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Default What does a TDESC describe?
TDESC files look very informative with lots of information. I'm guessing they describe a XML file type.
Question 1: How do I go from the TDESC file to knowing what XML file type, eg. 0xE882D22F vs 0x6017E896 ?
It looks like the file type is an FNV-1 32 bit has of the description. If that was so, I could just read the description from the XML and hash it and then make a data base of type ID to TDESC, but there were exceptions!
I guess I go into S4 studio, export the xml file or put it in a package, and then find the ID S4PE? That only goes one way, tho. I can't go from TDESC to make XML files. That is, in looking at the TDESC, there's all the ambition files right there. So close!
Question 2: What's the website for S4PE? My old copy says it can't find it's update website. I'm hoping there is a string editor in an updated S4PE like S3PE has
Last stupid question:
Why do the bt files describe things in C or C# and not python?.
I mean, I like C# and all but I thought the game was written python.

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