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Default From Dumpster to Deluxe
From Dumpster to Deluxe

I love Rags to Riches challenges and I saw some utilizing the dumpster from Eco Lifestyle for that. Since I like my challenges extreme, I added some rules to make it more difficult.

Main Goal:

Build a home with found or crafted furniture

  • You start with 0 dollars and a fresh young adult sim in Evergreen Harbor. Your lot should have the Reduce and Recycle trait.
  • Your lot should be empty at the start of the challenge.
  • You can't sell through the inventory. You have to use a sales table or retail lot. You can only mark up sales to 100%. No ridicilous 300% mark up prices.
  • You can only use furniture found in dumpsters or crafted by your sim (like fabricating, woodworking or painting).
  • You can only use essential items (sink, toilet, shower, fridge, stove, computer, books) on other lots after you have found/crafted them yourself and placed one on your own lot.
  • You can make money via tips from singing/instrument use, or using the recycler or selling water/power. No lottery.
  • You can use fabricator and recycler on community lots.
  • Items you can't find in the dumpster (like the woodworking table, sales table, solar panel, fabricator etc.) can be bought in build/buy.
  • You can only recycle burned items (unless you use the optional challenge).
  • You can buy meals at restaurants or food stalls.
  • You can buy walls, windows, doors, fireplaces, bins, floors, wallpaper, lights with your earned money in build/buy.
  • You can marry, but you must have at least 1 bedroom (with bed), 1 bathroom (with sink, toilet and bathtub or shower) and have a room with the items: fridge, sink, counter, stove, table, chair. Each with a light.
  • Your spouse must follow the same rules. The spouse can't have a career, but can craft/make stuff, like candles, juice, flowers etc. Nothing that gives royalties.

Minimum House:
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Hobby/Study Room
  • Dining Room
  • Pool
  • Garden
  • Wallpaper/Floor in every indoor room

  • You can't replace burned items with money, you have to use the Smog Vacuum.
  • To get the Smog Vacuum you need to be in the Civil Designer career and choose the Green Technician path. To keep it challenging, delete every simoleon you get from the career with the money cheat (ctrl+shift+c, type "testingcheats true", and then "money X" with "X" being the amount of simoleons your household had before the salary). Imagine that your sim uses the salary to pay off a debt or uses the funds for crafting.
  • However, you can keep every career object you get as a reward. For instance, you will get a fabricator on rank 4. You can unlock the Smog Vacuum by submitting design blueprints at the mailbox. The Smog Vacuum will be a level 1 fabrication recipe. With the Smog Vacuum you can repair all those burned items.
  • After getting to rank 10, you can quit the career. The job essentially robs you of your precious time.

Difficulty Levels


  • Have the Off-The-Grid Lot trait on. The home has to be off the grid.
  • No tiny homes.

  • Only 50% mark up at the sales table.
  • Items you can't find in dumpsters (like the woodworking table) can be bought, BUT at double the price.

  • Have the NAP Plan "Sharing is caring" on. Can be repealed only after you have built at least 1 bedroom (with bed), 1 bathroom (with sink, toilet and bathtub or shower) and have a room with the items: fridge, sink, counter, stove, table, chair. Each with a light.


Let me know how the challenge goes for you and what difficulty you chose. Have fun!
Here are some mods I use to make the game even more challenging:
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I've never done a challenge before, I may have to try this one out on my next play!
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Love this challenge! Had tried something similar when Eco Lifestyle came out, but I really like the structure of this. I'm restarting with a fresh save now to follow this challenge- planning on the extreme version! Question- what is the thought on selling items through Plopsy?
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