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Default Fight for Your Survival - Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

A zombie apocalypse challenge is not new, but the goal of this post is to offer you a different world to build your story. If you're a big fan of The Walking Dead, I think you may like this sort of game play.

Also, I do not know if there is something similar to this out there. All of this was created through my own trial and error.

To begin, there will be some necessary mods to make all of this happen. I will explain why they are helpful for the world building. It will require a bit of setup, but it truly makes way for some fun game play.

1) The Vector Zombie mod by Nraas (you need the base mod and the Zombie module)
What all this does is trigger an incurable outbreak starting with 1 sim. You can increase the number if you want, but trust me, by the end of the day most of the town will be turned. Plus, it allows you to prepare before a zombie herd overwhelms you, which does happen. The 'show notices' option allows you to see who's being turned. This is how you can check if the mod is working properly or not.

Vector > Diseases > Zombie Rage > Enabled - True; Reduced Lethality - True
General > Allow Inactive Purchases > False
Outbreaks > Start Outbreak; Show Notices - True

2) The Traffic mod by Nraas (this keeps zombies and your sims from driving):
This creates a ghost town because no cars will be on the road. But you are able to see zombies walk around outside your door. If you don't have a gate up the zombies will attack you on your lot so your sims will need to be inside most of the time or behind a locked gate. Of course all of this applies to your sims too so you will have to run everywhere.

Traffic > Food Truck > Max Food Trucks > 0
Ice Cream Truck > Max Ice Cream Trucks > 0
Routing > Set everything to False
Traffic Delta > -500

3) The Weapons System by Desecrate on Mod the Sims. It's a simple mod that you add to your package folder and it's in your game with no set up needed. It's self explanatory but it's a mod you will need to use more than you think lol.

The next two mods are optional, but HIGHLY recommended.

1) The Free Your Klepto mod by Mikey on Mod the Sims. I use the Unlimited version. If you want your sims to scavenge houses for furniture or other items, this mod gives you the ability to take however much you want.

If you have Master Controller by Nraas, you can open houses and enter them (Click on the house/building > Nraas > Master Controller > Open. Don't forget to close it after you scavenge: Click on the house > Nraas > Master Controller > Close).

2) The No Fridge Shopping mod by Nraas is the second optional mod but it's useful because it keeps food from randomly appearing in sim's fridges. No set up needed.


* I'd 100% recommend Twinbrook as the world you play in. Not only is the atmosphere perfect, but there is a community garden for food and your simmies can live in the boonies away from the populated areas.

* If you decide to get the "Free Your Klepto" mod, a few of your scavengers will need the kleptomaniac trait (of course). The book bag from University is also a good item to give them, so they won't be carrying back loads of items in an invisible inventory.

* On the point of your scavenger simmies, it's a good idea to allocate jobs for your sims like inventor, scientist, or gardener. Especially if you want to create goals like electricity or a cure.

* Another idea is to leave the Full Moon on. This is another way to create a creepy vibe at night.

At the end of the day, do whatever you want with this challenge. As I said before, the point of post is to create a different sort of difficulty to the game.

Have Fun! Leave any tips if something isn't clear or if I messed up on something.

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The idea's you've listed are perfect omg! I'm def gonna use this for my next playthrough.
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This is so great, it really does introduce an authentic survival element into the game. I'm going to try it.
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