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Lord of Bluewater Village Challenge
Hey, here comes the challenge that the "Own your Business" Expansion Pack uses.
The main goal of the challenge is to become the title Lord, i.e. having all Community lots that bring income.
Main Objective Expansion:
If you find that was not enough, you can create an empty environment and create a new sales environment from scratch!
Required: At least all Expansion Packs (including Own your Business of course)
Okay, now let's move on to the rules:
- No codes (mainly for money), exceptions are utility codes, e.g. to make the baby old.
-The first business should be opened by the third generation at the latest.
Now for more interesting things:
-Fifth generation must have Alien and Plantsim (lending codes for this purpose is allowed) and from the fifth generation try to stick to it.
- Every generation needs to be called aka "Family Gathering" to choose an heir (read the sim who will do business). The meeting should be done from the fifth generation (you know why)
- Sims do not need to go to college unless you have a home study mod
The challenge allows mods that make it easier to play
However, for this challenge, I recommend these mods:
-Wallet mode: a plant that is used to send money, you can use it if you met a rich sim (and if he lives in the neighborhood), you can do "donation" thanks to it.
-Mods that extend business opportunities, e.g. mod for selling novels, etc.
-A sign that automatically recalls / dismisses employees and opens / closes businesses
-Community Time Project: it is worth having a break when the sim is on vacation and (I think) at university

Challenged also has a Nudita version, i.e. the family is nudist. You will be able to find a suitable mod pack and lots from me soon (I will provide links later), this idea is of course optional, the main one is described above. Not recommended for people under the age of 18/21 or for people whose parents hang around the player, for real.

That's it, if you want to show your actions, you know where to do it (on Stories like what), add it to the title [Lord of Bluewater Village Challenge]
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