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The Witch that Loved a Hybrid. (Intense.)
This is my first Sim story, but it's one so unique that I wanted to share with other enthusiasts, so bare with me. I apologise in advance if it's not in the 'usual' format, i'll just be using third person. I also hope I've popped this in the right place.
I'm twenty three and have been an avid Sims player for over a decade, installing, uninstalling, modding, not modding. With the release of Sims 4 tingling my Sim senses again, I felt compelled to install the second series of the game; One that I feel offers so much more. So after reinstalling a few months ago, I found myself becoming easily distracted once again. I really needed a family I felt 'connected' too or at least one that I could play a few generations out in.

***Please note that I do not use cheats unless stated otherwise.

It all happened unexpectedly, but slowly a new era began to fall into place. Where to begin? Well, I suppose we'd start off with Ayida La Croix. Ayida's upbringing had been a lonely one and she hadn't been fortunate in careers. With no living relatives, renting an apartment seemed the best option for her. It's here where our story begins and Ayida is introduced to something that will change her life forever; magic.

Ayida's new room mate was quirky, full of life, and obsessed with the paranormal. After studying psychology at University with her brother, Ashley went onto become fascinated with all things spooky, following a career into palm reading. Ayida had spent time over Ashleys books and went on a search for the path of magic. This was thought to be a simple task but it actually took days of trips around various destinations, looking out for a pointed hat in the crowd.

Finally, Ayida met Vivian. A white tipped witch who seemed more than happy to share the 'secrets' of the trade. Within a week, Ayida was found nose deep in a book; learning the path of dark.

And they all lived happily ever after.

LOL. Just kidding.

Ayidas heart belonged to a man who would never love her, it wasn't until he broke it did she let the darkness fully consume her. Frank Stein was a good natured warlock, but always saw the dark in Ayida and it was for this very reason he could never feel anything for her. (Un)Fortunately, it wasn't in Franks fate to feel anything for anyone and met his untimely death, leaving Ayida with a fiendish scheme.

The day after Franks passing, Ayida approached her special phone - a directly link to the Grim Reaper. (You might be wondering how she acquired this phone given her circumstances, but needless to say it was actually Ashley who earned this; Ayida planned to make one more phone call before her and her newly betrothed would find their own place - taking the phone with her, like the little clepto she is.)

With a tweak here and there and some help from her good friend Grim, she raised the perfect other half. One that was submissive enough to love her, and stupid enough not to ever leave.

Unfortunately, even through death; Franks goodwill persisted. It took a while, but Ayida tried to overlook their differences and bonded as a couple. It took taking a holiday with Frank that Ayida began to learn to adjust and compromise with life - whilst on their vacation, they weren't 'good' or 'bad', they were just each others.

Holidays don't last for nearly as long as we would like, but it was back to reality for the La Croix family.

Once again, their differences stood out more than ever and Ayida decided to give into Franks constant want of a child. Realising that Frank was infertile, they looked into adoption. Life began to shake up with the arrival of Espen, but they grew together as a family and tried to learn from each other.

As if this dysfunctional family needed any more strange, they took their first 'family' holiday with Espen. Flying overhead the camp sites, it didn't take long for Ayida to spot a small hidden shack, curiosity spiking, she decided to have a look. Ayida had heard tales of many creatures from her old friend Ashley, but none of what she saw that day. To her amazement, she met Ocean Bigfoot, a member of the elusive Bigfoot clan. Thinking of various ways she could harness his unique skills, she quickly popped out her Voodoo doll and cast a little Friendship spell. That afternoon, Bigfoot agreed to move home with them after living in the forest alone for so long.

The various plans Ayida had for Ocean were put on hold for a while as he soon became an excellent nanny for Espen. Soon, the whole family loved him.

Unfortunately, no one had anticipated the learning curve with children being quite so big, and it didn't take long for the social services to realise that one parent was studying dark arts and the other was undead. Oh, and Bigfoot was now the nanny helping with homework.

The loss of Espen was devastating for the both of them, and soon Ayida was making plans to overcome not being able to have Franks biological child, despite his constant want for one. With a quick summoning spell and the old voodoo love magic, she was quickly trying for another child with an adequate suitor. Frank was furious and quickly broke off their marriage. Ayida finished up and then quickly wiped Franks mind, as well as the sheets!

Knowing she'd have to woo him again was exhausting, but it was better than what he had seen and suddenly, Frank found himself with a new bride and a baby on the way.

Once the child had been born; a boy, named Scamp, the battle for Good & Evils love is going strong, but Frank Stein still has some zombie notion of wanting a child.

Suddenly, an all powerful ruler appears with a gift. A cheat.
"I will use my awesomo powers to summon the tombstone of Life and Death, with this, you will have the power to become pregnant with Franks biological child."/
And with that, the awesome ruler disappeared into a puff of pink glittery smoke.

And thus, by the power of God, Ayida was given a miracle pregnancy. A beautiful balance of good and evil, Aurora. It was in that moment Ayida knew; She had found her protigee. Ayida, Frank, Aurora, Scamp, Ocean; and the new addition, a Dalmation named buffy - move into a new house ready for a new begin. Ayida just hopes she has enough Youth Juice to keep her around until she's ready to pass on the gift to her children, and see Aurora away to College.

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