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Default Sims 4 Magnus Archives challenge
Packs Required:
Get to Work
Get Famous
Eco Living
My First Pet Stuff (not entirely needed if you have Eco Lifestyle)
Island Living
City Living

Required mods
Antisocial trait -
Path of Legends -
Road to Fame, Life's Drama, Extreme Violence, Zombie Apocalypse, Life Tragedies -
Anorexia trait -
Bulimia trait -
Cannibalism mod -
Pyromaniac trait -
Sociopath trait - Couldn't find the link to this one sorry
Basemental Drugs -
Black Widow trait -

Must stay on the same lot through the whole challenge
Must have a painted portrait of every generation

Generation 1 - The Lonely
Must have antisocial trait
No relationships outside of household
Get impregnated by the grim reaper
Write book for the Lonely

Generation 2 - The End
Start a graveyard on a retail lot to serve as the family burial ground
Reach top of greatsword skill for assassinations
Write book for The End

Generation 3 - The Buried
Build areas of the house as deep underground as possible
Must have all varieties of coffin (two each) with their own rooms
Write book for The Buried

Generation 4 - The Stranger
Reach max skill in acting (both Get Famous and RtF version)
Reach max fame (RtF)
Have a mannequin room with mirrors
Write a book for The Stranger

Generation 5 - The Flesh
Must have anorexia, bulimia and perfectionist traits
Max out fitness skill
Must complete fitness aspiration
Eat at least one sim
Write a book for The Flesh

Generation 6 - The Hunt
Become a vampire
Reach rank of grand master vampire
Max vampire lore skill
You are disallowed to get the trait that makes you immune to the sun (temporary sunscreen is allowed)
Must kill victims
Write a book for The Hunt
Must get impregnated by a firefighter
Sacrifice yourself to the sun

Generation 7 - The Desolation
If you are born as a vampire, cure yourself
Must have immune to heat and pyromaniac traits
House must be warm constantly
Have a room dedicated to fire
After having a child burn your lover alive with Book of Chaos
Write a book for The Desolation

Generation 8 - The Corruption
Have a good relationship with your bees
Own every type of bug in a bug box
Get crabs
Have children with Father Winter
Write book for The Corruption
Die of Rabid Rodent Fever or die by flies

Generation 9 - The Vast
Own a weather machine
Always have it storming outside
Max fitness skill
Go scuba diving once a week at least
Build glass tower on home lot
Write a book for The Vast
Die of drowning or lightning strike

Generation 10 - The Eye
Must have bookworm and genius traits
Max logic skill
Start the archive for all Avatar and Leitner books written to this point and for those after
Gain max popularity (Life’s Drama)
Own the Burn Book
Build the tower thing from season 5 where the stargazer lounge should be
Write book for The Eye

Generation 11 - The Web
Must have black widow, sociopath and manipulative traits
Must complete Trophy Wife aspiration
Max out modeling skill (RtF)
Become famous (RtF)
Kill any and all stalkers/obsessed fans that appear
Outlive five spouses
Must get addicted to cocaine or speed
Must smoke
Must drink alcohol at least once a week
Get someone sad in this generation to paint the sad butterfly painting
Write book for The Web
If possible die of a drug overdose, lung cancer or a deadly disease from life tragedies

Generation 12 - The Dark
Must have immune to cold trait
Have a small apartment on the lot that is entirely dark/black. In the apartment the only light source allowed is a computer
Have clothes match the theme
House must be freezing
Write book for The Dark

Generation 13 - The Spiral
Must have glutton and erratic traits
Must grow shrooms and weed
Must take MDMA, shrooms or LSD every day
Make a neon coloured apartment on the lot with no coherent theme
Look like a bowling alley carpet puked on you
Must only eat spoiled food
Write a book for The Spiral

Generation 14 - The Slaughter
Must gain serial killer trait
Must have autonomous murder and non deadly violent actions on
Keep your lover alive long enough to have children then kill your lover after
Write book for The Slaughter
Once your kid is a teen the sim must live outside of the main house 24/7 in a shack
Proceed killing any random sim that is stumbled across

Generation 15 - The Extinction
Get Strangerville investigation to last stage and leave it in that state
Write book on The Extinction
Start zombie apocalypse
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Generation One: The Lonely
So to get this challenge started I made a custom sim and a townie (Marcus Flex I believe) give birth. Both parents ended up dying, naturally, however they created the first stunning avatar in a series of goals to complete. In the photos below she is already pregnant for the end so from there we have a few goals to complete <3

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For where we are at by the end of today is: all goals for the Lonely has been completed and the avatar for the End has been raised into a toddler

With that as well I built the area for where the Buried will go as well as the shell of a tower for the Vast.
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The End is here!! God I honestly love her look.

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i have had this tab open and i got to gen5 and then i accidentily deleted my save. well round two
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I'd love to try this challenge out! Unfortunately I don't have all the required packs [yet ;^) ]
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