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Default House With Secrets Challenge
House with Secrets Challenge

The theme of this challenge is "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing."

If you want to know how this fits into the theme, you have a girl with bright colors and a pastel look, she's meant to look sweet, her house looks sweet, but her basement is covered with graves and blood, she even has a sweet looking warehouse to murder people in. she hides her murderous ways.

Mia would never allow people into her basement, Mia would never allow people into her warehouse, Mia only shows them the sweet, pastel side unless she wants to murder them...

The challenge is to build a home for Mia, a young female sim just out of college. She only has $10,000 to spend on her new home including the base lot price.

Try to earn money to meet the requirements if you want with her.

When you create Mia, she must look sweet and VERY pastel, bright colored hair and gray, red or black eyes.

Her house has a few requirements:
1. Must have blood from victims in the basement, a stereo upstairs along with a TV
2. The house must look black in the basement and like a pastel paradise upstairs.
3. Must kill sims to fill basement with graves without getting caught by other sims.
4. Lure sims into your house to kill them and then fill the basement with their graves.
5. The house must have at least 10-50 graves in the basement.
6. Build a small warehouse outside with stuff that is flammable near a fire, and a grill on the floor. Create a room where Mia is not on top of carpets.

Ways to kill:
1. Put a fireplace in the warehouse and a FLAMMABLE toy in front of it, LIKE THE TEDDY BEAR OR BUNNY STUFFED TOY and cover the floor under it with carpets and lure sims inside.

2. Put a grill on top of carpet, leave the grill on the edge of the carpet, Mia must
NOT have to stand on the carpet to use the grill. Lure sims to stand on the carpet then have Mia cook, for this to work, the grill must be inside the house on the floor. No fire alarms. Mia but be able to have an easy escape and made to escape.

I've done this before.

Carpets catch fire instantly, grills will also catch fire if they are used inside of a house.
If you place a grill on the edge of a carpet, the carpet will catch fire along with the grill.
For the cooker sim to not catch on fire, they must not stand on the carpet.
One good way to trap victims to to lock the doors (You can lock them without removing them)

If you use the fireplace and teddy, how this will kill sims is if you place the teddy in front of the victim and carpets under the toy and fireplace, the fireplace will eventually catch on fire due to the toy being in front of it, it MUST be a flammable toy for this to work, you will have to speed up the game to see the fruits of this labor, the grill trick works instantly.

You lose the challenge is Mia dies, you win if you meet the house requirements.

The black wallpaper in the basement is symbolism of her hiding dark intentions, the pastel coloring upstairs is symbolism of the lie and this is so she can put up a sweet and kind façade.
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So the purpose is just to kill 10 sims? Would have to be non-playables...I didn't think you could burn them...won't they just run away(even through locked doors). And to save Mia with "an easy escape" - the only thing I can think of is by an oven, telling her to leave the room before it catches fire. I disagree with the disagree-ers...sappy kids are horrified at the thought of killing pixels.

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Hello. Nice topic
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