. Each life stage sets out a specific challenge, and sims may not age up until they have completed that challenge. There is a catch. Sims may only achieve their challenge objectives autonomously, UNLESS they have a wish relating to completing it. You are welcome, and somewhat encouraged, to fulfil unrelated wishes. Might as well keep them happy during their long long lives.

You may use whatever cheats and hacks you like, so long as free will is on and aging is off.


Infants may be aged up as follows:

Two traits chosen at birth – age up immediately.
One trait chosen at birth – age up in 2 days.
Both traits random at birth – age up in 7 days.

To achieve this, sims may autonomously listen to the children’s radio station or watch children’s television, or read a pregnancy book. Otherwise, the sim must fulfil a wish to watch tv, listen to music or read a pregnancy book. If your sim’s favourite music is kids, you may change it to kids if they don’t do so themselves. Otherwise, you might want to befriend a childish sim or six.

Toddlers may be aged up as follows:

Once they have learned to walk, talk & pee.

To achieve this, sims may autonomously teach to, or if you have the sims store toddler objects, they may autonomously place them in there. Otherwise, the sim must fulfil a wish to teach to and may ONLY teach the related want. Sims may not delegate this task. Sims may place the toddler in the store object for the related want.

Children may be aged up as follows:

When they reach the top of the honour roll.

To achieve this, the sim must autonomously do homework or go to school. They may also be autonomously directed to do homework. Otherwise they must fulfil a wish to do homework or to help with homework/seek help with homework. There is a twist. If a sim rolls up the want to skip school, you must make a bonafide attempt to fulfil it. Sometimes the game will force the sim to go to school when they have a locked skip school want, so if they do ignore your direction, it is at your discretion whether you force the issue or just accept your good fortune.

Teens may be aged up as follows:

When they reach the top of the honour roll or when someone else rolls a wish to see them graduate – whichever comes first.

To achieve this, follow the instruction for children.

Young Adults may be aged up as follows:

When they have raised a family (as defined by their personality – this could be them & pets, DINKS or a large family). Single sims may not age up. Sims wishing to be surrounded by family must be aged up when their fifth child is born.

To achieve this, they must roll a wish to get married or have children before they are allowed to do so, unless they do so autonomously.

Adults may be aged up as follows:

When they reach their lifetime wish.

To achieve this they must autonomously do what they need to do to achieve their lifetime wish. Otherwise they may fulfil a wish relating to their lifetime wish.

Elders and death:

Since a natural death by old age is not an option for elders, they may only die when they manage to achieve it for themselves. Elder sims should be left on full autonomy and given access to items of dubious safety. Wants may be considered a sim choosing the method of their own death, so by all means lock a want to work out until fatigued and a want to go swimming as a means to manually achieve their final rest. Or buy them that jellybean bush they've always wanted.


1000 per elder death
2500 per autonomous elder death
500 per birthday achieved without fulfilling the related wishes
500 per birthday achieved ONLY by fulfilling the related wishes
-1000 per pre-elder death
-1000 per child or pet taken by social worker (or if you have the no social worker mod, per time two or more needs were in the red)

Thanks, I hate it.
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Adding for clarity, raise a family is as per the 'surrounded by family' lifetime wish - raise all children to teens. As this will set off the LTW of the surrounded by family sim, their restriction is to age up from the birth of their fifth child. If your sim wants to be surrounded by cats, or wants to be in a relationship without kids, the adulthood condition is marriage as fulfilled by a wish to get married.

Yes, you are definitely allowed to use ALL of the lifetime rewards. You're encouraged to. This is kind of a nega-legacy lol. Also, you will know frustration when your newly minted teen rolls a want to go to prom only for mum or dad to immediately roll a want to see them graduate. You know the rules! This challenge will give you a whole new perspective on gameplay.

Enjoy the ensuing madness.

Thanks, I hate it.
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I recently played this through. It's quite fun, but if you hated the non-aging neighbourhoods in sims 2, then Buzzler's Aging Monitor mod will be essential to you. Just remember to set aging back on again for any of your challenge simmies that wish to leave the nest!

Thanks, I hate it.
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