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Default I would like to start modding, but I feel like I need a little more guidance...
Hi everyone! I would like to be able to create mods in the future, but I would like to start by creating a mod for my personal use first. I have read a few tutorials on XML tuning, using XML, and writing script mods with Python, but with the many sources available on the internet including outdates ones, its just confusing me even more and I've been feeling like I'm being stretched too thin. I have so many questions, and many of them I'm ashamed to ask because it might be very basic questions but its really hard for me to get started. Just a little background, I have previously learned python before but I have never practiced using it outside of academic so I'm not the best, but I am familiar.

1. What is the difference between creating mods with XML and python? Is it a one or the other situation or does it complement each other?
2. If I would like to create an adoption mod where played sims (Sim A) can put their child up for adoption, and when another played sim (Sim B) accesses the adoption choice, Sim A's child will show up in the adoption list pop-up, do I use XML or python?

I may have a few more follow up questions so might regularly update this thread. If its possible, I would prefer a one-on-one guide to help me navigate the modding world, but if not its okay, replying to this thread will still give me tremendous amount of help! Please help
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1. Complement. Depending the mod you can't create it solely with just one and this is usually because of SimDatas, which Python can't touch. You will almost always require both in some shape or form.
2. I'm not sure, but I'm going to say a mix of both as I don't think there is anything directly in the XML to tell it to do that (by that I mean have Sim A's kid show up). I think kids are deleted when given up for adoption? I'm not familiar with adoption or it's files so I could be entirely wrong, but this is just my assumption since I don't think anyone has done it before (maybe MCCC?) and this could explain why.

I'm not sure what you want to make (I'm assuming an adoption overhaul by your question) but if it's a large mod, or maybe not large but difficult, I highly recommend starting with smaller and simpler mods first just to get a feel for the files. Find something you want changed, something as simple as adding a loot to an interaction that feels incomplete and go from there.

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Hi Tiramisupie, I'm at the same point. I'm gonna start to mod simple things like CC or sims reactions. I just want to knox, how it works. After, I will try something more difficult.
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