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Forever alone Challenge (Sims 2)
So, since you might know, Sims are supposed to represent us humans in a game-ish, sumulating way. Which means, they have similar needs like humans. One of them is the "Social" need. Well, in this challenge, you´ll be completely neglecting this need! In this challenge, every social interaction (with a few exeptions) is a no-go and you have to cope with being loneley and avoid becoming insane. Now to the rules:
* The household must only consist of ONE Sim
* Your Sim must have 0 Points spent in the "Shy/Extroverted" bar

Gameplay Rules:
The following interactions are NOT ALLOWED in this challenge:
* Personal/physical contact with others
* Phone/Computer contact
* Having children ( by wohooing, being abducted, procreating asexually [Plantsims], etc.)
* Builiding Servos
* Leaving the lot in any way (teleporting, visiting other lots, having a vacation, etc.)
* Calling Services (Maids, repomen, etc.)
* Going to work

* You ARE allowed, to use the Social bunny as a joker, but only three times. After that, it must be deleted (boolprop testingcheatsenabled true)
* Desperations DON´T count as a social interaction (Psychiatrist, Low aspirations, etc.)
Good luck!
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Was just thinking to make "lets play The Long Dark on the Sims 2" where sim is alone on the island with forever winter and need to survive as long as they can. Though sim needs to scavenge another empty lots to find food and better clothes. No electricity and no plumbing, it might be tough.
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wow, talk about "social distancing"! "Use social bunny as a joker.." what do you mean? And deleting it after the 3rd time..wouldn't it just keep coming back, since the Sim would still be desperate? So in a constant state of "lost my mind", will they obey any to eat?

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I guess it means when the Social Bunny arrives, you can talk to it three times to get your meter up. Not sure why you'd need to delete it.

Hint for anybody attempting the challenge: writing in your diary increases Social slightly.

When does this challenge end?
Can I talk to my plants?
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You might want to add no pets or talking to strays. Sims can keep their social bar full easily with a cat or dog.
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